Kieliszkowski 320 LB Cyr Dumbbell Lift | Arnold Strongman Classic 2020

7. mars. 2020
24 377 Ganger

Mateusz Kieliszkowski puts maximum pressure on Hafthor Bjornsson in the final event of the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic, successfully lifting a 320 LB Cyr Dumbbell. In the end, Mateusz essentially did everything he could to become the new Arnold Champion. But even winning the last two contests (Timber Carry and Cyr Dumbbell) in dominant fashion wouldn't ensure topping the Mountain in the overall standings.
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  • It's the homemade pierogi that makes him strong.

    zincinkzincink8 måneder siden
    • And pączki ofcourse.

      ZkarpZZkarpZ8 måneder siden
  • Real winner ;)

    hogan20phogan20p8 måneder siden
  • Thor could have probably done that to be honest but still impressive performance mateusz especially considering his weight

    Albert Weedstein The Thug GeniusAlbert Weedstein The Thug Genius9 måneder siden
  • You see someone like The Mountain and say to yourself there's no way anyone on Earth could possiblly match his strength, and then you get a load of Mateusz and you're like JESUS!

    ElreypachucoElreypachuco9 måneder siden
  • respect. nice lift!

    Chris HayesChris Hayes9 måneder siden
  • i hope mateusz will push the log press record.... its really about time it gets beaten

    TotalWarChroniclesTotalWarChronicles9 måneder siden
  • Brian shaw did 300lb for 3 reps back in 2016 and had more in the tank. Stood there on the 3rd rep and put out a bicep flex before putting it down. Amazing feat with this 320, but I sure missed shaw this year.

    Jonathan CupplesJonathan Cupples9 måneder siden
  • An emazing guest!!! Wow...

    Robert KwasnickiRobert Kwasnicki9 måneder siden
  • WoW

    RexwojownikRexwojownik9 måneder siden
  • Poland the Best

    Krzychu FetkaKrzychu Fetka9 måneder siden
  • Polska siła!

    Barnaba JonesBarnaba Jones9 måneder siden
  • I'm curious how Mateusz will evolve in the future considering many of his great attributes are due to his young age - strength endurance, explosiveness, speed and mobility all that will decrease with age. Just like younger Thor was great in moving events and now he's at the top of static strength

    Gypsy KingGypsy King9 måneder siden
    • Martins is 3-4 years older then him and has very good speed

      Jon DovikJon Dovik8 måneder siden
  • He destroyed Thor in this competition. The way scoring is done needs to be seriously looked at and fixed.

    RameusRameus9 måneder siden
  • He'll be Champ soon....just that max deadlift. His power just seems so fresh compared to everyone else as if these events are easy..

    Unkle GazUnkle Gaz9 måneder siden
  • Dla mnie jest zwycięzcą! 🇵🇱💪

    MattMatt9 måneder siden
  • Nie ma co gdybać ale jakby miał martwy ciąg na poziomie ok 450 kg nie miał by przeciwnika

    Paweł WojtalikPaweł Wojtalik9 måneder siden
    • @Zajc 5183 Nie mieli tutaj :)

      Michael MicaMichael Mica9 måneder siden
    • @Michael Mica chyba nie mieli kostiumów tutaj bo Mateusz robił już 420-430 kg. Wszyscy myśleli ,że teraz Thor będzie bił ten rekord, gdzie przypominali jego rekord z treningu jak zrobił 480 kg na Elephant Bar??. Jego sztanga wydaje się być twardsza i tak się nie wygina.

