Andrea Thompson Redefines What Is Possible | Rogue Record Breakers 2020

7. mars. 2020
31 734 Ganger

Decorated British Strongwoman Andrea Thompson sets a new standard in the Women's Elephant Bar Deadlift with a 621 LB (281 KG) lift in the Rogue Record Breakers challenge. Andrea not only gets her name in the record books again, but also pockets $5K for performing the feat on the biggest stage, at the 2020 Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH.
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  • How the heck did she only get $5K for breaking a world record when the guys were offered 10 times that and couldn’t pull it off?!

    Alexandra PrassasAlexandra Prassas4 måneder siden
    • Wat

      A-A-Ron DavisA-A-Ron Davis2 måneder siden
  • I'm in awe. Wow... 😱

    TexasGTOTexasGTO4 måneder siden
  • She's fkn gorgeous! Wowww

    yumanbeanyumanbean5 måneder siden
  • Outstanding!

    cc5 måneder siden
  • didn't stefi cohen hit 539 at half andrea body weight not to take anything away from her but the lifts of lighter competitors is more impressive. I know the body weight ratio goes down the bigger you are but still...

    Daniel KressDaniel Kress7 måneder siden
    • Daniel Kress But this lady did it conventional style. Thats barely any legs and all back strength. Summo is like a weird leg press off the ground. Not taking anything away from sumo but it seems the bigger more stronger brutes always go conventional and the lighter competitors love the summo.

      MrInzombiaMrInzombia7 måneder siden
    • @T.P.G Gaming there is no disputing that. however my point its not as impressive to add 100# to a deadlift if you add at least that much body weight. Don't get me wrong anybody male or female who can dead lift 600 pounds is impressive ( I have lifted for 5 years and cant't) I guess thats why i enjoy power lifting ( broken down by weight class ) and body building more

      Daniel KressDaniel Kress7 måneder siden
    • Strongman isn't about who is able to lift more weight while weighing as much as an atom, Its about lifting the most weight that can be lifted period

      T.P.G GamingT.P.G Gaming7 måneder siden
    • Doesn’t matter she still lifted 100 pound more than Stefi

      Fire FlamesFire Flames7 måneder siden
  • Goals!!!!!! All day. My damn hero!!!!

    Morgan BrownMorgan Brown8 måneder siden
  • That's one strong silver back bissh

    RmartinRmartin8 måneder siden
  • I'm lucky if I lift 60lbs

    zincinkzincink8 måneder siden
  • 625 conventional, that’s ridiculous!

    Trevor RogersTrevor Rogers8 måneder siden
  • Amazing that’s fantastic ‼️‼️‼️🏆🥇

    Kraig LavonKraig Lavon8 måneder siden
  • Wow! Congratulations to you, ma'am!! Well done!

    Mee CeeMee Cee8 måneder siden
  • Is that Zuby?

    Gavlar ZGavlar Z8 måneder siden
  • Awesome lift from a great person congrats 💪👍🏼

    cb62 bensoncb62 benson9 måneder siden
  • Nobody tell Zuby.

    DBJMKDBJMK9 måneder siden
  • Not taking away anything from this impressive left.Wouldn't be for testosterone and other anabolic substances women would not pursue strength sport.The women's body makes next to no testosterone which is the backbone of gaining strength. Not to mention she practically look like a man.The damage steroid can do to women's bodies much worse than what can do to a man's body.

    Peter CsigoPeter Csigo9 måneder siden
    • Lmao, the salt in this comment section.

      A-A-Ron DavisA-A-Ron Davis2 måneder siden
    • Natural woman also compete in strength sports.

      StudentDrinksStudentDrinks5 måneder siden
    • You know that every single man that competes also takes steroids, right?

      Neo NicholsNeo Nichols9 måneder siden
    • Shut up Gary.

      MurphyFartsMurphyFarts9 måneder siden
  • Thor did more

    johnny gladstonejohnny gladstone9 måneder siden
  • my god

    RasmusRasmus9 måneder siden
  • Really impressive. I wish Thor had the muster to go for a record too.

    JoeJoe9 måneder siden
    • Well, he did it. Look what it caused lol

      Faren29Faren297 måneder siden
    • Surely he would after 3 other events. Jesus, some people...

