Full Live Stream | Arnold Strongman Classic 2020 - Day 2: Strongman Final

7. mars. 2020
238 303 Ganger

The final event of the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic will stream here on Saturday March 7. In the Cyr Dumbbell Strategic Challenge, athletes will have 90 seconds to make as many dumbbell attempts as they choose with various weights ranging from 274 to 330 pounds.

Rogue’s complete coverage of the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic will be live on NOworld and the Rogue Index from March 6-7. 10 strongmen will compete in 6 events over 2 days for the title of Arnold Strongman Classic Champion. Rogue’s coverage will also include daily episodes of the Rogue Iron Game show featuring guests from the worlds of Strongman, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, and CrossFit. We will also be streaming the full 2020 Rogue Record Breakers competition and the IWF Rogue World Challenge.
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  • I reckon that in one to two years Mateusz will begin to dominate, even more than he has now. If he can get his deadlift up so he consistantly pulls into a top 5-4 position in that event he will most likely always be set to either win or be damn close to it! He is as of now by a fair margin my favorite strongman, a true jack of all trades!

    Iscodisco02Iscodisco025 måneder siden
  • Where is this Podium you kept talking about, no footage of podium ceremony? :b

    Logan QuinnLogan Quinn6 måneder siden
  • he did good to break wr tho

    Aaron GortonAaron Gorton7 måneder siden
  • polish too ambitious at the end he would of won if he was sensible

    Aaron GortonAaron Gorton7 måneder siden
  • Mateusz is the real Winner...!!!!

    Omen EvildoerOmen Evildoer8 måneder siden
  • Light weight, yeah buddy. Aint nothing but a peanut. Woooooooo

    RaemnantRaemnant8 måneder siden
  • Wish Brian Shaw could have been there. He's one of the best!

    John MartinJohn Martin9 måneder siden
  • kelsey didnt shout enough for the 330 :/

    Benjamin BuusBenjamin Buus9 måneder siden
  • Maybe they should have 12 athletes competing next year

    Gabriel PichorimGabriel Pichorim9 måneder siden
  • Yes let's live stream and make the first 20 -30 mins a static screen with elevator music. Can't you start a LIVE STREAM when the competition starts?

    PUNKem733PUNKem7339 måneder siden
    • Or maybe they use it to test if the livestream setup is working in advance of the show. So many idiots were complaining, start the events already. Stop showing ads. They literally put time schedule for each event so you know when to tune in.

      Tushar VTushar V7 måneder siden
  • Mateusz with the back to back world records, Thor with the unstoppable consistent top finishes, Martins making third place just months after serious nervous system issues, and Shivlyakov with the unbreakable willpower. Damn what a competition and damn it's a good time to be a strongman fan.

    Elliott EngstrandElliott Engstrand9 måneder siden
  • This competition really needed Brian Shaw 😒

    Marianne SMarianne S9 måneder siden
  • I think he will do 501 without doubt. Winning the deadlift event looked like it was the easiest thing to do in his life lol.

    dichaelovicdichaelovic9 måneder siden
  • Kieliszkowski will win the world's this year!

    Nikolay TonevNikolay Tonev9 måneder siden
  • Fcking Legend. Lets Go Bjornsson !

    zizuczizuc9 måneder siden
  • 👍💪

    Austin pAustin p9 måneder siden
  • congratulations THOR you are the best and Mateusz deserves our respect too for his courage and performance

    piastra pascalpiastra pascal9 måneder siden
  • 🇮🇸🏆 Congratulations Thor 🏆🇮🇸 🤙 Subscribe Everyone 🤙

    Citizens RightsCitizens Rights9 måneder siden
  • this was a just a warm up for thor, he didnt waste any energy throughout

    DatBig BlackDudeDatBig BlackDude9 måneder siden
  • Thor and Marteusz where both extremly powerfull, i am excited for worlds. I think if Martins get rid of his injuries we see him back in competing for the win too.

    seife41seife419 måneder siden
  • Athlete: presses 900kg dumbell... Commentator: “i expected him to go a little bit higher”

    Oliver CourtOliver Court9 måneder siden
    • Bastop Borah 😂😂😂 that’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard.