      Zajc 5183Zajc 51839 måneder siden
    • @Zajc 5183 Bo będzie walczył z 501 kg (nie 500) na innych zawodach, już nie pamiętam jakich. W specjalnym sprzęcie, kostiumie itd. Zresztą ten gryf na Arnoldzie jest inny, dokładnie nazywa się elephant bar, zobacz jak cały lata. To niesamowicie utrudnia wykonanie martwego ciągu. Na bicie rekordu będzie używał innego gryfu 😀

      Michael MicaMichael Mica9 måneder siden
    • wiecie dlaczego Thor jednak nie atakował tych 500 kg?? Zauważyłem, że wyniki były troche gorsze od tych z przed roku

      Zajc 5183Zajc 51839 måneder siden
    • A z tym 450 to przesadziłeś ostro 😂

      Michael MicaMichael Mica9 måneder siden
  • You are real winner

    Mikołaj GrochowyMikołaj Grochowy9 måneder siden
  • Scoring is garbage here. He won 4 out of 6 events, once second. Messed up only one and got second. In my opinion there is supposed to be bigger point different in between 1 and 2 place and maybe some bonus point or two for setting record.

    basementgainzbasementgainz9 måneder siden
    • You promote an event and then you can make points whatever you want,, how bout that?

      GreatNewsVideoGreatNewsVideo9 måneder siden
    • I don't know where you're getting your "facts" but that just isn't true. He didn't just mess up once and then got second in another event, he got 8th and tied for 3rd. Also if you start to give different points for some events or some scores or whatever, that's when you have a garbage scoring system. Thor won because he was consistently placed well. He would certainly have lost if he had got 8th in an event, like Mateusz did.

      baconfromhell666baconfromhell6669 måneder siden
    • The problem is that when you skew the points like that competitors will start dropping their weakest event, there needs to be a roughly uniform distribution of points to keep people trying in all events

      Akaakaaka akAkaakaaka ak9 måneder siden
    • @Armagedonas Mateusz will be 2nd again. Thor will get 12points on deadlift and Mateusz 2 or 0 points.

      Ivan 1Ivan 19 måneder siden
    • Should it be like Eurovision? 1st gets 12, 2nd gets 10 and 3rd comes up with 8pts.

      ArmagedonasArmagedonas9 måneder siden
  • real winner!

    CK467CK4679 måneder siden
    • no

      megin namegin na9 måneder siden
  • This guy has amazing pressing power and he's young, he's gonna be around for a long time. He'll be World's Strongest Man eventually.

    WolfsfireWolfsfire9 måneder siden
    • wolfsfire I think he has the potential to be the best ever

      Seth TSeth T9 måneder siden
  • Rogue should provide a multimillion dollar sponsorship he always does something spectacular on stage

    CAVCAV9 måneder siden
  • To me mateuz will always be the winner. Polish champion 🏆

    Xtrong TentaXion-XXtrong TentaXion-X9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz is the winner of this competition in my book

    El NiñoEl Niño9 måneder siden
    • The winner of this contest is the man who won. Thor was the better man all round, consistent in EVERY event. 4th in frame carry is still consistent. Mateusz would say the same thing, he'd want to win the right way. You dont show up just for your favourite events.

      A A994A A9949 måneder siden
    • In my book it is Belsak

      GreatNewsVideoGreatNewsVideo9 måneder siden
    • Mateusz performed amazingly, superhuman even in some events, but people are a bit to eager to say that he's the real winner just because he won 4 events. It's not like he destroyed Hafthor in those 4 events. The stone Medley could have gone either way, there were 2 second between them and Mateusz went after Thor. Realistically, they performed equally well. The wheel of pain he absolutely crushed, a true victory, although it should be mentioned that this is more of an endurance event rather than strength and we are looking for the strongest man, not the most athletic. Frame carry, another amazing performance, and a decisive victory over Thor, although it should be mentioned that there is a fine line in the frame carry between a horrible run and an amazing one, plus, Thor wasn't as motivated here I am guessing as Mateusz. Cyr, I'd rate their performance about equally. Technique is a big part of this, which you could see in Mateusz first 300 attempt, bad balance, so he failed, then during his 320 you could see he managed it by going extremely low. Thor, not being as nimble, had to rely on pure arm strength more, but still did 280 and 300 rather easily and only barely failed the 330, which, as a feat of strength, honestly impresses me as much as Mateusz 320. I expected Mateusz to win this event, but if Hafthor HAD to win it in order to win the competition, I now think he might actually have been able to beat him. If you take the stance that a win is still a win, then you should be consistent and say the same thing about Thor winning the competition. All in all, both men are insane athletes but Thor did deserve the win in my opinion.

