Full Live Stream | Mark Boyd 4X Bodyweight Deadlift Attempt

18. juli. 2020
36 627 Ganger

Watch live, Saturday July 18th at 12PM EDT, as Feats of Strength co-commentator Mark Boyd will be attempting a 4 times bodyweight deadlift (400kg/880lbs at 100kg/220lb body weight). Zydrunas Savickas will be judging and Big Loz commentating while Mark gives himself a taste of his own medicine for the Feats of Strength Season 1 Finale.

  • I think he just may have blew and o-ring and crapped himself with the 400 kg. I think the nutcracker may have paid him a visit too, ouch!!!

    apainterinahurryapainterinahurry3 måneder siden
  • So inspiring nevertheless! Makes no difference to me whether he makes the lift or not. All my respect!!

    Peter MarshallPeter Marshall4 måneder siden
  • What was the point of this? He is not a pro strongman. I thought the WUS feats of strength was for pro strongmen.

    Douglas NisbetDouglas Nisbet4 måneder siden
  • That was so close!!! I was pulling with him, Loz!!! He will do it soon!!! Maybe he can attempt it again in the next round of WUS. Great job to all that presented WUS! I enjoyed all the broadcasts!! Looking forward for some more!

    Gennaro PileggiGennaro Pileggi4 måneder siden
  • Rouge Why don’t you showcase more of Powerlifting. Stop selling out for Strongman.

    FortiusFortius4 måneder siden
  • Still very impressive . wow

    las Vegaslas Vegas4 måneder siden
  • Ed coan has deadlifted 880 at 220 more than a few times.sorry but this is nothing new

    Stephen HoweStephen Howe4 måneder siden
    • because mark boyd did it without steroid

      Bilbo CosbyBilbo CosbyMåned siden
    • I know right, Yury Belkin has done 440kg raw no straps no suit at like 105kg. I don’t understand the hype behind Strongman.

      FortiusFortius4 måneder siden
  • Its impressive when clean movement and no straps

    Allan JohnsonAllan Johnson4 måneder siden
    • so this isn't impressive lmao?

      JHMninja89JHMninja894 måneder siden
  • great shows, great entertainment, some were not really ready to go for the records, but i like how everyone tried to do something during these restrictive times. +1

    TNM001TNM0014 måneder siden
  • That livrstream delay, just get a judge in person ffs

    Ben ArmstrongBen Armstrong4 måneder siden
  • What an honor to have Big Z calling out for you.

    Acrobatic Jesus1Acrobatic Jesus14 måneder siden
  • Damn! First one looked like it was just stuck on quad muscle! You’ll get it soon

    Adam HinkleAdam Hinkle4 måneder siden
  • That's Awesome way to push your body he will get it next time Keep up the great work....

    Dewight ThomasDewight Thomas4 måneder siden
  • No doubt this is impressive, BUT, surely the idea behind a Strongman record, where straps, hitching etc are allowed, is that they are greater than proper powerlifting records? 🤷🏼 With this lift, that is not the case, more has been lifted in competition with no suit, no straps, no hitch. So this seems fairly pointless?

    Prime MattPrime Matt4 måneder siden
    • @Fortius And?

      JHMninja89JHMninja894 måneder siden
    • JHMninja89 And? Yury Belkin has done 440kg at 105kg no straps no suit.

      FortiusFortius4 måneder siden
    • This guy is under 220 lbs, is a founder of World's Ultimate Strongman, and is attempting to lift a tad over 4x bodyweight (400kg)

      JHMninja89JHMninja894 måneder siden
  • huge respect man. if u had the talcum powder and perfect focus in that first attempt, you would've made it for sure. i wasn't expecting that second attempt to be so good after all that spent energy.

    miskee11miskee114 måneder siden
    • @Hamza Khan yeah just checked his insta, he made it.

      JHMninja89JHMninja894 måneder siden
    • @Hamza Khan for real?

