2020 Arnold Strongman Classic - Winners Circle / 8K

8. mars. 2020
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Rogue highlights the top three finishers at the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus, OH, including Martins Licis (USA, 3rd Place), Mateusz Kieliszkowski (Poland, Runner-Up), and the now reigning 3X Arnold Champion, Hafthor Bjornsson of Iceland.
For standings, highlights and full event recaps visit www.roguefitness.com/theindex/event/watch-the-2020-arnold-strongman-classic

  • mateusz is the Best

    Still SonGStill SonG2 måneder siden
  • I’ve probably watched this video like 100 times. The editing and music is just on POINT

    QuincyQuincy4 måneder siden
  • He is youngest. Mateusz is future of strongman competitions.

    Ashish BhagatAshish Bhagat5 måneder siden
  • Kieliszkowski won 4 for 6 he's winner for us in Poland. He could be our next world's strongest man after Mariusz Pudzianowski. BTW anyone knows that Mateusz have had an injury and didn't train deadlift before competition. He's the real beast

    Wojciech ZagawaWojciech Zagawa6 måneder siden
  • Mateusz Kieliszkowski is new terminator

    Fhggh DreyuFhggh Dreyu8 måneder siden
  • Just want let you know that a YT channel is using your footage probably without your autorisation here is the video noworld.info/video/video/toqsnNB_sNSZp9U.html

    Tonton DéscoTonton Désco8 måneder siden
  • if matuez can improve his deadlift then he is untouchable he is my favourite wish him a lot of success

    Prajwal ChoudharyPrajwal Choudhary8 måneder siden
  • Thor is LEGEND.

    QraNCkQraNCk8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz is better than Thor , if we take other competitions the winner will be different :) , but now THOR WON , congrats.

    XpandEnergizedXpandEnergized8 måneder siden
  • The top three i expected for sure

    Guitar JunkieGuitar Junkie8 måneder siden

    krejnkrejn8 måneder siden
  • Mati..brawooo...💪

    beniubeniu8 måneder siden
  • kieliskowski!he has no experience and has technical shortcomings! but it is the strongest now indisputably!

    lucky lukelucky luke8 måneder siden
  • kieliskowski!he has no experience and has technical shortcomings! but it is the strongest now indisputably!

    lucky lukelucky luke8 måneder siden
  • !!!THOR!!!

    AweSum PowerZAweSum PowerZ8 måneder siden
  • if mateusz improve his deadlift, he will be the next pudzianowski

    Leonardo AlbuquerqueLeonardo Albuquerque8 måneder siden
  • This Hafthor Beerson character seems like one to watch for the future

    Honk HonkHonk Honk8 måneder siden
  • Im so happy for Thor he actually deserve this more than anyone :)

    Kris Shu BGKris Shu BG8 måneder siden
    • @Kaben Well obviously cuz he trained like monster and his dedications are very high etc.

      Kris Shu BGKris Shu BG8 måneder siden
    • Why he deserve more than anyone? lol

      KabenKaben8 måneder siden
  • Nice Job BEEERSON

    Kosta TroyKosta Troy8 måneder siden
  • You can't win these things with an average deadlift. Deadlift is the king of all lifts, plus athletes similar to mateusz in the past won titles because they were incredible fast and strong but had a good deadlift, example Jouko Ahola was fast and strong and his deadlift was 390kgs raw when the strongman record was 400kgs and Pudzianowski pulled 410kgs when the WR was 420kgs, mateusz needs at least a 430 kgs deadlift to win

    Ordu BaliqOrdu Baliq8 måneder siden
  • Im going to have to watch this again it was good. I loved the Louis cyr one arm press.

    Everardo TejedaEverardo Tejeda8 måneder siden
  • Martins will always be the winner in my heart

    nick sancheznick sanchez8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz did win this. I don’t care about the point system. If it was based on wining events outcome would be different.

    Ra GaRa Ga8 måneder siden
    • Why should it? Then you focus on three events and save your energy for that und dont start in the Others. Sounds fun

      Fabian MeyerFabian Meyer8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz in my eyes is the true winner.

    Robert BugnackiRobert Bugnacki8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz got robbed...I love thor but Matuesz won 4 events and broke 2 world records

    ToneTone8 måneder siden
  • Hafder Julies Pearcen

    Der AlemanneDer Alemanne8 måneder siden
  • Should be 2 point's differences betwen first and second place.Otherwise it has no sense.

    KabenKaben8 måneder siden
    • But then you can just focus on a few events and ignore one you're bad at. Strongman is about having no weaknesses accross all the events so the current system makes sense.

      MrZogsifyMrZogsify8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz Kieliszkowski is the number one !!!

