Full Live Stream | Beasts Of The Bench

20. juni. 2020
107 414 Ganger

Live, Saturday June 20 at 12PM EDT, we bring you Beasts of The Bench, refereed by the legendary Eddy Coan and Matt Wenning. Commentary will be brought by regulars Laurence Shahlaei and Mark Boyd.
• Julius Maddox goes for an unbelievable 800lb bench press attempt
• Thomas TD Davis shoots for 740lb
• Johnnie Harris aims to become the lightest man to bench 700lb
• And more...

  • Josh: It has never been done before, it's gonna happen t o d a y. Life: No.

    Mister DunkanMister Dunkan4 måneder siden
  • “Hey Paul what’s this extra plate over here?” “Don’t worry about Tim, I graduated 3rd grade and we are good.”

    Adam BischoffAdam Bischoff5 måneder siden
  • you guys f--- u- . all right somebody f--- u-. that's what it looked like

    copper jacketcopper jacket5 måneder siden
  • Crowd of people, small space, no masks, no distancing. What the hell are you people promoting? Seriously. Should not be allowed/condoned/broadcast if people can't follow RULES to KEEP PEOPLE ALIVE--PLEASE DO BETTER

    efseditaefsedita5 måneder siden
  • "Indianda"

    abbsnn coseabbsnn cose5 måneder siden
  • "Indianda"

    Shauka HodanShauka Hodan5 måneder siden
  • Great work Josh Bryant on hosting this event and prepping the two biggest benchers. Josh and I go way back as he looked me up after I beat Mike O’hearn and we trained together for years: noworld.info/video/video/rYK2qN5sx9etxMU.html

    Paul LPaul L5 måneder siden
    • Terrible interviewer, miss-loading of a WR attempt? What a crock....

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose5 måneder siden
  • How about you fcks restock your plates online!! Stupid shts are missing out on so much business

    ViperViper5 måneder siden
    • @Shauka Hodan didnt ask for the input lol. don't want to hear it then don't read it bch.

      ViperViper5 måneder siden
    • Are they drug free is the question don’t want to hear anything unless it’s drug free

      Shauka HodanShauka Hodan5 måneder siden
  • They screwed him so baaad;/

    Big ManBig Man5 måneder siden
  • These events are for advertising and money only. Your amateur activities only disgrace this sport.

    Seçkin GülümserSeçkin Gülümser5 måneder siden
  • Man this is outrageous. I'm furious and I'm only watching. Can't imagine how Julius must feel. Mistakes like that take a lot of energy out of you, and given how close he came on his second attempt, I think he would have gotten the 800 if not for the misload.

    Ray BergstromRay Bergstrom5 måneder siden
  • Social distancing?

    Ian BlakeIan Blake5 måneder siden
  • Its not their fault guys. Counting to 6 is really hard sometimes. I mean come on.... you have to use a finger on the other hand!

    Cope3amCope3am5 måneder siden
  • Rouge Fitness & ESPN can’t find a better interviewer than this guy? I swear he’s never done this before. Nervous. Stuttering. Super Awkward. Besides the two commentators and the athletes themselves, I was very disappointed with the overall production. This was the world record raw bench press! People have been asking strong men since the beginning of time, “How much do you bench?” And Y’all couldn’t generate enough money for this? Not even some American-Idol-style back stories for these men? Not even a little production quality? ESPN and Rouge failed Maddox on this one. Don’t put this on the rookie interviewer or the young kid loading the bar. ESPN and Rouge are the ones responsible for this piss poor production.

    Zach RitzZach Ritz5 måneder siden
  • Weird how I'm more pissed than Julius is, class act

    yogi bearyogi bear5 måneder siden
  • Is that a Texas Power bar being used?

    DR 2013DR 20135 måneder siden
    • It looks like one.

      Wild BillWild Bill5 måneder siden
  • The interview with Julius shows his great character. Most people would be furious and rightfully so but he as a the big man he is just says "these things happens". What a great guy and I look forward to him getting that 800 this year!

    ZoltanDeluxeZoltanDeluxe5 måneder siden
  • Absurd.. unacceptable and dangerous.. the loaders/spotters should all be banned from the sport forever... whoever selected these loaders/spotters should be banned from the sport forever.. everything about this event looked like a mess. There were too many people crammed into this area. It looked sloppy, disorganized, and unprofessional. I can't believe this is real. This is the biggest bench of all time and this is how they organized and handled the lift.. insane.. there needs to be standards for these lifts. The loaders/spotters need to be selected based on experience, strength, and bodyweight. This is no joke. They could kill someone with these inept dopey imbeciles. This is too reckless, dumb, incompetent, and dangerous to happen. Never again.. I want to see every power lifter unite and demand the highest standards for events and for loaders/spotters. The careers, safety, and lives of these lifters are on the line.

    El Superhombre BlancoEl Superhombre Blanco5 måneder siden
  • Stop using such poorly trained “professionals” to load the bar. Julius had 800 and we all know that if the “professionals” didn’t screw up, he would have officially broken his own previous record.

