Designed in Columbus, Made in America | Rogue Kettlebells

21. aug.. 2020
42 687 Ganger

We are very proud that three of the Midwest’s top independent casting foundries stepped up to the challenge and helped us bring all production of the new Rogue Kettlebells to the U.S.
Designed in Columbus, Ohio and manufactured in Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, these cast-iron kettlebells are setting the bar; showcasing the skill and experience of the dedicated workers behind them. The people of Cadillac, Michigan and Portsmouth, Ohio have reached out to let us know how much this work has meant to their communities, and we’re equally grateful to be partnering with them.
Right behind these kettlebells are more American-made Rogue products: old school “deep dish” plates, calibrated plates, dumbbells, and much more. We are only getting started!

  • Badassssss!

    Sloppy JonutsSloppy Jonuts29 dager siden
  • I can't wait for American made dumbbells!

    Tim MoskalTim MoskalMåned siden
  • It was me to have its likes made 1k from 999. Hell yeah...

    Arun RaoArun RaoMåned siden
  • The real question here is will they keep their business with American foundry’s or go right back to China?

    SKELLYSKELLYMåned siden
  • I no longer trust Rogue products. Their product reviews are FAKE!!!! Try and leave a 1 star review. It gets pulled immediately after being posted. SHAMEFUL

    K. FrogK. Frog2 måneder siden
  • My Rogue 32 kg kettlebell arrived yesterday, little more than a week after I ordered. Glad to see that Rogue could follow through, though my building's mail room stuff may curse them for heavy packages.

    TimmerCTimmerC2 måneder siden
  • Since you jumped the shark on Glassman, I’ve moved all of my purchasing to apolitical competition of yours. Most recently Axom performance in Springfield MO building some rigs for me and again faster for the other stuffs. The customer can fire everyone from the cashier to the CEO. True story

    Cj BCj B2 måneder siden
  • Re stock your bumper plates please, I’ve been trying to order for months.

    Guy. CGuy. C2 måneder siden
    • That’s what happens when you rely on shipment from China.

      CodyCody2 måneder siden
  • Just ordered my 40 pounder

    Nick V.Nick V.2 måneder siden
  • Bring them all back here. Keep that chain tight, Rogue!

    Stephen GeidelStephen Geidel2 måneder siden
  • Too bad you are forever sold out

    Shehar AwanShehar Awan2 måneder siden
  • Still out of stock

    Bap2Bap22 måneder siden
  • We need more barbells and plates!

    Frostbyt3z GamingFrostbyt3z Gaming2 måneder siden
    • They stocked lots of barbells today

      CodyCody2 måneder siden
  • this video is so ironic, you haven't had any stock on your website for > 9 months.

    Peter TwissPeter Twiss2 måneder siden
    • @Anthony I had to buy mine from FB marketplace, new. It worked out for it in the end.

      Peter TwissPeter Twiss2 måneder siden
    • I mean I've bought several on different occasions. You just gotta keep checking, their new line gets restocked ever couple weeks.

      AnthonyAnthony2 måneder siden
  • How you feel when you set a alarm

    Monica LopezMonica Lopez2 måneder siden
  • You guys barley have any products in stock as it is lol

    Dominique LawsonDominique Lawson2 måneder siden
  • Thumbnail had me thinking of final fantasy

    Kevin DKevin D2 måneder siden
  • Start making bar bells again!!!!

    Carlos HernandezCarlos Hernandez2 måneder siden
  • I have been trying to buy Flecks for months.. please stop marketing until you can keep basic things like plates in stock

    Wayne StrattonWayne Stratton2 måneder siden
    • The flecks are made in China so that’s why the availability is very low. I use which is a web page monitor chrome extension that can check the rogue stock as frequently as every 5 seconds and it notifies you immediately when a product is restocked. You still have to be ready and very quick though.

      CodyCody2 måneder siden
  • I just received my 2 70lb e-coat kettlebells and they are awesome. MADE IN MICHIGAN!!!!!

    sourhed87sourhed872 måneder siden
  • Thank You Rogue 🇺🇸

    How’s it GoingHow’s it Going3 måneder siden
  • These have got to be some very strong people that work there!

    Orgeeba HarvinOrgeeba Harvin3 måneder siden
    • @Lenny Basaj I see that, wow!

      Orgeeba HarvinOrgeeba Harvin12 dager siden
    • Foundry workers pump iron every day.

      Lenny BasajLenny Basaj12 dager siden
  • Rogue is always sold out of stuff

    Calvin NealCalvin Neal3 måneder siden
    • So is everyone else.

      Wild BillWild Bill3 måneder siden
  • Cadillac castings and Osco representing the cast metal industry. Well done.

    Mike SebastianMike Sebastian3 måneder siden
  • ROGUE (2020) Full Movie >> Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??

    elizen Queenelizen Queen3 måneder siden
  • They just want to charge $150 to ship one when the rest of the kettlebell companies ship free. RKC sent me a 40kg and 48kg with free shipping.

