Licis at 906 LBS | Arnold Strongman Classic 2020

7. mars. 2020
12 619 Ganger

Martins Licis crosses the 900 LB threshold in the Elephant Bar Deadlift, hitting 906 LBS in his first and best lift, en route to a 7th place finish in the event. For the reigning World's Strongest Man, the goal of challenging Hafthor Bjornsson for the Arnold Classic title will have to wait another year.
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  • 906lbs no class

    Hannibal BarcaHannibal Barca8 måneder siden

    EricEric8 måneder siden
  • He was stronger when he was leaner. 🤷‍♂️

    McSpitfireMcSpitfire8 måneder siden
    • @Hype Brian got injured in the last event -_-

      Tanmay MathurTanmay Mathur8 måneder siden
    • @Hype Brian's been off for awhile now. I think he's very capable of co I ing back stronger then ever but he wasn't in good form for 2019, it wasn't just because of his hamstring. And even if Thor hadn't gotten injured Licis still could have won. He's faster then Thor at loading, Thor has better pressing but the weights weren't that heavy so even if Thor hadn't been injured Licis probably would have been faster then him, Thor might have made up some points in the squat if he wasn't injured but Licis also had more reps in the tank, Thor won the deadlift hold, and Martin's was well ahead of everyone in the stones including Tom Stoltman and Kieliszkowski. So how exactly would Thor have won even if he wasn't injured? I'm not saying he couldn't have won, Thor is a monster. But it's silly to say the only reason he won was because Thor was injured. Martin's was in top form and the events were great for him.

      Jefferson Gray ScottJefferson Gray Scott8 måneder siden
    • @Jefferson Gray Scott only reason he won wsm is bcs thor and brian were injured

      HypeHype8 måneder siden
    • Jefferson Gray Scott I completely disagree 🤙

      McSpitfireMcSpitfire8 måneder siden
    • He wasn't leaner when he won world's and that was his strongest. He's just beat up right now.

      Jefferson Gray ScottJefferson Gray Scott8 måneder siden
  • People say he is thicker he look more slim

    Michael MayersMichael Mayers8 måneder siden
    • @Mister008Gaming its the illusion, u can weight more and be leaner. Mstines look more cut

      Michael MayersMichael Mayers8 måneder siden
    • Michael Mayers He was 330 last year and now he’s 355. Explain how that is slimmer.

      Mister008GamingMister008Gaming8 måneder siden
    • You blind bro

      McSpitfireMcSpitfire8 måneder siden
  • Nice job! He wasn’t pulling that much leading up the show 👏🏻

    M AM A8 måneder siden
  • Martins looking T H I C C lately

    Thea JayyThea Jayy8 måneder siden

    Chris StanleyChris Stanley8 måneder siden
  • Its 906lb not 908lb

    bagged1998bagged19988 måneder siden

    Carlos LopesCarlos Lopes8 måneder siden