Mateusz Narrows the Margin with Thor | Arnold Strongman Classic 2020

7. mars. 2020
39 983 Ganger

Anyone counting out Mateusz Kieliszkowski after the Elephant Bar Deadlift is re-thinking things now, as the 6'5" Pole storms back with a masterful 1st place finish in the Timber Carry (7 seconds). This cuts Hafthor Bjornsson's slim lead to just a few points with one event to go at the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus, Ohio.
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  • Thor: Im the strongest man. Mateusz: Im from Poland, so what is your super power again?

    Bartosz KsitBartosz Ksit8 måneder siden
  • Thor still wins easily.

    Mr. InzeoMr. Inzeo8 måneder siden
  • Is the last event today?

    Hibernian Green and whiteHibernian Green and white8 måneder siden
  • Kieliszkowski = Pudzianowski Junior

    Adrian RajrewAdrian Rajrew8 måneder siden
  • He is not good in deadlift but bombing farmers that is like deadlift probably for his upperbody and hand super strength

    milad iranimilad irani8 måneder siden
  • Brawo

    Michal HMichal H8 måneder siden
  • Great job, Thor! Nordic power!

    GoosecoreGoosecore8 måneder siden
  • Big fan of Mateusz. Pure power

    KenpachiAjax GamingKenpachiAjax Gaming8 måneder siden
  • Slavic power!!!

    suck it Germans Ddsuck it Germans Dd8 måneder siden
  • 4 dislikes??

    Al JokerAl Joker8 måneder siden
  • Mautrez is a great

    Renga NathaRenga Natha8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz na prezydenta

    Przemyslaw SzwedPrzemyslaw Szwed8 måneder siden
  • Who knows what will happen in this final event. It will be very tactical and depend how fatigued Thor is on the dumbbell.

    Oliver DouglasOliver Douglas8 måneder siden
  • Thor needs to come 3rd or better to win. I think unless he makes a fatal mistake he has this one in the bag

    MrPikkaboMrPikkabo8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz have a chance to win?

    BombiarzeTVBombiarzeTV8 måneder siden
    • Only if thor finishes 5th or worse and Mateusz finishes first on the next event :( I want Mateusz to win but thor getting such a bad score on the dumbell is unlucky, I do think that Mateusz is going to win the next event though.

      FILIPFILIP8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz największą Polską siłą

    WueRWueR8 måneder siden
  • Great attempt by Mateusz. There is only one event left, and I'm sure he will win it, but Thor had to be 5 in order for Mateusz to win, and that's quite unlikely. It's a shame that because of one event he won't win whole Arnold, even winning 4 of 6 events. But he will certainly become stronger in future and now, let's enjoy his most surely second place

    Krzysiek ChmielowiecKrzysiek Chmielowiec8 måneder siden
    • @Patryk Jasnowski He did 420 at USM.

      McBaronMcBaron8 måneder siden
    • SluggerStark he did pull 440kg in usm last year, but a torn biceps set him back with deadlift training for a while, thats why i think he struggled today with 400. Imo for example even in this event he outclassed thor same as thor outclassed him in deadlift, but the points arent dittibuted evenly

      Patryk JasnowskiPatryk Jasnowski8 måneder siden
    • Ya, he has been dominant at the Arnolds and I agree....shame that one lift seems to kill his chances. I can empathise: deadlift has always been my worst lift by far and it always killed me at powerlifting meets. Hoping Mateusz can get his deadlift 900+....then no one is stopping him.

      SluggerStarkSluggerStark8 måneder siden
    • If he can get his deadlift up he'll be a force to be reckoned with!

      Le BumbcrackLe Bumbcrack8 måneder siden
  • Because nothing represent strongman than running uphill holding 400kg

    Az ErtyAz Erty8 måneder siden
  • Niestety przez martwy ciąg Mateusz nie wygra :(

    Bartek jestemBartek jestem8 måneder siden
    • @DamianoItaliano ale przynajmniej 2 miejsce mamy zapewnione :P

      Roronoa ZoroRoronoa Zoro8 måneder siden
    • @DamianoItaliano No ma szanse ale kielich musialby byc 1 a thor minimum 4 albo 5 (nie pamietam dokladnie) w kolejnej konkurencji, wiec szanse sa male.