    Mister008GamingMister008Gaming5 måneder siden
  • Have you noticed when introduced to each athlete they got bigger and bigger 😄

    DHM NetworkDHM Network5 måneder siden
    • Yeah, fatter and fatter!

      ThorThor5 måneder siden
    • Yep different weight classes

      Joel ThompsonJoel Thompson5 måneder siden
  • 451.9 & couldn’t lift it go sit down bruh sad business. 463 couldn’t lift another sad case go sit down. Bodybuilder lifting more than them

    Bruce guilloryBruce guillory5 måneder siden
    • @T H someone has had a little bit to much meth today.

      Wild BillWild Bill5 måneder siden
    • Wut

      T HT H5 måneder siden
  • dude couldn’t hit 451.9lbs and he suppose to be one of the best thats lame. I’m 300lbs drug free and 530 go up. instagram.com/p/B9PpAf1DxUI/?igshid=4t36h9jmo7f5 #mikewestfitness

    Bruce guilloryBruce guillory5 måneder siden
  • Terrible interviewer, miss-loading of a WR attempt? What a crock....

    Daniel RedlienDaniel Redlien5 måneder siden
    • It was a bit cringe at the end of the interview.

      Wild BillWild Bill5 måneder siden
  • Are they drug free is the question don’t want to hear anything unless it’s drug free

    Bruce guilloryBruce guillory5 måneder siden
    • Yup gear is cheating natural or nothing shouldnt have to die young to complete

      William GrantWilliam Grant5 måneder siden
    • @Joel Thompson Ahh, ok. Sorry for that, you tagged me so i thought it was with me. Lol

      gb_2000gb_20005 måneder siden
    • @gb_2000 bruce guillory is dumb not you bud

      Joel ThompsonJoel Thompson5 måneder siden
    • @Joel Thompson Lol, you know someone that can bench 800 pounds natty ? Show me, Mr. Intelligent.

      gb_2000gb_20005 måneder siden
    • @gb_2000 dumb...

      Joel ThompsonJoel Thompson5 måneder siden
  • Disgraceful performance by the people loading the bar. How unprofessional can you get? It's dangerous to misload the barbell with 300 pounds on the bar, let alone 800. They should be ashamed that athlete safety is such a low priority.

    DarcnessTrophiesDarcnessTrophies5 måneder siden
  • This event was well done overall. Such a shame there was a misload on the all time record. Josh Bryant did great on the mic and his lifters did a great job. Big Loz and Mr Boyd were excellent commentators. Thank you to ESPN and Rogue for broadcasting the Beast of the Bench.

    Paul LPaul L5 måneder siden
  • 35:20 for the misload

    Tom HutchinsonTom Hutchinson5 måneder siden
  • How do you misload a WR attempt.... maddox was robbed. Whoever put this event on should be ashamed at how unprofessional this was.

    ColoradoAwesomeSauceColoradoAwesomeSauce5 måneder siden
  • So sad.

    DenzelDenzel5 måneder siden
  • Go Perseus IA!!!!

    liberty and freindsliberty and freinds5 måneder siden
  • Perseus IA!!!!!

    liberty and freindsliberty and freinds5 måneder siden
  • "Indianda"

    Dominic GonzalesDominic Gonzales5 måneder siden
  • missload on 800 lbs bench press attempt.. this is as absurd as nothing

    ChrontardChrontard5 måneder siden
  • Julius was robbed! How do they misload 5 reds on one side and 6 reds on the other? Mind boggling! Also, where was Tony Sentmanat? I thought he was going for 500lbs.

    YuryYury5 måneder siden
  • Yeah that was poorly set up, shame

    Richard PapworthRichard Papworth5 måneder siden
  • what a major misload fukery! You would think you were dealing with professionals. With that type of weight, it could be career ending. smh

    X3 BrosX3 Bros5 måneder siden
  • That ending interview was awful

    luis uribeluis uribe5 måneder siden
    • Did they just throw a passerby a mic?

      Tom HutchinsonTom Hutchinson5 måneder siden
  • The interview was cringe

    aafwwr arewrweraafwwr arewrwer5 måneder siden
  • An absolute shambles. Those in charge should be ashamed of themselves. No excuse whatsoever for such a basic error which ruined his attempt and could have injured him for life. If you two in commentary can't tell it how it is rather than say 'maybe he wouldn't have done it anyway' then you take a hike too. It was disgusting and you should have made that more than clear.

    Only The TruthOnly The Truth5 måneder siden
  • Mayb he knew it was miss loaded because he couldn't do it today just go use it as an excuse

    Esh KhanEsh Khan5 måneder siden
    • @Maximilian just saying or mayb they did it on purpose to kill another black brother

      Esh KhanEsh Khan5 måneder siden
    • Bro...you should feel ashamed

      MaximilianMaximilian5 måneder siden
  • Is that really the best you can do for commentators? 🤷🏼

    Prime MattPrime Matt5 måneder siden
  • Pf 😑

    Tsvet TselevTsvet Tselev5 måneder siden
  • 35:27 FIVE red plates on the left and SIX red plates on the right.