    GeoURUKGeoURUK8 måneder siden
  • Its actually pretty crazy that Mateusz won 4 events and still ended up 2nd

    hal3k [M]hal3k [M]8 måneder siden
  • Wait, wasn't Mateusz in less than his ultimate form? He tore a lat muscle a month ago and last year ripped a biceps, which is now stronger. Hmmm. This guy is a machine. I like how he raced that frame up the ramp and then just slammed it into the railing, not even flinching as the thing bounced back into his legs. If only he gets more leg drive in his deadlift... I feel like he uses his back too much from the start. This is why I hope he will get together with for example Martins to train deadlift. Mateusz can then share tips and tricks on anything overhead, because he is perfection in lifting overhead. The way he sets up for that dumbbell press, to name one example, is perfection. Before he even lifts the weight, you can already see he's got it, just the way he is poised to lift. Congrats to Thor.

    Jeroen NouwensJeroen Nouwens8 måneder siden
  • Rogue has amazing videography All the other strongman events have terrible videography compared to the arnold, especially wsm

    Mike MikeMike Mike8 måneder siden
  • Nie rozumiem jak mozna przegrac wygrywajac tyle konkurencji! To jakas parodia nie zawody Walizki- wygrana Koło bólu- wygrana Podest z ramą - wygrana Pierwsza konkurencja- wygrana Hantle - wygrana ... Dla wielu z nas wygrana powinna trafic w ręce Mateusza .. Wygrana Thora to jak wygrana szpilki ... Śmiechu warte .

    Łukasz ŁukaszŁukasz Łukasz8 måneder siden
  • Who the hell is Hafthor "Beeerson"??? 😂

    Walz vunn de PalzWalz vunn de Palz8 måneder siden
  • Why people gotta put Thor down when building Mateusz up? Both are great guys and absolute freak strength athletes with the overall edge to Thor right now. Maybe that will change one day, we don't know, both are still improving as well. Scary.

    jawlineofprosperityjawlineofprosperity8 måneder siden
    • Also let's be real; Thor right now is probably the strongest strongman man in history.... Maybe I'm underrating Big Z but the deadlift WR was like 100lbs less than what Thor casually lifted today. Point being these guys are taking strongman to new heights. I also said strongest strongman because I think Lasha would give Thor a good run for his money as strongest human...

      jawlineofprosperityjawlineofprosperity8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz is next world champion, 😁 Polska górą 🇵🇱😍

    Why do people fear the truth ??? facts- not mythsWhy do people fear the truth ??? facts- not myths8 måneder siden
  • Kieliszkowski is so strong while staying lean!!! Amazing athlete! If it hadn’t been for the deadlift... Oh well, congrats 💪💪

    Marcini007Marcini0078 måneder siden
  • Martiz concentrate more on dead lift and squad and stone

    Renga NathaRenga Natha8 måneder siden
  • That Deadlift was too costly for Mateusz

    AudairevonettaAudairevonetta8 måneder siden
  • Arguably, the most exciting competition among the whole weekend

    Mohamad AnwarMohamad Anwar8 måneder siden
    • Um it was- far and away.

      Mathew RoweMathew Rowe8 måneder siden
  • Shaw didnt compete?

    Its TrixtaIts Trixta8 måneder siden
    • Could not qualify, he lost his Spot to Licis

      Planck ́sches WirkungsquantumPlanck ́sches Wirkungsquantum8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz get better at deadlift and win the whole thing!! Keep up the good work.

    ben lausonben lauson8 måneder siden
  • I don't believe Mateusz can feel pain

    Price RowlandPrice Rowland8 måneder siden
  • How come Matheuz wins 4 events out of 6 and Doesn't get the Title.. !!!

    Abilio PilidesAbilio Pilides8 måneder siden
    • Because it would be nonsense

      Fabian MeyerFabian Meyer8 måneder siden
  • Another day at the office for thor

    Gabriel GuerreroGabriel Guerrero8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz is progressing very well. Very impressive performance. His deadlift is getting much better.

    David BDavid B8 måneder siden
  • That was a great chase this weekend, great finish.

    Dorian FoleyDorian Foley8 måneder siden
  • MATEUSZ !!!!!

    Josh RobertsJosh Roberts8 måneder siden
  • Mark my word Mateusz Kieliszkowski beat Haftor in WSM this year.

