2020 Rogue Invitational | Event 2 - Full Live Stream

13. juni. 2020
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Full coverage of Event 2A and 2B from the 2020 Rogue Invitational (Saturday, June 13), starting with the women's heats, followed by the men's. In this unique, fully online competition, Rogue combines individual live feeds from each competitor's gym, with multi-screen views and a special "Event Tracker" helping put each athlete's performance in context against one another.
Event 2 is a unique two-parter. For the first 4 minutes (Event 2A), it's 50 power snatches (95/65) for time. At minute 5, Event 2B begins: a "Last Athlete Standing" competition starting at 11 reps, with an additional rep added each minute. On the men's side, early leaders Patrick Vellner and Jacob Heppner look to keep pace, but it's 38 year-old Sam Briggs on the women's side who really steals the show.
To get more info, including events schedules, leaderboards, and live reactions, check out the official 2020 Rogue Invitational page at www.roguefitness.com/invitati... or our Instagram feed at instagram.com/roguefitness/

  • Brooke wells is the best in the world.don't hang your head.still world champion in my book.👊👍😊

    Todd JohnsonTodd Johnson5 måneder siden
  • Whoooaaa!! Briggs??? Impressive!!

    yumimidoriiyumimidorii5 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know why Matt Fraser isn't competing this year?

    LRozSkysLRozSkys5 måneder siden
    • He got injured

      RyosukeRyosuke5 måneder siden
  • Amazing to see such a high quality stream in such crazy circumstances. Brilliant job Rogue

    Tino BacelaTino Bacela5 måneder siden
  • Unreal... Sam Briggs. Machine!

    CrossFit Fibre PerthCrossFit Fibre Perth5 måneder siden
  • Someone please call Sam Briggs and tell her I love her,🤞

    Inno LeeInno Lee5 måneder siden
    • I called her but she never answer the call, her staff told me that she's still doing power snatches

      RyosukeRyosuke5 måneder siden
  • Josh and spiller Kudos for the planing of the events! You just proved that you are much better then Castro. You're professional. And you have just taken CrossFit to another level.

    Solomon TheSolomon The5 måneder siden
  • Tia Tommy is very smart, keeping her body for the next events.

    Solomon TheSolomon The5 måneder siden
  • I still can't believe what Sam Briggs did. I am amazed! Wow really wow.

    Solomon TheSolomon The5 måneder siden
  • The women always deliver excitement. The men not so much.

    Solomon TheSolomon The5 måneder siden
    • The men are lifting twice the weight almost lol...

      LucasLucas5 måneder siden
  • If Sam Briggs was 10 years younger she would take first place. Unbelievable mindset she has. The will power of this great woman is much higher than any of the men.

    Solomon TheSolomon The5 måneder siden
  • Briggs is a beast. I can't believe what she just did.

    Solomon TheSolomon The5 måneder siden
  • I don't think any other sport equalizes the men's & women's events like CrossFit does.

    X N'Triq N'TittyX N'Triq N'Titty5 måneder siden
    • Showjumping, mototracing,

      john gormanjohn gorman5 måneder siden
  • Annie's commentary is so good! love having a games athlete's point of view on the events!

    Johnny FranckJohnny Franck5 måneder siden
  • Wow 👀

    Kyle DouglassKyle Douglass5 måneder siden
  • Production value of this is incredible! You guys are legends.

    Lukáš HermanLukáš Herman5 måneder siden
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I only see one person of color in this year's event. One can assume that this is due to institutional racism. I'm tired of seeing the fittest white people winning these events. I want to hear Rogue's stance on this. What is Rogue going to do to level the playing field? Is Rogue going to provide oppressed / underserved groups and communities with free equipment / gym memberships / coaching? Are we going to see Rich Froning and Tia Toomey coach people of color? Will Rogue sponsor events with equal representation from every group on the planet? Maybe we should cancel Rogue until these requirements are met? What Greg Glassman created far out weighs his insensitive comments. If we only accepted moral virtous perfection, nothing good would exist. Moral virtuous perfection is the enemy of morally good. #Sarcasm #Hypocrisy #CancelCulture #ThrowTheBabyOutWithTheBathWater #WhereDoesThisEnd? #CognitiveDissonance #ImAnAmericanPersonOfColorSoICanSayWhatEverIWant #ThisIsGettingRidiculous #ProfessionallyOffended