      Roronoa ZoroRoronoa Zoro8 måneder siden
    • Ale ma jeszcze jakieś szanse czy już nie wystarczy mu punktów?

      DamianoItalianoDamianoItaliano8 måneder siden
  • Kk please fix your deadlift and you will reign supreme for years to come!

    aki khanaki khan8 måneder siden
    • nice physique on your profile pic MY BROTHER :)

      ClockyClocky8 måneder siden
  • how many events left in strongman competition?

    AlduvielAlduviel8 måneder siden
    • One

      Jaafar AlawiehJaafar Alawieh8 måneder siden
  • After 5 events: Björnsson 44 Kieliszkowski 40,5 Licis 32,5 JF Caron 31,5 Pritchett 25.5 Shivlyakov 24,5 Kearney 24,5 Novikov 22,5 Thompson 19,5 Belsak 10,5

    Henri TaussiHenri Taussi8 måneder siden
    • @mistarsadistephen yep

      Mr. NutellaMr. Nutella8 måneder siden
    • @PawełH dziena wariacie

      Mr. NutellaMr. Nutella8 måneder siden
    • Is it only the cyr dumbbell left?

      mistarsadistephenmistarsadistephen8 måneder siden
    • @Mr. Nutella

      PawełHPawełH8 måneder siden
    • Where did you get this info?

      Mr. NutellaMr. Nutella8 måneder siden
  • Thor is amazing when it comes to static strenght, but if you must move, and i mean move fast...nah. He's just too huge to be agile in that kind of event i think.

    Fibrizzo KFibrizzo K8 måneder siden
    • It's funny because I'm pretty sure Thor used to be known for the dynamic events, his static strength wasn't where it is today. I guess between age, injury and weight gain he's had to sacrifice a bit of mobility, but it seems to be working for him. And of course, Mateusz is crazy, so makes Thor look worse than he would otherwise.

      RichardRichard8 måneder siden
    • He beat Mateusz in the loading race at WSM 2018 though

      Hidde de RoosHidde de Roos8 måneder siden
    • @Tomáš G Right, because carrying, moving, and loading heavy things hasnt been the most obvious measure of strength in all of human history. If you just want to watch deadlifts for max weight, watch powerlifting.

      B5ByrneB5Byrne8 måneder siden
    • Well, it is called strongman not fastman, or cardioman

      Tomáš GTomáš G8 måneder siden
    • Strongman needs more static events.

      GoosecoreGoosecore8 måneder siden
  • Mistrz jest tylko jeden!

    hogan20phogan20p8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz is simply the best

    GeoURUKGeoURUK8 måneder siden
  • Beau-ti-ful

    Matt OstrowskiMatt Ostrowski8 måneder siden

    Mr. NutellaMr. Nutella8 måneder siden
  • He was so fast the frame bounced back off the top of the platform. Awesome.

    HomegymMan ISYMFSHomegymMan ISYMFS8 måneder siden
  • TO JEST SIŁA...!!!

    Robert KwasnickiRobert Kwasnicki8 måneder siden
  • Thor has never had great grip strength. Probably his biggest weakness. Nonetheless, he'll win this competition.

    Riley DenningRiley Denning8 måneder siden
    • We shal see who wil win, overal Mateusz is a Beter athlete. Polish Power and Speed 💪💪

      Konrad GKonrad G8 måneder siden
    • Not saying he's terrible with grip. Just comparatively I believe it's one of his weakest points. Hafthor doesn't have many weak points.

      Riley DenningRiley Denning8 måneder siden
    • Mike Deburgh exactly!! mateusz is more athletic

      Dwayne HorstDwayne Horst8 måneder siden
    • Holding and carrying big thinks are totally different.

      Mike DeburghMike Deburgh8 måneder siden
    • He beat Mateusz in hercules hold last year at ESM and in deadlift hold at WSM.

      Artur MäeotsArtur Mäeots8 måneder siden
  • Another record for Mateusz. I saw this coming, and last event could be really interesting

    azesazes8 måneder siden
    • @Uncle Eggnog no problem :)

      BTICronoxBTICronox8 måneder siden
    • BTICronox my bad sorry :)

      Uncle EggnogUncle Eggnog8 måneder siden
    • @Uncle Eggnog uhm, no? First gives 10 points, second 9, third 8, fourth 7, fifth 6. If Thor becomes fourth: 51 points If Mateusu becomes first: 50.5 points.