    Funny movie and comedy ClipsFunny movie and comedy Clips8 måneder siden
    • Mikael Rasmussen i think like Every year 1 deadlift and 1 Sqaut event so both good events for Thor and bad for Mateuz also The Viking press is a good event from Thor... Stone carry is also Thor better and a beast so there are only 2 events left where Mateuz can show what he can do but Thor will push his stamina after next from I think and will win WSM

      Germanischer KriegerGermanischer Krieger8 måneder siden
    • @Germanischer Krieger Often WSM focuses more on moving events and medleys and Thor is just not as athletic as Mateusz due to his size. I'll say it's gonna depend on which events are gonna be at the WSM this year. But you can never count Thor out when he is in this shape though, and to be clear I am a Thor fan and hope he will take the WSM back this year, but I have nothing but respect for Mateusz, he is an absolute beast!

      Mikael RasmussenMikael Rasmussen8 måneder siden
    • Funny movie and comedy Clips why should he beat him in WSM when he lost aggainst him by the Arnold’s?

      Germanischer KriegerGermanischer Krieger8 måneder siden
  • Eddie Hall pulled 500kg fast and without any pause. Thor didn't pull 1026 fast or smoothly. I dont think Thor is gonna beat Eddie's record....Yet.

    Harry NutsacHarry Nutsac8 måneder siden
    • @Harry Nutsac on Eddie Hall’s nutsack, I don’t need to watch the footage again. Almost dying doesn’t qualify as going smooth. You just said watch again world record pulls never go that fast or smooth then why are you referring to Thors pull that according to you wasn’t fast or smooth as evidence that he won’t break the world record? You are contradicting your original statement.

      Sam Smith IncSam Smith Inc8 måneder siden
    • @Sam Smith Inc Moron, i dont care if he had chicken soup coming out his nose, GO WATCH THE FOOTAGE and stop your ignorant yapping. World Records NEVER go that fast or smooth.

      Harry NutsacHarry Nutsac8 måneder siden
    • @Harry Nutsac yeah okay it went up like nothing. I guess going up like nothing caused him to bleed out his nose, go blind, and collapse after the lift. Eddie was at the absolute upper limit of his ability. He couldn’t function correctly for some time after but he pulled it fast I guess. Yeah okay bud. Point is Thor will break the record and then probably go bowling or to the movies instead of going to the hospital.

      Sam Smith IncSam Smith Inc8 måneder siden
    • Antonio Centeno good point hall did it whit special suit and it wasn’t fast and smooth lmao this guy is crazy talking about that was easy for hall 😂😂😂

      Ashura xllAshura xll8 måneder siden
    • @Harry Nutsac 1. Eddie pulled 465 fast in a competition rellying on breaking one world record, not after 3 extenuating events of the ASC, his 500 went no near as fast or smooth as his 465, yet he lifted him. 2. Nope, Most athletes peak their lifts in competition, Hall´s biggest gym lift for example wasn´t over 455 KG, he talked about it not long ago. 3. We have to see how Thor trains DL in a suit with a deadlifting bar and wr talk, can he break eddies 500 under the same conditions? Yes, and i´m sure he won´t nearly die.

      Antonio CentenoAntonio Centeno8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz will undoubtedly dominate the field in the next couple of years, but Martins will still give him a run for his money if he gets his injuries taken care of. I’m looking forward to a 21st century Sigmarsson-Kazmaier type rivalry.

    B LB L8 måneder siden
  • Crazy to think Mateusz would have won if he could have pulled 35lbs more on his deadlift, what an insane event

    X WX W8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz has soooo much potential!!! He is so young, jet already so dominant strong in most events, sadly his deadlift is far behind his other qualitys... when he's fixing this, He will be unbeatable for years to come and maybe even a breaker of Big-Z's great reccords 💪 Ceep going Mateusz! We all believe in you!!! 💪💪💪

    dunichtich100dunichtich1008 måneder siden
    • another clueless comment, this is your intuition from basically seeing him for the first time. The events were perfect for him this Arnold, Thor could easily cruise through this competition, fumble a bit and still win comfortably, for example he gave Mateusz the last event by going for a new world record rather than more points because he had already won the show. Many guys are at Mateusz' level and he won't be unbeatable, in fact i think Novikov beat him in a competition few months before this one.

      megin namegin na14 dager siden
  • Thor needs stronger roids and less bodyweight, so he can have better cardio but more muscle to fat ratio

    Miloš MilinkovMiloš Milinkov8 måneder siden
    • @ManicMindTrick if he did rhat, he would be 370 lbf pure muscle and dead ina year, but the strongest being in the unuverde

      Miloš MilinkovMiloš Milinkov8 måneder siden
    • He should hire you as his trainer and steroid guru :D

      ManicMindTrickManicMindTrick8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz 1st and Thor 2nd

    Siła PowerSiła Power8 måneder siden
  • Can we get some appreciation for Martins? Like goddamn that dude is inspiring

    Mercutio EscalusMercutio Escalus8 måneder siden
    • Martiiiinnnssss!

