2020 Arnold Strongman Classic - Rogue Elephant Bar Deadlift | Recap

28. juni. 2020
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Extended highlights from Event 4 of the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic, the Rogue Elephant Bar Deadlift, as re-broadcast on the CBS Sports Network. One of Strongman’s long-time signature challenges, this event has been modernized through the use of the precision-engineered, 9.5’ long Rogue Elephant Bar. Each athlete gets three timed rounds (60 seconds) to establish a 1-rep max deadlift. Heaviest lift wins. With the leaderboard relatively tight after Day 1, all eyes here on Day 2 were on Hafthor Bjornsson, and the Mountain did not disappoint.
The 2020 Arnold Classic took place the weekend of March 6-7 in Columbus, Ohio, and brought together 10 of the most accomplished Strongman athletes from around the world to compete in six events. Due to early Covid-19 safety protocols, the competition was held without live spectators.
For additional coverage, final standings, and full event recaps from the 2020 Arnold, visit www.roguefitness.com/theindex/event/watch-the-2020-arnold-strongman-classic

  • I mean if I was 9 ft tall and 500 pounds and couldn't deadlift 1000 plus pounds I would feel pretty silly

    Disney PlusDisney Plus3 måneder siden
    • @amir qwerty i sarcasm

      Disney PlusDisney Plus11 dager siden
    • Being too tall is actually a disadvantage in max deadlifting.

      amir qwertyamir qwerty11 dager siden
    • That's not how it works

      J CJ CMåned siden
  • Excited to see how Thompson does going forward, seems like a pretty strong rookie.

    Josh BJosh B3 måneder siden
  • Where is Brian Shaw?

    Tomáš KoubaTomáš Kouba4 måneder siden
    • He didn't qualify. He lost to licis by on point. I can't wait for next year. Shaw is my favorite and you know not qualifying is gonna drive that giant to train like crazy to win it next year.

      Dustin FrederickDustin Frederick4 måneder siden
  • 18:00 hope he doesnt have corona

    Scott DiRomaScott DiRoma4 måneder siden
  • “As Long as the width of your thighs are 80% of all the weights slammed together, you can deadlift that weight “ - Thor - 2020

    Narayan KannanNarayan Kannan4 måneder siden
  • Bobby Thompson looks so different from all the other strongman. He isn’t bald and he has glasses but he looks like the coolest person ever

    MonkeyonlooseMonkeyonloose4 måneder siden
  • From the thumbnail I thought this was a juicy shorts competition.

    Ian CrawfordIan Crawford4 måneder siden
  • Love from Nepal ❤️🇳🇵

    Kabir ChettriKabir Chettri4 måneder siden
  • I was going to completely skip this due to thor but wanted to stop by and say I was going to skip this due to thor.

    keith suckskeith sucks4 måneder siden
  • Mihail is so cool... 75% big as Haffthor, but he lifts so big weights, injured...

    Виктор ГорбаньВиктор Горбань4 måneder siden
  • He hasn’t even utilized his atomic-muscular-fibers’.

    Joe HallJoe Hall4 måneder siden
  • I’d be shocked if Mateusz ever won WSM with deadlifts of that caliber.

    NemeanLionNemeanLion4 måneder siden
    • Sometimes deadlifts aren't in the final. Also he didn't train deadlift for 2 months before the competition because of lat injury and still managed his PR.

      CieciowskiCieciowski3 måneder siden
  • Was waiting for Hafþór to do a 501kg lift, kinda disappointing..

    MrMrRubicMrMrRubic4 måneder siden
    • He did few weeks ago!

      Tito TiticTito Titic4 måneder siden
    • People were cheering like crazy when he pulled 1026 pounds 😂😂😂... It's a piece of cake for him!!! He did it slowly because he must be tired from all the previous events... 😐😐😐

      Billa bhaiBilla bhai4 måneder siden
  • #Thor 💪

    Johnny MartinezJohnny Martinez5 måneder siden
  • Bobby is def one to keep an eye on

    Mr Bottom TextMr Bottom Text5 måneder siden
  • the measurement is annoying

    Beta SimpBeta Simp5 måneder siden
  • Everyone always forgets that shivlyakov is one of the smallest guys but lifts some of the biggest weights.... While injured

    Caleb ShaferCaleb Shafer5 måneder siden
    • Plus he has amazing heart

      Josiah PazJosiah Paz3 måneder siden
    • The dude is seriously amazing, and always fun to watch.

      Josh BJosh B3 måneder siden
    • Yea, he's underrated.

      BoddahBoddah4 måneder siden
  • Bobby Thompson looks like Jack Pattillo's manlier cousin.

    ABCDEFRABCDEFR5 måneder siden
  • Hire commentators who are talented.

