Full Live Stream | Rhianon Lovelace 139KG Atlas Stone Lift Attempt

6. juni. 2020
40 835 Ganger

Watch Live Saturday June 6th at 12PM ET as Rhianon Lovelace will attempt to break the Lightweight Women's World Record of the 139kg/306lb Atlas Stone Hoist. Live from the UK with Laurence Shahlaei and Mark Boyd commentating and Zydrunas Savickas refereeing.

  • and you're just not a beast you're gorgeous too!

    Jeff LowneyJeff Lowney9 dager siden
  • Absolutely inspiring. Champions mindset.

    cypress0necypress0ne4 måneder siden
  • her balls weigh more than the atla stones after all that injecting xdddddd

    Couldbe NeverwillCouldbe Neverwill5 måneder siden
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  • Awesome Rhianon!!! New World Record!!! BEAST 💪

    Tim BirkettTim Birkett5 måneder siden
  • She will get it the next time for sure. She was so close!

    Clifford Gordon, Jr.Clifford Gordon, Jr.5 måneder siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/2H_JZa9-sNqcmtk.html

    JamieAnn's MoviesJamieAnn's Movies5 måneder siden
  • Amazing! Well done indeed!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Roy GodiksenRoy Godiksen5 måneder siden
  • Why is it called strongman competition but they keep referring to the competetors as she?

    Rajeshwar SharmaRajeshwar Sharma5 måneder siden
    • Strongman is the sport

      Josh McaloonJosh Mcaloon4 måneder siden
  • I believe in you.

    Aaron M. SolomonAaron M. Solomon5 måneder siden
  • Was für eine starke Frau!

    AldezioAldezio5 måneder siden
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    Anthony VollbrechtAnthony Vollbrecht5 måneder siden
    • buy rice and onion

      white seedwhite seed5 måneder siden
  • Wow, so so close! She will definitely get it on the next shot.

    Brandon TorbertBrandon Torbert5 måneder siden
  • warmup lift: 28:55 141 kg: 40:00 151 kg: 53:50 151 kg (2nd attempt): 55:10 you're welcome

    spacebrainspacebrain5 måneder siden
    • Thanks

      bagged1998bagged19985 måneder siden
    • Love from india.🙏🏻

      Rush VlogsRush Vlogs5 måneder siden
    • 💙

      Andrew MazaikAndrew Mazaik5 måneder siden
    • You're the best

      Bella MillsBella Mills5 måneder siden
  • Great attempt nice job. More practice with the 141 over the bar for reps and you'll be ready.

    Chris SarinaChris Sarina5 måneder siden
  • Awsome performance 🤘

    Eimf wbEimf wb5 måneder siden
  • Good job! You almost had it. You'll get it for sure the next time.

    Marisa HernandezMarisa Hernandez5 måneder siden
  • Damn, she passed out scary close to those metal racks

    Zeb FrossZeb Fross5 måneder siden
    • Pretty close to a Million Dollar Baby moment....

      Jakob HansenJakob Hansen5 måneder siden
  • Injuries aside if you need that much support I'm pretty sure that you're body isn't strong enough for the weight.

    This is how the truth diesThis is how the truth dies5 måneder siden
    • Thanks for using your comment to validate your name - your sense of irony should be the last thing that defines us as a species right before we're wiped off the planet. Truly epic, both as epithet and epitaph, bonehead.

      James XJames X5 måneder siden
    • @niktak11 yep does save your skin. But I don't like using them lol.

      spider man webspider man web5 måneder siden
    • @spider man web not really better than just tacky. It just saves your skin

      niktak11niktak115 måneder siden
    • @niktak11 arm sleeves for stones grip the stone better.

      spider man webspider man web5 måneder siden
    • What's she wearing besides knee sleeves and a belt?

      niktak11niktak115 måneder siden
  • Lets go! 💪💪💪💪💪

    Total Strength - NLTotal Strength - NL5 måneder siden
  • Good try, I can't imagine lifting the first stone even.

    Daniel PessoaDaniel Pessoa5 måneder siden
  • Incredible. That stone seems bigger than she is. No wasted effort at all. Great job, congratulations! 💯🌟🌟🌟🌟💯

    Zaine RidlingZaine Ridling5 måneder siden
    • Vanta Black well I’ve responded already but I guess apparently it didn’t go through. She beat the world record by 2kg and went to go on to attempt to beat it by 12kg and barely missed that attempt. I am not virtue signaling. You are just a person that wants to hate on someone who’s on a world class level while you’re probably sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing comparable.

      Polish_War_BearPolish_War_Bear5 måneder siden
    • Vanta Black She broke a world record. She also competes in the under 140 pound weight class

      Seth TSeth T5 måneder siden
    • @Vanta Black she barely weighs 145lb.

      Dan ThomasDan Thomas5 måneder siden
    • @Vanta Black She broke the world record, didn't get the 151. She succeeded in her main goal

      branominalbranominal5 måneder siden
    • She also very clearly picked it up she just didn't get it over the platform.

      Polish_War_BearPolish_War_Bear5 måneder siden
  • Wow he's strong!

    tauno908tauno9085 måneder siden
    • tauno908 How bold of you to assume I’m juiced to the gills :) I’m not. But unlike you, I realise it’s nothing special 😉

      Pearcey 20Pearcey 204 måneder siden
    • @Pearcey 20 Thanks!Now get yourself a haircut if you have any hair left and enjoy your liver until its good enough.

      tauno908tauno9084 måneder siden
    • tauno908 drug free, how amazing! Here have a gold star ⭐️

      Pearcey 20Pearcey 204 måneder siden
    • @tauno908 "roids", huh?LOL Listen, dummy, if they weren't so thoroughly baseless, your comments might actually be hilarious (but probably not). Your biggest problem, however, isn't a lack of wit, but a perspective so significantly misguided that you start off WAAAAY dumb, and actually just get progressively dumber. Sort of a slippery slope of stupid. But also massive, like an avalanche of idiot. Either way, your display has been both impressive and terrifying - thanks for being the *real* champ here today. :)

      James XJames X5 måneder siden
    • @tauno908 she has made a name for herself, you will be forgotten in time and nobody will remember you, she has cemented her name in the strongwoman history books and her name is all over google when you search for her. she has a world record, you have nothing.

      MooshimocaMooshimoca5 måneder siden