      Oliver CourtOliver Court7 måneder siden
    • Its not Kg

      Bastop BorahBastop Borah7 måneder siden
    • Just a little bit more rebend at the knees

      skr lavioletteskr laviolette9 måneder siden
  • so what has arnald have to do with strongman events?

    Sean ArcherSean Archer9 måneder siden
    • Sean Archer A. It’s Arnold B. It’s a sports festival and one of the few that pays well

      Party on WayneParty on Wayne9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz won 4 out of 6 events what a beast

    Ruben BraekmanRuben Braekman9 måneder siden
  • Big congratulations to Thor & greetings from the Czech Republic! Thanks very much Rogue for the wonderful live stream! The commentators and announcers this year have been really better!

    GodmyXGodmyX9 måneder siden
  • I think it's safe to say that Thor is the strongest statically and Mateusz is the most powerful strength athlete.

    Scott 300Scott 3009 måneder siden
    • That's true, Thor is 50 kg heavier, that's a huge diffrent, so if You compare power with body Weight, the winner is only one and the name.is Mateusz.

      Jack JukonJack Jukon9 måneder siden
    • Scott 300 Fair.

      Party on WayneParty on Wayne9 måneder siden
  • In my opinion the points system is not so bad but there should be kind of "extra bonus" when the difference between the event winner and the rest is so big

    José CaravacaJosé Caravaca9 måneder siden
  • Thor has no weaknesses, he was not really good at the farmers walk this time seeing as he did not finish

    Sean OsullivanSean Osullivan9 måneder siden
    • I dont think he trains for it. I've seen him train farmer walk but not uphill

      Gabriel GuerreroGabriel Guerrero9 måneder siden
  • This is bullshit, Mateusz not win but destroy 4/6 evenst and he is 2nd...

    Fea4kFea4k9 måneder siden
  • Thor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Εργατης Δυναμης1969Εργατης Δυναμης19699 måneder siden
  • Hearts victor Mateusz.

    Emre ÜnalEmre Ünal9 måneder siden
  • Martins had to use his left for the dumbell damn.

    Chris MChris M9 måneder siden
  • Gratki Mateusz, dwa rekordy, kaska wleci, jeszcze tylko martwy ciąg poprawisz o te 50 kg, będziesz bliżej szczytu i ich rozpierdolisz. :D

    1992altus1992altus9 måneder siden
  • That fking rigged. The other dude lifted 320lbs and thor lift 280lb. Most heavy lift wins??? Soo bs

    morgan azzopardimorgan azzopardi9 måneder siden
  • "To get stronger and better... not just as a strongman, but also as a person in general." Just summed up how to have a meaningful life. Plus: I want to see Thor, Mateusz, Mischa and Martins train together!!!!! Make it happen!!

    Harmen WesterhofHarmen Westerhof9 måneder siden
  • Some love for the judges hauling 300lbs like a pack of orange juice bottles.

    ScumbagScumbag9 måneder siden

    HW BAKHW BAK9 måneder siden
  • Hats off to Mateusz. He beat Thor at his prime in 4/6 events. Unbelievable.

    TWO SCOOPSTWO SCOOPS9 måneder siden
    • Cheers, that saved me watching it.

      Jordan spanglorJordan spanglor6 måneder siden
    • He's something else for sure. Has at least another 10yrs ahead of him as well.

      Scott 300Scott 3009 måneder siden
  • So Mateusz won 4 out of 6 events and is second place overall... What a genius scoring system.

    JuiceOfSaphoJuiceOfSapho9 måneder siden
    • @JuiceOfSapho Being consistent is rewarded because that is the whole point of the competition. They are "strongmen" not "strong at deadlift/bagthrow/farmer's walk". If the system you suggest was implemented, athletes would just focus on 3 or 4 events and suck at the others and could still win.

      Daniel CDaniel C7 måneder siden
    • @Brett Runyon I understand that being consistent is rewarded more in this type of system, but I wander if it is a good system. Should not someone who is more frequently in the upper tier be rewarded more than someone who is just good overall? For example a bunch of guys can press 160kg but a much smaller number can do 180kg. Also that way a technical error has much less chance to bury otherwise excellent competitor. The same logic is applied to formula one, since the scoring is more rewarding the more you are up the tier: 25, 18, 15, 12, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1. It is not linear. So one who frequently excells is more rewarded than the other guy, who may linearly be more consistent.