      DutchDreadDutchDread9 måneder siden
    • same

      CK467CK4679 måneder siden
  • He should win.That points for each event win are joke..

    KabenKaben9 måneder siden
    • @Kaben assuming it would then be 7 points for 3rd and so on, then mateusz would have gained points for winning events but lost points when Thor won the events and mateusz would still end up losing

      baconfromhell666baconfromhell6669 måneder siden
    • @baconfromhell666 No.Should be 10 points for win and 8 for second place.

      KabenKaben9 måneder siden
    • Most points wins the show, not most event wins. If you come short on points, you just didn't perform well enough. It's a scoring system that works very well and has done for decades, so stop being so butt hurt.

      baconfromhell666baconfromhell6669 måneder siden
    • it's completely logical, placing from all the events is added up.

      megin namegin na9 måneder siden
  • The fact that dude is still young and already this great is scary. Give him a proper gym to train maybe some coaching from the likes of Shaw and Hall and he will be winning competitions left and right guaranteed.

    Zeshan RahmanZeshan Rahman9 måneder siden
    • @Oskar Walczak nah

      GreatNewsVideoGreatNewsVideo9 måneder siden
    • I wanted Mateusz to win cheers to Poland from CZE but this is about absolute strength not size to strength ratio. He's better strength athlete not better strongman for now

      Gypsy KingGypsy King9 måneder siden
    • And the fact he is 95 pounds lighter than Thor makes him a much better strongman overall

      Oskar WalczakOskar Walczak9 måneder siden
    • He picks up stones from the forest and trains with them

      Oskar WalczakOskar Walczak9 måneder siden
    • Trust me the old school gym he have is much better than some fancy stuff around the gyms, he have a loaded truck and push it uphill, this is pure wildness

      Oskar WalczakOskar Walczak9 måneder siden
  • I think winning an event should grant you more points. Its WINNING after all. Now you can just be second or third in everything and win the whole thing without winning a thing

    The mongolian wayThe mongolian way9 måneder siden
    • Stop talking like Thor didn't get 2 event wins and then placed well at all other events. But I guess in your mind 9 of the 10 guys doesn't matter and shouldn't get points, only the guy that wins the event should get points.

      baconfromhell666baconfromhell6669 måneder siden
    • for Us He is a Winner Bro :)

      Kamil.Kamil.9 måneder siden
    • That's what strongman is and what strongman has always been about, being being consistent, being top overall and not having weaknesses.

      megin namegin na9 måneder siden
    • Agreed, winning 4 of 6 events should count for something.

      Tactical BowlcutTactical Bowlcut9 måneder siden
  • Someone put music to that damn

    Metame ProfeMetame Profe9 måneder siden
  • Amazing lift, even made eye contact with the judge to ensure it was legit.

    vvKeyZvvvvKeyZvv9 måneder siden

    NimbleNutsNimbleNuts9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz is coming for the next WSM title. Thor and Licis better get ready for him, this polish beast is no joke.

    Kimera 1992Kimera 19929 måneder siden
    • I agree. I wish him all the best, because he's such a well rounded athlete, yet so humble.

      shaeel sabirshaeel sabir8 måneder siden
    • He needs his deadlift up then, its between Thor and Tom Stoltman I think

      Jon DovikJon Dovik8 måneder siden
    • pepsi cat sad

      Dank Bonk ripper 65Dank Bonk ripper 659 måneder siden
    • @Dank Bonk ripper 65 he's beaten up, he's been pushing himself even though be still has nerve problems. He hasn't focused on recovery enough.

