Full Live Stream | Oleksii Novikov 100KG Giant Dumbbell for Max Reps Attempt

30. mai. 2020
51 870 Ganger

Watch Live Tomorrow, May 30th at 12PM ET as Oleksii Novikov attempts to set a new World Record of 100kg/220lb Giant Dumbbell for max reps in 75 seconds. The stream will be broadcast live from Kiev, Ukraine with Laurence Shahlaei and Mark Boyd commentating and Zydrunas Savickas refereeing.

  • Лучший!!!!

    Александр КривоносАлександр КривоносMåned siden
  • That guy that interviewed Novikov at the end sounded like a robot 🤖. I swear I thought it was dubbed over with a translator until I noticed that the lips matched up. To funny.

    aola wiliaola wili5 måneder siden
  • Cлава Україні!

    Master OrionMaster Orion5 måneder siden
  • 52:00

    Vitaliy PoplavetsVitaliy Poplavets5 måneder siden
    • He is the most explosive strongman. Watch him in pulling events! it’s crazy! Much potential. Wsm 2022

      aola wiliaola wili5 måneder siden
  • i'm 100th commentator, wow :)

    Marc WhollermanMarc Whollerman6 måneder siden
    • yeeeaah, and 101st comment! oleksii novikov!!

      Marc WhollermanMarc Whollerman6 måneder siden
  • Well, for what it's worth, Brian Shaw was right--now they're just doing world record attempts wherever, whenever. Cool story bro.

    efseditaefsedita6 måneder siden
  • Novikov: I'm the greatest one-arm dumbbell presser in the world. Mateuz: hold my toffy donut.

    Yuki FYuki F6 måneder siden
  • Con quien tengo que hablar para probar en unos meses?

    • Vamos tu sí que puedes con ese récord, el otro Antonio no puede ni con una mancuerna de 70kg. 😂

      Niðavellir DwarfNiðavellir Dwarf17 dager siden
    • @Armando Jaleo jajajjajajaj. Porqué me borran el mensaje??. Tu mamá me enseñó campeón. Tenéis miedo ehh? Sabéis que si lo entreno eso se me da bien ehh?. Cuando quieras das la cara y te tomas conmigo un café. Te vas a tomar ese y no vas a querer más

    • pero que vas hacer tu? si eres el mayor embustero de youtube... solo te dedicas a engañar y alimentarte el ego.... Embustero, mentiroso.... mal educado. De cada 10 palabras que sueltas por la boca 11 son mentida

      Armando JaleoArmando Jaleo6 måneder siden
  • a "simple" spanish strongman can match you noworld.info/video/video/mnuri7d605XN0Lc.html

    aquí se gripaaquí se gripa6 måneder siden
    • @Armando Jaleo ya sé que corta el vídeo, que puede ser que pese menos la mancuerna cuando está haciendo el ejercicio, puede, pero yo no creo que haya bajado el peso, a mí me extrañaría, de todas formas seguro que no es el único vídeo que hará del estilo

      aquí se gripaaquí se gripa6 måneder siden
    • este es un embustero.... como corta el video despues de pesar la mancuerna... luego el acusa a Novikov de embustero pero madre mia... porque no hacia las repes despues de pesar la mancuerna sin hacer cortes en el video? que sentido tiene? cargo con 100 para pesarla pero luego la vacio para calentar y no sale en el video

      Armando JaleoArmando Jaleo6 måneder siden
  • Incredible effort by Oleksii Novikov, however, I have to say not a very professional event; the fact that they had to change the pad shows the criteria was not even known by those setting up the event; add to that I watched the whole event and re-ran bits a couple of times and could not for the life of me find out what the number of reps was on the old record. For all of that I did enjoy it and will take nothing away from Oleksii, as he, at least, did come fully prepared.

    Mark EllisMark Ellis6 måneder siden
  • damn, I tried to press my 40 kg dumbbell a few days ago not even close an my elbow joint hurt af.

  • To Be honest, if you put Money on the table, At least two Athletes will beat that record without any effort .. Hafthor, Mateush, Eddie, or Brian.. Maybe even Marcis.

    SB SBSB SB6 måneder siden
  • Mateusz Kieliszkowski will destroy that triple time....so what we're talking about. ....

    Omen EvildoerOmen Evildoer6 måneder siden
  • Krasava!pozdorovljajy👏

    Andriy LazorykAndriy Lazoryk6 måneder siden
  • Where is Eddie Hall saying that's a gym record doesn't count ?

    Pot PortraitsPot Portraits6 måneder siden
  • Олексій, ти показав гарний результат. Так тримати!

    BAUBAU6 måneder siden
  • O so Eddies gonna count this Tom stoltman and Julius Maddox record but not Thor’s record and give him the name home gym hero says a lot about eddie

    Zubair DanaZubair Dana6 måneder siden
  • whats is the material of the DB ? so heavy for a "little" size, is that just steel?

    jeam-marie desruellejeam-marie desruelle6 måneder siden
  • That's really amazing feat of strength 💪 at such a young age

    Abel ScofieldAbel Scofield6 måneder siden
  • He is the most explosive strongman. Watch him in pulling events! it’s crazy! Much potential. Wsm 2022

    BlumpkinBoy 666BlumpkinBoy 6666 måneder siden
  • That guy that interviewed Novikov at the end sounded like a robot 🤖. I swear I thought it was dubbed over with a translator until I noticed that the lips matched up. To funny.