      JuiceOfSaphoJuiceOfSapho9 måneder siden
    • Consistency is key. He won 4, did okay in 1, but bombed 1. Thor was 4th-1st in every single event. If he can bring his deadlift up even close to 1,000lbs he'll be unstoppable

      Brett RunyonBrett Runyon9 måneder siden
  • If Brian as got any chance of being 5x WSM it got to be this year he isn't getting any younger and he's got more time to train for it than ever I really hope he can do it but Thor is unstoppable right now

    PotsPots9 måneder siden
    • @Pots Your grammer is so bad that I have not idea what you just tried to say. Anyways, I'm hoping to see him take home the title this year. And if not Brian, it would be awesome to see Mateuz win.

      Harald BlotandHarald Blotand9 måneder siden
    • @Harald Blotand Brian is 38 now your saying that like he's only 30 lol Brian as the best chance out of the lot he's going to be coming in fresh WSM takes place in May this year all the other guys will have done other shows

      PotsPots9 måneder siden
    • The Big Z won wsm at the age of 38 or so. He's got a good chance.

      Harald BlotandHarald Blotand9 måneder siden
  • I think Mateusz and Hafthor got the same strength in cyr dumbbell

    TomTom9 måneder siden
  • Don't complain?Thor won 2 events, Mateusz 4 and still lose. It's such a bullshit...

    Wysoki MatiWysoki Mati9 måneder siden
  • Nobody's pushing Thor as much as Mateusz these days, what a spectacle! And all those Karens complaining to manager about Mateusz losing overall even though he won 4 of 6 events - last time i checked point system is based on placing in all events. Nothing unfair about it, actually there is no scoring system more fair than this. Reason why Mateusz lost overall and Thor won is plain and simple. Matuesz has weak deadlift and finished 8th out of 10 in that event, while Thor really has no weak events overall. His lack of weaknesses is what makes him so hard to beat. That being said Mateusz is becoming one of the greatest in the sport, constantly pushing limits and keeping Thors of the world on their toes. I really, really hope he nails his deadlift and claims the title one day.

    Roman ChristovRoman Christov9 måneder siden
    • Wish everyone had this much sense in their heads.

      Jesse KelaJesse Kela9 måneder siden
  • Fantastic competition, many congratulations to Hafþór for the win, Mateusz is amazing and surely a future winner, Martins did well to come back for a third place.

    Steve HammertonSteve Hammerton9 måneder siden
    • To be fair, if Shiv was fit he probably would have been 3rd.

      daveaglasgowdaveaglasgow9 måneder siden
  • So mateusz wins 4 out of the 6 events but still doesn't win. Surely the points system needs changed if this is the case.

    scott roloscott rolo9 måneder siden
    • No.

      Caja ManualCaja Manual9 måneder siden
    • No

      kkk kkkkkk kkk9 måneder siden
  • Well this is thor with no injuries

    Yal KiraYal Kira9 måneder siden
  • Martins just overrated 2019 WSM is victory under Thor's injury

    B1ackJ4ckB1ackJ4ck9 måneder siden
  • Hafthor and Big Z I guess are the only guys winning Arnold's back to back. Thor is 3 in a row.... Eddie and Brian never did back to back.

    Muddie VlogsMuddie Vlogs9 måneder siden
  • 35:29 No it wasnt, they did 95kg in WSM heat in like 2009 and Poundstone did 9reps.

    Samo TargosSamo Targos9 måneder siden
  • Belsak should have stayed home and let Heinla compete...

    lordofthunder12lordofthunder129 måneder siden
    • Brian Shaw should've been in this!

      Alexander NevskyAlexander Nevsky9 måneder siden
    • Or Boudreault with his amazing recent performance !

