Full Live Stream | 2020 Iceland's Strongest Man - Day 2

9. aug.. 2020
65 755 Ganger

Rogue’s exclusive Live Stream of the 2020 Iceland’s Strongest Man continues right here on Sunday, August 9, at 5:00 PM GMT / 1:00 PM EST, with all events from the second and final day of the competition. This will include the Hand over Hand Truck Pull, “Overhead Medley” (Thomas Inch, Giants Dumbbell, & Log Lift) and the world famous Husafell Stone Carry. Click here to get a live stream reminder.
While this will be an online-only competition this year, all eyes will still be on Hafþór Björnsson, as the Reykjavík native and former World’s Strongest Man will look to win a 10th consecutive Iceland’s Strongest Man title.
You can also watch on the Rogue Index: www.roguefitness.com/theindex/video/watch-live-day-2-2020-icelands-strongest-man-competition

  • I no longer trust Rogue products. Their product reviews are FAKE!!!! Try and leave a 1 star review. It gets pulled immediately after being posted. SHAMEFUL

    K. FrogK. Frog2 måneder siden
  • lol at the kid staring down the camera right dead center LOL

    Mark JMark J2 måneder siden
  • I don't get why they keep saying full house.

    Sage BarnesSage Barnes2 måneder siden
  • Boring commentators as usual for Rogue

    Conner BroekerConner Broeker3 måneder siden
  • That brunette taking videos with her phone is hot af.

    CatHeadGravyCatHeadGravy3 måneder siden
  • Legendary Thor!

    DoobieDuiDoobieDui3 måneder siden
  • Wow I couldn't believe it was Runar commentating until I saw his face. Great Job Runar! You killed it and I was very impressed.

    Erik SkylerErik Skyler3 måneder siden
  • Runar is far taller than I thought.

    Wolfgang HWolfgang H3 måneder siden
  • Great show guys.

    Justin CarpentierJustin Carpentier3 måneder siden
  • I like how Thor do his warm ups.

    Liam Base JrLiam Base Jr3 måneder siden
  • Bin*d

    Humayun TariqHumayun Tariq3 måneder siden
  • Big strong white guys gathered together is waaaacisms!!!!

    Benjamin NisleyBenjamin Nisley3 måneder siden
    • I know right? We're going to work on closing this even down next year due to toxic racism and lack of diversity.

      Mordechai Ariel MoshebergMordechai Ariel Mosheberg3 måneder siden
  • now I understand the quotation "train to beat the mountain". there it comes from.

    Chris LeeChris Lee3 måneder siden
  • Lol, Hafthor doing the log at 1:12:10 just magically gets it up without pressing ;O

    DeathomenDeathomen3 måneder siden
  • Excellent coverage guys. It's a real credit to Rogue and all the staff that we can enjoy this online for free.

    Marietta CorsiniMarietta Corsini3 måneder siden
  • Why not show the time.......

    Matt LiMatt Li3 måneder siden

    siggi styffsiggi styff3 måneder siden
  • Awesome job with the commentary guys! :)

    FairfiedFairfied3 måneder siden
  • I wish the Great Magnus Ver Magnusson had been part of this Great competition!

    Rene DescartesRene Descartes3 måneder siden
  • Big Props and glad that Hafþór finishes his strongman career where he started...

    Adrianus HommelAdrianus Hommel3 måneder siden
  • You guys did a great job that Thomas Inch was brutal

    Adrianus HommelAdrianus Hommel3 måneder siden
  • One of the strongest men that’s ever lived

    - D -- D -3 måneder siden
  • Hafthor now 3x Arnold's Classic winner | 10x Iceland's Strongest Man | 5x Europes Strongest Man | 3x Giants Live Winner | WUS Winner and also winning several other events I can't think of and then becoming the Worlds Strongest Man...... what dreams are made of! Congratulations and what the future holds, who knows!

    cypress0necypress0ne3 måneder siden
  • Way to go Thor! Congratulations!

    Melissa HintzMelissa Hintz3 måneder siden
  • thor gonna get slapped by eddie

    Orlando PocketsOrlando Pockets3 måneder siden
  • Best strongman commentators ever. Seriously.

    Nathan ClukeyNathan Clukey3 måneder siden
  • Man runnar is great commentating. Such a interesting guy. Nice choice Rogue

    Federico Nuñez AvilaFederico Nuñez Avila3 måneder siden
  • I have to give a shout out to the commentators. Great job. Let me help you with one statement. You don't win someone. You beat someone. He wanted to "beat" the next guy. Not: He wanted to "win" the next guy.

    Black Lit. Black Hist.Black Lit. Black Hist.3 måneder siden
    • @Thor Odinson no he is being a douche. and so are you. douche.

      Orlando PocketsOrlando Pockets3 måneder siden
  • Runar great job at commentating. Congratulations to Thor.

    SALSAL3 måneder siden
    • Hey. its the truth🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ been watching him and Thor and the rest train together and him doing the main camera work on Thor’s vlogs...him competing as well...he’s come a long way. So...yeah there’s that.