    BlumpkinBoy 666BlumpkinBoy 6666 måneder siden
    • 😅

  • Video starts at 40:20

    Sage BiasSage Bias6 måneder siden
  • Laurence is really good at strongman commentating, he carried all these live streams! I hope core sports is paying him good. Wsm 2020

    BlumpkinBoy 666BlumpkinBoy 6666 måneder siden
    • Daniel Chun mark henry and Colin Bryce Can’t stand Colin Bryce he can go blow a space cowboy

      BlumpkinBoy 666BlumpkinBoy 6666 måneder siden
    • Mark Henry the wwe champion. They always announce him with that tag as if it’s respectable

      BlumpkinBoy 666BlumpkinBoy 6666 måneder siden
    • Better than mark henry lol

      Daniel ChunDaniel Chun6 måneder siden
  • Kieliszkowski did 12 reps in 60 sec.

    senioritaseniorita6 måneder siden
    • @Retep Sualk World's Strongest Fan Chanel , he have video about it

      Kw ZwKw Zw6 måneder siden
    • @Retep Sualk i dont remember which video but on Real Pharm channel.

      senioritaseniorita6 måneder siden
    • @seniorita link? Instagram?

      Retep SualkRetep Sualk6 måneder siden
    • @Retep Sualk training video.

      senioritaseniorita6 måneder siden
    • I don't even need proof to believe that

      teenage spacelandteenage spaceland6 måneder siden
  • Guys like Novikov and Rob Kearney are coming, and it's really exciting to see them through. Congratulations, Oleksii! 💯🌟🌟🌟💯 Вітаю, Олексію, це було фантастично! Дякуємо вам за всю вашу наполегливу працю, щоб зробити цю подію приємною для всіх ваших шанувальників! 💯🌟🌟🌟💯

    Zaine RidlingZaine Ridling6 måneder siden
  • Big thanks to Rogue for streaming this. Congrats to Novikov beast effort.

    The ArmoryThe Armory6 måneder siden
  • What made that even more insane was his bodyweight. He's BELOW 300 pounds.

    RMRM6 måneder siden
  • Great record, Great Guy but damn Loz and Mark carried the show. Congrats Novikov!

    J-rocJ-roc6 måneder siden
  • Bravo Novikov !

    Igor PasaricIgor Pasaric6 måneder siden
  • So great to see Lawrence Shahlaei doing more and more commentary work. He is a perfect face for Strongman. Well known for his fair evaluation of other athletes as well as being a legendary Strongman himself. Good luck Oleksii Novikov! You are quickly becoming a known face in the sport and well as being humble despite his successes.

    Tacit RoninTacit Ronin6 måneder siden
    • Yes, everyone loves the Loz! 💯🤗👍👍👍💯

      Zaine RidlingZaine Ridling6 måneder siden
  • Eddie.Hall vomiting right now.

    dramatishdramatish6 måneder siden
  • He proves that you don't have to be giant to be superstrong

    SadokSadok6 måneder siden
  • Great performance!

    Matteo TortelloMatteo Tortello6 måneder siden
  • Mateusz Kieliszkowski: *Hold my vodka*

    DmitriyDmitriy6 måneder siden
    • * donuts

      slavjaninslavjanin6 måneder siden
  • Awesome stuff. Grats man!

    john knousejohn knouse6 måneder siden
  • Compare with Mateuz (23:46) >> noworld.info/video/video/sJHSZ9qN2dadwtE.html&lc=z224sj4x0urhulmja04t1aokgwiibblfkso0stqq31cybk0h00410

    CAVCAV6 måneder siden
  • He made that look effortless! Such speed!

    Tony crispinTony crispin6 måneder siden
  • Ok. Now we need to wait until Mateusz beat him

    JW WerminaJW Wermina6 måneder siden
  • Sehr verrückt, es hat mir gefallen!

    AlelAlel6 måneder siden
  • If you had something that could truly absorb the impact of the dumbbell (so, no huge bounce), then maybe that 11 could have been 13 or so.

    Ryan McCarthyRyan McCarthy6 måneder siden
  • I will just wait for Mateusz 🇵🇱

    Mr GMr G6 måneder siden
  • Me ajudei

    Canal Aladim MemesCanal Aladim Memes6 måneder siden
  • Another "Homegym Hero", Eddi? 🤣

    Walz vunn de PalzWalz vunn de Palz6 måneder siden
    • Hell yeah😅

  • World class Strongman, AND has a masters in intl finance. All before 25 years. VERY impressive

    Sri VSri V6 måneder siden
  • Im pretty sure that Mateusz would bet that World Record EASILY. :) Anyway Congratulation!

    KrakersKrakers6 måneder siden
    • Mateusz get 11 in 60sec on training. There was a wideo....

