Mat Fraser - 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games Champion / 8K

30. okt.. 2020
24 945 Ganger

Highlights from Mat Fraser’s record-setting 5th consecutive CrossFit Games championship. In a year in which the Games’ schedule, format, and setting were all forced to change, Fraser’s dominant wire-to-wire victory (by more than 500 points over runner-up Samuel Kwant) proved there are still some things every fan can reliably depend on. Nobody outworks the 5-time Fittest Man on Earth.
For more, check out Mat’s Rogue Athlete page:
- Broadcast calls courtesy of CrossFit

  • Is this guy for real you can’t put on 20 pounds of muscles that

    Big Sid Real Prison TalkBig Sid Real Prison Talk8 dager siden
  • 👏👏👏👏💪💪🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️❤️❤️

    Luis CamaraLuis Camara23 dager siden
  • Crossfit winner for 2021 and 2022 .............

    Michalis MichalisMichalis MichalisMåned siden
  • really want to see him and rich have a go ...

    Atapana MeleiseaAtapana MeleiseaMåned siden
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      Eric BaileyEric BaileyMåned siden
    • i just skipped tbh. thanks for reading my short comment

      Brendan TomlinsonBrendan TomlinsonMåned siden
  • The best 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Jorge SouzaJorge SouzaMåned siden
  • All I hear is how great Matt Fraser is when Castro is too afraid to pump more skill into the programming. Zero straight arm strength movements Zero challenge to their mobility or flexibility Did they even touch the rings? Must have missed it if they did Zero explosive test (ie box jump, broad jump, dunk contest, back tuck) Zero stability tests. You have the fittest on earth to test and you give them burpees and sprints and some bar work. We get it, they can breathe. Show us something else.

    Krums KornerKrums KornerMåned siden
    • Rich’s forgotten cousin When CFHQ grows some balls and steps up to my level - I’ll make a shout out to you from the podium at the Games. 😘 CFHQ is sleeping on this. Meanwhile guys like me are blazing the trail for Freestyle CrossFit. Let me ask you this Rich’s forgotten cousin (imma leave your name alone 😂) Which sport is cooler to watch: Motocross or freestyle motocross? Which is cooler to watch: Swimming or diving? Which is cooler to do: Sprint or tumble? Which is more fun to practice: Burpees or back tucks? The CF open is lame. I have zero desire to ruin my liver to up my burpees to compete with these guys. So lame. When CFHQ steps up to my level of fitness, then you will see me in the mix. Until then, ask your cousin where he’s at with my game of HORSE

      Krums KornerKrums KornerMåned siden
    • Tommy Schröder I agree with you Tommy. What I am saying is CF is going to lose this sport to drugs if they don’t find more skill in their programming. You know why drugs are not so rampant in gymnastics and diving? Because those athletes compete with one another with greater skill, not bigger biceps. Gymnasts and divers add more degree of difficulty to their routines/lists to outperform their competitors - as steroids can’t make you fearless. Steroids can’t help you achieve tougher skills, but they can take your unbroken wallballs from 110-150. Steroids can help your burpees go from 111 in 7 minutes to 140. Steroids can shave minutes off your mile run. Steroids can make you PR your front squat 21lbs each year, year after year, until you feel like stopping (when normal people average 5-10lb PR’s per year btw) Steroids will just become the norm in CF since HQ/Castro doesn’t want to challenge the athletes upper athleticism, only their engines. Engines can be bought, fear has to be overcome. CrossFit has/had a chance to see themselves into the Olympics and NCAA - but more skill needs to be represented to do so. As of now, it’s a race to see who can cycle the longest and hardest without getting caught. Lame. I have no interest in competing with Fraser on doping cycles to run up a hill for time. That is such a waste. Maybe if you were that money motivated to risk your health for $500k, but $500k surely isn’t worth throwing my health away for, but too each their own. People sell their own moms for money, much less than $500k I’ll tell you that. Basically, I call out any of these guys to a game of physical fitness HORSE to prove my point, and I’ve left hundreds of messages, emails, comments - you name it. They know who I am, and they are silent. What’s that tell you? I know what it tells me.