      GreenMatrix 30seven810172324GreenMatrix 30seven8101723243 måneder siden
    • Ik. Still...did an exceptional job

      GreenMatrix 30seven810172324GreenMatrix 30seven8101723243 måneder siden
    • @GreenMatrix 30seven810172324 this is his rookie year for commentating

      SALSAL3 måneder siden
    • This dude is killin it

      GreenMatrix 30seven810172324GreenMatrix 30seven8101723243 måneder siden
  • Good Job Iceland Strongmen! Loved watching both days!

    Mike SpirkoMike Spirko3 måneder siden
  • Sometimes its too sad that legend like thor retire and we cant all come and clap for him.. Corona i hope mountain crush u.

    Gautam giriGautam giri3 måneder siden
  • Hafthor waiting for ur youtube video.. 90% came here to see u plz dont retire so soon.. Iceland retirement is fine but we need u in strongman as well as in arnolds

    Gautam giriGautam giri3 måneder siden
  • Congratulations to ..Legendary Thor !!! Congratulations to Great event ! Congratulations to ..Great Country of the strongman ..the Beautiful Iceland ! Congratulations to others competentors! Congratulations to Runar and Tomas Thank you Rogue !!

    Εργατης Δυναμης1969Εργατης Δυναμης19693 måneder siden
  • Thank You Rogue!

    SilverBack GorillaSilverBack Gorilla3 måneder siden
  • 4th event 20:00 5th event 1:05:00 6th event 1:40:00

    bagged1998bagged19983 måneder siden
  • 1. 19:50 2. 1:05:40 3. 1:40:40 No problem :)

    Pershaa KhalifehPershaa Khalifeh3 måneder siden
    • I searched for u but u were no where now i saw the whole show.. Surprising runar is good in commentating..

      Gautam giriGautam giri3 måneder siden
  • Thanks for streaming it

    schnecktecschnecktec3 måneder siden
  • Gracias por transmitir este evento, y más maravilloso sería, que fuera doblado al español, o cuando menos sub títulos. Felicidades🤜🏻🤛🏻

    J J CabreraJ J Cabrera3 måneder siden
  • is the winner from game of thrones-gregor clegane? never imagined he was strong in real life

    dato kiriadato kiria3 måneder siden
    • @Alpha Mogg he was preparing for it in a world stage but the competition got cancelled.. Is it his fault that comepetition got cancelled..? U have any idea how much effort it takes to prepare for 500kgs..? U cant stay at that position for undefinite time to let corona go.. U saw how quickly eddie retire..? U know why..? It takes a huge impact on ur health to prepare that big. And how told u it was on imo call..?? The most strict judge magnuson was there it was shown live in espn and u simply quote it as a IMO event.. Each and every plate was weighted before each lift and ask any powerlifter they will say yes thor had that much power even eddie before lift said he believed that thor could have done it..

      Gautam giriGautam giri3 måneder siden
    • megin na it shouldn’t have been though imo he should’ve done it in a competition to make it 100% legit

      Alpha MoggAlpha Mogg3 måneder siden
    • I m pretty sure he was joking.. But still if u dont know what arnold strong man is, its the event which only cares about ur strength and not how strong and fast u r..

      Gautam giriGautam giri3 måneder siden
    • He is the winner of Arnold strongman classic three years straight

      Thiraviam NatarajanThiraviam Natarajan3 måneder siden
    • Lol yeah. The mountain is literally one of the strongest humans to walk the earth IRL.

      Aj StrongfatAj Strongfat3 måneder siden
  • 10th and final victory for Thor...

    argold80argold803 måneder siden
    • @Patrick Utzman facts spoken lol

      MauriceMaurice2 måneder siden
    • @Maurice I just find it funny that Thor tweeted at Eddie abt a month before the deadlift record saying Eddie only ever won 1 WSM and will never win another lol

      Patrick UtzmanPatrick Utzman2 måneder siden
    • @Maurice 2-3 as him?? Looool Magnus ver Magnuson, Jon Pal Sigmarson, Big Z, Mariusz, Brian Shaw, Bill Kazmaier, Louis Cyr are above him. Thor has insane genetics but he refuses to compete because he lost a viking press Lmao. Big Z has 4 wsm AND 6 2°, he never stopped competing, thats a strong mind. As he said "you can't always win everything" Thor, a wasted potential, such a pity...

      Diego BerniniDiego Bernini3 måneder siden
    • @Diego Bernini lol he is one if the hardest working strongman ever and one of the most succesful also. There are only like 2-3 others as succesful as him maybe. Thor is as great ad big z and the others. On one level. Dont talk crap. First you say his mind is weak, noe you say he is a babycry.. What's next? Nonsense crap

      MauriceMaurice3 måneder siden
    • @Maurice He has maybe the best genetics of all time for strongman but he is a babycry. That's why he will never be like Big Z or Jon Pal Sigmarson

      Diego BerniniDiego Bernini3 måneder siden