    Armdrag86Armdrag863 måneder siden
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    Pit PitPit Pit3 måneder siden
  • The C19 shortage suggest to me they may be NOT made in America OR perhaps the raw material isnt from American soil. Toilet paper, bleach and hand sanitizer all made a comeback b4 kettle bells or club bells. I smell a RAT in the supply chain.

    Sean SartorSean Sartor3 måneder siden
  • Why even make a video like this with stock so scarce

    Eddie ValdezEddie Valdez3 måneder siden
    • Kevin Corrigan It’s annoying but unethical is a bit far. Just use the bots that they use to get what you want.

      CodyCody2 måneder siden
    • Wild Bill it’s annoying because unethical scumbags are just using bots to buy instantly then selling (I mean gouging) for a higher price on eBay or amazon... scum bags

      Kevin CorriganKevin Corrigan2 måneder siden
    • Stock is scare because people are buying everything in sight and scalping it. Just like trying to buy ammunition. People are buying and hording. God forbid I just want to shoot a box for practice.

      Wild BillWild Bill3 måneder siden
  • If only they could keep them in stock...

    B-rayB-ray3 måneder siden
    • They're in stock all the time now

      R MR MMåned siden
  • "made in america" isn't something I would say out loud

    Lord KLord K3 måneder siden
    • Lord K something that is proud to be said when your an American

      Big ZBig Z3 måneder siden
  • I need the Ohio barbell! Been waiting over a month as well as the calibrated plates!

    Edgar DominguezEdgar Dominguez3 måneder siden
    • Use you can monitor web page changes and be notified

      CodyCody3 måneder siden
  • I agree. Please make a longer version. And please make em quicker. I’m trying to order more haha. Love you Rogue!

    Noah VandyNoah Vandy3 måneder siden
  • Do a video on why you "think" production has been halted. Try not to make up any bs.

    andrew jamesandrew james3 måneder siden
    • Use if you want something

      CodyCody3 måneder siden
    • It hasn’t. Most stuff just sells out in 5 minutes or less.

      CodyCody3 måneder siden
  • Okay so.... Why they are sold out in the site.. cause I wanted to pick some up 🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾

    chris ramuschris ramus3 måneder siden
  • It be nice if I got a notification to buy them. 🥺😭

    Lord QuinLord Quin3 måneder siden
    • There’s a chrome extension called that can monitor web page changes as often as every 5 seconds. You can have it notifying you with your email or a computer pop up. I’ve been using it recently and it’s way better than constantly refreshing.

      CodyCody3 måneder siden
    • @Cody they don't work at all. I think they just have them on to appease the crowd. ☹️

      Lord QuinLord Quin3 måneder siden
    • Notifications don’t work that often.

      CodyCody3 måneder siden
  • More RLM racks and barbells!! Make them faster!!!

    JFomoJFomo3 måneder siden
  • There is no way this video is a day old.....because I’m pretty sure they stopped making lifting equipment or something. “Notify Me” 🤨.......💀💀💀

    Jav BJav B3 måneder siden
  • best part about this its made in america!!

    hieutvt06 hieutvt06hieutvt06 hieutvt063 måneder siden
  • Just got 2 and I love em

    Daniel Winters85Daniel Winters853 måneder siden
  • Does that mean no more limited stock?!

    Henry WilliamsHenry Williams3 måneder siden
  • Hurry up and make a SS Ohio bar already.

    C MillerC Miller3 måneder siden
  • Where are all the ghey "I am Rogue" comments? Cookie cutter cultists **rolls eyes**

    Anabolik2kAnabolik2k3 måneder siden
  • Dope clip, but you're still out of stock though...

    Vahe SargsyanVahe Sargsyan3 måneder siden
    • @Daniel Williams @Cody I did sign up for notifications. They don't work. But, to be fair, right after I commented here, I went to the website and they had the weight I wanted, so I purchased them.

      Vahe SargsyanVahe Sargsyan3 måneder siden
    • Daniel Williams Notifications don’t work and the rogue stock bot doesn’t seem to be working anymore either. Looks like the only way now is to spam refresh the exact item you want from 9AM to 12PM EST. That’s how I was able to get a pair of 45 lb echo bumpers this morning.

      CodyCody3 måneder siden
    • U gotta be quick. Sign up for notifications.

      Daniel WilliamsDaniel Williams3 måneder siden
  • Please restock the stainless ohio bar in europe :D

    Sad-is- DickSad-is- Dick3 måneder siden
  • Looks just like how candies are made.

    Anurag SandeepAnurag Sandeep3 måneder siden
  • I'd buy one if they ever had them in stock.

    Brent BrownBrent Brown3 måneder siden
    • I’m pretty sure that’s all their doing anymore......just stocking the shelves. Must look amazing in there. Sure wish I could get one or two.