      Ji CottrillJi Cottrill8 måneder siden
  • Could someone please identify the BRANDS OF ELBOW SLEEVES these strongmen are using?? I have problems with my right elbow. Thanks.

    Jeff HallJeff Hall8 måneder siden
    • @dunichtich100 Ok, thanks

      Jeff HallJeff Hall8 måneder siden
    • @Jeff Hall They make different collor sets I guess^^

      dunichtich100dunichtich1008 måneder siden
    • @dunichtich100 Thanks. SBD are the black and red sleeves, correct? How about the all black sleeves?

      Jeff HallJeff Hall8 måneder siden
    • SBD Sleves bro 😉

      dunichtich100dunichtich1008 måneder siden
  • Wiecej korwa co?....koles niewydaje na trenerow...korwa trenoje na Tyle swojego domu!!!!Chwala CI!

    Michael P.Michael P.8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz may not have but he was definitely the most impressive with the most jaw dropping performances in my eyes

    hfjgzhfjgz8 måneder siden
  • Beerson? C’mon man...

    Jump ManJump Man8 måneder siden
  • Hafthor Beerson, Hafthor bahorson, Hafthor Borsoon, Hafthor B-Jhonsson, Hafthor Baronson, Hafthor Bear-son, But at the end... 3xASC Champion

    Antonio CentenoAntonio Centeno8 måneder siden
  • Thor won fair and square. But Mateusz is more impressive. Butthurt incoming

    EricEric8 måneder siden
    • I totally agree. You can't argue with that, the scoreboard reflects that. Overall Thor was just the most consistent of the two, and that wins him the trophy.

      Mikael RasmussenMikael Rasmussen8 måneder siden
  • Compare Weight of competitor Kieliszkowski and Shivlyakov, are much stronger than 200kg weighted sleeping Thor. Kieliszkowski shoud be a winner, but he will be on WSM!💪

    Jack JukonJack Jukon8 måneder siden
  • So impressed with Martins placing top 3 among these athletes with nerve damage in his neck and left arm.

    Trevor DuppTrevor Dupp8 måneder siden
    • Martins needs to sleep for 3 months

      Mathew RoweMathew Rowe8 måneder siden
    • He just doesn't quit! And to lift big on the left arm in the Louis Cyr db press is really impressive

      Ji CottrillJi Cottrill8 måneder siden
  • 🇵🇱

    trobol88trobol888 måneder siden
  • Mateusz set three world records in one competition... and still lost to Thor 😳

    Bardock ObamaBardock Obama8 måneder siden
    • Point system is not working. Mateusz won

      love budlove bud8 måneder siden
    • @Matt Lapierre trial by stone and cyr dumbbell he broke the record where as he won 4 events except deadlift and ball over the bar.

      Gautam giriGautam giri8 måneder siden
    • @Matt Lapierre he is not bad.. Not good according to his standard i agree.. But bad naah.. Plus we know he is little weak in moving events but still his bad is 3 or 2nd position..

      Gautam giriGautam giri8 måneder siden
    • @Natty K Thor won because he's stronger, simple as that. He was barely slower in the trial by stone with the disadvantage of going first (no time for orientation). He smoked him in bag over bar. He smoked him in deadlift. He could've been on par on the cyr dumbbell press if it wasn't for the funny world record trial at 330lbs (that almost even happened!). Mateusz went all out giving his best, Thor didn't. He chose to do just enough to win and in exchange, stay healthy for upcoming events.

      BTICronoxBTICronox8 måneder siden
    • @Gautam giri Yes. Thor is bad at farmer carry events. Even in training he wasn't very good. He has not very good grip strength. No excuse, just fact. Just like Mateusz is bad (relative to world class strongmen) at deadlift. He's not the best static lifter around. No excuse, just fact.

      Matt LapierreMatt Lapierre8 måneder siden
  • Imo Kieliszkowski > Bjronsson. Bjron beat him only on deadlift :v

    RicePopeRicePope8 måneder siden
    • @candymanx27 Event #2. Variation of "Keg over bar" and "Weight over bar". Look it up. Thor is a record holder in it. He got 1st place easily, throwing 90lb while Mateusz struggled with 75lb. So overall Thor got 2x 1st place (with huge margin), 2x 2nd place (narrow margin to the 1st place), 1x 3rd place (narrow margin to the 2nd place) and 1x 4th place. Kieliszkowski got 4x 1st place, 1x 3rd place and 1x 8th place.

      kaldabolgkaldabolg8 måneder siden
    • Bag over bar?

      candymanx27candymanx278 måneder siden
    • @kaldabolg Sure, but timber carry was been amazing and it's boring when one person wins all the time with small points advantage. We should respect both.

