Full Live Stream | Rob Kearney 475LB Log Lift Attempt

13. juni. 2020
9 392 Ganger

After setting the American Log Record in 2019 at 471lbs, Rob Kearney is attempting to break his own record Saturday June 13th at Noon ET live from Powerstation Studios in Cheshire, Connecticut! His 475lb attempt will be refereed by Zydrunas Savickas and commentated on by Big Loz and Mark Boyd

  • I hope he does it at the next competition to make it official. Amazing lift. :)

    MinnowMinnow5 måneder siden
  • So basketball wasn't created in the USA! It was James Naismith from canada

    Farm BearFarm Bear5 måneder siden
    • @bigk2080 that was one of the few places he taught! U know ur stuff

      Farm BearFarm Bear5 måneder siden
    • Yes, he was a Canadian who invented basketball while teaching in Springfield, Massachusetts.

      bigk2080bigk20805 måneder siden
  • It was impressive. But is hard to forget he finished behind a guy on one good leg at the Arnold this year.

    Wild BillWild Bill5 måneder siden
  • The level of strongman is getting insane compared to even 10 years ago. Great lift Rob.

    Read My CommentRead My Comment5 måneder siden
  • Do these home lifts really count as official records? Just curious

    Neil WilsonNeil Wilson5 måneder siden
    • No

      Prime MattPrime Matt5 måneder siden
  • What's up with everyone rocking the rainbow dye?

    Tuna_boatTuna_boat5 måneder siden

    Zaine RidlingZaine Ridling5 måneder siden
  • Great lift!!! Hard word does pay off!! Congrats Rob!!

    Lu ColbyLu Colby5 måneder siden
  • Amazing! Made it look easy

    L HoffL Hoff5 måneder siden
  • No point for having judge just makes this whole thing look like a circus zydrunas pretending to actually judge lmao looks fake af

    Pretty TubePretty Tube5 måneder siden
    • Why dont you lift more to show us how its done

      Read My CommentRead My Comment5 måneder siden
    • Strongman has always been a circus kinda the whole point bro. Lol

      Boulder The FatBoulder The Fat5 måneder siden
    • Eddie Hall, stop with the fake accounts. You're history.

      Zaine RidlingZaine Ridling5 måneder siden
  • Massachusetts, the greatest place on Earth, or any other planet...and now, live, from...Connecticut?

    Joe SchmoJoe Schmo5 måneder siden
    • Yeah Massachusetts is great if you like to a taxed to death servant.

      Wild BillWild Bill5 måneder siden
  • Fantastic lift,and Mr Poundstone has gone up greatly in my estimation,well done all.

    Richard RaeRichard Rae5 måneder siden
    • Richard Rae too right, Derek is clearly a great trainer

      Cloud StrifeCloud Strife5 måneder siden
  • Congrats Rob!

    Dan MalerDan Maler5 måneder siden
  • Bring that WR home to the US Rob!!

    esellantaesellanta5 måneder siden
  • Never seen a 20m intro before. My god the filler on this is about Ridiculous

    AutoGamesNationAutoGamesNation5 måneder siden
  • awesome lift Rob

    Maxxx SkullsMaxxx Skulls5 måneder siden
  • not in competition, not official records

    revz1373revz13735 måneder siden
    • You have no clue. His name isn't Brad Castleberry

      Anthony LaudanoAnthony Laudano5 måneder siden
    • @Joe Schmo Would be funny seeing rob protest against his own record being broken by himself.

      Hamza KhanHamza Khan5 måneder siden
    • The previous record holder should lodge a protest.

      Joe SchmoJoe Schmo5 måneder siden
    • @Richard Rae ya ill get right on that thanks

      revz1373revz13735 måneder siden
    • @Hamza Khan lol and that says what about your comment

      revz1373revz13735 måneder siden
  • 47:57 who? xd

    Michal WMichal W5 måneder siden
    • Husband

      Samee GoosaniSamee Goosani5 måneder siden
  • Well done

    Pizzaboy RomanPizzaboy Roman5 måneder siden
  • great american clean and jerk log record

    cattycats4cattycats45 måneder siden
  • Who’s mark? Would like to see Loz with a guy like Eddie hall

    Chris JoachimChris Joachim5 måneder siden
    • founder of WUS. The reason you get to watch strongman in quarantine. Eddie has plenty of other commitments.

      Hamza KhanHamza Khan5 måneder siden
    • Mark Boyd is one of the main guys behind WUS. He is organising these events. he also has a youtube channel thats worth checking out if you are strongman fan. got a couple chats with the athletes on there too

      SharpestBulbSharpestBulb5 måneder siden
    • Eddie lmao will never work with WUS again.

      Joe BotJoe Bot5 måneder siden
  • 47:10 for the lift

    Tim BlumbergTim Blumberg5 måneder siden
  • The records keep falling

    Robin MuirheadRobin Muirhead5 måneder siden
  • great video bro

    TyhroneTyhrone5 måneder siden