2020 Rogue Invitational | Event 3 - Full Live Stream

13. juni. 2020
147 144 Ganger

Full coverage of Event 3 from the 2020 Rogue Invitational (Saturday, June 13), starting with the two women's heats, followed by the men's. In this unique, fully online competition, Rogue combines individual live feeds from each competitor's gym, with multi-screen views and a special "Event Tracker" helping put each athlete's performance in context against one another.
Event 3 concludes Day One action in grueling fashion, as athletes must complete 240 Double-Unders with a heavy rope followed by (2) rounds of 60 Toes-to-Bar + 30 Cal. / 24 Cal. Bike (Time Cap: 13 min). Tia Toomey needs a strong effort in this event to go into Sunday on top, but Jamie Simmonds and Haley Adams offer more than enough competition. For the men, the Vellner v. Heppner showdown continues.
To get more info, including events schedules, leaderboards, and live reactions, check out the official 2020 Rogue Invitational page at www.roguefitness.com/invitati... or our Instagram feed at instagram.com/roguefitness/

  • Where is Frazer

    parvatheesam dasariparvatheesam dasariMåned siden
  • This setup is awesome. What a brilliant job done by you all at Rogue. Brilliant!

    Joey PotterJoey Potter5 måneder siden
  • Kari Pearce could do the broadcasting after she’s done competing. Good insights and sounded like a pro!

    Stephen TraceStephen Trace5 måneder siden
  • Wow.from a distance jamie Simmonds really resembles my favorite athlete brooke wells.😊👊

    Todd JohnsonTodd Johnson5 måneder siden
  • Thank you to everyone at Rogue for putting this together!

    Zest.B612Zest.B6125 måneder siden
  • What heavy rope are the athletes using? How heavy is it?

    Andrzej TaraminaAndrzej Taramina5 måneder siden
    • 4.5lbs www.roguefitness.com/rogue-pro-jump-rope

      Alexander LeongAlexander Leong5 måneder siden
  • wo ist fraser?

    hummer jhonhummer jhon5 måneder siden
  • Amazing job thank you Mr Spealler and Mr Bridges best programming Eva 👍🏽

    Nathan McFallNathan McFall5 måneder siden
  • When are the CrossFit games

    Mega NegaMega Nega5 måneder siden
  • The coverage and camera angles sucks. Zoom in on athletes and cycle through. And why not utilize the entire screen. Use most of the screen on an athlete and make the leaderboard smaller. These little boxes make it annoying to watch

    Ken PhillipKen Phillip5 måneder siden
    • I disagree. I thought Rogue did an incredible job covering this. The technical challenge behind this competition was HUGE and they managed to make it very entertaining anyway.

      Simon Buus JensenSimon Buus Jensen5 måneder siden
  • Yes Kara, what an amazing effort having to compete between midnight and some ridiculous hour in the morning (Australian time) and also being a breast feeding Mumma. You are amazing!!

    Louise WilsonLouise Wilson5 måneder siden
  • 8:41 Event description 10:10 Women Heat 1 28:10 Women Heat 2 46:10 Men Heat 1 01:04:10 Men Heat 2 With love from Czech

    Lukáš HermanLukáš Herman5 måneder siden
  • 240 dubs for 240 years of straight badassery from the US ARMY!!!! Happy Birthday Army!!!

    Morgan EvansMorgan Evans5 måneder siden
  • Is this CrossFit?

    Troy Te AoTroy Te Ao5 måneder siden
    • @Parfootery Nonsense. The rage was about Glassman beheavior (email and twitter), not related to the competition. In factr Chandler Smith and Noah Olsen refused to participate in the Games 2020 but they are competing here. By the way, given the current state of affairs, Rogue or a multinational like Nike could push their own "cross training" tournament and if the prizes are large enough will eclipse anything from CrossFit HQ.

      Buran01Buran015 måneder siden
    • Yes, unofficially but yes. However, everyone participating in this is dog whistling white supremacists. Until they completely dismantle the product and create a more inclusive "sport" with handicaps for those plus sized athletes with mobility issues, safe zones for lifting for all 30+ genders and up the subscription price for all white participants. We can never truly feel like we've progressed since those scary words uttered by the former CEO.

