Full Live Stream | Hafthor Bjornsson 501KG Deadlift Attempt

2. mai. 2020
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Complete live stream of Hafthor Bjornson’s 501KG Deadlift attempt from Reykjavik, Iceland. Tune in May 2, 2020 at 12:00PM ET.
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  • Motivating💥🔥

    Steady Motivation by MitchellSteady Motivation by Mitchell18 dager siden
  • Thor is the strengest ever

    Facundo AgüeroFacundo AgüeroMåned siden
  • A true strongest man still holds the world record

    MidasMidasMåned siden
  • Eddie: i can lift 600Kg in my own basement, this is fake i dont trust icelandians. Well Halfthor was salty in 2017 but who is salty now? i think Eddie is Jealous.

    PK AvengerPK Avenger2 måneder siden
  • You guys should be sponsoring the beast hall he really is the champion

    in motionin motion2 måneder siden
  • Love how they took halls loft away by trying take it by 1 kg and did not say anything about hall joke this is all staged it doesn't count anyway because it's not in competition

    in motionin motion2 måneder siden
  • I think he cheated....

    Ignaz GumpanferdlIgnaz Gumpanferdl2 måneder siden
  • Can anyone tell me, what is the name of the first song played in background. Please tell me please

    SomrajYTSomrajYT3 måneder siden
    • SomrajYT don’t worry man I’m tryna find it too

      Noah McAuliffeNoah McAuliffe2 måneder siden
  • Dam i still watch this lift my god.

    Mid evilMid evil3 måneder siden
  • Brad Castleberry lifted 600kg out of competition, therefore Mr. Castleberry should be the WR holder.

    Peter - John JonesPeter - John Jones3 måneder siden
  • This man is the strongest man on earth hands down

    TMF TVTMF TV3 måneder siden
  • Song 53:20?

    Pat K.Pat K.3 måneder siden
  • Why the sh*tty music?

    TornadoChaser72TornadoChaser724 måneder siden
  • his wife dopped her phone

    YNG FluiDYNG FluiD4 måneder siden

  • dafuq this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too quiet fking amateurs

    L KL K5 måneder siden
  • 501? seems trivial considering the record is 500. I mean hit it with atleast a 1% increase

    VWTG100VWTG1005 måneder siden
  • Why the music in the background?

    TornadoChaser72TornadoChaser725 måneder siden
  • Hi! Guys! My goal is to beat 180kg!

    Marlz BrackzMarlz Brackz5 måneder siden

    Jordan AstleyJordan Astley5 måneder siden
  • Big congrats to Thor on this lift. But there IS something to be said... completed the lift outside of competition and with a bar no one else was allowed to attempt. This could’ve been done in competition and in doing so would be more widely accepted. It just has to be said. Having said that, Thor is a monster and this was incredible.

    Old Street DocOld Street Doc5 måneder siden
  • This is a bullshit record. Brian Shaw can lift that and more in his gym with no competition

    Stephen keddyStephen keddy5 måneder siden
    • Bullshit and you know it. Shaw failed to lift 420 kg in Dubai last October and has never lifted close to 500

      Hidde de RoosHidde de Roos5 måneder siden
  • I could see thor as broly and eddie as goku with goku being able to break his limits

    Crowd KillweCrowd Killwe5 måneder siden
  • Thor no.1 thor i like your training your the best of the best.

    Mid evilMid evil5 måneder siden
  • Thors legs are like pillars on a mansion.

    Mid evilMid evil5 måneder siden
  • Save it for competition.

    Andrew MAndrew M5 måneder siden
  • I'm late to the party but congratulations my man....You definately desrve it!!!

    FryedaddyFryedaddy6 måneder siden
  • Bullshit home gym advantage fake record

    Cracker JackCracker Jack6 måneder siden
  • By the looks of that I think he could do more looked like he lifted that with ease

    Kalon WilliamsKalon Williams6 måneder siden
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏🙌 great viking

    Hannes PotossonHannes Potosson6 måneder siden
  • so much pompf and brovado compared to Eddie's 500Kg lift, so OTT. credit where its due though, looked like he could have done 510kg

    MrBgappMrBgapp6 måneder siden
  • bs eddie still holds it.

    tankimustankimus6 måneder siden
  • 1:04:39 I feel sorry for her

    E VE V6 måneder siden
  • This is only a record at Thor's house

    King LocKing Loc6 måneder siden
  • Got to love using in-house scales and equipment. 21kg registered? A few lines of code and BAM! 25kg pops up on screen!

