Mateusz Kieliszkowski Cyr Dumbbell Record / 8K

16. mars. 2020
56 113 Ganger

In one of the standout highlights from the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic, the remarkable Mateusz Kieliszkowski breaks his own World Record with a 320 LB (145 KG) Cyr Dumbbell lift in the weekend's final event. The feat capped off the best Arnold performance in Mateusz's career, but it wasn't quite enough to take the overall title, as the 26 year-old Pole finished a mere 2 points behind 3x champ Hafthor Bjornsson (52.5 to 50.5).
Check out more highlights from Rogue's coverage of the 2020 Arnold Classic from Columbus, OH:

  • 0:53 the dude in the background is all of us lol

    MotherlandMotherland2 måneder siden
  • My faworite strongman

    Damian FirynDamian Firyn5 måneder siden
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼✌

    jhonny blossomjhonny blossom5 måneder siden
  • My router caught on fire trying to stream this. 8k at .5FPS

    IFMIFM6 måneder siden
  • Polish power 💪

    rafi ikrafi ik6 måneder siden
  • Imagine that coming down and hitting u in the foot

    heyitsmejimmy7heyitsmejimmy77 måneder siden
  • 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱Mateusz Kieliszkowski is The Best StrongMan in the world🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

    Kasa KasaKasa Kasa8 måneder siden
  • I was hoping he would win

    Disney PlusDisney Plus8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz Kieliszkowski has incredible strength! Respect from Norway

    FrostbiteFrostbite8 måneder siden
  • Polska Siła 🇵🇱

    Robert EdwardsRobert Edwards8 måneder siden
  • Polak rodak najlepszy wiadomo

    Grzegorz MikośGrzegorz Mikoś8 måneder siden
  • Poland Stronk

    EverlastGXEverlastGX8 måneder siden
  • Hafthor be like "I Still won!"

    ꧁Ankit꧂꧁Ankit꧂8 måneder siden
  • 👑👏🇵🇱💪

    Arek DArek D8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz is the best!! 🇵🇱

    Marcin BieniekMarcin Bieniek8 måneder siden
  • PP.

    Lalek PLLalek PL8 måneder siden
  • Chłop daje rade

    Piotr WojtaśPiotr Wojtaś8 måneder siden
  • No w tej dyscyplinie rządzisz!

    P PepP Pep8 måneder siden
  • Them firearms tho

    what thewhat the8 måneder siden
  • love to see the thumbs downs try it.

    theflyingstonemason 68theflyingstonemason 688 måneder siden
  • Imagine this guy with another 50lbs

    Jaumaster 69Jaumaster 698 måneder siden
  • Cries in 1080p phone

    Jaumaster 69Jaumaster 698 måneder siden
  • Eventually he will take down Thor. Always happens. Like when Brian Shaw eventually defeated Big Z. Give him time. A fan of both of them.

    Donnell PerryDonnell Perry8 måneder siden
  • What a freak?!

    raptorgod77raptorgod778 måneder siden
  • Respect

    MattMatt8 måneder siden
  • Dude probably ways just as much

    Jose ZavalaJose Zavala8 måneder siden
  • Uuu triple H ma chrapke na Mateusza do wwe

    GudinHoGudinHo8 måneder siden
  • boy is currently the strongest man in the world! he lost this competition only by poor technique in one! competition!

    lucky lukelucky luke8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz jestes Narodowa dumą,Ty przekocie!!!Góra juz czuje strach....czuje twoj oddech na plecach,a raczej wie,ze za rok jestes nr.1.Da Bóg zdrowia Cie!

    Falcon XFalcon X8 måneder siden
  • My guy... Matoos

    Modar ModarModar Modar8 måneder siden
  • 💪🏼🇵🇱🌎

    LayzeeTVLayzeeTV8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz kozak petarda tak trzymaj

    roberto toruńroberto toruń8 måneder siden
  • Amazing

    Guillaume DebayGuillaume Debay8 måneder siden
  • Mistrz!!!!!! Champion!

    jork1919jork19198 måneder siden
  • Wow!!! But I wonder what the drug tested record would be.