      BTICronoxBTICronox8 måneder siden
    • If mateusz is first Thor needs to come 3rd Atleast to win

      Uncle EggnogUncle Eggnog8 måneder siden
    • @Michael Mica for Mateusz to win, Thor has to get 5th place or worse, which is unlikely, because he already pressed 129kg in training with clear reserves.

      BTICronoxBTICronox8 måneder siden
  • What a beast!

    KaraKara8 måneder siden
  • mogged

    Universe. AZUniverse. AZ8 måneder siden
  • Co pokazał mati. Nie ma słów.

    Adam DzikuAdam Dziku8 måneder siden
  • I was surprised that Thor was as terrible at this as he was. Especially since he didn't do the 3rd deadlift.

    HunkerDownDawgs94HunkerDownDawgs948 måneder siden
    • He got 4th. Only Mateusz, Martins and Jerry even finished the event.

      Mai AMai A8 måneder siden
    • @The Kingpin for sure!

      Geir BrodénGeir Brodén8 måneder siden
    • Blues fan nope u can watch all his training videos prior to this he just done it on a flat walk in his gym and not on an incline that definitely played its part and he couldnt go up

      The KingpinThe Kingpin8 måneder siden
    • I may be mistaken, but I believe I recall Thor saying he had a nerve problem in one of his hands a while back. A vid with Jujimufu.

      Blues fanBlues fan8 måneder siden
  • is today one more evenet or not?

    neki tamoneki tamo8 måneder siden
    • @Ivan Drago thanks

      neki tamoneki tamo8 måneder siden
    • @Mister008Gaming Well that is Mateusz event so I guess the drama will be if Thor can place in the top 3.

      Ivan DragoIvan Drago8 måneder siden
    • neki tamo Yes, the Cyr Dumbbell Challenge is coming on at 9:00 PM EST.

      Mister008GamingMister008Gaming8 måneder siden
    • I heard the last even will be tonight at 9:00, I do not know what the event is. Thor currently has 44 pts and Mateusz is second with 40.5.

      Ivan DragoIvan Drago8 måneder siden
    • No

      Jareczek ZasranyJareczek Zasrany8 måneder siden
  • Brawo Mateusz! Jestem dumny ze reprezentujesz Polske!! Trzymam kciuki za 1st miejsce!💪💪💪💪

    Wojciech WierzbowskiWojciech Wierzbowski8 måneder siden
    • @mistrzgatunku A co to ma do patriotyzmu? Czy kraj jest od sponsorowania każdego, kto chce się wybić?

      Mr. NobodyMr. Nobody4 måneder siden
    • @CZ003 Skoro mówimy o PL to żużel jest dużo bardziej popularny. Mamy ligę a i nasi zawodnicy odnoszą sukcesy. W Europie też masz parę mocnych lig. Strongman jedynie w USA i UK jest mocno popularny bo oni mają najwięcej zawodników w Top na świecie. Nie rozumiem określenia którego używasz "polactwo"?

      kowal100111kowal1001118 måneder siden
    • @kowal100111 Porównujesz strongman do jakiegoś żużla, którym interesuje się jedynie polactwo albo rzutu kulą, którym ktokolwiek się "interesuje" jedynie podczas igrzysk? Jesli mowiac niszowy sport masz na mysli sama Polske, to niestety tak to wyglada, ale nigdy nie zrozumiem dlaczego dla ludzi popularnosc sportu w polsce > popularnosc sportu na swiecie.

      CZ003CZ0038 måneder siden
    • @mistrzgatunku równie dobrze można powiedzieć to o p. Lewandowskim, pani Włodarczyk itd. Prawda jest taka że w większości sportów dopóki zawodnik się nie wybije każdy ma go gdzieś. Wynik robi rozpoznawalność. Jakoś jednak noszą Orzełka na piersi.

      kowal100111kowal1001118 måneder siden
    • @CZ003 a kto powiedział ze każdy ma go znać?? Strongman to niszowy sport i kto jest w temacie ten zna. Nie interesuje się ani żużlem ani ping pongiem i nie mam pojęcia kto tam nas reprezentuje. Mam do tego prawo ;) Jeśli mieliby pokazywać w TV każdy niszowy sport to brakłoby czasu antenowego ;D

      kowal100111kowal1001118 måneder siden
  • In how much time is the next event?