    Cameron ThompsonCameron Thompson6 måneder siden
  • I call BS in his own gym the amount of hatered he had for eddy after the WSM 2017 and he was caught out. His own gym etc not officiall plus it looks good for Iceland. Honestly I think it's his way at getting at eddy by pulling more. He's allways been in the shadow. But the way he's going about things I just don't like. Why not pull 501kg in a official venue? History yes but very controversial history and will always be judged.

    Terry TibbsTerry Tibbs6 måneder siden
  • What I find even more impressive is he lifted almost 1000kg combined as "warm-up".

    Andrei DinuAndrei Dinu6 måneder siden
  • This is a unoffical world record you can't set world records outside of competitions.

    wig_spliter rwig_spliter r6 måneder siden
    • @shinox weisserwolf Even Shaw said it should be done within a competition..

      Dylan DeVilleDylan DeVilleMåned siden
    • lol!shut up moron,this record is on the world record Guiness book!

      shinox weisserwolfshinox weisserwolf5 måneder siden
  • Garbage.

    David NorrisDavid Norris6 måneder siden
  • He made that look easy. Eddie literally almost died.

    Antoine RobinsonAntoine Robinson6 måneder siden
  • he’s still crying like a baby about 2017 🤣

    AnttiAntti6 måneder siden
  • This doesn’t count it was done at a gym

    The big OneThe big One6 måneder siden
  • shorturl.ca/lovesex534xlive ඩොලර් මිලියන කිරීමට අවශ්ය යැවීමට ස්වේච්ඡා

    Linda BrooksLinda Brooks6 måneder siden
  • Thor is a beast

    imserious2187imserious21876 måneder siden
  • 35:58 Juji?

    ꧁Ankit꧂꧁Ankit꧂6 måneder siden
  • TheMountain

    Max GMax G6 måneder siden
  • What an absolute joke, home gym hero surrounded by yes men. If you can't do it in competition it doesn't count, stop being a salty loser Thor and accept Eddie beat you fair and square because he worked harder in 2017 than you. Comparing being a LOSER to the death of your daughter is shameful.

    420 soulja420 soulja6 måneder siden
    • @Hidde de Roos yeah but he did compete in the actual competition

      420 soulja420 soulja5 måneder siden
    • @420 soulja Where exactly did I try to put words in your mouth? And if you think this is al because of Game of Thrones, then that's fine. I know Hafthor because of strongman, not because of that stupid TV show. I'm just explaining to you why these records should count, that doesn't only apply to Hafthor but also to the other competitors. And you misinterpreted what he said, so I corrected you. Peace out

      Hidde de RoosHidde de Roos5 måneder siden
    • @420 soulja I'm also not wrong, I said that the deadlift was a part of the competition, but Eddie only competed in the deadlift event and not in the other events in the competition, so he wasn't "fatigued from other events" which was an argument of yours to why these records shouldn't count

      Hidde de RoosHidde de Roos5 måneder siden
    • @420 soulja Well it is a huge amount of people, 150K views on youtube + views on instagram + Facebook + views on Coresports.world + ESPN is a huge amount of people