      ?-?-??-?-?6 måneder siden
    • yea, why that,mateusz dont go break it

      2005 frankie2005 frankie6 måneder siden
  • As Loz notes at the beginning, Novikov needs to be more selective with events. He did really well for 8 months last year, then started to drop off. He did quite poor at both the Arnold Santa Monica and the Arnold Classic this year. But he also did an insane amount of shows leading up to those events (more events than even JF Caron). If he can avoid working so much, then he'll be insane in another few years.

    Ryan McCarthyRyan McCarthy6 måneder siden
  • Where are all the Eddie fanboys saying this doesn't count? 😂

    DmitriyDmitriy6 måneder siden
    • @Timmy Turner That´s bullshit. Thor has done a speed rep with 474 kg in competition and was close to lifting 501 on the elephant bar in 2019.

      Hidde de RoosHidde de Roos5 måneder siden
    • He never lifted 500 kg I never saw that someone weight the plates 😂😝

      ThomasThomas6 måneder siden
    • So do you really think thor would not be stronger in front of 10 000 people? He would have been able to lift 50 kgs heavier

      Zetsu KunoihchiZetsu Kunoihchi6 måneder siden
    • Novikov has proved he is close to this level in competition. Bjornsson has never lifted anything close to 500kg in competition.

      Timmy TurnerTimmy Turner6 måneder siden
    • @Dmitriy the reason i have a problem with breaking records at home is because then most of them will probably be broken there and when i go to wsm or Arnolds next my chances of seeing greatness diminishes alot wrecking the sport and if its done at an event then no ones going to argue

      luke mckeeluke mckee6 måneder siden
  • Congratulations !!!

    guillaume gueringuillaume guerin6 måneder siden
  • So how long is it going to be until oberst and shaw post videos trash talking/whining how it doesn't count ect

    Cooney. BCooney. B6 måneder siden
    • @Cooney. B Oberst should have started posting videos a year ago. Brian and Eddie's channels boomed after the History show became popular. Oberst screwed up by not capitalizing on the History show, so he's leaching off this stuff to make up for it.

      Ryan McCarthyRyan McCarthy6 måneder siden
    • @Ryan McCarthy agreed, oberst seems butthurt/jealous he can't do what these guys are, wasn't offered the opportunity, sponsors, tv time ect .. how he went off posting bs about Thor's lift was a bad look for him/the sport

      Cooney. BCooney. B6 måneder siden
    • Oberst won't leach views so he won't post about it (he's literally just trying to get views any way he can since he's past his prime and his prime was mediocre). Shaw doesn't seem to care after the initial comment on Thor's lift.

      Ryan McCarthyRyan McCarthy6 måneder siden
  • The rise of the trenboloney sandwich!!

    getmassive999getmassive9996 måneder siden
    • Those are the best sandwiches esp for the summer lol sun's out guns out 💪🏋️

      Cooney. BCooney. B6 måneder siden
  • Iam not a fan of this type of worldrecords. The records in the past were done in competition only which is a complete different situation as when you only prepare for one event and come completely fresh and in perfect shape. As far as i remember Belszak did 10 reps in 60sec in the past as well?

    Mike DeburghMike Deburgh6 måneder siden
    • Zaine Ridling If you want see records you can go watching Powerlifting. This is a contest for records.

      Mike DeburghMike Deburgh6 måneder siden
    • Yes, but it is what it is, and that's essentially a "feat of strength." Moreover, these feats set a benchmark for future contests.

      Zaine RidlingZaine Ridling6 måneder siden
  • Attempt starts at 40:20

    jbibanezdude44jbibanezdude446 måneder siden
    • @TheAndyfull xD

      Bohdan ArtemenkoBohdan Artemenko5 dager siden
    • Thanks

      Leo BecerraLeo Becerra6 måneder siden
    • TheAndyfull thanks

      Sam BettsSam Betts6 måneder siden
    • Every thing starts at four Twenty

      TheAndyfullTheAndyfull6 måneder siden
  • Cool

    konstantin podoplelovkonstantin podoplelov6 måneder siden
  • I genuinely believe that Novikov has huge potential in strongman. He’s relatively new and time will definitely tell 💯🤟🏼

    Nobodyy CaresNobodyy Cares6 måneder siden
    • Oh yes but at 3rd place with Tom Stoltman on 2nd and Mateuz on 1st

      Akshit RavichandranAkshit Ravichandran6 måneder siden
  • Didn't Radzikowski, Kieliszkowski and others did 100kg dumbell for 12reps on wsm in 60s? 🤔🤷‍♂️ Or i have mind f*ck... 😶

    PatologiaKu4waPatologiaKu4wa6 måneder siden
    • @jbibanezdude44 oh jes 60s but is not Don?

      PatologiaKu4waPatologiaKu4wa6 måneder siden
    • 12 reps in 1 hours sounds pretty easy ;)

      jbibanezdude44jbibanezdude446 måneder siden
  • Красавчик!!!!!

    Константин ФактКонстантин Факт6 måneder siden