      Jav BJav B3 måneder siden
    • They stock them like every day

      CodyCody3 måneder siden
  • Hey! If you see a 35# KB in there, can you send it my way. Been on a wait list for a while...

    John UrschelJohn Urschel3 måneder siden
  • These e coat kettlebells are too slippery. I prefer the imported power coated they have the color designation

    Ken PhillipKen Phillip3 måneder siden
  • Imagine someone ask you what you do for a living. You say: Iron for pumping up.

    Cr0DanCr0Dan3 måneder siden
  • When you guys gonna make more collars lol

    bsmb091011 Bbsmb091011 B3 måneder siden
  • Nice. When can I expect a squat bar and some calibrated kg plates?

    Wild BillWild Bill3 måneder siden
  • Thank you Rogue for providing great customer service and amazing products

    Krispy JuicyKrispy Juicy3 måneder siden
  • Please make a vid on Rogue Calibrated Plates🙏

    Future IPF Record BreakerFuture IPF Record Breaker3 måneder siden
  • “One ring to rule them all” vibes.

    The ManDragonThe ManDragon3 måneder siden
  • Does this mean weights are available again?

    Tech Wreck71Tech Wreck713 måneder siden
    • Thank you! I was gonna post the same thing!

      Jav BJav B3 måneder siden
    • *《ROGUE 24kg kettlebells》* *"out of stock"* *Please enter email to receive notification when inventory is received* *[___________________]*

      Menaceblue3Menaceblue33 måneder siden
  • This place is like 20 minutes from my house!

    Brian HayesBrian Hayes3 måneder siden
  • So purrty 😍

    chris gchris g3 måneder siden
  • Just got my 32kg bell from Rogue. Very high quality.

    The Burger KingThe Burger King3 måneder siden
    • Jesse Garcia at the moment, this Rogue page has half a dozen kettlebell sizes in stock.

      TimmerCTimmerC2 måneder siden
    • How did you even get something. Everything is out of stock??????

      Jesse GarciaJesse Garcia2 måneder siden
  • mmmmmm yes Kettlebells

    ScanarScanar3 måneder siden
  • Murca 👏🏼

    Rafael GarciaRafael Garcia3 måneder siden
  • These are great with milk

    Timothy ColvinTimothy Colvin3 måneder siden
  • Where are the American made cast iron plates that you guys said would come out this month?

    CodyCody3 måneder siden
    • where did they say that?

      Klesk4000Klesk40003 måneder siden
  • Love it! Please introduce a competition line as well along with...*drum roll*...American made black iron plates. I never get tired of writing that. #madeInUSA

    Forrest CoxForrest Cox3 måneder siden
    • They have competition bells. They’re a little different than the regulation bells but they’re really nice.

      The Burger KingThe Burger King3 måneder siden
  • That's how I make my kettlebells too.

    Possible Pilot DeviationPossible Pilot Deviation3 måneder siden
  • Would be awesome if they had stock of anything

    Peter CimonePeter Cimone3 måneder siden
    • Cody I just got properly notified that the 70lb KB is available. Unfortunately you’ll probably have to wait a while for anything lighter.

      Kevin JonesKevin Jones3 måneder siden
    • Cody ok.

      Kevin JonesKevin Jones3 måneder siden
    • Kevin Jones Considering you couldn’t get a bar, bench, or plates from Rogue in a 2 month time period I wouldn’t consider the stock levels to be “pretty good”

      CodyCody3 måneder siden
    • And 35lb and 53lb KBs.

      Kevin JonesKevin Jones3 måneder siden
    • Cody SML-490C rack, Echo Bike, p4 pull up bar, games box jump, 100lb and 150lb sandbag. Had to get barbell and plates from Fringe Sport. They should still have these items in stock. If not they come and go. It’s enough to not get fat during COVID at least. Best wishes!

      Kevin JonesKevin Jones3 måneder siden
  • Awesome advert

    Macro AbuserMacro Abuser3 måneder siden
  • Made in America you, thanks!

    SejdrSejdr3 måneder siden
    • Ya, me no like qualty tings. I rather cheap made not in made America. GDP too high. Rogue make too nice of stuff. Or maybe I sehport countries other.

      Kevin JonesKevin Jones3 måneder siden
    • why not

      Andy ScottAndy Scott3 måneder siden
  • Already replaced all of mine with the Cadillacs!

    D TD T3 måneder siden
  • Please make this 10 minutes long! Epic.

    Tobias KrusiTobias Krusi3 måneder siden
  • These are looking fine :)

    King AlexKing Alex3 måneder siden
    • I think you mean.... refined 😆

      Justin LeathemJustin Leathem3 måneder siden
  • 1st like baby!! Just got my 53lb rubber coated in a couple days ago and love it. Did double Helen this morning.

    Kevin JonesKevin Jones3 måneder siden
    • I am glad you did

      Airon MaxsladeAiron Maxslade3 måneder siden