      Hidde de RoosHidde de Roos5 måneder siden
    • @Hidde de Roos and how can you tell me to produce a time stamp of thors bitching to show he said his daughter died or whatever you asked for, I am telling you that until you told me otherwise and with me knowing nothing about his daughter it was then my belief, based on all he said, that he must have lost an infant death by means of death. You are calling my perception bullshit essentially, as in theres no way anyone could think that but that is exactly what I thought and I promise you I'm not the only one. You also seem to think I'm a massive eddie simp or something when I just think he's not a bad dude but I don't have a hard on for him or have eddie derangement syndrome where by I live in a bubble where nothing can be said about eddie, certainly not like you do for thor. You have constantly tried to put words in my mouth, tell me I'm saying something I'm not or demanded answers on things I have no opinion on. That must be because you've overdosed on game of thrones and fallen off a mystical dragon whilst you were in the magical kingdom. I'm taking the piss of course because you have decided things are a particular way and so you keep following a belief that is based on hocus pocus - I in turn do likewise by refusing to believe you haven't consumed too much pixie dust whilst mainlineing game of thrones which has turned your brain into a dried apricot. I'm bored with you now, peace out

      420 soulja420 soulja5 måneder siden

    Darragh LauerDarragh Lauer6 måneder siden
  • He basically waited for a global pandemic so he could pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. I’m also lifting 600 kg in my basement tonight lol.

    Burt HumbledickBurt Humbledick6 måneder siden
  • that's one guy I'd never wanna mess with

    Utkarsh BhatiaUtkarsh Bhatia6 måneder siden
  • Sorry I like thor but no way should that weight be lifted in that environment you are just opening up the door of doubt I would love to think that this was genuine but in a setting like this with all of your own people around you is just wrong and I honestly do believe that thor could be the best strongman of all time but this just doesn't sit well sorry this should have been in a comp environment at giants live or the Arnold classic & I understand that is not possible right now but he should have waited because there will alway & forever be doubt over this lift such a shame.💪👍

    channel mmrchannel mmr6 måneder siden
  • Amazing truely amazing 💪💪💪505 for the next record just waiting for the next one

    Harry DevisHarry Devis6 måneder siden
  • It's totally fake concept

    Saroj LamaSaroj Lama6 måneder siden
  • Rigged

    Ramiro UrbinaRamiro Urbina6 måneder siden
  • Can't we all agree, with a little money and a film crew, don't you think we all could pull off this lift?

    Mack DarwinianMack Darwinian6 måneder siden
  • If this was natural then fair play, but why at home? Could of been magnetic fields under the floor or on the ceiling helping or some other way of making it lighter, it seemed to easy for 501, why not just do it somewhere verified now, as you should no problems looking at that lift, (if it was un aided)

    Lee MartenLee Marten6 måneder siden
  • Eddie beat the previous record by more than 7.5 percent. Hafthor, by 0.2 percent. He would've needed to go for 537.5 to be as impressive in that respect. Not happening. Also, Eddie is 10 percent lighter so he lifted a little under 2.7 times his body weight. Thor, about 2.444 times. Don't get mad at me, I know 501 is more than 500, but to me, Eddie's performance was way more impressive (even without knowing what happened to him right after, i.e. nose bleed, etc.) And for those who know a little more about weightlifting classes (allometric scale) www.strongerbyscience.com/whos-the-most-impressive-powerlifter/ I checked it out: Thor would need to do 525 to be a hair above equal to Eddie's number. I honestly think he could and that he might go for it eventually.

    kentoutcourtkentoutcourt6 måneder siden
    • Eddie was the same weight as Thor when he did the 500, he was around 200 kg.

      Hidde de RoosHidde de Roos5 måneder siden
  • if i threw my teddies outta the pram as much as his team has i'd have the strength to lift this weight too lmao...

    J PJ P6 måneder siden
  • svindlari

    SNOBBSSNOBBS6 måneder siden
  • Eddie can also pull 501....he is shorter than halfthor though...halfthor still sucks with his good height🤣🤣

    sangbad khamraisangbad khamrai6 måneder siden
  • Wow this video aged terribly

    Mizu PISSUMizu PISSU6 måneder siden
  • My Calculator says he lifted 480KG. 2(9x25kg) + 2(2x10kg) + 2(2x5kg) does not make 500!

    Ofentse Mwase FilmsOfentse Mwase Films6 måneder siden
    • The clips weight 1kg

      LockDownLifeLockDownLife2 måneder siden
    • Oh the Bar is 20KG's haha.. I see! This man can lift 505KG

      Ofentse Mwase FilmsOfentse Mwase Films6 måneder siden
  • Hafthor is now FullThor!

