Hafthor Bjornsson Opens Strong | Arnold Strongman Classic 2020

7. mars. 2020
62 324 Ganger

The Mountain eases into Day 2 of the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic with an opening statement in the Elephant Bar Deadlift, making quick work of 961 LBS. Having won the Arnold the past two years, Hafthor Bjornsson remains the man with the target on his back in these final events, and as his competitors will learn, 961 LBS isn't even close to his ceiling.
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  • I’d like to meet him so I could critique his form a bit

    Ben DoverBen Dover8 måneder siden
  • He lifted 961lbs like it was a jug of milk...

    KragatarKragatar8 måneder siden
  • Masło.

    margareta magicalowskamargareta magicalowska8 måneder siden
  • stronk boi

    C-FU gamingC-FU gaming8 måneder siden
  • Congrats Thor. Great achievement, three times Arnold Classic Strongman champion in a row. That's something you can be proud of in years to come.

    Pétur StefánssonPétur Stefánsson8 måneder siden
  • Thor attempting 501 makes 0 sense It's the fourth event so hes is not at full power there Also the risk of Impacting the events after is wat too big 465 is amazing

    Mike MikeMike Mike8 måneder siden
  • Stop recommending me deadlift videos youtube I got scoliosis

    ByTheWayDentonByTheWayDenton8 måneder siden
  • Rolling the bar like that shouldn't be allowed

    Jordan MJordan M8 måneder siden
    • Explain.

      KragatarKragatar8 måneder siden
    • Rolling the bar doesn’t reduce the weight does if

      The ThingThe Thing8 måneder siden
    • People like you shouldn't be allowed on NOworld

      Kay YeliKay Yeli8 måneder siden
    • Why the fk not. You make 0 sense.

      Red ColorRed Color8 måneder siden
    • Why?

      Darth RevanDarth Revan8 måneder siden
  • Let's get this WR Thor!!

    wesley van hookwesley van hook8 måneder siden
  • I wonder how they ramp up their steroid cycle when coming up to these contests. Doubt you could blast year round unless you where shooting grams of gear. You only peak for so long in strength on a cylce and with the way the contests are spread out it just doesn't make sense

    Opeon1Opeon18 måneder siden
    • Opeon1 - just ask him next time you bump into him. Forget those silly stories about his volcanic temper off camera! Also, don’t sweat any of that chatter about him being big or able to really hurt someone ... the guy is a big cupcake. As a matter of fact, he also likes to be called cupcake ... yeah ... that’s his nickname see? Yeah, that’s the ticket ... he likes to be called cupcake. Lemme know how you make out ...

      J. E. AllanJ. E. Allan8 måneder siden
    • Larry Wheels did a video on that recently and he explains how he cycles for competition

      StoneFreerunStoneFreerun8 måneder siden
  • Lot's lot's of steroids. You can see belly already popping out.

    Cpt_WolfCpt_Wolf8 måneder siden
    • Gordon Heaney Guitarologist and Flatulist Eats every two hours

      300zxdriver300zxdriver7 måneder siden
    • Nah strongmen have big bellies because they eat an ungodly amount of food to maximize their strength.

      KragatarKragatar8 måneder siden
    • It's not like his belly could be "popping out" because he eats over 10.000kcal per day, huh?

      BTICronoxBTICronox8 måneder siden
    • Lots of steroids says the toothpick from his keyboard 😂😂

      Cody CrawfordCody Crawford8 måneder siden
    • @New New He's actually 200kg at the moment. If you follow his channel, he's been gaining weight over the last few months for this contest, WUS and WSM. He's not this heavy all year round. And let's not kid ourselves, Captain Wolf, nearly all sports have an issue with PED's

      Gordon Heaney Guitarologist and FlatulistGordon Heaney Guitarologist and Flatulist8 måneder siden
  • There is No way for him to lift 501kg at regular bar .And get the Rekord i think this Rekord is for Long Time

    xtremerboss 69xtremerboss 698 måneder siden
  • Mark my words he will not do 501 at WUS, not this year and i would bet on it. Speeking as a true Eddie Hall fan 💪😁

    Mirza ČauševićMirza Čaušević8 måneder siden
    • @Mirza Čaušević You are not a true sport fan if you dont want an athlete to achieve a new world record. Stick to watching videos on youtube, people like you are a cancer to the sport.

      Marcos CaboMarcos Cabo8 måneder siden
    • Of course you're an Eddie Hall fan(boy), otherwise you wouldn't even mention it 🙄 Thor is definitely in reaching distance of the 501kg, he already did 480kg on an elephant bar + powerlifting plates (less flex), and that without a suit. Speaking as a fan of the sport.