      BTICronoxBTICronox9 måneder siden
    • @dctPL I had the figure somewhere will see if I can find. Anyway he is rich enough to not care to much about the 100k that was my point, he prefers winning Arnold Strongman for pride and prestige than losing for 100k

      Korosh RostamiKorosh Rostami9 måneder siden
    • @Korosh Rostami I disagree with you and still doubt in 10s of millions but everything is possible in the showbusiness. We'll never know his true incomes from GoT. We can only speculate. Peace👍

      dctPLdctPL9 måneder siden
    • @dctPL not per episode but for many seasons yes he did his overall earnings from GoT were ten million at least

      Korosh RostamiKorosh Rostami9 måneder siden
  • That’s one BAD BISSSSHHH!!! Yasss girl YAS

    Nicole BNicole B9 måneder siden
    • Cringiest comment I've read so far

      Chicken WingChicken Wing7 måneder siden
  • Real woman empowerment

    Ahmer TareenAhmer Tareen9 måneder siden
    • Stfu that's so cringe like holy...

      Chicken WingChicken Wing7 måneder siden
  • Chakera did this for reps almost a year ago on a regular bar

    The BeyonderThe Beyonder9 måneder siden
    • She also did a 623lb in a meet, but theres no video on youtube as far as i can see

      methepeoplebmxmethepeoplebmx9 måneder siden
  • That’s insane!!! Truly badass!

    M 6706M 67069 måneder siden
  • this is just an Elephant bar WR right? Chakera Ingram did 623lb on a normal bar like 2 years ago

    methepeoplebmxmethepeoplebmx9 måneder siden
    • @Wrise95 if you try to pull an Elephant bar like you would a normal bar its going to whip you back down and seem harder, but if you lift it slower its for sure easier than a normal bar, because the bar bends up higher off the ground before the weight starts to lift, so you are lifting the bar from a slightly higher point technically.

      methepeoplebmxmethepeoplebmx9 måneder siden
    • @Ahmar Camacho but the pros have even said it's harder to pull on that bar. Just like how astronauts describe their experiences in space to us, so can pro strongmen?

      Wrise95Wrise959 måneder siden
    • @Wrise95 none of us will ever know until we get our hands on one

      Ahmar CamachoAhmar Camacho9 måneder siden
    • Elephant bar is said to be harder than the Olympic bars.

      Wrise95Wrise959 måneder siden
    • God of War Slayer yes but Becca Swanson is a dude

      Mind BlownMind Blown9 måneder siden
  • Well done!! An actual woman doing it as well!!

    Scott EastonScott Easton9 måneder siden
    • @Scott Easton lf you know anything about how much testosterone a woman body make or testosterone is a backbone of gaining muscle size and strength you wouldn't replied to me with that ignorant comment of yours.

      Peter CsigoPeter Csigo9 måneder siden
    • Peter Csigo Maybe she does it doesn’t. Ask her!!

      Scott EastonScott Easton9 måneder siden
    • @Scott Easton Hope you're not delusional thinking that she's natural.

      Peter CsigoPeter Csigo9 måneder siden
    • Ahmar Camacho By your comment, you have taken too many!!

      Scott EastonScott Easton9 måneder siden
    • What do you mean an actual woman? Everyone at this competition is on drugs...

      Ahmar CamachoAhmar Camacho9 måneder siden
  • Amazing!

    Neale SmithNeale Smith9 måneder siden
  • #nattypower

    twitsztwitsz9 måneder siden
    • @aikighost all professional strength athletes are DEFINITELY on gear. You can't succeed anymore with just genetics and hard work. It's actually still fair, the playing field is even and variables like genetics and work ethic still matter the most. I guess what stack to use and how much will determine how far those variables take him/her. I would love to see a real natural Strongman/powerlifting meet though. Everybody is either trying to take gear or on it. You'd be surprised how heavy people would still pull and lift.

      A-A-Ron DavisA-A-Ron Davis2 måneder siden
    • @DBJMK If she was not nattural she woulf not have her titles. At this level you get drugs tested regualarly.

      aikighostaikighost8 måneder siden
    • @Luis kpi Generally words strongest competitors and winners are not skinny people.

      aikighostaikighost8 måneder siden
    • Fatty?

      Luis kpiLuis kpi9 måneder siden
    • Definitely not natural.

      DBJMKDBJMK9 måneder siden
  • Kiki is the best

    therealsositherealsosi9 måneder siden