Men's and Women's Anvil Grip Lift | Rogue Record Breakers 2020

7. mars. 2020
66 681 Ganger

Full live stream of the Men's and Women's Anvil Grip Lift at the 2020 Rogue Record Breakers in Columbus, Ohio.
Rogue’s complete coverage of the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic will be live from March 6-7. 10 strongmen will compete in 6 events over 2 days for the title of Arnold Strongman Classic Champion. Rogue’s coverage will also include daily episodes of the Rogue Iron Game show featuring guests from the worlds of Strongman, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, and CrossFit. We will also be streaming the full 2020 Rogue Record Breakers competition and the IWF Rogue World Challenge.
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  • I like Adrianes bodyshape! She really has a well trained body. 💪💪💪

    Kevin BaderKevin BaderMåned siden
  • Was hoping to see a real anvil.

    iblockpuncheswithmyfaceiblockpuncheswithmyface5 måneder siden
  • Juji and Shaw would just pile on all of the weights and lift them easily.

    spydergs07spydergs075 måneder siden
  • This contest is flawed, what if you can grip the weight but not have the upper body to lift the weight, they should keep you stationary and drop the weight.

    Jason CJason C6 måneder siden
  • Brian Shaw should have been there

    Jackie CurrahJackie Currah6 måneder siden
  • It's amazing what house cleaning, washing dishes, folding cloths, cooking etc... does to your grip strength and these ladys proved it.

    drunk mikedrunk mike7 måneder siden
  • Damn that Danielle has a nice body but she looks like a dude sham.

    drunk mikedrunk mike7 måneder siden
  • Tom and JuJi inspired this whole damn event LMAO.

    drunk mikedrunk mike7 måneder siden
  • I like Eric's middle finger out technique

  • Danielle is my type of girl

    Chris WelcomeChris Welcome7 måneder siden
  • Let the armwrestlers do this thing....

    Tommy DaveTommy Dave8 måneder siden
  • Enn å løfte vekt med en sånn har dere testa?

    fredric Jacobsen.fredric Jacobsen.8 måneder siden
  • Mark Felix cruises through the grip challenge as usual. Not that it's to easy for him, he still has to push himself to the moon when he starts to get into the upper range of his maximum lifting weight. Mark Felix is an incredibly powerful man and to top it off he has decades and decades of hard learned experience under his belt. The strength and endurance Mark has, especially for his age is nothing short of super human. One of the greatest old school strongmen and I always cheer these guys/gals on whenever they compete together. I just hold that extra bit more respect for strongmen like Mark who are supposed to be way past it in terms of strongman competing age, according to the general rule of thumb that is. Guys like Mark are a special exception and they can teach the up and coming ones so so much wisdom and tecneque about their feild and life in general. I say that with the upmost respect to everyone involved. I don't want to come across as being ignorant or belittling to other younger ones in any way 👍 Well done everyone and a huge pat on the back to Mark Felix. And the female performances well, WOW, they really did conquer that! Tecneque can go a long, long way. The women had that nailed to the ceiling. A lot to be learned from them 👏 Thanks for the upload

    A BC D EF G VibesA BC D EF G Vibes8 måneder siden
  • I hate when people mention Brian Shaw for grip because the guy has the biggest hands in the lifting community so grip isnt as much as a issue for him, but take Odd Haugen whose alot older and had smaller hands and weighs less and he still lifts more than any human in grip things including Brian Shaw. Also in this lift things people relied completely on was ego and grip but the ones who stayed calm and used biomechanics were beating the stronger guys shows people if you ain't Ali, Jordan, or Tyson don't get cocky and dont just use strength alone but your brains. I hope Odd Haugen does this next time.

    Justin TrentJustin Trent8 måneder siden
  • All the women in this are built bad

    Landon BroussardLandon Broussard8 måneder siden
  • Woooow 170 one hand !!

    Fernand GamboaFernand Gamboa8 måneder siden
  • 16:55 I reckon that’s not her first time doing that

    Painis VerginaPainis Vergina8 måneder siden
  • Damn.......shakeweight really works!!

    imdatdude53imdatdude538 måneder siden
  • Miss Llewellyn got a donk....

    Brian AveryBrian Avery8 måneder siden
  • The event starts at 15:00.

    Kim of AbujaKim of Abuja8 måneder siden
  • This is ridiculous that they made this an event.

    Alesis RoketeAlesis Rokete8 måneder siden
  • More lifting action....... Less announcer commentary.......

    Jay Boogie79Jay Boogie798 måneder siden
  • no juji?

    NoYezzNoYezz8 måneder siden
  • I've never seen professional strongmen give up so quickly.

    Sam CoonSam Coon8 måneder siden
  • 17:06 This guy would make a lot of people happy..... in prison.

    ProtusProtus8 måneder siden
  • that log push thing totally looks like a common virus depiction

    j ayj ay8 måneder siden
  • "Come on crowd this is a pb" ... there isn't enough people there to be a crowd

    StealthAssasin 1DayStealthAssasin 1Day8 måneder siden
  • 18:24 I'd like for her to grab my horn like that

    trevor dollingertrevor dollinger8 måneder siden
  • Rogue, do the right thing and dont let Crawford announce anymore. Your audience doesnt want him, if they ever did...

    weightman18weightman188 måneder siden
  • Grip is a sport.....i rest my case.