      Emil JohnssonEmil Johnsson9 måneder siden
    • I M what’s wrong with Licis exactly, he always seems fatigued

      Dank Bonk ripper 65Dank Bonk ripper 659 måneder siden
  • If he fix his deadlift NO ONE will catch him!

    Matheus SalabertMatheus Salabert9 måneder siden
    • True, but only assuming the deadlift will stay on the roster. In WSM there have been squats also. But nowadays definitely seems that deaflift is going to stay. And he just needs another 100lbs.

      Tauno KekkonenTauno Kekkonen9 måneder siden
    • depends on the show, there have been shows in the past where he performs like this,

      megin namegin na9 måneder siden
  • Did he only get a thousand dollars for that lift? They should pay more for new records

    jinwook kangjinwook kang9 måneder siden
    • @Roronoa Zoro he is clever, he wanted 1000 dolars this year and will win another 1000 next year lifting 330 :) If he fail on 330 he would not get those money :) Althouh 1000 dollars are not much even in Poland. Not best reward for breaking world record.

      Adam MaleAdam Male9 måneder siden
    • Okay Rockefeller.

      GreatNewsVideoGreatNewsVideo9 måneder siden
    • Maybe if he could get 330lbs he would take 5k dollars

      Roronoa ZoroRoronoa Zoro9 måneder siden
    • I thought records were 5000, still not enough but better than 1000

      DarcnessTrophiesDarcnessTrophies9 måneder siden
    • It's not an incredibly wealthy sport unfortunately

      Adrian L.Adrian L.9 måneder siden
  • What a terrible scoring system the guy who won 4/6 events loses ????

    4 Gone4 Gone9 måneder siden
    • Only terrible thing is your view of how it SHOULD work.

      GreatNewsVideoGreatNewsVideo9 måneder siden
    • @Vegans Suck Basketball and strong man are no where near comparable you brainlet

      4 Gone4 Gone9 måneder siden
    • No, the guy that won 4/6 events didn't lose, the guy that got 8th/10 in deadlift lost. It's been a long time since it was good enough to be great at some events and crap at others, you need to be good at everything.

      baconfromhell666baconfromhell6669 måneder siden
    • If there was a stone for the shoulder instead of a trail of stones, Thor would lose more points, not so much as Mateusz in a deadlift, but it would allow Mateusz to win.

      Marek CrusaderMarek Crusader9 måneder siden
    • 3rd or 4th in bag over bar and 3rd or 4th in deadlift doesn't win. Next year its his, maybe even worlds this year

      Marcus TMarcus T9 måneder siden
  • Come on guys , break the rules and give this man the trophy! He deserves that

    SuperRobson1998SuperRobson19989 måneder siden
  • Looked so good!!! Way to go!!

    Whitney FrandsenWhitney Frandsen9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz won 4 events, set a record, and STILL didnt win. Phenomenal dude. Just incredible but that deadlift has got to go up

    Adrian L.Adrian L.9 måneder siden
    • I want someone to beat thor. I hate the guy

      Albert Weedstein The Thug GeniusAlbert Weedstein The Thug Genius6 måneder siden
    • Very true. I just hope Shaw also gives them a challenge. Since he didn’t go to the Arnold’s, he’s training for WSM. Either way I hope it gets him back up there with them!

      jcfivepointjcfivepoint9 måneder siden
    • His Deadlift will improve with his age. He still got time.

      Miguel SantanaMiguel Santana9 måneder siden
    • @kamikazekopec No, Martins got 119 feet+ last year

      Emil JohnssonEmil Johnsson9 måneder siden
    • His deadlift has been going up. At WUS last year he hit a 420 kg deadlift and if he would have hit that he would have won.

      UAUA9 måneder siden

    {Supreme Moneygrip} Nathanos Hausladen{Supreme Moneygrip} Nathanos Hausladen9 måneder siden
  • Amazing!

    Gilnidors Gaming AdventuresGilnidors Gaming Adventures9 måneder siden
  • I did this while on the toilet

    spiaxspiax9 måneder siden