    AnthonyAnthony5 måneder siden
    • Ok I understand misloading change but how tf can you be an ENTIRE PLATE OFF

      yogi bearyogi bear5 måneder siden
    • @Ariel Czakó becouse it doesn't

      KingLouieKingLouie5 måneder siden
    • @Yury Probably an idiot question, but how does 11 red plates plus some yellow counts as 800lbs?

      Ariel CzakóAriel Czakó5 måneder siden
    • That’s right.

      YuryYury5 måneder siden
  • This meet was bullshit, did they not check the weights or something? How can you possibly misload a lift, especially a WR as crazy as an 800 pound bench?

    Christopher ChiChristopher Chi5 måneder siden
  • Misloading a world record? No way

    ImmortalityImmortality5 måneder siden
  • This was such bull! He was robbed, this was almost like a setup. Conspiracy? maybe the Russians where involved....

    Freddy JFreddy J5 måneder siden
    • Yeah Kirill snuck around the corner and took a 25kg red plate off one side

      NKLiftsNKLifts5 måneder siden
    • ahahahha

      NKLiftsNKLifts5 måneder siden
    • You mean the Russian plate Mafia?

      emilis kleinasemilis kleinas5 måneder siden
  • They messed up his first spot and he missed his second attempt.

    Panther DawgPanther Dawg5 måneder siden
  • First person to attempt to bench 800 lbs , they had one job to load it up right and can’t even do that. Maddox Must be furious, he would have gave everything for that moment and that happens

    nirvanafan500nirvanafan5005 måneder siden
  • Well done Harris 705 the lightest man to bench 705 great pause and solid control world record!

    Robin MuirheadRobin Muirhead5 måneder siden
    • @Tushar V damn noticed his butt moving but camera view from above, impressive considering the flair and wide grip style.

      Robin MuirheadRobin Muirhead5 måneder siden
    • He didn’t actually get the lift unfortunately. 2 red lights but awesome lift nonetheless

      Tushar VTushar V5 måneder siden
  • The full 1 minute intro stream

    Michael JimenezMichael Jimenez5 måneder siden
  • enable the whole stream please

    Zha roonZha roon5 måneder siden
  • Spiritual weights Shepherdschapelcom Theseasonorg explains whole bible God bless

    William GrantWilliam Grant5 måneder siden
  • Why is it just an intro? I can't play the actual stream. Does anyone know how to fix this, please

    Ńüšhiï - Šâd Dėmōñ :3Ńüšhiï - Šâd Dėmōñ :35 måneder siden
    • It's fixed now

      aafwwr arewrweraafwwr arewrwer5 måneder siden
    • It's a NOworld thing. Livestreams take a while to properly upload

      Tushar VTushar V5 måneder siden
    • Can't see it either

      Anji YeoAnji Yeo5 måneder siden
    • You can’t fix it. They messed up the upload

      ufcjunkie7ufcjunkie75 måneder siden
  • Maddox was robbed. He had 800

    Jorge MJorge M5 måneder siden
    • Yes, you can tell Julius was upset. No excuse misloading the weight.

      Varian WellsVarian Wells5 måneder siden
    • TREX3151 I think he made a bet on himself with a lot of money on this lift too. Like Eddie bet money on himself on his 500 kg deadlift. Julius in his meet where he lifted 780lbs, Eddie asked him if 780lbs felt easy, would be do 800 lbs? He said no, he could feel like he has 800 but he has to do it in this comp here.

      Tushar VTushar V5 måneder siden
    • How much did that cost him money wise. I thought he had a sponsor for the lift.

      TREX3151TREX31515 måneder siden
    • Jorge M totally robbed, what a bunch of idiots!

      Freddy JFreddy J5 måneder siden
    • @TheApple90 Wow, what a blunder. Thanks.

      NattestidNattestid5 måneder siden
  • Misloading a WR. What a robbery

    Tushar VTushar V5 måneder siden
    • Before a barbell is called as being loaded normally the person running the platform verifies the weight loaded and the head referee confirms. Totally unacceptable when this is a record attempt.

      The ArmoryThe Armory5 måneder siden
    • Julius will have that 800 bench before the year is over for sure. What a BEAST of a human hats off.

      ZoltanDeluxeZoltanDeluxe5 måneder siden
    • This was not a championship with 100 competitors. They must load the barbell not 20 times and made at the highlight of the day such a mistake. Sorry - not acceptable.

      Ralf BuronRalf Buron5 måneder siden
    • @Ralf Buron Professional or not, mistakes are made. But aren't the judges supposed to validate the weights each time? Especially for a WR?

      IFlaxIFlax5 måneder siden
    • Very professionell loaders and spotters...

      Ralf BuronRalf Buron5 måneder siden