      Jeremy TsagadarJeremy Tsagadar9 måneder siden
  • Brawo Mateusz 💪💪💪

    lysymlklysymlk9 måneder siden
  • Really happy for Thor, great overall performance. Also much respect to Mateusz, what a beast! He’ll do a ton of damage in the future 💪

    Clemens KClemens K9 måneder siden
  • congratulations to Thor but the mental winner of arnold 2020 is Mateusz. He won 4 out of 6 competitions

    AroRTAroRT9 måneder siden
    • Where's the mental winner trophy? Oh wait....

      Gabriel GuerreroGabriel Guerrero9 måneder siden
    • Mental winner? What about Shivlyakov?

      Sean OsullivanSean Osullivan9 måneder siden
  • One of the commentators is surely a Brian fanboy.

    Saptarshi RudraSaptarshi Rudra9 måneder siden
  • Good work posting spoilers in the uploads Rogue!

    Michael FowlerMichael Fowler9 måneder siden
  • People need to stop complaining about the points system, you have to be the best overall, can´t afford to have a weak event in order to win the heaviest competition in the world, happened the same to Maxime on the Arnold in California he won 3 of the 5 events and still lost. I´m a huge fan of both Mateusz and Hafthor but it is what it is, seeing Hafthor almost getting that 330 cyr dumbbell makes me think that he could´ve at least tied Mateusz for the first place with the 320. Also impressive performance of Shivlyakov with a sprained ankled, although he is Russian so i expected nothing less.

    Omar0722Omar07229 måneder siden
    • Mateusz could go higher with dumbbells as well

      RafałRafał9 måneder siden
  • Congratulations! Almost 330 wow

  • M A R T I N S

    Matt MergyMatt Mergy9 måneder siden
  • Team Thor 💪

    Tawanda ChimitiTawanda Chimiti9 måneder siden
  • Well done to Mateusz and Thor. Don't complain, Mateusz time will come.

    Supreme Commander ThorSupreme Commander Thor9 måneder siden
  • I just have to say that I respect Shivlyakov more than I already did. Insane performance considering the injury.

    A-A-Ron DavisA-A-Ron Davis9 måneder siden
    • @FevreDreamer and his acting skills

      webman2027webman20279 måneder siden
    • @Иосиф Steelin Nothing there at 6:02, anyway blood doesnt mean anything else except damaged skin tissue

      webman2027webman20279 måneder siden
    • He is a former Russian Marine, special forces, his mental game and heart were on full display

      FevreDreamerFevreDreamer9 måneder siden
    • @webman2027 noworld.info/video/video/p3qyd9KJpbGwrqs.html - 6:02 Now tell me he just painted his leg, hahah, pathetic, you are.

      Иосиф SteelinИосиф Steelin9 måneder siden
    • @Иосиф Steelin Yes I would be dumb in that case. I'm not expecting any interesting for me explanations from someone who does not understand facts blinded by love to his idol.

      webman2027webman20279 måneder siden
  • does this guy ever shut the f*ck up

    The War Against [EviL]The War Against [EviL]9 måneder siden
  • I'm happy for Thor.

    G_R_ I_M_G_R_ I_M_9 måneder siden
  • not enough black people in this

    gordo Kgordo K9 måneder siden
    • Stop race baiting you dickhead

      Danny BirchDanny Birch9 måneder siden
    • @A-A-Ron Davis I agree

      Dave MustaineDave Mustaine9 måneder siden
    • Better than winter sports and cycling

      cesterescesteres9 måneder siden
    • No Koreans up there either

      Black DogBlack Dog9 måneder siden
    • @gordo K shut up stupid.

      James AllenJames Allen9 måneder siden
  • This was Mateusz's Arnold - the points system is harsh - he literally lost because he didnt place in the deadlift. Shouldnt happen that you win 4 events by a margin and still lose

    Graeme SGraeme S9 måneder siden
    • But what if!.?

      cesterescesteres9 måneder siden
    • @A-A-Ron Davis also just realised - if shyvlyakov's 80 lbs bag didnt count, mateusz would have won

      Graeme SGraeme S9 måneder siden
    • It's just that Thor was behind him in most of the events that Mateusz won. Points add up, and when Mateusz flopped in the deadlift, Thor took advantage of that and dominated. That gap was not only closed, but surpassed. Thor wasn't gonna lose enough points on the dumbbell press. Tough break, I agree though.