      JHMninja89JHMninja894 måneder siden
    • miskee11 and he just comes back the next day and does it lol. See his insta

      Hamza KhanHamza Khan4 måneder siden
  • Сколько там кг было? Скажите пожалуйста

    Артем ЕфимовАртем Ефимов4 måneder siden
  • Larry aint big compared to the top strongmen but he already makes this guy look like a child. I've been next to Brian and Thor once at the Arnold; I'm 6'1 and I weight 210 lbs - those guys made look like a toddler.

    GmergeGmerge4 måneder siden
  • Super close and super intense lift! Thisnwill be done soon enough, I hope he gets another chance soon 💪

    ElvisitorElvisitor4 måneder siden
  • As locked out as Eddie's 500 :)

    StevieGStevieG4 måneder siden
  • You can see on Big Z's face how much he wanted to give that rep. So intense

    StoriaronStoriaron4 måneder siden
  • That is impressive

    Paul ReaderPaul Reader4 måneder siden
  • Triple ply deadlift suit, wraps, and a hitch. I hate that this is even considered a strength record of any sorts.

    Jim HJim H4 måneder siden
  • He only weighed 94 kilos and he was going for 400 kilos on the first attempt haft a inch from lock out if he used the talcum powder he would of got it, wow he is super strong for his body weight, for any body weight, great job mark next time for sure, STAY STRONG!!! 👍👍💪

    B LtB Lt4 måneder siden
    • 99.4kg*

      apekatt2007apekatt20074 måneder siden
  • So close.You will get it in the future Mark.

    Paul FordPaul Ford4 måneder siden
  • You can see how much latency there is between Big Z and the competition when he dropped his first 400kg attempt.

    Macro AbuserMacro Abuser4 måneder siden
  • Good job, the result doesn't matter, it's the effort and trial itself.

    A ElsisyA Elsisy4 måneder siden
  • Great attempts just missing the lock out two times 400 kg is in your future well done.

    Robin MuirheadRobin Muirhead4 måneder siden
  • Just half an inch away! The fact that he lifted that weight twice is impressive by itself!

    Hamza KhanHamza Khan4 måneder siden
  • I think He needed something on his legs so he could lock out

    Leonard DuncanLeonard Duncan4 måneder siden
  • 100% heart and strength

    PowerToSparePowerToSpare4 måneder siden
  • Lift is 46.12

    tamilans gametamilans game4 måneder siden
    • If you use a colon instead of a period, it'll hyperlink for you 😊 46:12

      Aaron KerriganAaron Kerrigan4 måneder siden
  • Sad he didn’t get it but good strength and good lifts. Worked very hard for this amazing job Mark!

    InkMaskInkMask4 måneder siden
  • He had this! I wouldn't bother with all the silly suit equipment. Just get STRONGER. 🙂🙂🙂

    Zaine RidlingZaine Ridling4 måneder siden
    • @Hamza Khan Thanks for the information sir. Appreciate it.

      Muscle Freak BCSMuscle Freak BCS4 måneder siden
    • @Tushar V Thanks for the information sir. Appreciate it.

      Muscle Freak BCSMuscle Freak BCS4 måneder siden
    • Muscle Freak BCS squat suits and deadlift suits are the same suits

      Tushar VTushar V4 måneder siden
    • Muscle Freak BCS Eddie and Thor both used suits

      Hamza KhanHamza Khan4 måneder siden
    • @Bill Avery Sir, Sorry for my ignorance but could you please tell me if Eddie Hall and Hafthor wore a Deadlift suit when they did 500 kg and 501 kg or so respectively? And if they did, is there Single and Multiply Deadlift Suits like Squat Suits and if so, what did they use? I assume Squat and Deadlift Suits are different, but I am not sure. And if you don't mind, what about Andy Bolton when he had a record? Thanks in advance.

      Muscle Freak BCSMuscle Freak BCS4 måneder siden
  • Wow! Even though he didn't complete the lift, still impressive as hell!!

    Hulk SlayerHulk Slayer4 måneder siden
  • Great Effort Man

    Mc KaliMc Kali4 måneder siden