      RicePopeRicePope8 måneder siden
    • Not really. Thor was better in bag over bar and deadlift. He was also very close with the stones. Both are amazing athletes tho

      kaldabolgkaldabolg8 måneder siden
  • pointwise Thor won logic wise Mateus, still his deadlift ;( maybe he needs to borrow a diet from Thor anyways 3x Arnolds nice ! Congrats! 2020 strongman Iceland Poland and USA my predictions fot this year

    Hadrianus ConfoederatusHadrianus Confoederatus8 måneder siden
    • @Antonio Centeno like i said pointwise... to me when someone comes 1st 4 out of 6 events and looses to someone who won 2 events ;/ like you said rules are rules but to me its 4 vs 2 wins this only does not apply in strongman sports like it does logically in any other thats wht i think alout of people say Mateys won to them....

      Hadrianus ConfoederatusHadrianus Confoederatus8 måneder siden
    • Logic says "There´s rules mate, points are points, competition is a competition, you must be strong but consistent in every lift", so no, Logic wise Thor won aswell.

      Antonio CentenoAntonio Centeno8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz !!!!!!

    Mariusz KossakowskiMariusz Kossakowski8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz in my eyes is the true winner.

    RameusRameus8 måneder siden
    • Yes I agreed

      Funny movie and comedy ClipsFunny movie and comedy Clips8 måneder siden
    • Mine as well.

      Dan MalerDan Maler8 måneder siden
  • They still haven"t informed this clown that his name is not Beerson?

    Doode FLDoode FL8 måneder siden
    • And Licis name is not LEECHES.

      Dan MalerDan Maler8 måneder siden
  • Thor might have won, but to me Mateusz was far more impressive this year. Thor was the better deadlifter, Mateusz was the superior strongman.

    KruszakusKruszakus8 måneder siden
    • @Antonio Centeno "Thor didn't even tried he's best" You are everywhere with your stupid comments.Go home macaroni

      KabenKaben8 måneder siden
    • @Red Color Mate, Thor didn´t even tried his best in this competition and still won, people keep bringing bullshit to justify Mateusz loss, they are hard AF.

      Antonio CentenoAntonio Centeno8 måneder siden
    • @Dan Maler Second place is not superior. Period.

      Red ColorRed Color8 måneder siden
    • Thor won the Deadlift and also the Bag over Bar. And he attempted a +10 lbs World record for the Cyr dumbell press. at 330 lbs. He could have easily matched Mateusz with the Cyr Dumbell at 320.

      Red ColorRed Color8 måneder siden
    • I completely agree with you. If Mateusz can bring up his dead lift, he will CRUSH everyone, including Thor.

      Dan MalerDan Maler8 måneder siden
  • Points mean nothing when Mateusz wins 4 of 6. I like Thor but Mateusz was stronger that day.

    Lo0nytntwowLo0nytntwow8 måneder siden
    • Points mean "ASC champion" and a lot of money and also a lot of prestige in the sport. Thor won, get over it, got the money, the trophy and saved a lot of shape for breaking the DL record in April... you keep saying points mean nothing.

      Antonio CentenoAntonio Centeno8 måneder siden
    • With exception to the dead lift, I agree with you.

      Dan MalerDan Maler8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz jest najmłodszy ze wszystkich startujących?

    Prof. OrbitologiiProf. Orbitologii8 måneder siden
    • Ty tutaj? Xd

      bombasbombas8 måneder siden
    • Ukrainiec Olexii Novikov ma 24 lata

      Wojtek ŁatkaWojtek Łatka8 måneder siden
  • The deadlift is the most basic form of strength a human being can show.... If your number eight you're not the strongest.

    Gary SnowGary Snow8 måneder siden
    • buddy, winning 4 out of 6 events shows that you are one of the strongest, right? Meteusz was 110pounds lighter than Thor and still managed to win 4 events. We all know if he wants to win he has to step up his deadlift game but please don't disrespect the man like that.

  • Mateuz was dominant throughout the competition except for the deadlift. We keep saying every year he needs a deadlift, it makes me wonder whether he ever will have one...

    Andy Chamberlain MusicAndy Chamberlain Music8 måneder siden
    • He is better with normal bar. Almost 950 last year at WUS

      Ivan 1Ivan 18 måneder siden
    • Since 2018 we know that he needs to. Improve he deadlift and.. Still... Is there

      Diego Renan Perez ChoqueDiego Renan Perez Choque8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz is the Best. He is from Poland. I m from Poland. Congrstulstions !

