Bobby Thompson Finds his Event | Arnold Strongman Classic 2020

7. mars. 2020
10 861 Ganger

Bobby Thompson, winner of the 2019 Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships, makes his best showing of the weekend thus far here in the Elephant Bar Deadlift, successfully lifting 911 LBS, and ultimately besting that with 926 LBS en route to a solid 4th place finish in the event.
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  • I didn't know Charles Darwin could lift like this.

    Korosh RostamiKorosh Rostami3 måneder siden
  • He looks like an archeologicalis from the 1700s

    Disney PlusDisney Plus4 måneder siden
  • I want to see more of Bobby in the future he has a lot of potential

    john dalquenjohn dalquen8 måneder siden
  • I saw his attempt at 1001 pounds. Even though he did not do it, it is insanely impressive attempt as a first timer in this elite league. hey youtube_qwazy if you really know this guy, tell him we want to see more of him

    MrBighogmanMrBighogman8 måneder siden
  • Somebody tell Bobby to step up his social media. Dude lives an hour away from me and all I could find was his Facebook with hardly any posts. Trying to become a fan here!!

    Smagual86Smagual868 måneder siden
    • instagram

      Mr Bottom TextMr Bottom Text4 måneder siden
  • Bobby thicc

    Walter ClementsWalter Clements8 måneder siden
  • Yo every one in the comments that’s my moms boyfriend Litterly I’m not lying it’s true

    Josh on sticksJosh on sticks8 måneder siden
    • Start a NOworld channel with him!

      Thomas KeaneThomas Keane8 måneder siden
    • NOworld_QwAzy so he bus her down?

      Luca HeinrichLuca Heinrich8 måneder siden
  • Go Bobby! Im pretty pleased for the guy, if he works bit on stones who could be a decent competitor in the future. Only 27y atm if im not wrong

    InfernusInfernus8 måneder siden
    • I think he was 37

      Downy DudeDowny Dude8 måneder siden
  • Amazing weight for a rookie.

    ElreypachucoElreypachuco8 måneder siden
  • It pays to have a very large midsection in this lift. By the time you bend over, you can set your waistline on your upper things for a surprising amount of support to use in order to break the weight off the floor and get it going. That's why Hafthor's abilities in this lift are so ahead of their time. He's got a big waistline, but the guy is so long in the torso, legs and back that he get's a minimal amount of support at the bottom because of it.

    Johann SchultzJohann Schultz8 måneder siden
    • Not quite. At some point being fat limits your deadlift. The biggest deadlifters are not fat.

      DTOsmanMDTOsmanMMåned siden
  • @Rogue you need different commentators. In the arena you can hear Magnuson saying “his first lift looked heavy, he really needs this one” as an athlete myself I know how disrespectful that is. Your throwing the athletes off by saying stupid stuff like that.

    Mike RossMike Ross8 måneder siden
    • Totally agree. Don’t get me wrong, Magnusson is def one of the greats but everything he covers, he comes across as a doofus. Like when they check with him at WSM about an event and he literally goes “Well you need to be really strong for this one!”

      Nate HoltNate Holt8 måneder siden
    • I never liked the idea of commentators myself for that very reason. An announcer is nice to introduce the athletes, but after that just shut the hell up.

      ElreypachucoElreypachuco8 måneder siden
    • You're right the commentators are trash for these events.

      Deven MichaelDeven Michael8 måneder siden
  • 1 :)

    HludaHluda8 måneder siden