Full Live Stream | Andrea Thompson 130KG Log Lift Attempt

4. juli. 2020
32 410 Ganger

Watch live, Saturday July 4th, at 12 PM ET as Andrea Thompson will attempt to break the Women's Log Lift World Record. She will be going for 130kg/287lbs and possibly more! Tune in to watch as Zydrunas Savickas, the current overall Log Lift Record holder referees her attempt while Big Loz and Mark Boyd commentate.

  • 140KG+ is there. To come back from a failed world record attempt and succeed on the second speaks to her will power. Her strength is there and there is more in the tank. Awesome job with the log following the elephant bar world record she set at the Arnold's Classic. Great to see these things happening in such a horrible time the world is going through. Thanks again.

    cypress0necypress0ne5 måneder siden
    • Thank youuuuu 🥰

      Andrea ThompsonAndrea Thompson3 måneder siden
  • Such an impressive lift! Congratulations Andrea!

    UPRISING Barbell Co.UPRISING Barbell Co.5 måneder siden
  • Why did nobody tell her to drop the weight? She held it for too long... Very strange. She is superstrong for getting it eitherway 💪

    ElvisitorElvisitor5 måneder siden
    • Miscommunication! Thought I had to wait for a down command but not until the record🤦🏾‍♀️

      Andrea ThompsonAndrea Thompson3 måneder siden
  • Amazonians are something else. Women like her just take your breathe away.

    Zane BurchZane Burch5 måneder siden
    • 😘

      Andrea ThompsonAndrea Thompson3 måneder siden
  • The people changing the weights remind me of the pit crew at NASCAR, lightning fast with the plates.

    Zane BurchZane Burch5 måneder siden
    • I had the best crew, no mistakes👌🏽

      Andrea ThompsonAndrea Thompson3 måneder siden
  • amazing! and first smile from Z, in this series!

    Minigorilla StrongmanMinigorilla Strongman5 måneder siden
    • @jungpunk haha!

      Minigorilla StrongmanMinigorilla Strongman4 måneder siden
    • I thought his face was going to crack!

      jungpunkjungpunk4 måneder siden
  • Amazing.... Way too go!

    TroyTroy5 måneder siden
  • Juiced?

    malli69malli695 måneder siden
  • brilliant!

    vfxforgevfxforge5 måneder siden
  • Well done. The fact you hit it on the second attempt makes it even more impressive. 140 is there

    Gandhi IndiaGandhi India5 måneder siden
  • EEEEEEAAAAASSSSSYYYY!!!! You made it look like nothing!!!!💪💪💪 From one of your American fans...WAY TO GO ANDREA!!!!!!😀😀😀😀💪💪💪

    Corey RoweCorey Rowe5 måneder siden
  • Great job done Andrea!

    Laurence Anyomi-SmithLaurence Anyomi-Smith5 måneder siden
  • INCREDIBLE! Congratulations Andrea! 💯🌟🌟🌟🌟💯

    Zaine RidlingZaine Ridling5 måneder siden
  • AMAZING! Congratz!!

    RICHRICH5 måneder siden
  • Muita propaganda! 😒

    Luci CostaLuci Costa5 måneder siden
  • Aggravating AF how they keep setting the log up off-center. Why make her pick it up and shift it right before a max lift? Small detail, but damn, look at it from the front. Glad they finally heard me yelling before the last attempt.

    Joe SchmoJoe Schmo5 måneder siden
  • I LOVE IT...

    Earl HatcherEarl Hatcher5 måneder siden
  • I think she should not tilt the log so hard at the start... her Torso is not the longest...

    Retep SualkRetep Sualk5 måneder siden
  • One of our Sheroes!!! Awesome Andrea.. a win for all women and humanity as we progress forward! God bless

    Ms. SincereMs. Sincere5 måneder siden
    • 😘

      Andrea ThompsonAndrea Thompson3 måneder siden
  • Can one of you Log Lift Experts explain is this Harder to do than a Woman who Lifts Clean and Jerk, can a Clean and jerk weight lifting champion do this log lift.

    The Honest BlackmanThe Honest Blackman5 måneder siden
    • The Honest Blackman You got it 👍

      Pete De La MarePete De La Mare5 måneder siden
    • @Pete De La Mare OK now I understand why its tougher, also the hands are straight and not sideways like a clean and jerk

      The Honest BlackmanThe Honest Blackman5 måneder siden
    • The weight is way out in front of your body due to the thickness of the log, and not right over the centreline as with a bar. It’s a lot harder for this reason.