      A-A-Ron DavisA-A-Ron Davis9 måneder siden
  • Thor and Mateuz were really impressive.

    JoeJoe9 måneder siden
  • This dumbbell event is dumb JF Caron is definitely a better lifter than say Bobby Thompson but yet he got beat because of positioning?!?! What is that crap

    Ian BuscheIan Busche9 måneder siden

    esabgiesabgi9 måneder siden
  • How did Mateauz lose didn't he win 3 or 4 of the events overall

    Wo000TWo000T9 måneder siden
    • @Graeme S they were good events though. Much better than wsm. Back to actual strength related events instead of just speed. And mateusz dominating was pretty entertaining to watch.

      Joseph FaheyJoseph Fahey9 måneder siden
    • He dominated 4/6 events and came third in the bag - if Shyvlyakov didnt get the 80 lbs, Mateusz would have won. The whole arnold was a bit disappointing this year - no new records apart from Mateusz breaking his own records. Deadlift wasnt even that close to the max last year

      Graeme SGraeme S9 måneder siden
    • he won 4 but he didnt do well in the other 2 and lost a lot of points overall for the final score, thor did good in each event to surpass

      Bub tubBub tub9 måneder siden
    • Thor has 100 lbs on him. If he got his weight up just half of that a kept as much of the stamina and endurance as he has now that he can, he'll destroy the competition even more than he is now

      Joseph FaheyJoseph Fahey9 måneder siden
    • Yes, he won 4 events. But, Thor won the deadlift and he finished 8th. He just lost too much ground there.

      RepublicJimRepublicJim9 måneder siden
  • Big big respect to mountain 💪 And mateuz still won hearts he give it all🔥

    mayank sharmamayank sharma9 måneder siden
    • That he did. He would be on top with Pritchet if Thor wasn't competing.

      G_R_ I_M_G_R_ I_M_9 måneder siden
  • Thor calling out Brian... Brian better answer in WSM 2020

    StealthAssasin 1DayStealthAssasin 1Day9 måneder siden
    • @Justin Warren I don't think Eddie will try to surpass those 501kg. His time is over.

      Micah The Survivor BellMicah The Survivor Bell7 måneder siden
    • How about him calling out Eddie Hall with the 501kg deadlift

      Justin WarrenJustin Warren9 måneder siden
  • What you came for Mateusz 136kg: 50:20 ,Mateusz 145kg: 51:27, Hafthor 127kg: 53:24, Hafthor 136kg: 53:23, Hafthor 150kg: 53:54

    megin namegin na9 måneder siden
  • Who comes up with these idiotic concepts for these events? Randomly pick different weights on the fly, and either go for weight or go for reps. Just pick one weight for max reps already.

    WillJM81280WillJM812809 måneder siden
  • Your the best Thor congratulations bro

    Mo ZimMo Zim9 måneder siden
  • Rogue deserve the prestige for the title of worlds strongest man

    Tom RuitermanTom Ruiterman9 måneder siden
    • Don't you mean the arnold strongman event?

      Mark LaoMark Lao9 måneder siden
  • First

    Darren LiDarren Li9 måneder siden
  • Why wasn't Jason Genova invited ??? Politics I guess

    Chicago Sox Chicago SoxChicago Sox Chicago Sox9 måneder siden
    • @Jenny Cregg. It piss unfortunately

      Chicago Sox Chicago SoxChicago Sox Chicago Sox9 måneder siden
    • The pisslord focusing on his eating career this year legend has it janoy and castle berry will be fighting for 1st plc next year

      Jenny CreggJenny Cregg9 måneder siden
  • They start pressing at 29:50. Belsak is first.

    Mcswallow CornholioMcswallow Cornholio9 måneder siden
    • You deserve heaven

      AdriánAdrián23 dager siden
    • Ty

      filderantoinefilderantoine9 måneder siden
    • That Cornholio gives those more likes!

      josh ramirezjosh ramirez9 måneder siden
  • 51:45 dat handshake/fistbump

    OlisseOlisse9 måneder siden
    • That was paper vs rock and Mateusz won xD

      Michał PackiewiczMichał Packiewicz8 måneder siden
    • 🤣🤣

      Chey PepaChey Pepa9 måneder siden
  • Przecież i tak każdy widzi ze Mateo to wygrał 😂😂

    machine headmachine head9 måneder siden
    • jesli Mateusz poprawi dead lift NIKT z nim nie wygra

      marek przykorskimarek przykorski9 måneder siden
  • Where is Baboumian ?

