2020 Rogue Invitational | Event 4 - Full Live Stream

14. juni. 2020
124 618 Ganger

Full coverage of Event 4 from the 2020 Rogue Invitational (Sunday, June 14), starting with the men’s heat, followed by the women. In this unique, fully online competition, Rogue combines individual live feeds from each competitor's gym, with multi-screen views from nearly 40 locations.
Event 4 is a two-part Clean & Jerk, starting with a tiebreak: 7 Clean & Jerks (255LB / 165LB) for time, with a 1-minute time cap.
After a 5 minute break, it’s a Clean & Jerk Liftoff:
Men’s weight starts at 290 LBS and goes up 10 LBS every round
Women weight starts at 195 LBS and goes up 5 LBS every round
1 minute to make the lift, 3 minutes rest
As usual, Tia Toomey is the athlete to catch on the women’s side, while Laura Horvath and Jamie Simmonds look to stay within striking distance after this workout. For the men, 2019 Rogue Invitational standout Chandler Smith makes his move into 2020 contention while Pat Vellner tries to maintain a comfortable lead with two events to go.
To get more info, including events schedules, leaderboards, and live reactions, check out the official 2020 Rogue Invitational page at www.roguefitness.com/invitati... or our Instagram feed at instagram.com/roguefitness/

  • Where is Fraser

    parvatheesam dasariparvatheesam dasariMåned siden
  • Where is sigmundsdottir in round 8???

    Pascale BronderPascale Bronder2 måneder siden
  • For some reason as a guy I enjoy watching the women CrossFit athletes more. How come I don't have the same sentiment throughout other sports?

    famousfatfamousfat2 måneder siden
  • For some reason as a guy I enjoy watching the women CrossFit athletes more. How come I don't have the same sentiment throughout other sports?

    Arafat AboubakariArafat Aboubakari2 måneder siden
  • Tia-claire Toomey OMG that women is a BEAST. I wanna be like her when I grow up..

    SteelRootz TruthTalksSteelRootz TruthTalks3 måneder siden
  • Tía was amazing 💪🏼❤️💖

    andrea castroandrea castro5 måneder siden
  • How can you snack like this but hand stand push ups gives you trouble. SMH

    Bdawg02Bdawg025 måneder siden
    • Because she has amazing technique but it’s just her body weight and shoulder strength. She’s now working with coach birdy and he’s said they’re becoming a strength

      Cian DunphyCian Dunphy3 måneder siden
  • Judging was a bit soft; basically if you got the weight overhead, they gave it to you. Tia is the only one whose jerks were 100% competition legal. Pretty much all the other top finishers had one or more press-outs Chandler is an absolute beast, but sorry, bent arms at 42:21 Tia's performance is doubly impressive, considering she's giving up 10+ kg of bodyweight (on paper) to both Horvath and Barnhart.

    Tom FaianoTom Faiano5 måneder siden
    • This isn’t an weightlifting competition. The rules are different. You’re allowed a press out. As long as you get it overhead with locked out elbows and locked out knees and you have it under control it counts

      Cian DunphyCian Dunphy3 måneder siden

    Tino BacelaTino Bacela5 måneder siden
  • Finally someone said what my eyes hurt to watch... Our technique, as THE coach was saying, can help us to be better

    ragnarok starterragnarok starter5 måneder siden
  • Tia probably got a 130kg c&j

    muadhnatemuadhnate5 måneder siden
    • Coach said they planned to go to 290

      M CM C2 måneder siden
  • I'm pretty sure she can hit up to 280-290. Tia made it look way too easy lifting 270. That was a warning to everyone out there. Jeezz I almost cried watching her lift 270 lol

    Cb chillahCb chillah5 måneder siden
  • Best comment of the competition: ‘went into skynet and just got her back adjusted.’ Lol

    Kevin EloyKevin Eloy5 måneder siden
  • Just doesn’t have the same pizzazz as head to head competition. Can’t even see what’s going on. Good luck to all

    lawlessjfflawlessjff5 måneder siden
  • How much these guys body weight. Guy in Ireland did 474 pounds clean and jerk.

    spider man webspider man web5 måneder siden
    • Yes but can that guy do the cardio or gymnastics these guys can. They’ll never be as strong as a pro weightlifter because they don’t train for just that. They train for so much more which means it’s harder for them to get really good at any one thing

      Cian DunphyCian Dunphy3 måneder siden
  • 4:23 Event description 12:20 Men 01:04:36 Women

    Lukáš HermanLukáš Herman5 måneder siden
    • Also adding this: Women: 1:04:36 1:08:36 1:12:36 1:16:36 1:20:36 1:24:35 1:28:35 1:32:35 1:36:35 1:40:35 1:44:35 1:48:35 1:52:35 1:56:35 2:00:35 2:04:35

      YedaiahYedaiah3 måneder siden
    • Lukáš Herman thank you!

      Anna M.Anna M.5 måneder siden
  • What happened with Sara Sigmunds in C&J? 🙄

    Blessed UnrestBlessed Unrest5 måneder siden
  • Yaay för Sweden and Lucas! And why they hardly show or talk about his clean&jerks and he was lifting as much as Smith but with way better technique

    CillisaRCillisaR5 måneder siden
  • Oh, Chandler 🤭 those hurt watching. Clean up his form and he’d be even more of a beast

    Morgan K JenkinsMorgan K Jenkins5 måneder siden
  • 1:29:25 why did holte continue to 230 if she failed 225?

    Mathilde DoucetMathilde Doucet5 måneder siden
    • I believe the graphics were wrong. That was Kristi Eramo O'Connell,

      João FelipeJoão Felipe3 måneder siden
  • Would love a day with coach.