    NaturalWiking PLNaturalWiking PL8 måneder siden
    • Thor is the best. He’s from iceland 🇮🇸 . Im from iceland. We are the best congratulations

      Ashura xllAshura xll8 måneder siden
  • This Beerson guy at 1:34 reminds me of the strongman Björnsson.

    PerttiPertti8 måneder siden
    • @Bardock Obama as an icelander. I can tell you that beer is not at all what Björn sounds like. Its even missing the letter n.

      maggi þórmaggi þór8 måneder siden
    • @Matt Lapierre He clearly says Beerson. There are videos of him correcting people who say bjornsson, telling them to say beerson instead.

      Bardock ObamaBardock Obama8 måneder siden
    • @Bardock Obama Where he pronounces the j... He says Byurson. Not Byornson (like every American says) and not Beerson.

      Matt LapierreMatt Lapierre8 måneder siden
    • @Pertti listen to Thor say his own name. noworld.info/video/video/3KDIocdswd3gnNE.html

      Bardock ObamaBardock Obama8 måneder siden
    • @Bardock Obama My man, I'm from the Nordics and I can assure you that Björnsson is not pronounced Beerson :D

      PerttiPertti8 måneder siden
  • While it really is a shame that Mateusz lost because of his deadlift, that's the competition, you have to be good in every event otherwise it won't matter how many first places you get, you will still lose... I recently saw a comment talking about this comp and have to share it, because it fits just perfectly; "Moral of the story is that you can go pretty far with your strengths, but it's hard to outrun your weaknesses" -Djinn_OW

    DomrickDomrick8 måneder siden
    • Wojciech Zagawa dude despite of his lat injury he struggles a lot with his deadlift, his best was 420kg with a suit if I remember correctly and that’s still in the lower echelon in deadlift events... but considering his strength in every other event, if he improves that he‘s going to be a force to be reckoned with

      DomrickDomrick6 måneder siden
    • You can't train deadlift with injury before competition bud

      Wojciech ZagawaWojciech Zagawa6 måneder siden
  • How u like mehhhh now

    0vermars0vermars8 måneder siden
  • kieliszkowski > Bjornsson

    lucky lukelucky luke8 måneder siden
    • ​@Taavi Ladev yu too

      lucky lukelucky luke8 måneder siden
    • @kinda fat kinda strong because in the deadlift it raises the most? look at those from the last places:) they also raised a lot in this competition!

      lucky lukelucky luke8 måneder siden
    • Thor won, so it doesn't matter what you think.

      Taavi LadevTaavi Ladev8 måneder siden
    • Your last 4 comments were about keilizkowski... but its pretty undeniable of the strenght and greatness of thor...(i personally dont like his personality but im being realistic) thor is the strongest man there

      kinda fat kinda strongkinda fat kinda strong8 måneder siden
    • Scoreboard says differently

      CraZyWeZZCraZyWeZZ8 måneder siden
  • Alas and regret that mateusz failed. He was really right to be the first. It's a pity

    AA8 måneder siden
  • So this is like 16 1080p streams if I watch in 8k? Cause it absolutely fucks my PC...

    Da BJDa BJ8 måneder siden
  • Well deserved win for Hafthor. Even though he maybe messed it up a bit on the timber carry and the wheel of pain. His raw strength on deadlift and his amazing throwing strength and skill on bag over bar makes him the deserving champion. Having said that, i do think Mateusz has a very bright future, was really impressed with his athleticism. If he improves on his deadlift he might come close next year. For now Thor is just above anyone on raw strength.

    A.B. SoldaatA.B. Soldaat8 måneder siden
    • Eric Deadlifting is raw strength too.

      Mister008GamingMister008Gaming8 måneder siden
    • @Eric you managed to make it sound like i don't think Mateusz has any raw strength, but that's not my point. I think Mateusz is an amazing athletic strongman and he has perfected his technique better on most of the events. And to me it looks like Thors technique on some events isn't the best, but his raw strength makes up for it and brings him victory. His technique on the bag over bar is perfect though, and combined with his dominating lifting strength on the deadlift, makes him nearly untouchable in the overall scores.

      A.B. SoldaatA.B. Soldaat8 måneder siden
    • I feel like ability to sprint with an 880 pound timber frame or press a 320 pound dumbbell reflects raw strength, but maybe that's just me

      EricEric8 måneder siden

    Juan CaballeroJuan Caballero8 måneder siden
  • Guys, Love Mateusz but Thor won. He won 2 events? Yet he was 2/3 in the other 4 while Mateusz lost a lot in deadlift and bag throwing

    NembokidNembokid8 måneder siden
    • @Good content xd He didn´t said that is bad, but he got crushed, the second Thor got the 3rd place in the Wheel of Pain he knew he was ASC champion, the second Matiasz shared the third place with Caron in the throw bag he knew all was lost.

