Full Live Stream | Shivlyakov vs. Hollands 430KG Masters Deadlift Attempt

27. juni. 2020
59 069 Ganger

Watch live, Saturday June 27th, at 12 PM ET as Terry Hollands from the UK goes up against Mikhail Shivlyakov from Russia for an attempt to break the Masters (Over 40 years of age) Deadlift World Record of 430Kg! Head referee will be Zydrunas Savickas and commentary by Big Loz and Mark Boyd.

  • Anyone knows the piano song when mikhail attempts His Last lift?

    Manuel NeumannManuel NeumannMåned siden
  • You see how everyone is helping the athletes with their weights. They’re helping them put them on the scale and then on the bar. Now think Trey Mitchell did all of that by himself. Poor guy could have probably got two more reps if he had at least one person helping him. That def drained him, putting every single weight on the scale one by one and then on the bar one by one

    YouTube Connolly familyYouTube Connolly familyMåned siden
  • Both men are real stongman end real good men!!!

    Εργατης Δυναμης1969Εργατης Δυναμης19694 måneder siden
  • can someone please explain to me what a masters DL is ? i thought the DL Record is held by Thor with 501KG ? Please explain this event to me

    BMW GermaniaBMW Germania4 måneder siden
    • It’s people over 40 :)!

      Pufferfox PufferfoxPufferfox Pufferfox4 måneder siden
  • I am going 52 and I love the 'old guys' doing well. Super that Masters can compete so well with younguns

    Adrianus HommelAdrianus Hommel5 måneder siden
  • Anyone knows what Shivlyakov said in the interview after the lifts?

    DownTheRabbitHoleDownTheRabbitHole5 måneder siden
    • words

      RasmusRasmus4 måneder siden
  • Shyvlakov using stiff bar !

    Ozgur OzturkOzgur Ozturk5 måneder siden
  • How is that big Z wasnt on that platform with them?

    Maciej MerchelskiMaciej Merchelski5 måneder siden
  • So what’s the difference in this record and the one Thor did at 500kg?

    RameusRameus5 måneder siden
    • these guys are in the master's age category, this the record for their age class

      rory Macphersonrory Macpherson5 måneder siden
  • Try putting the NOworld subtitles on when they interview Shiv

    Marcus LMarcus L5 måneder siden
  • I didn't think that you could use bumper plates and standard plates on the same bar for a lift and have it counted...

    DreadnoughtMetal2006DreadnoughtMetal20065 måneder siden
  • havtor champion!

    Санте ФорсСанте Форс5 måneder siden
  • Shivlyakov deadlifting with a stiff bar... no wonder he lost balance. Look at the flex in Hollands bar compared to his.

    AJHAJH5 måneder siden
  • Михаил Русская мощь и Сибирский характер! Молодцом)

    Дмитрий ШангинДмитрий Шангин5 måneder siden
  • Very nnice show, enjoyed every minute.

    Ipso JureIpso Jure5 måneder siden
  • That Mark Boyd commentator spoils the entire thing.. Apparently the Russian guy is SMELLING all the time.

    Theodore BagwellTheodore Bagwell5 måneder siden
  • Whats with these straps?

    Anon YmousAnon Ymous5 måneder siden
    • @Anon Ymous you meant "what are these straps" didn't you

      Albert Weedstein The Thug GeniusAlbert Weedstein The Thug Genius5 måneder siden
    • ​@Anon Ymous Figure 8 straps

      Tushar VTushar V5 måneder siden
    • Anon Ymous....I know the ones you talk about, I have the same kind. This new strap makes it easier with no wrapping

      Michael AntoliniMichael Antolini5 måneder siden
    • @Michael Antolini No. I have use the same pair of straps arrive I began. Harbinger and they are wrap around bar

      Anon YmousAnon Ymous5 måneder siden
    • Anon Ymous...let me apologize for my comment, yes those types of straps are unique...I thought you had a bias against straps. My apologies my friend

      Michael AntoliniMichael Antolini5 måneder siden
  • Great and enjoyable chat from the experts, but did not know what Shivlyakov was lifting... lol

    Oscar SanchezOscar Sanchez5 måneder siden
  • Well done lads👍

    miky binnsmiky binns5 måneder siden
  • paused at 28:18 the picture on the far left lmao

    JuliussmoothieJuliussmoothie5 måneder siden
  • Start: 11:35 Terry Intro: 22:25 49:20 Second lift Shivlyakov 54:20 Second lift Hollands 1:07:00 Third lift Hollands 1:09:52 Third lift Shivlyakov

    AlyoshaAlyosha5 måneder siden
    • How much was shivlyakovs 3d lift

      Levi RohringLevi RohringMåned siden
    • RasmusRasmus4 måneder siden
    • Legend mate

      Ryan FernandezRyan Fernandez5 måneder siden
  • I could use some of those Elieko plates. And where are they finding SBD sleeves in something other than black and red?

    Wild BillWild Bill5 måneder siden
  • Poor shivlakov always sucks at locking out

    David JeanDavid Jean5 måneder siden
  • Why no invite to the iranian wsm peiman? Dude pulled 476 in the gym.

    Flex LuthorFlex Luthor5 måneder siden
    • This is the Masters deadlift. The Masters category is only for athletes over 40 years old.

      Mister008GamingMister008Gaming5 måneder siden
  • Terry straps sucks too longs and no hipefor. The team form both of them and no back ground sounds too

    vighredy channelvighredy channel5 måneder siden
  • Had a chance to meet Terry and Mikhail at Giants Live last year 😍

    LayzeeTVLayzeeTV5 måneder siden
  • big record!

    Marc WhollermanMarc Whollerman5 måneder siden
    • i'm 7001st :)

      Marc WhollermanMarc Whollerman5 måneder siden
  • Spiritual weights Shepherdschapelcom Theseasonorg explains whole bible God bless

    William GrantWilliam Grant5 måneder siden
  • World fingertip deadlift record

    Peter ClarkePeter Clarke5 måneder siden
    • i can smell the jealousy from here, mate.

      JCupJCup5 måneder siden
  • Good job gentleman's

    petrzbusepetrzbuse5 måneder siden
  • Nice one

    Andrew GilbertsonAndrew Gilbertson5 måneder siden
  • Сибирь вперед!!!!!!

    Tamplier Mr.Tamplier Mr.5 måneder siden