R You Rogue - Tia-Clair Toomey - Rogue Fitness

29. mars. 2020
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Rogue catches up with the reigning CrossFit Games champ and only 3x "Fittest Woman on Earth," Tia-Clair Toomey, as she trains for 2020 alongside 4x men's champ Mat Fraser. Toomey talks openly about her formative years in Australia, the sense of personal responsibility that fuels her work ethic, and the way her confidence has grown across five years in competitive CrossFit. She also finds time to show off her stash of imported Australian snack food.
For more, check out Tia's Rogue Athlete Page: www.roguefitness.com/athletes/tia-clair-toomey
Or find more #RYouRogue videos in the Rogue Index: www.roguefitness.com/theindex/

  • Simply an amazing athlete and a wonderful human being. Love to you guys 👍

    Utham AnandaUtham Ananda3 måneder siden
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    Gloria MacneilGloria Macneil5 måneder siden
  • shes 26? i tought shes 36

    ChrontardChrontard6 måneder siden
  • Anyone else watching this while eating cake?

    American556American5566 måneder siden
  • Tia and Matt got me interested in CrossFit years ago after I randomly watched a documentary on the sport. Even though I don't train it, I do follow it everywhere I can and I got to know a lot of athletes over the years. Here's to another first place!

    bsdpowabsdpowa6 måneder siden
  • This is amazing and so inspiring!

    Clark WebbClark Webb7 måneder siden
  • te amo mi amor

    francisco galdames villavicenciofrancisco galdames villavicencio7 måneder siden
  • You and Shane are motivators of the year. Thank you.

    Bill HarmsonBill Harmson7 måneder siden
  • Please more more more of such cool compilations! I love it! Especially the parts with the bell-sounds and training-sequences.

    Steven BanditSteven Bandit7 måneder siden
  • Seriously every single time I watch you and you defy the odds I get goose pimples. Amazing attitude,amazing coach, determination and persistence of a lioness.well done guys x

    G. voltzG. voltz7 måneder siden
  • What is the name of the first box they’re filming at? Anyone know?

    Elijah David HernandezElijah David Hernandez7 måneder siden
  • Keep it up legends

    saxon smithsaxon smith7 måneder siden
  • We love Tia-Clair!

    ThriveFit MoveThriveFit Move7 måneder siden
  • Kinda sounds like the Australian accent is going away. Please dont lose it Tia its you.

    Stevie bStevie b8 måneder siden
  • YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Tía you’re the best ❤️

    Emma CruzEmma Cruz8 måneder siden
  • great video, keep up the good work :)

    ArchiGuruArchiGuru8 måneder siden
  • she trains with Matt everyday. No wonder shes so dominant

    billy fitzgeraldbilly fitzgerald8 måneder siden
    • @Chris that is very true. They are both phenomenal

      billy fitzgeraldbilly fitzgerald8 måneder siden
    • same can be said about matt.... he trains everyday with her

      ChrisChris8 måneder siden
  • Up until this day, I can never walk past a box of Tim Tams and not think about Tia's secret weapon. I always stop and admire that Tim Tams are the world's fittest chocolate cookies 😌

    Gerhard KrugerGerhard Kruger8 måneder siden
  • Love this woman!❤

    nikki sixnikki six8 måneder siden
  • First song?

    express55589express555898 måneder siden
    • any clues?

      Tim MitchellTim Mitchell7 måneder siden
  • Such an ANIMAL mentally and physically! And so humble! Wish her nothing but the best!

    Megan CarterMegan Carter8 måneder siden
  • Inspired as always!

    Kelly CrossFitKelly CrossFit8 måneder siden
  • Can we take a minute to appreciate how cool it is that the fittest man and woman train together? Both have similar stories and apparently hate second place. Here's to another year of domination. Hail to the Queen

    Kellen SailorsKellen Sailors8 måneder siden
    • But they learned so much from those second places.

      Luciana MarchiLuciana Marchi8 måneder siden
  • I love you ❤️

    BigGucci 3hunnaBigGucci 3hunna8 måneder siden
  • The fittest woman on earth loves candy and snacks! I love to see it. Lol

    Roy BarryRoy Barry8 måneder siden
    • I don't think whe eats those stuffs so often..she's not stupid.

      Luciana MarchiLuciana Marchi8 måneder siden
  • Bar cycling is RIDICULOUSLY Fast what in the world lol

    julzsep90julzsep908 måneder siden
  • I wonder how they can avoid injuries working out so hard daily.

    Free SpeechFree Speech8 måneder siden
    • you do not know the behind the scenes therapy and recovery sessions these athletes go through. You only see the finished product or them working out. There is a lot of time, mental preparation, doctors, therapists, nutritionist etc. that are the foundation for all athletes.

      ChrisChris8 måneder siden
    • Eman On its process and time to build strength & endurance. Time is key!

      EvaS88EvaS888 måneder siden
    • i think we all know

      Michael BishopMichael Bishop8 måneder siden
  • She's AMAZING! Love her!

    lily padlily pad8 måneder siden
  • So she’s sponsored by Rouge and No Bull?! Is that possible?

