2020 Arnold Strongman Classic - Cyr Dumbbell | Recap

28. juni. 2020
30 302 Ganger

Extended highlights from Event 6 of the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic, the iconic Cyr Dumbbell, as re-broadcast on the CBS Sports Network. In this final challenge of the weekend, the competitors have 2 minutes to establish the heaviest dumbbell press, with weights ranging from 274 LBS to 320 LBS. Heaviest lift wins the event, but as far as the winner’s circle goes, the neck-and-neck battle between defending champ Hafthor Bjornsson and Mateusz Kieliszkowski could be decided by who does “just enough” to clinch it.
The 2020 Arnold Classic took place the weekend of March 6-7 in Columbus, Ohio, and brought together 10 of the most accomplished Strongman athletes from around the world to compete in six events. Due to early Covid-19 safety protocols, the competition was held without live spectators.
For additional coverage, final standings, and full event recaps from the 2020 Arnold, visit www.roguefitness.com/theindex/event/watch-the-2020-arnold-strongman-classic

  • I really like how all athletes support each other and say nice things about each other

    Emmanuel BravoEmmanuel Bravo3 måneder siden
  • i like that Poland guy I think he is nice person..... wish he get next championship of Arnold strong man

    Ariel LiuAriel Liu3 måneder siden
  • island bot won only because eddy hall is not here .....

    Niko KROKAZANNiko KROKAZAN4 måneder siden
  • stupid rules ...the guy who lidts the heaviest shoulder lidt should win but all these competition is biased towards Hafthor ....haiz !! Bullshit as usual

    Nomadic princeNomadic prince4 måneder siden
  • Rob Kearney 🦄💫💅💋👡👠👰🏼👸🏼 really??????? Is this *STRONGMAN* or something else??????? 🤔

    GAIN LABSGAIN LABS4 måneder siden

      MrHatchbodyMrHatchbody4 måneder siden
  • 320 lb.... that’s my max deadlift 😂 Time to get to work

    Richard KirkpatrickRichard Kirkpatrick5 måneder siden
    • sorry i dont lnow the conversion to pounds

      Olly420Olly420Måned siden
    • my record is about 120 kg and ill try to beat that

      Olly420Olly420Måned siden
  • Amazing.

    CarnoSyn Beta-AlanineCarnoSyn Beta-Alanine5 måneder siden
  • Mateusz is currently the strongest man in the world 100%! has one - literally one weak competition! his minimal losses are not fair!

    lucky lukelucky luke5 måneder siden
    • Absolutely hilarious, Maxime won 3 of 5 events at the Santa Monica. But people still only talk about Martins and Shaw. Funnily enough his weakness was the deadlift too. The winner is the man who is good all round, it doesn't matter how many events you win if you absolutely bomb an event.

      A A2327A A23274 måneder siden
    • Hafthor could easily match the 320 dumbell, hence he almost lifts the 330, he could have gone for the 325, but he didn't need to win the final event

      ManuelManuel4 måneder siden
    • @Zippitty22 dont need too, he need to be second best

      easytubeficationeasytubefication4 måneder siden
    • @Abc C I agree but he will never catch Thor in the deadlift. Ever.

      Zippitty22Zippitty224 måneder siden
  • I like how I still get ads from rogue even though you are some how never in stock of anything useful. Why run the ads it you don't have any products?

    KameronKameron5 måneder siden
  • I struggle to lift 40lb dummbells. This is very emasculating to watch.

    The Unholy MessiahThe Unholy Messiah5 måneder siden
    • @Pookz No, being weak is the worst, get over it, also Strongmen competitions do not care if you are the strongest anymore, instead, they care about the one who wins the most points, that one is the winner, not the one who does the heaviest lifts anymore necessarily, those were the first generation Strongmen rules, now modern Strongmen rules are different, sure world records lifts maybe the most impressive but point accumulations matter much more.

      Alpha BeusAlpha Beus23 dager siden
    • Lol do not strength train if you find being weak emasculating you. Fix your insecurities first. Lifting for insecurities is less masculine than being weak.

      PookzPookz5 måneder siden
    • these men take years and years of their life to train to build their strength. Do not compare yourself to them unless you are at their level of athleticism. However, if you wish to, you can train strength and get stronger.

      BenjaminBenjamin5 måneder siden
  • 1عرب

    DALEZ TVDALEZ TV5 måneder siden