      Antonio CentenoAntonio Centeno8 måneder siden
    • He was third in bag throw, how is that bad?

      Good content xdGood content xd8 måneder siden
  • Why didn’t they do an official award ceremony

    JWlittlereddJWlittleredd8 måneder siden
    • They did... Rogue just didn't stream it

      DomrickDomrick8 måneder siden
  • Thor won. he got the highest points in the competition. it is that easy. stop claiming what you think/feel was the winner. that other guy competed under the same roles, and got less points being sportive is simple arithmetic.

    cipaisonecipaisone8 måneder siden
  • Kielich wygrywa za rok 100%

    Sayrin NSayrin N8 måneder siden
  • can someone teach the commentator how to say bjornsson

    Tessa LeeTessa Lee8 måneder siden
    • @Mantar Bhandal You can hear it here (noworld.info/video/video/3KDIocdswd3gnNE.html). It isn't Beerson. It isn't Byornson. It's Byerson. It has a j, and that j is pronounced. Maybe your ears aren't hearing it because you're not used to Nordic languages, but he says it.

      Matt LapierreMatt Lapierre8 måneder siden
    • beerson is the right way

      ivan iivan i8 måneder siden
    • Mantar Bhandal Incorrect.

      mrRunistmrRunist8 måneder siden
    • Beerson is actually the correct pronunciation. His coach Stefan Solvi Petursson (hopefully I wrote that right) confirmed that in one of Juji's videos. Byornsson is not the correct pronunciation.

      Mantar BhandalMantar Bhandal8 måneder siden
    • And Licis.

      Dan MalerDan Maler8 måneder siden
  • Thor only won because Kieliszkowski's strap broke.

    Eternals VictorEternals Victor8 måneder siden
    • Gourish Dutta Come on guys, he is obviously trolling

      Planck ́sches WirkungsquantumPlanck ́sches Wirkungsquantum8 måneder siden
    • @Ivan 1 so you are just another delusional boy.

      Gourish DuttaGourish Dutta8 måneder siden
    • @Dan Maler With straps anything is possible. Also with more creatine he's ready for 501 record!

      Ivan 1Ivan 18 måneder siden
    • @Ivan 1 1st in deadlift? Dude, that was his MAX dead lift. Thor has a good close to 200 pounds on him in the dead lift, straps or no straps.

      Dan MalerDan Maler8 måneder siden
    • @Akaakaaka ak Been fair, with that much hitch it was one of the worse Deadlifts ever counted on a Strongman competition, i know it´s legal, but DAMN, that´s not his real max, his max surely is about 20 pounds less. Again, my max is 400 Pounds so i´ll just shut up.

      Antonio CentenoAntonio Centeno8 måneder siden
  • Kieliszkowski is a beast

    bioly chruscikbioly chruscik8 måneder siden
  • Thor has his work cut out for him the next year. Mateusz is stepping right on his heel. A slight improvement at deadlift would shoot him couple of placings in the event up and possibly have him win it all. Kieliszkowski is just 26 right now, has anybody ever been this impressive at such young age? Pudzianowski was different kind of impressive, he was only great at the distance/timed events. Mateusz seems like a hybrid between shaw/thor and pudzianowski with his height and athleticism.

    gangia dordangangia dordan8 måneder siden
    • , a slight improvement in deadlift will only get him maybe an exra point, the events this year were perfect for Mateusz, they won't be this perfect again, Thor could easily cruise through this competition, fumble a bit and still win comfortably, for example he gave Mateusz the last event by going for a new world record rather than more points because he had already won the show.

      megin namegin na14 dager siden
    • @megin na Ah, damn it. You're right. My bad, sorry. Mariusz won both the loglift and deadlift in 2003 though.

      Kamil SzadkowskiKamil Szadkowski8 måneder siden
    • @Kamil Szadkowski there was also no competition in 2005, IFSA split happened in 2005, he wasn't placing at the Arnold during this time.

      megin namegin na8 måneder siden
    • @megin na Because Mariusz spent 2001 on sitting in prison. No wonder his static strength wasn't on point. You can't exactly train while sitting in prison can you? In 2005 he beat everyone in squats.

      Kamil SzadkowskiKamil Szadkowski8 måneder siden
    • @Kamil Szadkowski Mariusz didn't compete in 2001, in 2002 the only somewhat static events were truckpull and deadlift and Saviscas beat him in both, even Reimonds Bergmanis beat him in deadlift.

      megin namegin na8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz actually won 4/6 events at “only” 330 lbs bodyweight (for example hafthor was 440)... wow He is the future

    Mihael EvdenicMihael Evdenic8 måneder siden
    • And *horribly* fell short in the other two, while Thor only fell slightly short in the carry. That's the difference ;)

      BTICronoxBTICronox8 måneder siden
    • @Msieur Jsp pound for pound doesn't matter in strongman

      Rafael RodriguezRafael Rodriguez8 måneder siden
    • The future has to train deadlift, or he won´t be the future in the years to come.

