Full Live Stream | Caron vs. Bishop 400KG Deadlift For Reps Record Attempt

11. juli. 2020
54 319 Ganger

Watch live, Saturday July 11 at 12PM EDT, as J.F. Caron faces off against Adam Bishop in the 400kg deadlift for reps record attempt. Head referee will be Zydrunas Savickas and commentary by Big Loz and Mark Boyd.

  • Too bad trey Mitchell didn’t have anyone helping him with all those weights. He probably could have got two more reps if he had someone helping him

    YouTube Connolly familyYouTube Connolly family2 måneder siden
  • I notice that JF has used the same compression shorts for a long time. He just switched to Brian Shaw’s evolution athletics shorts. I think that speaks to the quality that Brian has. Also Evan singleton and Eddie Williams use it.

    antonio tapiaantonio tapia4 måneder siden
  • I know its heavy but I expect at least 6 to 7 reps

    Stefan van der WerkStefan van der Werk4 måneder siden
  • "He's not gonna get another rep on that 0,8 kilos." There must be a point in weight, where you will shift from x reps to x+1 or x-1 reps. Otherwise we wouldn't do different reps with different weights. We don't know where his individual point is, so why couldn't it be at 399,5kg?

    M. BeeneM. Beene4 måneder siden
  • Your website is sucks no inventory at all, you guys should put that website down 👎🏻 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    Carlos ValentinCarlos Valentin4 måneder siden
  • LIFT !

    LayzeeTVLayzeeTV4 måneder siden
  • prep must have been terrible for both, i mean...we are worlds away from 6, they barely did 4...if we are generous. great feat, no question, but not record attempt worthy.

    TNM001TNM0014 måneder siden
  • What da fook!!!

    Omar RodriguezOmar Rodriguez4 måneder siden
  • How is the name of the song of the minute ? 19:23

    Roberto DuarteRoberto Duarte4 måneder siden
    • Warriors of the worlds united

      MrMichaelEsserMrMichaelEsser4 måneder siden
    • Hit Me Baby One More Time

      Steven CriscioneSteven Criscione4 måneder siden
  • These competitions are not worth watching

    Springer TechnicalSpringer Technical4 måneder siden
  • Larry wheels should of been doing this 💪 330 kg X 12 & 400 kg X 3 & 926Ibs 😵

    Anthony scottAnthony scott4 måneder siden
  • Geez, I’m glad I didn’t watch this live, about a combined time of 10 seconds worth of deadlifting 😳

    Mind Body WholeMind Body Whole4 måneder siden
  • Having watched The last dance recently (I think it was a lockdown rule or something) I can’t help but think it would be amazing if the strongmen trash talked each other during events. And I’m sure you probably get the odd little bit here and there. But at the same time, the encouragement they offer each other during events is great. Sure would be funny though. If they had the spare oxygen.

    MrMr4 måneder siden
  • i alway thought Adam Bishop was small in height.. 6 foot 2 ..

    Edfigo CasioEdfigo Casio4 måneder siden
    • If you put him next to Brian, Tom and Thor he is small ;-)

      Noa BeckmannNoa Beckmann4 måneder siden
  • So Luke Richardson got 410 for 3. He just turned 23 years old... The future of strongman is crazy

    maxkm5st1maxkm5st14 måneder siden
  • 400 kg in Europe 402 in America 399 this how they do the records :)

    Krisztian MezeiKrisztian Mezei4 måneder siden
  • Z just got done swimming in the lake, boss life.

    SpencerSpencer4 måneder siden
    • And then he ate some tomatoes and I'm pretty sure he's munching on cottage cheese by now, just before bed.

      Jeroen NouwensJeroen Nouwens4 måneder siden
  • How great it was to be live with these beasts: Laurence Shahlaei (UK representative) and Žydrūnas Savickas (2003-2008 Arnold Classic Strongman record holder of consecutive victories). All our RESPECT.

    Glediston MendesGlediston Mendes4 måneder siden
  • Bishop 53:05 JF 1:01:20

    ZaixZaix4 måneder siden
    • Thanks!

      James LarsenJames Larsen4 måneder siden
    • thanks bro

      oscar mølleroscar møller4 måneder siden
  • I get Mark is WUS but I wish somebody I understood were commentating.

    Theodore BagwellTheodore Bagwell4 måneder siden
    • @Theodore Bagwell honestly i like hearing different accents and im more concerned with whatever it is i am watching, the commentating doesn't bother me so much i just want to watch the sport more so than anything.

      J ArdenJ Arden4 måneder siden
    • @J Arden but do you enjoy it??

      Theodore BagwellTheodore Bagwell4 måneder siden
    • Im American and i don't find him difficult to understand at all.

      J ArdenJ Arden4 måneder siden
    • @Theodore Bagwell I don't know if "unprofessional" is the right way to describe it man. But yeah, to each their own. You're welcome to have whatever opinion you want 😎

      Graham ArdnerGraham Ardner4 måneder siden
    • @Jeroen Nouwens yes clearly it's French. I'd rather listen to JF Caron's accent, at least he has a good reason for that and he's not warping words.

      Theodore BagwellTheodore Bagwell4 måneder siden