    Vic ThorVic Thor9 måneder siden
    • Squatting

      cesterescesteres9 måneder siden
    • Eating grass with the cows and claiming world records lol.

      A-A-Ron DavisA-A-Ron Davis9 måneder siden
  • Congratulations to the mountain (THOR)...he deserves it...👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    Jay busaJay busa9 måneder siden
  • With Brian Shaw in this event the results would have been different.. not saying he wins. And wherever Belzchak qualified Brian Shaw go there and win.

    Craig WorlandCraig Worland9 måneder siden
    • Shaw was busy making a lot of cash traveling all over for a tv show.

      HumanMechanismHumanMechanism9 måneder siden
    • 3rd

      Kenneth WilburnKenneth Wilburn9 måneder siden
  • If Mateusz can get his deadlift up to at least a consistent top 4 finish, he will be unstoppable... congrats to Thor. I think he breaks Eddie Hall’s record over in Bahrain

    O PO P9 måneder siden
    • had the losers not been good at the dead lift Mateusz would have won...yes ifhe just gains 100lb or so on the deadlift he couldbe champ for many years

      Gw WellsGw Wells9 måneder siden
    • Yeah, I think next year the competition is his.

      DutchDreadDutchDread9 måneder siden
    • @David Hogg Thor already said that after the Arnolds he is going to train for the world record on a regular bar with the same equipment they used when Eddie set the record. So he has a real chance there.

      scarface11991scarface119919 måneder siden
    • ​@Hari Randhawa agree Eddie's 465 is very hard

      B1ackJ4ckB1ackJ4ck9 måneder siden
    • About mateusz you have right but thor cant beat 500kg he is to weak

      ?-?-??-?-?9 måneder siden
  • Congratulations to Thor, it's a shame the events were in the order they were though, would have liked to have seen the 501kg deadlift

    MurrayMurray9 måneder siden
    • Giants live deadlift world championship in September.

      Zach AlbinZach Albin9 måneder siden
    • @JZ Eddie lifted 500kg and then went on to win worlds strongest man after that, so it didn't e d his career did it? He also won Britain's strongest man for 8th time after that so get your facts right

      Danny BirchDanny Birch9 måneder siden
    • It really isn’t though. They’re in the order for a reason.

      josh ramirezjosh ramirez9 måneder siden
    • Shut up you moron what will be the fun if the spectators are not their ..he try it in wus

      mayank sharmamayank sharma9 måneder siden
    • He said he's doing it in April I think

      ivy2000100ivy20001009 måneder siden
  • I went to the gym today, now I feel like I was just waiting time...

    An NAn N9 måneder siden
    • @Brett Runyon Strength is accumulated, no amount of effort in a short period will make your numbers fly up, only time can do that, keep up the consistency and the numbers will come that's just how it is.

      IISocratesIIIISocratesII9 måneder siden
    • Yeah I pulled 360lbs for 3 today. Felt good about it and then came home and watched even the women pulling 500lbs-628lbs lol

      Brett RunyonBrett Runyon9 måneder siden
  • Pritchett and Belsak didn't even belong in the the comp. Someone like Rauno/Shaw would've been much better competition.

    Jaberwock33Jaberwock339 måneder siden
    • Martins beat Shaw at the qualifying event

      Peter ÅlundPeter Ålund9 måneder siden
    • @Michael Kelly shaw didnt qualify it's not that he didnt want to compete it's that he couldnt

      Cole MandtCole Mandt9 måneder siden
    • They are injured or not in their best health dude. They are good lifters.

      OB ProductionOB Production9 måneder siden
    • Shaw didnt even qualify.