      Antonio CentenoAntonio Centeno8 måneder siden
    • gallardorsq I know

      DomrickDomrick8 måneder siden
    • @Domrick Thor is insanely athletic. Look at the difference in speed between him and Shaw. Although i know shaw is older

      gallardorsqgallardorsq8 måneder siden
  • Congrats Thor

    Stephen FordStephen Ford8 måneder siden
  • I was cheering for Mateusz, but guys please have some class and stop saying that Thor did not win it. He did, points don't lie. Mateusz underperformed on the bag throw and we all know what's up with his deadlift. Absolutely great effort from Mateusz, but you cannot take away the win from Thor. He is still a bigger beast. Maybe not for very much longer tho :) Congrats to all athlete's for their amazing effort!

    keokeo8 måneder siden
    • Wojciech Zagawa he definitely will be the man to beat in a few years especially with the possibility of Thor quitting

      DomrickDomrick6 måneder siden
    • Mateusz had an injury and couldn't train deadlift. He is a winner for us in Poland, but Thor is an actual winner. I think Kieliszkowski could dominate world's strongest man in near future and I hope so

      Wojciech ZagawaWojciech Zagawa6 måneder siden
    • but how does it make sense to win 4/6 events and then not win it? i mean come on now

      Patrick PedersenPatrick Pedersen8 måneder siden
    • I just want to thank you for being one of the few who are able to stay rational despite having a favorite... Mateusz was absolutely amazing and if it wasn't for his bad deadlift he would have won... dude really has to step up his deadlift in the future

      DomrickDomrick8 måneder siden
    • Agree 100%. Mateusz is awesome, very good guy, but he can't win with 8th place on deadlift. Thor deserves more respect.

      Ivan 1Ivan 18 måneder siden
  • Shivlyakov was the most inspiring this year for me. His ankle injury couldn't stop him competing at the highest level! Amazing spirit!

    Kevin CarstensKevin Carstens8 måneder siden
    • Kieliszkowski won WUS in 2019, most inspiring moment for me was when he done 8 stones with a tore bicep! That was something incredible !

      MichalGMichalG6 måneder siden
    • @Matt Lapierre he was injured before the trial of stones event.

      Ordu BaliqOrdu Baliq8 måneder siden
    • @Why do people fear the truth ??? facts- not myths Most strongmen are usually battling an injury of some kind. It's the nature of the sport. Very unfortunate when the injury happens in warmup (which happened to Misha, I'm quite sure I remember hearing). Shivlyakov's ankle, Licis' shoulder, Belsak's hip. So very common to be injured some way and still compete. Mikhail just injured his ankle unfortunately close to (or during?) competition time

      Matt LapierreMatt Lapierre8 måneder siden
    • @Harald Blotand Well sometimes you forget about the pain due to the adrenaline flowing through your body, but his leg wasn't fine. Check this noworld.info/video/video/nKrWq7mjj9a9ta8.html

      namename8 måneder siden
    • @Harald Blotand nah the guy is too genuine to fake it

      Sushant RauthanSushant Rauthan8 måneder siden
  • Well done Mr Beerson

    jim mickjim mick8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz. Po prostu dla mnie Wygrałeś...!!!

    Robert KwasnickiRobert Kwasnicki8 måneder siden
  • поляк в следующем году будет чемпом

    gaming that we lovegaming that we love8 måneder siden
  • Even though Thor won I feel like it's Mateusz whos the real winner this year.

    happzyhappzy8 måneder siden
    • gallardorsq he would have likely finished higher without the broken strap...

      wb5mgrwb5mgr4 måneder siden
    • He is the youngest and future of strongman competitions

      Ashish BhagatAshish Bhagat5 måneder siden
    • But who won?

      TT7 måneder siden
    • @gallardorsq agree :)

      dustybluedustyblue8 måneder siden
    • @gallardorsq gallardorsq did you not see the competition at all? Frame carry and wheel of pain are overhead events? He also is way better with stones, and im not talking about the overhead ones. Stones in general he is just a beast at. Just look at last year where thor struggles with one rep on the stone to shoulder event while mateusz did an easy 5 for the record. Only event mateusz did 'bad' at is the deadlift. Who are you to say he underperforms lol, he is a legend so shut your mouth.

      makeithappen bourrihtmakeithappen bourriht8 måneder siden