      BTICronoxBTICronox8 måneder siden
    • @Abc it is easy as one two three i hope he dont do it, i like eddie hall more than him 😅

      Mirza ČauševićMirza Čaušević8 måneder siden
    • He will do it, eddie did it with suit, suit is allowed in wus, it gives you like about 30kgs, but it will be a different bar, the same that eddie used when he pulled 500

      Abc it is easy as one two threeAbc it is easy as one two three8 måneder siden
  • Ooh shiny

    Sérgio AlvesSérgio Alves8 måneder siden
  • absolutely speechless....

    김지환김지환8 måneder siden
  • The idiot announcer said 440 pounds

    wakka flaakawakka flaaka8 måneder siden
    • @wakka flaaka You can edit your comment instead of deleting it but do as you wish bro

      Malka89Malka898 måneder siden
    • wakka flaaka delete or we’ll all just call u the idiot

      NotAFuckinPplPersonNotAFuckinPplPerson8 måneder siden
    • @Malka89 oh crap , thx I thought he meant the weight on the bar - I might delete my comment

      wakka flaakawakka flaaka8 måneder siden
    • He was referring to Hafthor's weight

      Malka89Malka898 måneder siden
  • Kids need to stop with this 500 kilo or nothing nonsense. Eddie's record was not up for grabs here, this was an elephant bar. And just because the lifts were under a thousand doesn't mean it was a bad event. Anyone who thinks it was boring is not a lifter, don't watch, quit lifting and stop taking up space in gyms, if you thought it was boring your going to quit anyways do it now.

    bdegrdsbdegrds8 måneder siden
    • Fortunately, these people will experience what they're asking for at WUS Bahrain.

      BTICronoxBTICronox8 måneder siden
  • To all the non-lifters complaining about that he did not attempt 501 - this is a full comp, the deadlift is the 4th event and therefore 465kg is just an unbelievable lift.

    Planck ́sches WirkungsquantumPlanck ́sches Wirkungsquantum8 måneder siden
    • @Planck ́sches Wirkungsquantum fair

      Jorge LourençoJorge Lourenço8 måneder siden
    • Jorge Lourenço He clearly stated that he would only go for the record if he had a big lead in the comp, which was not the case

      Planck ́sches WirkungsquantumPlanck ́sches Wirkungsquantum8 måneder siden
    • @Marcos Cabo the point was to win a thousand dolars hahah

      Gian SanguinettiGian Sanguinetti8 måneder siden
    • The problem is that he said that he wold break the 501 record on the elephant bar at Arnold and in Dubai going for 501 on normal bar. That's why all the complaining. Check his video.

      Jorge LourençoJorge Lourenço8 måneder siden
    • @Gian Sanguinetti He didnt need to lift any heavier, he had already won the event. He wasnt going to try the 501, so there was no point in going any heavier than 465.

      Marcos CaboMarcos Cabo8 måneder siden
  • When is he attempting 501kg?

    Nick CourinosNick Courinos8 måneder siden
    • April 11th at Worlds Ultimate Strongman in Bahrain

      DaanDaan8 måneder siden
  • all the comments about him doing 501 here, he specifically stated hes only doing it in a months time at WUS. this isnt even the right bar ffs.

    Radu StoltzRadu Stoltz8 måneder siden
    • Shady Characters Is he gonna wear a suit like eddie did?

      MMAoracleMMAoracle8 måneder siden
    • @Mr.762 yea, that's not how it works tho.

      Red ColorRed Color8 måneder siden
    • Ah okay buddy I must have missed that, yea id rather see that a like for like lift then there is no debate about the bar or suit involved 👍🏻💪🏻

      El ChapoEl Chapo8 måneder siden
    • @Shady Characters its bar and plates👍

      Mr.762Mr.7628 måneder siden
    • @El Chapo he said he would not attempt the 501 with this bar due to him being depleted as it's day 2. The other upside in doing it at WUS is the bar would be the same as Eddie's, getting rid of any debate over which bar is "easier" I guess.

      Shady CharactersShady Characters8 måneder siden
  • Lol he lifted more in training than the competition. Kinda boring. That happens when you have the Arnold without Brian Shaw.

    TraylayTraylay8 måneder siden
    • No, that happens when you already won the event and when you had 3 events the day before. People like you lack brain cells.