      Augustine400Augustine4009 måneder siden
  • Starts at 17:30

    Sanka PereraSanka Perera9 måneder siden
    • 🙏

      Ex Games-TVEx Games-TV9 måneder siden
    • 🙏🏼

      YaBoiJessy !YaBoiJessy !9 måneder siden
  • Kielich Monster 💪🤙

    DamianDamian9 måneder siden
  • Hafthor should have gone straight for 300 then 330, needs more rest to go for the record

    megin namegin na9 måneder siden
    • megin na Yes. Like few years.

      Sanka PereraSanka Perera9 måneder siden
  • where's the deadlift world record breaker?

    GustavoGustavo9 måneder siden
    • @Ard Skellig you literally are taking smack about now you idiot 😂

      Danny BirchDanny Birch9 måneder siden
    • He said he doing at Dubai....

      Supreme Commander ThorSupreme Commander Thor9 måneder siden
    • @Sanka Perera Thor already said he's not gonna do it here but he's gonna attempt the record in some event in Dubai (in May I think?). Why would anyone try a huge deadlift here when its the 4th event where you're already tired af and can injure yourself in the process to lose out at Arnolds... I like watching Eddie but he can also be a salty lil bucket. Like noone is talking smack about him or downplaying his 500kg deadlift. He's the only one out there feeling nervous and insecure about becoming irrelevant if his record is broken (which will 100% happen within 2 years).

      Ard SkelligArd Skellig9 måneder siden
    • @Sanka Perera Hafhor already has the elephant bar record which is higher than Eddie's, deadlift was the 4th event so it doesn't make sense to go for a new the record.

      megin namegin na9 måneder siden
    • With the normal bar!

      Ralf BuronRalf Buron9 måneder siden
  • Nice stream Rogue but next time get some real athletes on the stage like Brad Castleberry.

    Tushar VTushar V9 måneder siden
    • Tushar V With real weights! Unlike theses fake ones 🤣🤣

      Sanka PereraSanka Perera9 måneder siden
  • Nice stream Rogue but next time get some real strongmen on the stage like Brad Castleberry.

    Tushar VTushar V9 måneder siden
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Eazy __Eazy __9 måneder siden
  • 51:30 woooooooooow

    Metame ProfeMetame Profe9 måneder siden
  • I think winning an event should grant you more points. Its WINNING after all. Now you can just be second or third in everything and win the whole thing without winning a thing

    The mongolian wayThe mongolian way9 måneder siden
    • @Ard Skellig they do squats at worlds strongest man, this is the arnold classic

      Supreme Commander ThorSupreme Commander Thor9 måneder siden
    • @Supreme Commander Thor They dont have squats which is one of the big staple movements to measure human strength. The only movement where they squat a bit is when they lift stones but those aren't nearly heavy enough. I'd be fine if they skipped bench press for log presses though. I think they should incorporate the big 3 into strongman events. Like you do the big 3, then get a week or 2 off, and then you move onto the second part for your atlas stones, timber carry, etc. I just think the 1 rep maxes for those 3 are also critical for establishing who the overall is the strongest person.

      Ard SkelligArd Skellig9 måneder siden
    • @Ard Skellig well to be fair, strongman has existed for hundreds of years. It also represents real world strength better than powerlifting while still incorporating deadlifts and squats (at wsm they do both). Powerlifters are obviosly in contention but their biggest weakness is that they are really limted. You wouldn't want to see a farmer from Siberia pull a large cart of hey while the powerlifter couldn't effectively move it.

      Supreme Commander ThorSupreme Commander Thor9 måneder siden
    • @Supreme Commander Thor For me it feels weird to call winners of this event as the worlds strongest man... I always felt that the person who can do the most deadlift + squat + bench (aka powerlifting winners), as well as toss in some heavy wall barbell curls should have the title of worlds strongest man.

      Ard SkelligArd Skellig9 måneder siden
    • Thor did win multiple events... 1 of them been the deadlift, which if anything would be worth the most if they started scaling events

      Supreme Commander ThorSupreme Commander Thor9 måneder siden
  • Niewygodnie się ogląda w tej formie

    Marcin TajnyMarcin Tajny9 måneder siden
  • Damn. Mateusz definitely deserved that win, he just needed 40-70 more pounds on the Elephant Bar Deadlift.