      Pete De La MarePete De La Mare5 måneder siden
    • Well, this is a press, not a jerk. More about raw strength than explosiveness and technique.

      MrEli204MrEli2045 måneder siden
  • Wow the 135kg lift went up plenty fast. Congrats Andrea!

    fmakofmakofmakofmako5 måneder siden
  • That’s some woman. A Beast not taking away for the real beast Eddie Hall but she’s definitely a Beast in her own right. Congratulations, amazing! Love seeing women shatter strength sports

    ghostalexcghostalexc5 måneder siden
    • Jesse Arechiga we shall see when the gloves are up 🥊

      ghostalexcghostalexc5 måneder siden
    • That Beast Eddie can’t take down The Mountain.

      Jesse ArechigaJesse Arechiga5 måneder siden
  • Andrea probably the strongest woman to ever live. What a monster. Wonder how many Strongman records she can break

    Tushar VTushar V5 måneder siden
  • awesome! congrats

    Joseph LandryJoseph Landry5 måneder siden
  • Attempt 1 @17:16 Attempt 2 @20:58 Attempt 3 (world record) @32:27 Attempt 4 @45:21 Attempt 5 @53:40 Save 1 hour of advertisements.

    AberrantArtAberrantArt5 måneder siden
    • MVP!

      AlpostponeAlpostpone5 måneder siden
    • My man! Much appreciated.

      Michael JimenezMichael Jimenez5 måneder siden
    • Thanks

      akysingan 123akysingan 1235 måneder siden
    • @The Spooky one 🤣👍

      AberrantArtAberrantArt5 måneder siden
    • You dropped this 👑

      The Spooky oneThe Spooky one5 måneder siden
  • Congratulations from the USA, you can now log lift more than 95% of the men in the USA:)

    LaotzujmLaotzujm5 måneder siden
    • Make that the world, and 99%.

      Joe SchmoJoe Schmo5 måneder siden
    • Lol what kind of glue sniffing maths are those. There's just a handfull of men in the USA lifting that much overhead. 99.9999% would be more accurate

      Guilherme SousaGuilherme Sousa5 måneder siden
    • I would say more than 99,9999% of the men would not lift such log

      Algimantas StankauskasAlgimantas Stankauskas5 måneder siden
    • I'm sure she's really proud of being stronger than a group of people where the majority haven't lifted a single weight in their life.

      MartinMartin5 måneder siden
  • Girl Powa !!

    Arjun RajArjun Raj5 måneder siden
  • of all the THICC things in this video, Mark Boyd's accent was the THICCEST 😂

    Sim WonSim Won5 måneder siden
  • Congrats!

    Kopeiro kopeiroKopeiro kopeiro5 måneder siden
  • Congrats, just incredible!

    Aaron OttoAaron Otto5 måneder siden
  • That 130kg looked too easy to be a WR. Awesome

    HomegymMan ISYMFSHomegymMan ISYMFS5 måneder siden
  • Great solid lift. Good job.

    JOSEPH PaigeJOSEPH Paige5 måneder siden
  • Awesome!

    M KinkadeM Kinkade5 måneder siden
  • ❤️ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ❤️

    ramsay coronadoramsay coronado5 måneder siden
  • Fantastic! Congratulations!

    Alex NicollAlex Nicoll5 måneder siden
  • Congratulations Andrea!!!

    JeffJeff5 måneder siden
  • That was fabulous!!! Great job on the lift!!! Great job to everyone!!!

    Gennaro PileggiGennaro Pileggi5 måneder siden
  • Well done watched on core sports super strong athlete more in the tank !

    Robin MuirheadRobin Muirhead5 måneder siden
  • Lift @53:40 - skip 1 hour of advertisements.

    AberrantArtAberrantArt5 måneder siden
    • @AberrantArt nice 👍

      Sim WonSim Won5 måneder siden
    • @Sim Won Attempt 1 @17:16 Attempt 2 @20:58 Attempt 3 (world record) @32:27 Attempt 4 @45:21 Attempt 5 @53:40 Save 1 hour of advertisements.

      AberrantArtAberrantArt5 måneder siden
    • that's the last one (fifth lift), the world record breaker was her third lift.

      Sim WonSim Won5 måneder siden
    • You are a scholar and a gentleman.

      TheGooglySmoogTheGooglySmoog5 måneder siden
  • beautiful powerful amazing lift Andrea

    Maxxx SkullsMaxxx Skulls5 måneder siden