      Marcos CaboMarcos Cabo8 måneder siden
    • He's smart. You only do what you need to do and no more. Save your big lift for WUS and possible $100k.

      Gordon Heaney Guitarologist and FlatulistGordon Heaney Guitarologist and Flatulist8 måneder siden
    • Brian Shaw is fat old news

      NotAFuckinPplPersonNotAFuckinPplPerson8 måneder siden
    • If you thought this was boring your not a lifter and you have no business watching this.

      bdegrdsbdegrds8 måneder siden
  • His first attempt said it all right away

    Clemens KClemens K8 måneder siden
  • So dissapointed he didn't go for the record. Had been talking about it and training for it alot before this show.

    Cosmic DawnCosmic Dawn8 måneder siden
    • @Cosmic Dawn either way goes for you :P ✌️

      BTICronoxBTICronox8 måneder siden
    • @Tomas D None of us do.

      Cosmic DawnCosmic Dawn8 måneder siden
    • @BTICronox Nothing better to do on a Sunday? Really. Trolling isn't for you. I wish you a good day ✌🏻

      Cosmic DawnCosmic Dawn8 måneder siden
    • @Cosmic Dawn I'm disappointed with you trying to grab attention by literally copying stuff from Tool... no creativity to produce your own stuff? I'm also really disappointed with you (ineffectively) trying to talk somebody down although you know you made a mistake and didn't inform yourself.

      BTICronoxBTICronox8 måneder siden
    • @BTICronox I'm really dissapointed with your rollercoaster videos.

      Cosmic DawnCosmic Dawn8 måneder siden
  • I think he can do 501 kilos. That was a speed rep!

    Jason EfflerJason Effler8 måneder siden
    • @Erick P Its not that easy when you are above 2m height. Probably bjornnson (2'06) has to lift the bar more than eddie (1'90). Also, everyone knows eddie wont lift over 500 never more...

      el calcenael calcena8 måneder siden
    • @Kay Yeli You're already halfway up before the weight leaves the ground.

      LoCk3HLoCk3H8 måneder siden
    • @LoCk3H u talkin like elephant bar has rocket boosters attached to it lol

      Kay YeliKay Yeli8 måneder siden
    • on a ELEPHANT BAR.

      LoCk3HLoCk3H8 måneder siden
  • He lifted like it was newspaper

    Sebastian ApoloSebastian Apolo8 måneder siden
    • Morning paper

      JayTJayT8 måneder siden
  • nice warm up

    Grasso SamGrasso Sam8 måneder siden
  • Seems like he might break the deathlift world record quit soon

    Jeffrey KoelewijnJeffrey Koelewijn8 måneder siden
    • Ivan Mendes I’m not sure what you are talking about but just watch his NOworld channel he said there that he will do 501 at WUS but not at the Arnold’s

      1234 •1234 •8 måneder siden
    • 1234 • he said something about being there to try it? Just asking because I didn’t saw anything about it. I really think he can break it if he focus like Eddie did.

      Ivan MendesIvan Mendes8 måneder siden
    • Jeffrey Koelewijn WUS In April he will break it

      1234 •1234 •8 måneder siden
  • And now he did 1026 LBS

    Cyclic I ICyclic I I8 måneder siden
    • Strike Csocsi just watch his NOworld videos where he did 480kg for 1 and 455kg for 2 reps

      1234 •1234 •8 måneder siden
  • If there is a man that can lift Thor's hammer. It is this guy right here lol

    PaldenPalden8 måneder siden
    • No duh he’s called THOR

      Westside StrongWestside Strong8 måneder siden
    • hell lift it halfway

      OverdoseOverdose8 måneder siden
    • @William Samuelson lmfao

      HypeHype8 måneder siden
  • He lifted 961lbs like nothing lol

    Cyclic I ICyclic I I8 måneder siden
    • @Ludchano Leliveld how that ,Eddie is only who lifted 500kg

      __________________8 måneder siden
    • @_________ was*

      Ludchano LeliveldLudchano Leliveld8 måneder siden
    • @Ludchano Leliveld but Eddie is strongest man alive

      __________________8 måneder siden
    • @The Emperor with a suit, with a deadlift bar

      Ludchano LeliveldLudchano Leliveld8 måneder siden
    • Eddie lifted the 1012 lbs (460kg) just as east It’s gonna be really tight for the 501 in a few months.

      The EmperorThe Emperor8 måneder siden
  • filthy

    SimplyRockZoneSimplyRockZone8 måneder siden
  • first

    Mathias WagnerMathias Wagner8 måneder siden