    T RiverT River8 måneder siden
    • A lot lower, but who cares. It is amazing to see how far the human body can go. No shame in drugs I say.

      tinymahutatinymahuta8 måneder siden
  • borec

    Princ HábíboPrinc Hábíbo8 måneder siden
  • Jebany, jak po swoje przyszedł 😳 trzeba oddać królowi co królewskie!!!

    kamil Kkamil K8 måneder siden
  • 🥇🥇🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱💪💪💪💪💪

    Jacek JagielskiJacek Jagielski8 måneder siden
  • Don’t care what anyone tells me. You win 4/6 events, you won the competition in my eyes. Most impressive strongman on the weekend

    Mike WalshMike Walsh8 måneder siden
    • Straight White Male he really only “crushed” him in the deadlift. He still tied for 3rd in the bag throw, still a strong performance.

      X WX W8 måneder siden
    • If you finish ahead of others with 1 or 2 points in 4 competitions, but lose to them with 7 or 10 points in the 2 other competitions, you lose. That's what happened here. Hafthor was always 2nd or 3rd behind Mateusz, but absolutely crushed him in the Deadlift and Throwing.

      Straight White MaleStraight White Male8 måneder siden
    • He, and everybody else, understood the points system going into the competition. He didn't get enough points. He lost.

      tinymahutatinymahuta8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz weighs over 100lbs less than Thor and won 4 out of 6 events setting 2 or 3 world records.

    Tim NevingerTim Nevinger8 måneder siden
    • That is because Strongman is not about who is the Biggest, the Tallest, the Heaviest, or the Buffest, it is about who is the Strongest.

      Alpha BeusAlpha BeusMåned siden
    • Me yah mateusz is stronger.

      Sean GentriSean Gentri3 måneder siden
    • That’s because he’s stronger lol

      Sean GentriSean Gentri3 måneder siden
    • @S3VILL4 They did last year, but rules were not as strict

      Miś BarnabaMiś Barnaba8 måneder siden
  • Polska !!!

    Witnessed ItWitnessed It8 måneder siden
  • Get about 3000 of this guy and he could build you a pyramid

    THE BUDDHA 420THE BUDDHA 4208 måneder siden
  • Mateusz' pressing strength is almost inhuman and he's only 26! I have no doubt that he will take Big Z's log record in the next year or two. Love all the competitors, but he's my fav for the next WSM as well.

    Todd MasonTodd Mason8 måneder siden
  • Man he did so well !!!

    Hardcore BackpflaumeHardcore Backpflaume8 måneder siden
  • Strong

    fleszchilloutfleszchillout8 måneder siden
  • Thor... 440lbs of nothing

    love budlove bud8 måneder siden

    t ct c8 måneder siden
  • With no wrist wrap too. Insane strength.

    twinscrolls2ktwinscrolls2k8 måneder siden
  • He needs to up his deadlift. He doesn't have to win it or anything but he's dropping WAY too many points on that event!

    Randy ChavezRandy Chavez8 måneder siden
    • Yeah if he could get in the top 4-5 range that would be enough. Like Shyvliaov level.

      Winter KingWinter King8 måneder siden
    • @Moayad Issa especially if you compare thor and eddie with him.

      Rocky Bilboa BagginsRocky Bilboa Baggins8 måneder siden
    • Randy Chavez he has really long legs and probably not as structurally gifted as the others. Hell get there eventually though with his training

      MrInzombiaMrInzombia8 måneder siden
    • It's crazy to say 400-420Kg deadlift is weak but in strongman terms you're right

      Moayad IssaMoayad Issa8 måneder siden
    • @Erlyk Dalkien he's still young, static strength takes time to build

      YahwehYahweh8 måneder siden
  • The guy won 4 events and still lost the competition So unlucky Thor is competing in the same era Or he would be champ 100%

    Mike MikeMike Mike8 måneder siden
    • He's 5 years younger than Hafthor. When Hafthor retires, Mateusz will be in his prime.

      malonemuertmalonemuert8 måneder siden
  • He's insane! Crazy strong

    Hugo RodriguezHugo Rodriguez8 måneder siden
  • 🐐

    fcf87fcf878 måneder siden
  • Damn, I bench with 250 lb dumbells all day and that guy just threw a 320 over his shoulder. I'm gonna go try 600lb bench now, super motivated now.

    d0z3rrd0z3rr8 måneder siden
    • d0z3rr right your stronger then larry wheels. Ok

      MrTurbo87lxMrTurbo87lx8 måneder siden
  • If Hafthor didn’t go for 330, he probably would’ve tied it.

