2020 Rogue Invitational | Event 5 - Full Live Stream

14. juni. 2020
96 125 Ganger

Full coverage of Event 5 from the 2020 Rogue Invitational (Sunday, June 14), starting with the two men’s heats, followed by the women's. In this unique, fully online competition, Rogue combines individual live feeds from each competitor's gym, with multi-screen views and a special "Event Tracker" helping put each athlete's performance in context against one another.
Event 5 is a Chipper, for time, in the following sequence (with a 20 min time cap):
40 Calories Row
30 Dball Squat Clean (100 LB / 70 LB)
20 Box Step Over w/ Dball (24 LB / 20 LB)
40 Strict HSPU
20 Box Step Over w/ Dball (24 LB / 20 LB)
30 Dball Squat Clean (100 LB / 70 LB)
40 Calories Row
This workout looks to be a pivotal one for Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson’s podium chances, but Patrick Vellner also shows little signs of surrendering the top spot. On the women’s side, a resurgent Sara Sigmundsdottir makes a major statement, but will she have enough time to overtake Tia Toomey on the leaderboard with one event to go?
To get more info, including events schedules, leaderboards, and live reactions, check out the official 2020 Rogue Invitational page at www.roguefitness.com/invitati... or our Instagram feed at instagram.com/roguefitness/

  • what was that sound.... scream at 56:19 ???? it sound creepy =S lol

    D3LT4D3LT44 måneder siden
  • Don't hang your head brooke.you amazing ladies are the best in the world.👍👊😊

    Todd JohnsonTodd Johnson5 måneder siden
  • Where's briggs?

    Caz StokesCaz Stokes5 måneder siden
  • Annie was an excellent commentator, please invite her more often.

    Lisa McCullyLisa McCully5 måneder siden
    • She’s so sweet, so beautiful, and knows exactly what she’s talking about. So great to hear

      Pookie VanderbiltPookie Vanderbilt5 måneder siden
  • @32:30, no, Annie I completely disagree! It does not feel like a competition floor at all for any of the athletes, nor does it feel like that for any of us watching it. I guess better to have this than nothing, but the minute people get their heads out of their asses and figure out we got duped by a few scientists who freaked the world out because they wanted their 15 minutes of fame we will all get back in the stands again in cheer like real people. And for all the haters who want to disagree with this comment, go right ahead and then go visit John Hopkins. EDU and see that they fatality rate is less than 0.1% for the United States.

    Stephen HartStephen Hart5 måneder siden
  • Thanks for getting Annie to commentate on a couple of events. Enjoyed her perspective!

    Melissa BroganMelissa Brogan5 måneder siden
  • Annie is an awesome commentator 😍

    alejandra garciaalejandra garcia5 måneder siden
  • 5:10 Event description 7:43 Men Heat 1 32:43 Men Heat 2 57:43 Women Heat 1 01:22:43 Women Heat 2

    Lukáš HermanLukáš Herman5 måneder siden
  • What are they competing for?

    Matthew Davidson FitnessMatthew Davidson Fitness5 måneder siden
    • @Matthew Davidson Fitness This year they did not offer a pass to the games. I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the future but since CrossFit has a new CEO, they’ll probably affiliate with them again.

      Abby IGAbby IG5 måneder siden
    • @Abby IG So is Rouge still using invitationals as pathways to the Games? If so, how can they eliminate their partnership with Crossfit but still encourage events associated with the Crossfit games? It just seam a bit odd since they dropped Crossfit. They should just create their own "games" and cash events.

      Matthew Davidson FitnessMatthew Davidson Fitness5 måneder siden
    • @Matthew Davidson Fitness I’m pretty sure they did but in previous years you could win an invitation to the Games through Rouge. Last year, the top scoring man and woman (who hadn’t already secured a spot) were each given a pass to the Games. I believe it was Chandler Smith who ended up winning the pass, I forget which of the women did. If you watch some of the events from last year you can get more information about that.

      Abby IGAbby IG5 måneder siden
    • @Abby IG The "Games"? I thought Rouge broke their association with the "Games"?

      Matthew Davidson FitnessMatthew Davidson Fitness5 måneder siden
    • Bragging rights

      Star HemiStar Hemi5 måneder siden
  • Sara just absolutely murdered this workout.

    Zack SchaeferZack Schaefer5 måneder siden
  • SARAAAAA🥰🥰🥰🥰 the only superwoman to my heart ❤️

    fibonacci sequencefibonacci sequence5 måneder siden
  • Tia is the only female in the intro :/

    Jessie DuffyJessie Duffy5 måneder siden
  • men’s heat 2: 32:42

    that guythat guy5 måneder siden
  • Noah paid for those unbroken box step ups. The old Noah is back

    M CM C5 måneder siden
  • 2:33 I missed when Tia did a 435 clean and jerk haha

    Cameron GrayCameron Gray5 måneder siden
  • 😭

    Nestor RamirezNestor Ramirez5 måneder siden