Full Live Stream | Kearney vs. Stoltman Log Press Record Attempt

11. okt.. 2020
51 004 Ganger

Watch live, Sunday October 11th at 1PM EDT, as Luke Stoltman and Rob Kearney go head to head for the Log Press record. Head referee will be Zydrunas Savickas and commentary by Big Loz and Mark Boyd.

  • Luke is definitely the next Thor

    Stellular NebullaStellular NebullaMåned siden
  • To Rob the best and speed recovery and to Luke Congratulations for the New British Record!!!

    Sandro UenoSandro UenoMåned siden
  • Only Kieliszkowski hi can cross 230kg

    Sebastian KowalczykSebastian KowalczykMåned siden
  • Good thoughts towards Robert man! Such a amazing athlete, 5 foot 10 and under 300 pounds and he’s competing against giants!

    Anthony BengiminaAnthony BengiminaMåned siden
  • Rob I understand the traveling issues going to giants live for the record, but Luke I really dont. At this point it became alot more comfortable doing records at your own gym. Strongman records became a joke.

    Jorge LourençoJorge LourençoMåned siden
  • Crazy how people mock a man working to be the strongest at something. Why?

    TheMrrobustusTheMrrobustusMåned siden
  • Would love to have a video of Rob’s story, be great to share it and show how inspiring he is.

    Ronnie LunnRonnie LunnMåned siden
  • I’m sad for Rob but excited for Luke!! Godspeed for a quick recovery Rob!

    Lu ColbyLu ColbyMåned siden
  • I'm not really a Kearney fan, but hate to see anyone get an injury, hope he heals up well.

    Josh BJosh BMåned siden
  • where are the time stamps!

    justletmyusernamegojustletmyusernamegoMåned siden
  • I said it before and I will say it again Luke should be a voice actor.

  • All best thoughts to Rob. It was anguish seeing him hurt. I know he gave it his all. And LUKE!! I'm happy for him. Phenomenal strongman and worthy achievement. And Zydrunas still sits alone on his mountain top enjoying his view as others struggle to climb where he is.

    Spirit MouseSpirit MouseMåned siden
  • This just shows how incredible of a lifter Big Z is. That record is hard to beat

    PolishPowerHourPolishPowerHourMåned siden
  • An impressive attempt by Luke either way, but keep in mind, Zydrunas set this record in a competition. He wasn't necessarily trying to break a record, he went for a weight that would win the event. He also didn't have the luxury of only focusing on this one lift. He had to manage all of the other events trying to win a WSM title. He only ever failed one lift in all of the log press events in the WSM finals. He is without a doubt King of the log lift. Don't get me wrong, I really like both of the Stroltman brothers and I think they are the future of this sport, but Zydrunas is still the King.

    Jason CohnJason CohnMåned siden
    • Big-Z is the GOAT for me. Arguably together with Brian Shaw.

      TomTomMåned siden
  • Gutted for Rob, get well soon bud. Congrats Luke!

    FairfiedFairfiedMåned siden
  • Way to go Luke on the Britain Record. Hoping for a speedy recovery for Rob.

    The MachineThe MachineMåned siden
  • Have to agree with Luke. Dive into strongman! It's great fun even if you aren't lifting stupid weights

    Tony MorrowTony MorrowMåned siden
  • Feel for Rob he will be back congratulations Luke nice to see your two brothers helping what a strong unit.

    ShovelheadShovelheadMåned siden
  • Hi Luke well done from Gerry kelleher

    Gerard Rhonda should have won KelleherGerard Rhonda should have won KelleherMåned siden
  • Wait, the referee for that lift is the current record holder of that same lift? Doesn't matter if he got any influence on the outcome or not, isn't this biased?

    Ivan RIvan RMåned siden
    • Big Z is the record holder, and arguably the strongest man to ever live, however he's beloved by I think all of the other strongmen due to his positive attitude and integrity. I wouldn't doubt that both Luke and Rob would request Big Z to be the referee of the lifts.

      Jason LewisJason LewisMåned siden
    • You guys obviously have no working knowledge of the world or strongman.

      kaljr82kaljr82Måned siden
    • @Music Sports and Comedy not if you call something an official world record which has implications for other lifters aiming to break it

      Ivan RIvan RMåned siden
    • The competitors themselves trust him implicitly and that should be enough for everyone.

      Music Sports and ComedyMusic Sports and ComedyMåned siden
    • Text book definition for a bias problem. Doesn't matter who he is, look at any other professional sport. It's not like he is the only available referee for that sport, or is he?

      Ivan RIvan RMåned siden
  • Kearney is a jerk specialist ..... nancy boy.

    3Vimages3VimagesMåned siden
    • @3Vimages I know. I'm not judgmental and I respect athletes for their contributions to the sport and not what they do in their private life, unlike you.

      Jason LewisJason LewisMåned siden
    • @Jason Lewis Leave me alone Jason, I am not like you.