    NemeanLionNemeanLion8 måneder siden
    • If Mateusz go for 330, he probably would’ve tied it ;)

      Burz DanielBurz Daniel8 måneder siden
  • what a should!!!

    Bara TroLLBara TroLL8 måneder siden
  • Your time will come Mateusz!!!

    LuckeschLuckesch8 måneder siden

    HUBIHUBI8 måneder siden
  • Such a flawless lift!! Love it! But of course, it's 16/03/20 and there are already two fooktards who gave it a thumb down. Tf is wrong with u people??

    Matt OstrowskiMatt Ostrowski8 måneder siden
  • My favorite strongman

    delta tafdelta taf8 måneder siden
  • Dam sucks he couldn't have the huge crowd they have every year.

    Anthony SanchezAnthony Sanchez8 måneder siden
  • Picking up the average persons deadlift and pressing it with one arm......

    Alex PovichAlex Povich8 måneder siden
    • In what world is 300+lbs an average person's deadlift? I rarely see people pull that.

      Straight White MaleStraight White Male8 måneder siden
    • average untrained man is more like 120-300lb,

      megin namegin na8 måneder siden
    • @Honey Purity 320lbs

      Alex PovichAlex Povich8 måneder siden
    • Alex Povich what was the weight on that

      Honey PurityHoney Purity8 måneder siden
  • I can barely do 45kg.

    Hardo WiderHardo Wider8 måneder siden
  • He has insane upper body strength. Wow! Super impressive

    Joe WalkerJoe Walker8 måneder siden
    • @Rocky Bilboa Baggins heavy and strong are not the same thing, if you're talking about strength, just say strength, Mateusz has pretty good overhead strength.

      megin namegin na8 måneder siden
    • @megin na yeah, but that is how him and martins have to compete. Considering they aren't the heaviest guys out there.

      Rocky Bilboa BagginsRocky Bilboa Baggins8 måneder siden
    • More so comes down to his perfect technique

      megin namegin na8 måneder siden
  • He's crazy athletic. Some people might say they are athletic to compensate for their strength but mateusz is a freak athlete.

    ATP SynthaseATP Synthase8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz Kieliszkowski !!Remember this name !

    hogan20phogan20p8 måneder siden
    • hogan20p ? He it’s already famous

      juap!juap!8 måneder siden
  • He is the future of Strongman for sure. It's going to be Thor against Mateusz for years to come i recon.

    FabledSomethingFabledSomething8 måneder siden
    • You forgetting the bigan... Tommy "The Jobby" Stoltman

      Laeveld ParaatheidLaeveld Paraatheid8 måneder siden
    • Tom Stoltman will be the new Thor in 5 years

      MrRm747MrRm7478 måneder siden
    • FabledSomething Martins is going to be in the running next year

      hg_10smhg_10sm8 måneder siden
  • ; )

    Maksim KuzyakinMaksim Kuzyakin8 måneder siden
  • He deserved that tittle

    Kaue PereiraKaue Pereira8 måneder siden
    • Two tittles. One for each hand

      t ct c8 måneder siden
    • You either earn it or you don't, and he did not deserve it.

      megin namegin na8 måneder siden
  • I m from Poland !!!! I m 280lbs and 197cm. I m natural bodybuilder. Mateusz Kieliszkowski and Mariusz Pudzianowksi so is best strongest polish man the all time !

    NaturalWiking PLNaturalWiking PL8 måneder siden
    • A body builder? You should quit doing beauty pageants and start doing a sport.

      tinymahutatinymahuta8 måneder siden
    • @EmeK very good polish language Brother 👌 polska gora 💪 regards

      NaturalWiking PLNaturalWiking PL8 måneder siden
    • do stongman dude! you have da genetics. bodybuildind is soo booring zzzz... Polska gora

      EmeKEmeK8 måneder siden
  • Respect to that guy. Hafthor and Mateusz are the best right now

    JuanDavid nwnJuanDavid nwn8 måneder siden
    • @Jesús Mendoza Leaps and bounds ahead of everyone? Bruh, he won 1 major competition in his entire career. Beat Shaw and Thor 1x in his entire career, got beaten by them at WSM 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Thor also beat him 1 month before WSM 2017 at ESM 2017.

      Hidde de RoosHidde de RoosMåned siden
    • Mateusz will win this next time, hands down! He wants it so can see it in his eyes.