    Frank CastleFrank Castle8 måneder siden
    • Five and a half hours

      GregClarkMusicGregClarkMusic8 måneder siden
  • Coś niesamowitego i pięknego!!! Brawo Mateusz!!! 💪🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

    Marek WójcikMarek Wójcik8 måneder siden
  • How much lbs on it? Brawo Mateusz!!!

    Rafał OsuchRafał Osuch8 måneder siden
    • Mister008Gaming So basically running with most people’s max deadlift in each hand. What the actual...

      wickywillswickywills8 måneder siden
    • Thank you :)

      Rafał OsuchRafał Osuch8 måneder siden
    • Rafał Osuch 400 kg/881 lb

      Mister008GamingMister008Gaming8 måneder siden
    • 880 lbs

      Frank CastleFrank Castle8 måneder siden
    • The frame was mid 800's I believe

      Misael MVMisael MV8 måneder siden
  • Ahh... zawzięty to jest Polska!!!👊

    AgroLukAgroLuk8 måneder siden
  • I think Thor’s problem is that he was trying to beat Mateusz outright here for first. Instead he should have just accepted second, calmed down a bit and done it nicely. He rushed the pick up and he didn’t have a good grip when he started to walk

    DavidDavid8 måneder siden
    • Thor is bigger than ever before, and the strongest ever at static events. He is preparing for deadlift WR. Meaning he is getting a bit weaker in speed events. You can't have it all. Mateusz is more like Pudizianowski. He has no chance in hell against Thor in deadlift or squat but he is amazing in Medleys, races, endurance events. With his qualities he could possibly beat Thor if he gets his deadlift at least to 950 pounds or 920 or something like that so he doesn't fall down to the bottom of the competition in such events. He might lose some speed in the process but as I see it he would still be very good in those events so I think the future is bright. Note also that is deadlift, while being relatively weak, is getting better year for year.

      Korosh RostamiKorosh Rostami8 måneder siden
    • @Thomas Rosendahl - if Thor and Mateusz both continue to increase ability, you're right, Thor's going to win everything, but Mateusz only has to improve on his DL to push Thor for the win. He won 4 events out of the 6 and if it wasn't for his very poor DL, he'd be the new Arnold champ. I can't see Thor taking his foot off the gas now though. He'll want more titles and it's going to be quite something seeing him getting even stronger than he is right now!

      LMCLMC8 måneder siden
    • I think a lot of spectators and fans were surprised how difficult it was for Thor, but for the rest of 2020 Kieliszkowksi will still struggle with a raw 400 kg deadlift most likely. And in terms of speed and athleticism he only slightly edges out Hafthor if you look at the stone medley or wheel of pain. So Unless Kieliszkowski drastically improves his deadlift he will not be a contender for first place in wsm or Arnold Classic. It has been more or less 4 years since he first competed at the highest level at Arnold classic or wsm. Let us face it, Hafthor is blessed with his genetics and size, so unless the other strongmen push themselves to the limit like Eddie Hall did they are not going to ever win this or the wsm title.

      Thomas RosendahlThomas Rosendahl8 måneder siden
    • @Bablo Biggins - you sure about that? He has nerve damage in his face (bells palsy) but I thought it was Martins whonhas nerve damage in his arm?

      LMCLMC8 måneder siden
    • @Professor Whoosh he has nerve damage in one of his hands that limits his grip

      Bablo BigginsBablo Biggins8 måneder siden
  • Polska gora!!

    Dawid WojcikDawid Wojcik8 måneder siden

    Po ProstuPo Prostu8 måneder siden
  • I had a feeling thor couldn't complete it, and to see mateusz storm up there and break the record was the best! I hope he wins this🤘

    CelestialCitadelCelestialCitadel8 måneder siden
  • Nasz Fenomen!💪👍😃

    AgroLukAgroLuk8 måneder siden
  • What a beast

    NimbleNutsNimbleNuts8 måneder siden
  • that grip.

    Stoycho BalchevStoycho Balchev8 måneder siden
  • incredible

    AyanneMaiAyanneMai8 måneder siden
  • BRAVO MATEUSZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MateoMateo8 måneder siden