      ParfooteryParfootery5 måneder siden
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I only see one person of color in this year's event. One can assume that this is due to institutional racism. I'm tired of seeing the fittest white people winning these events. I want to hear Rogue's stance on this. What is Rogue going to do to level the playing field? Is Rogue going to provide oppressed / underserved groups and communities with free equipment / gym memberships / coaching? Are we going to see Rich Froning and Tia Toomey coach people of color? Will Rogue sponsor events with equal representation from every group on the planet? Maybe we should cancel Rogue until these requirements are met? What Greg Glassman created far out weighs his insensitive comments. If we only accepted moral virtuous perfection, nothing good would exist. Moral virtuous perfection is the enemy of morally good. #Sarcasm #Hypocrisy #CancelCulture #ThrowTheBabyOutWithTheBathWater #WhereDoesThisEnd? #CognitiveDissonance #ImAnAmericanPersonOfColorSoICanSayWhatEverIWant #ThisIsGettingRidiculous #ProfessionallyOffended

    A NA N5 måneder siden
    • @Moon Lord #Sarcasm

      A NA N5 måneder siden
    • @Wotan123456789 You hurt my feelings!

      A NA N5 måneder siden
    • @A N To be honest, I find it silly to be sarcastic in the midst of the things we are going through at this moment. Being sarcastic might entertain some, certainly it does not entertain me.

      Wotan123456789Wotan1234567895 måneder siden
    • Level the playing field? How about you get good so you can compete its what Chandler Smith did

      Moon LordMoon Lord5 måneder siden
    • If you are white, don't criticize my post! I'm a person on color! My opinion is superior to your opinion in this political environment! #Sarcasm! #ImWaitingForYourApology!

      A NA N5 måneder siden
  • baddy wells lookin thicc

    dcinreallifedcinreallife5 måneder siden
  • "Jacob Heppner, never met a camera he didn't like" 😂😂🤣

    Antony HartAntony Hart5 måneder siden
  • Judges should be using masks

    Daniel MauricioDaniel Mauricio5 måneder siden
  • Which weighted ropes are they using? Can anyone provide a link for sale? Thanks!!

    Josh CardwellJosh Cardwell5 måneder siden
    • It’s only $129.99 🤣

      Cheese PizzaCheese Pizza5 måneder siden
    • www.roguefitness.com/rogue-pro-jump-rope

      Daniel MauricioDaniel Mauricio5 måneder siden
  • I stand with Greg Glassman.

    ET NemET Nem5 måneder siden
    • @A N I guess society doesn't value forgiveness and 2nd chances anymore. Floyd committed some terrible crimes in his past and we're supposed to overlook that. Why can't we do the same thing for Greg Glassman and his couple of offensive statements that he apologized for? Glassman has contributed more positive good to society than Floyd ever did. There is power in forgiveness and redemption. People that are incapable of forgiveness have a serious character defect. Everyone has said something hurtful before. Are we supposed to condemn them for life? This whole situation is ridiculous. I can't believe how petty some CrossFit members are towards a man that invented a sport that changed their lives. Sad.

      ET NemET Nem5 måneder siden
    • We wouldn't be enjoying this sport if not for Greg, but now we have to throw the baby out with the bath water. #CancelCulture

      A NA N5 måneder siden
    • Who asked?

      Jackson RenoJackson Reno5 måneder siden
    • and?

      Luanderson GuimarãesLuanderson Guimarães5 måneder siden
  • 🇺🇸

    Travis SchlesenerTravis Schlesener5 måneder siden
  • why are the fat women judges there? has this woman no self ego? the left wins again by highlighting fat women

    JohynJohyn5 måneder siden
    • Shut up, nasty comment

      Morgan EvansMorgan Evans5 måneder siden
    • Wanker lol

      Boulder The FatBoulder The Fat5 måneder siden
    • What!?

      Bubbles PopBubbles Pop5 måneder siden
    • What???

      The real RitchThe real Ritch5 måneder siden
  • judging by the lack of views .. not sure being a spaz hyper lonely person that does 76895 pullups is what youtube viewers cares about. :/

    PepperjuicePepperjuice5 måneder siden
  • Where's Fikowski?

    Paul KratkaPaul Kratka5 måneder siden
    • He posted on IG. He was post-Dubai and on vacation.. he didn't make the cut for the qualifiers

      Antoine NguyenAntoine Nguyen5 måneder siden
    • Fraser’s injuries I know that much

      Jackson RenoJackson Reno5 måneder siden
    • Paul Kratka I wanted to see him in this competition against Vellner and Fraser

      Jackson RenoJackson Reno5 måneder siden
  • Way to go patty🇨🇦

    rtchargertcharge5 måneder siden