      TheBadBone23TheBadBone238 måneder siden
    • @Jesús Mendoza he peaked really high but I doubt he could sustain that due to damage he did to his body

      rev up those fryersrev up those fryers8 måneder siden
    • I wish Eddie never officially retired. He was leaps and bounds ahead of everyone

      Jesús MendozaJesús Mendoza8 måneder siden
  • My heart sunk when he failed the first one and held his elbow for a while. So reliefed to see him succeed!

    Tauno KekkonenTauno Kekkonen8 måneder siden
    • @Wild Bill Janashia had that one, didn't he? Was quite dramatic.

      Tauno KekkonenTauno Kekkonen8 måneder siden
    • I had flashbacks of 2019 WSM. Watching a tricep tear on the circus db.

      Wild BillWild Bill8 måneder siden
    • @Harri Riutta saakeli se viimeinen veto, pelkällä sisulla!

      Tauno KekkonenTauno Kekkonen8 måneder siden
    • If he did the first one , he said he wanted 325 for last attempt

      Just BertyJust Berty8 måneder siden
    • Totta turiset. Se maastaveto oli myös aika trilleri vaikkei se nyt toki tilannetta juuri pelastanutkaan. Mut ylipäätään viihdyttävä kattoo ton suorituksia

      Harri RiuttaHarri Riutta8 måneder siden
  • Powered by donuts with toffee.

    m̶ellm̶ell8 måneder siden
    • haha i’m glad you posted this comment 🤣

      Nobodyy CaresNobodyy Cares8 måneder siden
    • You watched the Rogue film about Kieliszkowski😂

      BLOCMAN HDBLOCMAN HD8 måneder siden
    • Donuts with toffee 😁

      Dawid WojcikDawid Wojcik8 måneder siden
  • respect for the greats. Mateusz is one of the best.

    marco cejamarco ceja8 måneder siden
  • Proud

    RadkovichRadkovich8 måneder siden
  • mateusz is the best in the world

    AA8 måneder siden
    • Thats why he won WSM and Arnold Classic

      W RW R8 måneder siden
  • Who else is in quarantine?

    Samuel CaronSamuel Caron8 måneder siden
    • @orange games same

      Len artLen art8 måneder siden
    • Me,im from spain

      akysingan 123akysingan 1238 måneder siden
    • me not really in quarantine,but obligate to stay in my house

      orange gamesorange games8 måneder siden
  • 😎

    MrMLD1972MrMLD19728 måneder siden
  • What an absolute unit

    Symmetrical GreySymmetrical Grey8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz, respect from Ukraine💪

    Ігор ТимчукІгор Тимчук8 måneder siden
    • Szacun

      made hahamade haha8 måneder siden
    • Ему бы свой не помешало бы завести, как Литис допустим.

      Евгений ТарасенкоЕвгений Тарасенко8 måneder siden
    • Да-да, я периодически слежу за этим каналом.

      Евгений ТарасенкоЕвгений Тарасенко8 måneder siden
    • @Евгений Тарасенко тут часто появляеться

      Ігор ТимчукІгор Тимчук8 måneder siden
    • Мне он также импонирует.

      Евгений ТарасенкоЕвгений Тарасенко8 måneder siden
  • He should come to WWE..👍

    Raj SinghRaj Singh8 måneder siden
    • Was that HHH next to arnold? Might be scouting some new talent

      David WDavid W8 måneder siden
    • @Odd 1 yes it is. It's become worse and worse.

      Pajtim HasaniPajtim Hasani8 måneder siden
    • @Odd 1 yeah it sucks but he could make a lot of money there

      chiefRahochiefRaho8 måneder siden
    • WWE is an embarrassment.

      Odd 1Odd 18 måneder siden
    • plese god no. wwe is bullshit acting. stongman is the real men sport :D

      EmeKEmeK8 måneder siden
  • Kidding i was the one to comment the second comment😄

    Alex MartinezAlex Martinez8 måneder siden
  • POLISH PRIDE 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

    bigtomy82bigtomy828 måneder siden
    • @Straight White Male they have to change kissing USA buttholes so bad. its very bad for europe

      Hyena laughing matterHyena laughing matter7 måneder siden
    • The Polish are awesome. Never change.

      Straight White MaleStraight White Male8 måneder siden

    Ignacio De La Torre LaraIgnacio De La Torre Lara8 måneder siden
  • Hello everyone. First comment

    Michael MichaelMichael Michael8 måneder siden