      Krums KornerKrums KornerMåned siden
    • Rich’s forgotten cousin you go rally up any crew you can, I put $1000 on a game of HORSE. I call out anyone. Fraser. Froning. Klokov. Anyone. I challenge any athlete to a game of physical fitness HORSE. Skill for skill. Challenge for challenge - first person to spell HORSE, loses. Crickets from HQ. Crickets from Fraser’s camp. Crickets bc they don’t want to play with a washed up old dad - what? too much to lose?

      Krums KornerKrums KornerMåned siden
    • @Krums Korner then sign up for the open and make us laugh at you. 😂

      Rich’s forgotten cousinRich’s forgotten cousinMåned siden
    • Rich’s forgotten cousin you don’t know what you are talking about. You clearly need to invest some time getting caught up. Straight arm strength refers to men’s gymnastics movements as Sh2OH starts with bent arms smart guy 🙈 Also, mobility is NOT the same thing as flexibility. I’m not saying test their hamstrings in a boring flexibility test like the splits or pancake or pike stretch - I am talking about sitting in the bottom of the overhead squat comfortably for time to show off ones mobility. Or a wall facing squat with kettlebells in each hand overhead - let’s see how well these fittest on earth “athletes” respond to programming where steroids can’t help you. Once again, for the people in the back, I am not saying REPLACE everything. I’m simply saying add these, and delete one of 5 sprints. Delete one of 4 sets of burpees. Good grief, there are so many movements to program and all we saw was the same old stuff. Snatching is awesome, but it’s one test. These guys didn’t get tested, they got spent. Big difference Straight arm strength - planche; press HS; mushroom circles Mobility - single arm snatch; double arm kettlebell weighted OHS; bottom of overhead squat hold Explosive - overhead box jumps; standing back tucks; 1RM box jump; weighted broad jumps Stability - Turkish getup; free standing HSPU; HS pirouettes; heavy waiters carry for time or distance or single arm OHS None of these movements anywhere to be found. Just the lame old, same old stuff. I know I’m not special. How can a washed up old dad knock this stuff down, with ease, and yet it’s “too dangerous” for the fittest on earth? Maybe I am just more physically capable than these guys? Maybe these guys aren’t so athletic if they are scared to try these more challenging movements. bc all the stuff listed above is a JOKE for me.

      Krums KornerKrums KornerMåned siden
  • He is a god

    viveksinghbviveksinghbMåned siden
  • Matt's a beast..

    SteelRootz TruthTalksSteelRootz TruthTalksMåned siden
  • Castro: "Matt's slipping" - Matt wins by the biggest margin ever

    jacob masonjacob masonMåned siden
  • Hard Work Pays Off 💯

    TaterrebTaterrebMåned siden
  • Let's put the Froning comparisons to rest. No one will ever beat Mat ✊🏼

    Ali HadiAli HadiMåned siden
  • Is here are weight categories here too and whether doping is allowed ?

    Martin KornMartin KornMåned siden
    • @Samuel Bonacorsi Yes and athletes can be tested year round from the same drug agency that tests NBA/NCAA/NFL and many other pro sport leagues.

      Rich’s forgotten cousinRich’s forgotten cousinMåned siden
    • @Samuel Bonacorsi the sanctionals they have to attend in order to qualify have drug tests. So yes by attending those sanctionals they are tested a minimum of 4 times a year I would say.

      Breanna RoneyBreanna RoneyMåned siden
    • Are there surprise drug tests throughout the year or just around the time of events ?

      Samuel BonacorsiSamuel BonacorsiMåned siden
    • @Breanna Roney ok thanks

      Martin KornMartin KornMåned siden
    • There are no weight categories and doping is not allowed they are tested before the games and throughout the season. They’re are serious consequences for those caught doping.

      Breanna RoneyBreanna RoneyMåned siden
  • What's this competition again? O, the HIIT games. Ya I'll pass. Good luck to the guy who won and his boyfriend I wish them the best of luck. I think his name is dave castroglide or something... seems like a slick customer.

    Dostthouevenhoistgoodsir 87Dostthouevenhoistgoodsir 87Måned siden
  • The beast the only on Mattt the hulk rock on maaaaaaan

    Ahmed KamalAhmed KamalMåned siden
  • He is just too dominant.. No one in his league

    Colin SydneyColin SydneyMåned siden