    A NA N5 måneder siden
    • @Marietta Corsini #MyFeelingsAreHurt #NotReally No one would be here watching the Rogue Invitational if not for Greg Glassman. No one would be posting their opinions if not for the framers of the U.S. Constitution giving us the 1st Ammendment. The framers owned slaves and therefore the constitution is null and void? However with this current political environment, we have to cancel free speech and our culture that is still moving in the right direction, slowly, but still in the right direction. Slavery is a blight on human history. It was tragic. Slavery was practiced in all parts of the world before America, including Africa and still exists in some parts of the world today. Let's not forget about what happened to the Native Americans either. It was America that ended slavery and paved the way for the end of slavery across the world. But we can't talk about this and focus on the positive aspect. We can't talk about the black on black crime that occurs every day in America or the hundreds of black on black homicides that occur in Chicago every year. So when people get overly sensitive about the BLM movement and Greg Glassman's insensitive comments, I say this is a bunch of selective outrage. For the record, I'm a 3rd generation Mexican-American immigrant. My grandparent's immigrated here legally fleeing a country with no free speech. I was raised in an uneducated, low socioeconomic family. I earned my way through college and my 20 year Silicon Valley career. I faced racism and adversity every step of the way, but I never made any excuses or blamed anyone for my bad experiences. For every one person that was racist towards me, nine others treated me as an equal. For one bad experience with a cop, there were nine good experiences with cops. Instead of partying in college, I was working two jobs and paying my way through college, so that I paid very little in loans when I graduated. When I finished paying off my loans, I delayed gratification and invested towards my future. I did quite well for myself and live in a very nice home that I own and not in my mom's basement. My in-laws are Japanese-American and were incarcerated during WWII as children. The government seized all their family's property and didn't return any of it after the war. My father-in-law remembers soldiers shooting at his feet for fun. To this day, they are proud to be American. They didn't play the victim card and scream racism the rest of their lives. They lifted themselves by the bootstraps and made a very nice living for themselves. They are grateful for the 1st Ammendment and all the rights we have or should I say used to have. It was a Democrat president that ordered the incarceration of Japanese-Americans. The Democrats didn't dress up in traditional Japanese garments, get down on one knee and apologize for incarcerating Japanese-Americans. It's a shame that a few bad cops and a few insensitive comments bring the whole system to a halt and threaten more lives. It's a shame that people and organizations are bullied into taking a stance and making a comment about the BLM movement. What happened to George Floyd should never happen to anyone, however this event is not an everyday occurrence. There is genocide occurring in Yemen and Palestine, yet no one is pressuring anyone to take a stance on this issue. Western countries have been drone bombing the Middle East since 9/11 and all you hear is crickets. There are plenty of things to be outraged by but selecting a few in the 24/7 news cycle breaks the system. All those bystanders with their phones recording the police abuse did nothing to stop George Floyd's death. Everyone is so quick to record tragic events, censor free speech and bully others into taking a stance. What a bunch of cowards! It's a shame that Americans are so willing to give up their free speech at the hands of a bunch of sensitive cowards! Greg was right, COVID-19 in combination with the BLM protesting is a threat to everyone, including black lives. Many people have lost their jobs, houses and lives due to depression and suicide due to COVID-19. This movement is going to make things worse and perpetuate this pandemic. It's outrageous what happened to George Floyd, but the aftermath is even worse. Greg's insensitive comments were truthful in a time of hypersensitive outrage. Let a jury of peers decide the fate of bad cops, not the news media, social media or the CrossFit community. If Americans don't want their free speech, there are many immigrants that would risk death to get here to practice it. To come around full circle, none of us would be here watching the Rogue Invitational and posting comments on NOworld if not for Greg Glassman. I could care less about your overly sensitive judgment and assumption that I live in my mom's basement and that I'm bipolar. It's your free speech and you are entitled to it. If white Americans cannot speak up in this political environment to protect free speech for everyone, as a person of color, I will! There are many tragic events occurring everday across the world more cringeworthy than my comments. No one is outraged and up in arms about those events. This whole cancel culture will destroy America and all the progress this country has made. This country is not perfect and yes there is still room for improvement, but it's still better than most countries out there. I'm grateful everyday to live in this country and proud to be an American.

      A NA N5 måneder siden
    • @A N #Cringe #MomsBasement #BiPolar

      Marietta CorsiniMarietta Corsini5 måneder siden
    • @Marietta Corsini #Sarcasm

      A NA N5 måneder siden
    • @davidhv22 #Sarcasm

      A NA N5 måneder siden
    • There are the Fittest people on this competition, it doesn't care the color , it is very easy speak about the racism now, if the fittest people are black, Latin, Africans, Europeans, Chinese or others they will enjoy the Rogue invitational or games or other sports, why are the best basketball players black? Because they are the best, simple. You don't look the controversy where there are not...

      davidhv22davidhv225 måneder siden
  • Hey guys remember Alexander Caron is not shown but he still working

    M CM C5 måneder siden
  • Are you supposed to stand up straight with your hips forward? If so Hepner has pretty much all no reps.

    vloeber1vloeber15 måneder siden
  • Really enjoyed having Annie's commentary! And Sam Briggs is a damn goddess.

    Camille BaillargeonCamille Baillargeon5 måneder siden
  • There will never be an engine like Biggs'

    Paula FernandesPaula Fernandes5 måneder siden
  • Nassos form was garbage, I bet she withdrawals with a low back injury before the weekend is done

    Mac JefferMac Jeffer5 måneder siden
  • Sam Briggs... holy crap

    Brian LivingstonBrian Livingston5 måneder siden
  • AAA

    John WoodsJohn Woods5 måneder siden
  • Thomas, Percy and the fat controller all agree that is a REALLY USEFUL ENGINE

    Nathan McFallNathan McFall5 måneder siden
  • This is a true test

    John WoodsJohn Woods5 måneder siden
  • gooooooooooooooSAM

    Nathan McFallNathan McFall5 måneder siden
  • wish the cameras were closer and not fixed so you can see the hurt we alllove so well

    its#Realits#Real5 måneder siden
  • missed it last time but HERE we Go

    Nathan McFallNathan McFall5 måneder siden
  • can someone help Spieler with the HAT

    MarcMarc5 måneder siden
  • Briggs untouchable...shoot for 2nd..Smart Tia...I know Shane had a strategy .. save yourself 💪🏾

    Bdawg02Bdawg025 måneder siden
  • Women's Event 2 Heat 1 - Event 2A - 8:00 - Event 2B - 13:00 Heat 2 - Event 2A - 33:05 - Event 2B - 38:05 Men Event 2 Heat 1 - Event 2A - 58:05 - Event 2B - 1:03:05 Heat 2 - Event 2A - 1:23:05 - Event 2B - 1:28:05

    Sometimes I SingSometimes I Sing5 måneder siden
    • Thank you! 🙌

      Mailee GoldmanMailee Goldman5 måneder siden
  • Great see Spealler again! Really different and a true CF event

    R SR S5 måneder siden
  • It's great....

    Dangi NeharikaDangi Neharika5 måneder siden