    CAMERICA DCAMERICA D5 måneder siden
  • Who the hell was directing this thing??? It was just bad luck that Haley Adams had an accident at the exact time we were watching her, but why on earth did you not cut away?!?! Why did you make her clean up with the world watching?

    Gábor StaudingerGábor Staudinger5 måneder siden
    • Damn I didn’t even notice until I read your comment. I thought it was just sweat or she spilt something on the ground earlier. She took that like a champ and I’m proud of her for that. She’s a lot more mature then her age should let her be

      Cian DunphyCian Dunphy3 måneder siden
    • @Isabel Sherwood Yeah, so young and she took it like a champ, didn't even bother her. Real cool pure athlete.

      ljuglampaljuglampa3 måneder siden
    • When it comes to lifting its really not unusual for women to have bladder issues at max weights. Nothing humiliating about it, its just reality. You getting all worked up about it makes it worse than just moving on with life. Focus on the lifting, ignore everything else

      Isabel SherwoodIsabel Sherwood5 måneder siden
    • Its like people can't make mistakes, especially their first time running anything like this.

      Christian ReyesChristian Reyes5 måneder siden
    • @Mathilde Doucet I am aware of that. We were watching the whole heat lifting at the same time when it happened. Presumably the person responsible of choosing witch feed would be shown and when - lets just call him the Director - did not see what happened to her on the small screen, so they repeated her lift to look at her technique. Fair enough, nothing wrong there. But when you see what happened you quickly cut to another camera to spare the athlete from further humiliation. What you don't do is staying with them and broadcasting how they clean up after themselves. Anyway, I think she handled it perfectly.

      Gábor StaudingerGábor Staudinger5 måneder siden
  • I'm sorry but... holy s***. Tia is a monster

    Kjetil LängauerKjetil Längauer5 måneder siden
  • When Tia did 20# less than the men’s starting weight. She probably could’ve made it.

    mallorie morenomallorie moreno5 måneder siden
  • Where is fikowski??

    Trevor GoertzenTrevor Goertzen5 måneder siden
    • He wasn't in the group of those automatically invited (Games top 10), and failed the qualifiers (:

      Zest.B612Zest.B6125 måneder siden
  • Is anyone gonna talk about tia? Amazing.

    M CM C5 måneder siden
    • Queen!

      Nicole CarterNicole Carter3 måneder siden
    • I thought the same thing. Not enough talk about her. She is the STAR!! Amazing is right!

      Mo GillelandMo Gilleland4 måneder siden
  • A great competition. The only question I have is. What could Tia, Amanda, Laura and Kara C&J if they did not have such a long ladder of C&J's to get to their max.

    Scott L. RoyalScott L. Royal5 måneder siden
  • Loved coach B commenting on attributes and flaws,

    Luis ELuis E5 måneder siden
    • 'She can jerk the world, but she can't clean for crap'

      Gábor StaudingerGábor Staudinger5 måneder siden
  • 1:21:40. Haley pissed herself hitting that clean. Nice sticking with it.

    M CM C5 måneder siden
    • Went searching in the comments for this

      Paige KPaige K5 måneder siden
    • Poor girl she had a horrible time last year on the clean event and now this 🤦🏽‍♂️

      Lalo JimenezLalo Jimenez5 måneder siden
    • I was like omg . But she laughed it off ..

      Aries QueenAries Queen5 måneder siden
    • Good thing for her that the audience was smaller and through video it was less obvious

      Morgan K JenkinsMorgan K Jenkins5 måneder siden
    • 😂 yeah

      Barry MacokinherBarry Macokinher5 måneder siden
  • 1:20:06 😑

    Cameron GrayCameron Gray5 måneder siden
  • Toomey can win this game at least 3 years more Cardio: strongest Lifting:strongest Gymnastics:top Only 1 weakness: small, but stronger than any bigger

    Hoàng Nhân LêHoàng Nhân Lê5 måneder siden
    • one more weakness and its pegboard

      Black Death GamersBlack Death Gamers5 måneder siden
  • Coach "She is a junk yard dog" lol.

    Borderline BoomerBorderline Boomer5 måneder siden
  • Of course, this was the first time running a competition this way. Hopefully you won't need to again, but in the event you do, please consider adding more heats so we can pay attention to fewer competitors at a time more closely. Having 19 competitors crammed onto the screen all at once was especially painful in event four, but all the events could've been improved with fewer competitors going at a time. Regardless, thanks for making this event happen!

    Jon MJon M5 måneder siden
    • Agree

      PeterBEPeterBE5 måneder siden
  • Damn... you guys had a clean and jerk event and coach B, but only show Ben Smith (the athlete with THE BEST technique of all the athletes), but you only show him once? RIP...

    r3iKo EXEr3iKo EXE5 måneder siden
  • Good that Heffner resigned early, because of the view (judge)

    Miki IlicMiki Ilic5 måneder siden
  • Loved the Mike Burgener comments!

    Sander VersluysSander Versluys5 måneder siden
  • What happened to SARA on 230? Why she did not hit it?

    Mario Eduardo Rosales MuñozMario Eduardo Rosales Muñoz5 måneder siden
    • Thank you folks!

      Mario Eduardo Rosales MuñozMario Eduardo Rosales Muñoz5 måneder siden
    • 1:44:12 Failed the lift but they were having technical difficulties with her feed.

      Raymond FoalimaRaymond Foalima5 måneder siden
    • Mario Eduardo Rosales Muñoz looks like she got it, but failed 235. Sean explained in 1:44:12

      Alex de LeonAlex de Leon5 måneder siden
  • amazing video

    TyhroneTyhrone5 måneder siden
  • Men Heat 6:20

    Fernando Andres Padilla CurimilFernando Andres Padilla Curimil5 måneder siden
  • Piłka jest okrągła A bramki są dwie.

    Saper SaperSaper Saper5 måneder siden