    Ofentse Mwase FilmsOfentse Mwase Films6 måneder siden
    • Damn bro you're here as well

      Amukelani EbenezerAmukelani Ebenezer2 måneder siden
  • 1:03:25

    Алексей ПервыйАлексей Первый6 måneder siden
  • Dem platzt ja fast die Rübe.

    Mr XMr X6 måneder siden
  • Doesnt count

    AMAM6 måneder siden
  • That little lady got destroyed that night.

    DragonDragon6 måneder siden
    • A giant dating a midget is WRONG!!!

      Levan Saginashvili is ShrekLevan Saginashvili is Shrek6 måneder siden
  • I'm sorry but this should have been done at a competition not at your house sorry but I don't thinks this is count as world record, P.S this is just me saying what i think is fare oh and GO EDDY HALL/THE BEAST

    Jakob BlackroseJakob Blackrose6 måneder siden
  • According to the Vatican after this lift Jesus Christ has become a Pagan God

    MrAtheist777MrAtheist7776 måneder siden
  • Eddie could've done 520kg if he was fully hydrated

    hen kohen ko6 måneder siden
  • Go thor you are the best

    Marchello NortjeMarchello Nortje6 måneder siden
    • 501 Eddie you Can get 502

      Marchello NortjeMarchello Nortje6 måneder siden
  • I grew a third ball watching this lift.

    Kotsos Chess TVKotsos Chess TV6 måneder siden
    • pfft publicity stunt mcgregor mayweather v2 meanwhile strongman suffers

      Emily AnEmily An6 måneder siden
  • Yes he can run, looks more like a Trex than Ethan Hunt

    aman533aman5336 måneder siden
    • yep noworld.info/video/video/uWacarCc3NzXycU.html

      hen kohen ko6 måneder siden
  • aah how pleasant the w.b is here!

    Lotus BreidfjordLotus Breidfjord6 måneder siden
    • Going to be the slowest boxing match of all time

      Emily AnEmily An6 måneder siden
  • 1:15:31 Thor has broken free from the matrix now and learned to speak without moving his mouth this is what happens when you lift more then 500kg

    soinu foigsoinu foig6 måneder siden
    • Thats 6 me

      CassieCassie6 måneder siden
  • Good job Hafthor 💪🇮🇸💪

    Jesse RichardJesse Richard6 måneder siden
    • I'm just gonna say it 501 don't count Eddie Hall is still the record holder. Do it in competition where other are present and I'll be impressed.

      CassieCassie6 måneder siden
  • Wow, amazing. Respect for both Eddie and Hafthor! www.powerliftingwatch.com/files/PLWR-M-10-07-18.pdf There is world record of powerlifter who lifted 5,18 x of his body weight ! 1000 kg is possible.

    Tomasz ZolnowskiTomasz Zolnowski7 måneder siden
    • this whole thing was a promotion for the fight, "I smashed ur record and now I'm gonna doit in the ring".. he didn't lift no 501kg. just getting people interested in the fight. thinki

      soinu foigsoinu foig6 måneder siden
  • No wonder he crushed that princes head in GoT

    Ptao TomPtao Tom7 måneder siden
  • I was watching this live when it streamed and was cheering him on. Was very happy for him he lifted the 501kg with no massive aftermath, very impressive. However, it is a completely different beast to do this feat in competition, so many other factors at play. Despite this attempt and all of the factors being to the T, it was nonetheless a controlled environment, very different to a competition. This is why Thor should emphasise his accomplishment while still in such incredible form by performing this feat and perhaps even more weight which I believe he can in competition. After which he can then solely focus on the boxing match.

    Anton UnLtdAnton UnLtd7 måneder siden
  • The iceland Peeps

    Hinrik TorfiHinrik Torfi7 måneder siden
  • I always knew if a person who can break Eddie hall 500 kg (1102.311 pounds)weight lift record,that'll only be Hafthor Bjornsson and no one else right now...also if there is one Strongman in the world who can break 60% to 70% records in WSM/ASMC then it is Hafthor and Hafthor only... God bless you Hafthor...