    Mister008GamingMister008Gaming9 måneder siden
    • Thats the thing hafthor doesnt have anything more to prove so for him atleast from what i saw in the past 2 days he is focused of being in the first place over all rather than risk injury or get too tired for the next event.

      Mark LaoMark Lao9 måneder siden
    • There is no 'deserve', that's a copout trophy your talking about. Deadlift is probably the best single measure of strength and he is comparatively weak in it.

      Supreme Commander ThorSupreme Commander Thor9 måneder siden
    • @Zackary Guidry scoring system SUCKS

      Kenneth WilburnKenneth Wilburn9 måneder siden
    • @megin na he definitely didn't deserve it, even though he won 1st 4/6 of the events

      Zackary GuidryZackary Guidry9 måneder siden
    • megin na yes he did, hafthor is a god but in a few years, Mateusz will reign supreme

      Karter KoziolekKarter Koziolek9 måneder siden
  • fokk já

    norimclovennorimcloven9 måneder siden
  • Lol just get them deadlifts up and you’ll be the champ for years to come.

    Un HommeUn Homme9 måneder siden
    • @TheMetalheadextreme Agreed, but I should mention that in his earlier years, Hafthor was way more know for his athleticism than his static strength as well. It seems that in general as Strongmen age they slowly put on the bulk required for stuff like deadlifting but in doing so lose a lot of that athletic ability. Tom especially reminds me of a younger Thor. All this is to say that I think that if Mateusz becomes more dominant in the deadlift we will see him become less dominant in other areas. He will definitely be a WSM though, that's almost guaranteed.

      DutchDreadDutchDread9 måneder siden
    • @DutchDread Mateusz is a beast himself. He is just young and hasn't really reached that peak in events like deadlifts. By the time he reaches Thor's age he will become unstoppable himself. Him and Tom Stoltman are the two guys that would keep people on their feet when they get to their 30.

      TheMetalheadextremeTheMetalheadextreme9 måneder siden
    • @TheMetalheadextreme Agreed, It all depends on who goes second I think, Thor looked like he could do 320 if he really had to. Thor is good with everything at the moment, but Mateusz just seems superhuman at some events.

      DutchDreadDutchDread9 måneder siden
    • @DutchDread maybe he will but it's no more a "no chance" for Thor. Thor is really strong right now are the words that came from the mouth of Mateusz himself

      TheMetalheadextremeTheMetalheadextreme9 måneder siden
    • @TheMetalheadextreme True, although to be fair, if Mateusz had to do 330 to win, Mateusz would do 330. I root for Thor, but Mateusz is better with Cyr.

      DutchDreadDutchDread9 måneder siden
  • MATEUSZ WINS 4 EVENTS THOR 2 EVENTS but thor wins? Too much credit on deadlifts

    Kenneth WilburnKenneth Wilburn9 måneder siden
    • @Kenneth Wilburn Mateusz scored 3/10 in the deadlift. That is below average in top strongmen.

      Adlib ConstitutionAdlib Constitution9 måneder siden
    • @Kenneth Wilburn You're complaining about the rules that are the same in almost all strongman competitions, and that competitors know about and can train and plan for. If you don't like it find another sport to follow.

      mo hawkmo hawk9 måneder siden
    • @Adlib Constitution Thor placed 4th (or 5th) in the timber carry, so no, Thor doesn't always place 1st-3rd.

      mo hawkmo hawk9 måneder siden
    • Thor does work on all 6 lol, Mateusz came 8TH in the deadlift and that just is not acceptable. He needs to round out his game. I bet Mateusz accepts that he can't be the strongest if he is coming 8th in the DEADLIFT.

      Supreme Commander ThorSupreme Commander Thor9 måneder siden
    • @ronald bangtidy what are you talking about. 4 win 2 loss...and lost

      Kenneth WilburnKenneth Wilburn9 måneder siden
  • Thor #1

    Ace82Ace829 måneder siden
    • @Sanka Perera you're being very irrational, this is how strongman works,

      megin namegin na9 måneder siden
    • Ace82 Fake champion!

      Sanka PereraSanka Perera9 måneder siden