    Sage BiasSage Bias5 måneder siden
    • Lets put joe roegan in even if he doesnt know much about strongmen idc

      Romain TagliaferroRomain Tagliaferro4 måneder siden
  • Martins Licis be rocking those PR straps merch

    SUH DUDESUH DUDE5 måneder siden
  • When you are halfways through the lift, the outer plates is still touching the ground. I never really understood why Elephant Bar is a discipline.

    NamtovNamtov5 måneder siden
    • There is a lot of technique going into lifting the elephant bar. It's actually one of the best events including the wheel of pain.

      amir qwertyamir qwerty11 dager siden
    • Really.... you lack some understanding. Its not just lifting the weight, its a super bendy bar, so you also have to control the movement and be stable. Thus, its a harder lift.

      michael mooremichael moore4 måneder siden
    • LOL. u have clearly no eyes..and u cant just lift an elephant bar u have to controll it

      einfach absurdeinfach absurd5 måneder siden
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Bianca BBianca B5 måneder siden
  • Bobby Thompson looks like that high school math teacher everyone is cool with

    JDeGuzmanJDeGuzman5 måneder siden
    • Wish I had such a teacher, I started to hate math at high school because of my math teacher.

      Onur BöleOnur Böle3 måneder siden
    • He looks like my 8th grade art teacher

      Josiah PazJosiah Paz3 måneder siden
    • I believe he is a teacher, no?

      Oui OuiOui Oui5 måneder siden
  • again the strongest lose only one competition! 1

    lucky lukelucky luke5 måneder siden

    TheAcidJazzSituationTheAcidJazzSituation5 måneder siden
    • You can just literally voice activate google and have it convert the weights.

      amir qwertyamir qwerty11 dager siden
    • Use the internet. Americans seem to be able to figure it out just fine.

      Wild BillWild Bill5 måneder siden
  • 3:58 First lift

    DW EthiopiaDW Ethiopia5 måneder siden
  • Did Brian retired?

    GmergeGmerge5 måneder siden
    • @Joe Bot yeah sorry, mixed that up in the middle of the night 🤣

      itstbiitstbi5 måneder siden
    • @itstbi WSM has nothing to do with the Arnolds. You qualify for the Arnolds by winning an Arnolds. Brian failed to failed to qualify. Stop giving out information that you are not sure of - it makes you look like a total moron.

      Joe BotJoe Bot5 måneder siden
    • Brian did not qualify cause he lost. Brian was invited to do the Atlas stone, but neglected to show up once again - very most likely cause he cannot lift a 600lb stone and did not want to be embarrassed by Tom.

      Joe BotJoe Bot5 måneder siden
    • @Hesher Thanks!

      GmergeGmerge5 måneder siden
    • @itstbi Thanks!

      GmergeGmerge5 måneder siden
  • the one thumbs down is from eddie the meatball

    brian hendersonbrian henderson5 måneder siden
    • Joe Bot yeah man not impressive at all

      Rowley JeffersonRowley Jefferson4 måneder siden
    • @Joe Bot how much can you lift? Yeah, he's a bit of a tool, but don't say he can't lift.

      MrMrRubicMrMrRubic4 måneder siden
    • Fax without his basically dieing

      HyperionHyperion5 måneder siden
    • Best Eddie could do was 1035 lmao...

      Joe BotJoe Bot5 måneder siden
  • It would be great if they also put kg next to lbs for people from the EU.

    Heek FitnessHeek Fitness5 måneder siden
    • One unit system took us to the god damn moon and one took us to Covid-5G. That's all there is to say folks.

      MrPikkaboMrPikkabo3 måneder siden
    • But people are smarter in EU than NA. They know you can do the conversion off the top of your head. Dumb NA can't.

      TexasGTOTexasGTO5 måneder siden
    • Just use the kg to lb on google translate

      HyperionHyperion5 måneder siden
    • Just work it out...

      Dale wilsonDale wilson5 måneder siden
    • Just divide it by 2 and you get approx result, I meant that the whole world sould be using the same units with physical background.

      GhanetGhanet5 måneder siden
  • easy money

    Josue GuerreroJosue Guerrero5 måneder siden
  • Excelente 🎥🎥🎥

    lion craftlion craft5 måneder siden
  • Great video👌

    Israel AbagaIsrael Abaga5 måneder siden
  • what does "taking the flex out of the bar" mean?

    Moritz BartramMoritz Bartram5 måneder siden
    • @Max Bremer He must be a fan of the Bugez!

      JackgarPrimeJackgarPrime4 måneder siden
    • @Jackal glad to be of help! :)

      Behind Neck Zercher Above Knee Overhead SquatBehind Neck Zercher Above Knee Overhead Squat5 måneder siden
    • @Behind Neck Zercher Above Knee Overhead Squat lmao your username got me dead

      Max BremerMax Bremer5 måneder siden
    • @Behind Neck Zercher Above Knee Overhead Squat Great explanation thank you. I was also wondering that since i am a new fan :)

      JackalJackal5 måneder siden
    • pulling it until it fully bends but does not leave the floor,

      megin namegin na5 måneder siden