      3Vimages3VimagesMåned siden
    • @3Vimages lol, like I said...

      Jason LewisJason LewisMåned siden
    • @Jason Lewis Wash your hands .... and your husbands.

      3Vimages3VimagesMåned siden
    • More of a man than you'll ever be, however.

      Jason LewisJason LewisMåned siden
  • Such a shame for Kearney I hope for a speedy recovery for such a great competitor

    nick dormannick dormanMåned siden
    • nick dorman if that it was a rupture could be up to 5 months or more

      NSD 2204NSD 2204Måned siden
    • NSD 2204 I figured I don’t think you can recover from a tricep Tear that quick and actually compete to any level here’s hoping for Arnold Ohio

      nick dormannick dormanMåned siden
    • Unfortunately he’s out of worlds strongest man this year

      NSD 2204NSD 2204Måned siden
  • Best of British🍾

    Andrew GilbertsonAndrew GilbertsonMåned siden
  • so close for LUKE. Sorry for Rob

    Ben FuocoBen FuocoMåned siden
  • This is epic.

    thebegining100thebegining100Måned siden
  • Really only 29 comments ?

    thebegining100thebegining100Måned siden
    • 73 now.

      Dan MalerDan MalerMåned siden
  • That was an absolute pleasure to watch, with all that is going on in the world to see to guys pushing one another on and being so humble was brilliant. I wish Rob a speedy recovery, two quality guys. Thanks for these shows.

    Benny GilliganBenny GilliganMåned siden
  • That split jerk just looks way out of place

    Aakash SinghAakash SinghMåned siden
  • I think the next person to break the world record will be Big Z himself.

    baconfromhell666baconfromhell666Måned siden
  • So near for Luke , congratulations on the British record, too much to try both on same day I think. Unlucky for Rob.

    Maurice McMulkinMaurice McMulkinMåned siden
    • Clnfused

      Maurice McMulkinMaurice McMulkinMåned siden
    • It sucks that this is the top comment and I saw it, not even trying, before anything started

      Cibor KrzysikCibor KrzysikMåned siden
  • Get well Rob

    Andrey LaviAndrey LaviMåned siden
  • If Luke had skipped the 221 and went straight to the 230 he would have got the lift. I think he should have gone from 190 to 211 to 230, not 190 to 211 to 221 to 230 to 230 again. I think he expended too much energy on the previous lifts. It was one lift too many.

    Dan MalerDan MalerMåned siden
    • Yeah, and if he had skipped the 211kg attempt he would have got at least 240kg. Really though, do you guys even workout? He didn’t have 230kg in him. Thor broke the DL WR by 1kg and you expect Luke to break his own record by 9kg easily? And 9kg on a log is so much harder compared to DL.

      Theodore BagwellTheodore BagwellMåned siden
    • @Dan Maler Totally agree , we will have to wait to see the world record , he definitely has it in him.

      thebegining100thebegining100Måned siden
    • @thebegining100 I understand your point. He wanted to at least get the British record, but had he preserved his energy for the 230, he would have had 2 records today. Btw, your English is great!

      Dan MalerDan MalerMåned siden
    • @Preston Richardson I don't agree. The ease at which he locked out the 221 log tells me he had 230 in him, but had used up his energy on the 221. I could be wrong, I'm sure if anything, he had a higher weight than 221 in him today.

      Dan MalerDan MalerMåned siden
    • It would have been a lot more risky to go your way. And i dont think 230 was there today no matter what.

      Preston RichardsonPreston RichardsonMåned siden
  • 221 kg is 587 pounds (not 586 pounds) Loz. 1 kg = 2.205 pounds.

    Dan MalerDan MalerMåned siden
    • @Dan Maler it's 487

      Army Spec4 69/71Army Spec4 69/71Måned siden
    • @David Gonser I did, that is the correct conversion, or to be more specific, 1 KG = 2.2046, so we can round it to 2.205.

      Dan MalerDan MalerMåned siden
    • Double check your work

      David GonserDavid GonserMåned siden
  • I'm Single 😍😥

    George das nevesGeorge das nevesMåned siden
  • The 230 was so close!

    Nate DoddNate DoddMåned siden
    • No it wasnt

      LuckyGameLuckyGameMåned siden
  • 0:43 awesome-teens24.online

    Paul JonesPaul JonesMåned siden
  • cool gym records, cant wait to see them do this in a comp so it counts

    Kirk RosaKirk RosaMåned siden
    • Just trolling guys sorry had to :P really awesome though what they did, hope rob relaxes and let's that tricep heal good ....ty for the comments, good stuff lol

      Kirk RosaKirk RosaMåned siden
    • You still there in that argument? Jesus man. Move on with your life. (Friendly fire)

      Music Sports and ComedyMusic Sports and ComedyMåned siden
    • Jokes on the yokes

      thebegining100thebegining100Måned siden
    • Literally no different than doing it at the log press championship

      Trevor ReimerTrevor ReimerMåned siden
  • Tom stoltman & Mateusz keilizwoski are the *FUTURE* of STRONGMAN competition World, Just felt like commenting it

    IRON RIDER-97IRON RIDER-97Måned siden
    • @thebegining100 toffe🤩

      IRON RIDER-97IRON RIDER-97Måned siden
    • @Mai A Also Pavlo got amazing genetic and he's strong and young

      Just BertyJust BertyMåned siden
    • And Luke Richardson.