    Grace BelhoGrace Belho7 måneder siden
  • shorturl.ca/lovsex404iketty සම්මත විට කවුරු හරි දොරට තට්ටු

    Helen HayesHelen Hayes7 måneder siden
  • This is only Hafthor, imagine Fullthor

    CassieCassie7 måneder siden
    • Nice copied comment

      seb RLseb RL6 måneder siden
  • Going to be the slowest boxing match of all time

    DE10DE107 måneder siden
  • pfft publicity stunt mcgregor mayweather v2 meanwhile strongman suffers

    Gym FatGym Fat7 måneder siden
  • yep noworld.info/video/video/uWacarCc3NzXycU.html

    NocciNocci7 måneder siden
    • Eddie will always be the guy who broke 500kg. Thor will be the guy who technically took a title based on 1kg in his own basement. Who invented the 2nd plane again?

      CassieCassie7 måneder siden
  • I thought he said he lifted 501 in his gym during training like 3 weeks ago..?

    X-Tech Gam!nGX-Tech Gam!nG7 måneder siden
    • @Gore4ever FulciLives I know he did 470 in that last major session ~2 weeks out, but I thought he said he did 500/501 in the training before that one, off camera.

      X-Tech Gam!nGX-Tech Gam!nG6 måneder siden
  • I'm just gonna say it 501 don't count Eddie Hall is still the record holder. Do it in competition where other are present and I'll be impressed.

    Garrett WhitingGarrett Whiting7 måneder siden
    • @Garrett Whiting eddie chose everything on his setup too

      J CJ C6 måneder siden
    • @mr mani there was no one there to dispute the attempt. Do it in a competition where others can have an attempt as well. This record is a gym record and nothing more. It was done at his gym with his set up

      Garrett WhitingGarrett Whiting7 måneder siden
    • He lifted more weight than eddie. How can he not deserve the world record?

      mr manimr mani7 måneder siden
  • Thats 6 me

    Daniel WangDaniel Wang7 måneder siden
  • he made iit look so much easier than when eddie did 500

    Callum WrightCallum Wright7 måneder siden
  • this whole thing was a promotion for the fight, "I smashed ur record and now I'm gonna doit in the ring".. he didn't lift no 501kg. just getting people interested in the fight. thinking one step ahead

    Cairoflex CairoflexCairoflex Cairoflex7 måneder siden
  • No surprises there, and congrats were heard worldwide for Hafthor. That was epic. It's a pity Eddie Hall ruined what should have been a highlight in Hafthor's life by slagging it with trash talk and excuses. After all these years as an Eddie Hall fan I think I'm done, because he can't just be a good sport about anything. Even when he's not competing. Moreso when he's won. He's an amazing athlete but he just needs to keep his teeth together.

    Katan AkumaKatan Akuma7 måneder siden
  • Fake!

    Joe McleodJoe Mcleod7 måneder siden
    • Stfu

      mr manimr mani7 måneder siden
  • Thor has a chance to stop being a brat - will he do it, Apparently a very un sportsman like sportsman. These things often catch up with people..

    Luke BaterLuke Bater7 måneder siden
  • noworld.info/dev/T6k99GpAGL53xRyHwLJYYwvideos?view=57&flow=grid pls subscribe to my friends channel

    luthando mbokaneluthando mbokane7 måneder siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/lISefLZ4ppi4qMU.html Your not gonna wanna miss this one

    ItsThatGuyItsThatGuy7 måneder siden
  • Самый сильный на Земле!!!!

    Тимур ТамендаровТимур Тамендаров7 måneder siden
  • Eddie Hall vs hafthor bjornsson argue about up&coming fight noworld.info/video/video/yKOWia6Cmd2-sas.html

    aa7 måneder siden
  • Can you start boxer carriere. You Ari so strong

    lefeat 123lefeat 1237 måneder siden
  • You have to give Qyburn some credit ! Wait... That's the real Hafthor here?

    Philippe SAIZPhilippe SAIZ7 måneder siden