    BriannaBrianna8 måneder siden
    • Yup. Rogue sell No Bull gear on their website.

      chrisdavisjrchrisdavisjr8 måneder siden
  • Casual Matt Fraser in the background

    The ManDragonThe ManDragon8 måneder siden
  • Tia is awesome.....but shane is the secret weapon she has. 🙌🏼

    Shahdaab TumbiShahdaab Tumbi8 måneder siden
  • Koalas are burning and you are still doing cross fit u old winch!

    Tom CruiseTom Cruise8 måneder siden
    • You jealous? It shows.

      Wild BillWild Bill8 måneder siden
  • Keep it up lady!

    vincent narvaezvincent narvaez8 måneder siden
  • 🔥 She's a hottie!

    frannibafranniba8 måneder siden
  • Tia's definitely a badass, but I'm still sad Kara didn't win in 2017.

    Daniel PessoaDaniel Pessoa8 måneder siden
  • Respect to both

    David LopezDavid Lopez8 måneder siden
  • Do people still take CrossFit seriously 😂

    Abe WilcoxAbe Wilcox8 måneder siden
    • Yup. I've never done it but I watch because these athletes are superhuman

      chiefRahochiefRaho8 måneder siden
  • Inspiring.

    Damien BlackthorneDamien Blackthorne8 måneder siden
  • Hey Tia and Shane, Good work hope u ppl are doing well. Your fan and friend from India 🇮🇳. Regards Whatever yes whatever

    Abhishek ChaudharyAbhishek Chaudhary8 måneder siden
  • BEAST MODE! 💪👊

    Strength 48Strength 488 måneder siden
  • What. No Vegemite?

    Wild BillWild Bill8 måneder siden
    • Looks like it's only sweets

      chiefRahochiefRaho8 måneder siden
  • Female lifting what teenage boys can lift, yet she becomes a famous, "Strength Athlete," is laughable.

    MegaSkillaMegaSkilla8 måneder siden
    • @Trinity Ever knows very little about anatomy and physiology as well.

      Wild BillWild Bill8 måneder siden
    • You're a nobody and always will be

      chiefRahochiefRaho8 måneder siden
    • MegaSkilla 🤣 you know nothing about her !! That much is obvious

      Trinity EverTrinity Ever8 måneder siden
  • 💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉

    M RoM Ro8 måneder siden
  • This is pure fire🔥🔥🔥

    Pavneet ChhabraPavneet Chhabra8 måneder siden
  • Could somebody explain to me what's the meaning of the 'R You Rogue' slogan, is it just saying 'Are you Rogue' or is there more to it? At first glance it looks like such a stupid slogan, I want to give it the benefit of the doubt lol.

  • 🐐

    яєṅẓııяєṅẓıı8 måneder siden
  • I think that if Tia keeps pushing hard like that, I guarantee that she will win once again.

    David ChornoDavid Chorno8 måneder siden
  • Tim Tam's. The secret to lifting boulders. I pray we get to see Tia dominate the games again this year.

    Scott L. RoyalScott L. Royal8 måneder siden
  • DAMN!

    Burak ERARSLANBurak ERARSLAN8 måneder siden
  • So the gyms here have been closed for a month now .... it sucks

    Patrick RPatrick R8 måneder siden
    • Mine isn't. Then again it's in my garage.

      Wild BillWild Bill8 måneder siden
  • Super amazing athlete, competitor and a fun gal to watch on these vlogs. Great content Team. Keep crushing it Tia & Shane 👊🏽🙏🏽

    Rich CruzRich Cruz8 måneder siden
  • Now where’s Sara’s video

    Isaac MaldonadoIsaac Maldonado8 måneder siden
  • Name of song???

    Carlos DCarlos D8 måneder siden
    • Tim Mitchell Thanksssss!!!!!! Hahahaha

      Carlos DCarlos D7 måneder siden
    • @Carlos D Ps-she knows it

      Tim MitchellTim Mitchell7 måneder siden
    • Tim Mitchell no men :(

      Carlos DCarlos D7 måneder siden
    • did you work out the song name?

      Tim MitchellTim Mitchell7 måneder siden
  • What’s the song at the beginning? Anyone know?

    Christopher SacharukChristopher Sacharuk8 måneder siden
    • Luisa Pérez Luna that.s awesome... thanks.

      Christopher SacharukChristopher Sacharuk7 måneder siden
    • she knows it -PS

      Luisa Pérez LunaLuisa Pérez Luna8 måneder siden
  • Absolutely phenomenal athlete. Like Fraser, she's in a class of her own.

    Marietta CorsiniMarietta Corsini8 måneder siden
  • 😍

    Анастасия ОбуховаАнастасия Обухова8 måneder siden
  • Tia's such a well rounded athlete. Think she'll probably win the Games this year too, if they go ahead.

    BB8 måneder siden
    • No CF GAmes no OG.

      Luciana MarchiLuciana Marchi8 måneder siden
  • #champ

    Nate WNate W8 måneder siden
  • Coooooool💪

    sava avassava avas8 måneder siden