      Mai AMai AMåned siden
    • Whiff toffee

      thebegining100thebegining100Måned siden
  • Waiting for Thor to do the whole plus 1 lift 😁

    Eddie CostaEddie CostaMåned siden
    • You say that as though breaking records by a kilo isn’t a thing that strength athletes do. When it’s actually common.

      Music Sports and ComedyMusic Sports and ComedyMåned siden
    • Thor is retired from professional strongman.

      Jason LewisJason LewisMåned siden
    • He would double dip tho

      NSD 2204NSD 2204Måned siden
  • Congrats luke... 🔥🔥

    KassaKassaMåned siden
  • 221kg 42min 230kg 2nd attempt 55mins

    Finlay AndersonFinlay AndersonMåned siden
    • @Michael Harris when do u believe the world started?

      Finlay AndersonFinlay AndersonMåned siden
    • @Michael Harris He’s good at killing people for no reason :)

      DylanDylanMåned siden
    • God is so good. No matter what happens in life, He has a plan better than anything we can imagine. He is working all things out for our good, even when we don’t understand why some things happen the way they do. Don’t lose faith, keep trusting and believing in Him. God isn’t done with you, keep fighting the good fight. Be a blessing to someone today. God bless. Do you know Jesus as your Lord and savior? It’s the best decision you can ever make, and at the end of the day, it’s the ultimate decision we have to make. This life is only temporary. Eternity is forever. Do you know where you will spend eternity? God bless. God is so good.

      Michael HarrisMichael HarrisMåned siden
    • @Dan Maler most unnecessary comment in youtube is this mate. Good job.

      Muratcan UğurMuratcan UğurMåned siden
    • @Dan Maler Chill, not everybody is as great as you, Dan.

      Dylan HinegardnerDylan HinegardnerMåned siden
  • Not that it was close but I would never accept a split jerk as the record, it's a totally different thing.

    Martin JohanssonMartin JohanssonMåned siden
    • @Robert Keoseyan What the fook are you on about? LMAO.

      OutlandOutlandMåned siden
    • Robert Keoseyan You clearly have no idea what youre talking about.... Nothing about it is for show, it still requires an immense amount of strength. You compete within the rules of the sport. Dont hate the player hate the game.

      wildwiliewildwilieMåned siden
    • The problem with things like the split jerk, especially with smaller guys like Kearney, it REQUIRES perfect technique and catch for him to have a chance at standing with the weight. All of the record holders have done it with a push-press, with strength and power being an emphasis. It's so hard to believe Rob can even stand with these weights, and this attempt proves why he's tapped out. If he doesn't perform perfect technique, the weight immediately falls because he can't catch it. Luke had a LOT more pressing engagement, but the difference is he's pressing a weight never recorded before.

      A-A-Ron DavisA-A-Ron DavisMåned siden
    • Christopher Chi The funny thing is that your comment is completely upside down. Powerlifting and olympic lifting are about getting the weight from point a to b, technique doesnt matter, thats why they split jerk, squat snatch, and arch bench press

      Robert KeoseyanRobert KeoseyanMåned siden
    • Christopher Chi You are wrong. Its not about moving from one point to the other, its about doing so within the rules. Thats why double dipping is outlawed in the viking press and thats why the cheater sumo deadlift is not allowed either. And the same should be for the split jerk in log. Its an insult.

      Robert KeoseyanRobert KeoseyanMåned siden
  • If we didn’t know already we are really seeing what a monster world record Z holds here. Getting that 230 is close but hard as hell. Z is a beast!! Brilliant for Luke to get the British record and Rob will take that US record higher. Hope his injury isn’t too bad and he recovers well.

    Music Sports and ComedyMusic Sports and ComedyMåned siden
    • @WOLFPACK TV Yeah, I’ve just learned that he’s out of the worlds. Tough break.

      Music Sports and ComedyMusic Sports and ComedyMåned siden
    • ruptured triceps means he's out for 6 and more months..

    • I have heard from 245 kg in training.

      Ralf BuronRalf BuronMåned siden
    • And Big Z still had more in the tank that day, it was not a hard lift for him at all. He is the best of all time.

      Robert KeoseyanRobert KeoseyanMåned siden
    • And Z always did it in comp. Just wow.

      Martin JohanssonMartin JohanssonMåned siden