    GNDGND8 måneder siden
    • Without go training, most strongmen couldn't compete hence why it's important

      Tito MaldonadoTito Maldonado5 måneder siden
  • The announcers suck! they’re worst part of the Arnold

    Jackson LefflerJackson Leffler8 måneder siden
    • Jackson Leffler the brits do it way better

      SpencerSpencer8 måneder siden
  • Dumbest event #ever

    Christopher W. SandersChristopher W. Sanders8 måneder siden
  • Good job Luke , Diesel Crew !!!

    Glenn The plumberGlenn The plumber9 måneder siden
  • What's Danielle's full name, her ig ?

    The BeyonderThe Beyonder9 måneder siden
    • danielle llewellyn i had to turn on closed captioning to see but I double checked on google and that's it

      Adam BischoffAdam Bischoff6 måneder siden
  • I'm guessing Mark Felix won this event ?

    The BeyonderThe Beyonder9 måneder siden
    • I thought so too😑He was to tired from tha Dinnie Stones

  • 18:15 rated R

  • 18:10 super cute

    Shane McmanShane Mcman9 måneder siden
  • Well well well. They do a great job applying the chalk. 18:10

    Ravi KiranRavi Kiran9 måneder siden
  • Glad to see Juji and Tom made to the Arnold in another way

    David SongDavid Song9 måneder siden
  • Thor's dad should have competed in this one

    Maxxx SkullsMaxxx Skulls9 måneder siden
    • odin

      FMFvideosFMFvideos8 måneder siden
    • Odd, I spelled his name wrong, Martin's trainer should have also.

      Marco ChavezJRMarco ChavezJR8 måneder siden
  • What happened with Brian Shaw? Did he decide not to compete because of the Virus? I know he submitted an entry video at 241lbs

    X_Grave_XX_Grave_X9 måneder siden
    • @Devin Chaves this isn't Twitter

      Mister MeatyMister Meaty8 måneder siden
    • @ItsNikoHimSelf this tweet is from 6 days ago. Wonder what this guy is saying now. Big tough man ain't afraid of a microscopic virus.

      Devin ChavesDevin Chaves8 måneder siden
    • @ItsNikoHimSelf I was hoping to see him do the anvil competition 😕

      X_Grave_XX_Grave_X9 måneder siden
    • You mean this harmless corona thing? Don't think so.

      ItsNikoHimSelfItsNikoHimSelf9 måneder siden
    • @Marcos Ramirez IV I am speaking about the record breakers Anvil lift specifically. I am aware he did not qualify in Santa Monica.

      X_Grave_XX_Grave_X9 måneder siden
  • I dont know of any other sport where the announcers talk sooooooooo f k n much!!! And they're not even interesting or smart.

    Shane DavisShane Davis9 måneder siden
  • Danielle a cute

    Poop69Poop699 måneder siden
  • 16:58 applying the chalk is key, you have to focus on the task

    Natural HypertrophyNatural Hypertrophy9 måneder siden
    • 17:15 yup

      Shane McmanShane Mcman9 måneder siden
  • Mark Felix is a beast

    McSpitfireMcSpitfire9 måneder siden
  • Clear cheating from the girl that came second, glad she got beat by an honest lifter. What's wrong with these judge's?

    Peter CuntoPeter Cunto9 måneder siden
    • Sarah Chappelow congrats on your win, you did great

      Curious AbsolutionCurious Absolution9 måneder siden
    • I don't personally know the woman you speak of, other than the couple of minutes I chatted with her before the contest. She seemed nice, and it's obvious she trains very hard. She said this was her first time doing a grip contest. I don't think she was cheating-- I just think she is inexperienced with these types of events. Also it was very loud in there when the judges were going over the rules. Maybe I'm wrong, but as a fellow competitor that was my impression.

      Sarah ChappelowSarah Chappelow9 måneder siden
    • @Kenjataimu 34:25 she should be embarrassed, wasting everyone's time like that when she already lost, it's a very clear and simple way to cheat she's not stupid.

      Peter CuntoPeter Cunto9 måneder siden
    • Timestamp?

      KenjataimuKenjataimu9 måneder siden
    • K. C. W I could literally tell who the cheater was gonna be from just looking at her at the start lol, should be disqualified.

      Jaise FultonJaise Fulton9 måneder siden
  • Video starts at 15:00

    packerpfpackerpf9 måneder siden
    • You answered my question. Thank you!

      Simon DyllenSimon Dyllen8 måneder siden
    • Appreciate that because commentary sucks

      Jay Boogie79Jay Boogie798 måneder siden
    • God bless you

      Georges KhaterGeorges Khater8 måneder siden
    • Thanks

      Dzha KrtsüDzha Krtsü8 måneder siden
    • u got that right

      Mike StudmuffinMike Studmuffin8 måneder siden