Pritchett is Off | Arnold Strongman Classic 2020

7. mars. 2020
9 849 Ganger

Though not happy with his ninth place standing heading into the fifth event of the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic, Jerry Pritchett takes out his aggression on the Timber Carry, blazing to the finish in just 10 seconds.
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  • Pritchett is ace at the frame carry. I remember him winning with 9.58 seconds back in 2018

    Josh RobertsJosh Roberts9 måneder siden
  • Imigaine of you had to fight Jerry Pritchett...that would suck so bad..he's intimidating as hell

    GuyINaHammockGuyINaHammock9 måneder siden
  • That title was confusing.. I thought it meant he was not in good form

    Liam MorgansLiam Morgans9 måneder siden
  • This Belsak dude shouldn't even be there. Maxime Boudreault should be.

    gabox01gabox019 måneder siden
    • I wish rauno could compete. He vs Hafthor in the deadlift could have been amazing

      Ordu BaliqOrdu Baliq9 måneder siden
    • @Shoopman thats right👍

      Yarbay StrengthYarbay Strength9 måneder siden
    • @Yarbay Strength Not saying he doesn't deserve it, just that the competition would have been better if someone without injury competed. It was clear he was going to get last place pretty early on, would have liked to see someone else compete at their best is all.

      ShoopmanShoopman9 måneder siden
    • Belsak is one of the best he was just injured...

      Yarbay StrengthYarbay Strength9 måneder siden
    • @RC N Yeah honestly he should have let Rauno go instead. Matjaz has been pretty much non-functional in every event so far. I get wanting to compete in an event you trained for, but when you realistically have no chance of getting out of last place you should give it up to the alternate.

      ShoopmanShoopman9 måneder siden