Rogue Elephant Bar Deadlift Highlights | Arnold Strongman Classic 2020 - Event 4

7. mars. 2020
179 386 Ganger

Highlights from the Rogue Elephant Bar Deadlift at the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus, Ohio. Athletes will compete one at a time to pull the heaviest deadlift using the Rogue Elephant Bar, they will have three attempts each.
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  • snore, the islandic loser, he didn't do it here so he had to do it at his home gym because he is a loser, bogus, snore the icelandic loser, snore the pariah. nothing he does will ever put him back in good graces because of his selfishness. funny how he misses here but is able in his own gym, yeah really funny, what happened snore, you are a fraud. needed to take more juice to get it up eh. home gyms are really friendly but the Arnold's just don't have what it takes because your a fraud with daddy weighing the plates.

    KusnezoffKusnezoff7 måneder siden
  • Anybody know if they’re wearing suits here?

    kevin Francokevin Franco7 måneder siden
    • J C insane !

      kevin Francokevin Franco7 måneder siden
    • They're not

      J CJ C7 måneder siden
  • I could do that with one hand tied behind my back. lol. like never.

    Boss DogBoss Dog8 måneder siden
  • Don't forget Eddie Hall the Beast he lifted 500kg which is 1102lbs no one can beat him respect for him

    PHC MathighattaPHC Mathighatta8 måneder siden
    • And now thor beat the 501kg without any after affect on him ...Which eddie have

      Lalrempuia HmarLalrempuia HmarMåned siden
  • I feel like breaking your lifting strap is an achievement in itself.

    Jesse SegedyJesse Segedy8 måneder siden
    • Yes it is

      Khanh Nguyen QuocKhanh Nguyen Quoc2 måneder siden
  • I'm in 7th grade and yesterday I deadlifted 315 pounds. Then I came and watched this...

    ReduxMusicReduxMusic8 måneder siden
  • Cuando levantara 500?

    Manuel YaxaldebehereTVManuel YaxaldebehereTV8 måneder siden
  • 1:05 damn that was fuking dangerous, he could injure bad. how does the strap break?

    wolololerwolololer8 måneder siden
  • great- but they shoudnt be allow use straps

    IzomIzom8 måneder siden
  • Should have included Mateusz's successful 886

    Riteish Singh YadavRiteish Singh Yadav8 måneder siden
  • 0:00 Flex seal guy

    Wejustmight dieWejustmight die8 måneder siden
  • Aistosh chi thorish 501ķğ priyshrm æţțęmtpattm

    Aakash ChaudharyAakash Chaudhary8 måneder siden
  • Why Eddie hall he didn't compete here

    • @J C OK thanks

    • he retired long ago

      J CJ C8 måneder siden
  • If only the production quality was as good as the recaps in 2018/2019

    snobum181snobum1818 måneder siden
  • Looks like that bar might bend in the middle flattning the legs of those men.

    Daniel Ezekiel PenehaDaniel Ezekiel Peneha8 måneder siden
  • Well, nobody's close to Eddie's record still. And he broke the previous one by what? 30kg?

    krejnkrejn8 måneder siden
    • @skedaddle suit definitely helps its hard to say. The flex in the elephant bar makes it effectively like pulling from your knees; as opposed to your ankle like a conventional bar, so it helps greatly. Did you watch his video about the 500kg dudes a living legend

      Kieran KKieran K8 måneder siden
    • @Kieran K I don't know how much a suit adds. I've heard some powerlifters say 30-40kg which sounds like a lot. I also don't know if elephant bar is easier or harder. There is more whip and wobbling, it's harder to balance but might be easier to get to the knees. It's....different. Not trying to take anything away from Eddie of course. He almost died pulling that weight pretty much.

      skedaddleskedaddle8 måneder siden
    • skedaddle suit balances out with the elephant bar, regardless they couldn’t do it with a suit anyway

      Kieran KKieran K8 måneder siden
    • Eddie wore a suit so it's not comparable

      skedaddleskedaddle8 måneder siden
  • invite jamal browner to this event!

    Name NAMEName NAME8 måneder siden
  • 1026 lb = 465 kg

    El oriental lEl oriental l8 måneder siden
  • Why dosent halfthor wear a suit, I'm sure he can beat Eddie's record cause Eddie had a suit. Obviously not in this competition but just for a record. He never tried a suit on his 1000+lb. Lifts.

    SS85SS858 måneder siden
  • I love the color of the weights.

    Smoky DonutsSmoky Donuts8 måneder siden
  • These guys make it look so easy

    Chris MadisonChris Madison8 måneder siden
  • Thor has to do 501 kg soon

    300zxdriver300zxdriver8 måneder siden
  • bobby thompson the one man wolfpack !

    HardbodyMafiaHardbodyMafia8 måneder siden
  • Imagine if Thor dropped that weight on his foot at the end.

    Bryan SeayBryan Seay8 måneder siden
    • Good amount of space between the weight and his feet

      11Rex11Rex8 måneder siden
  • Last year Thor wore socks and had a minor "slip" while attempting the world record. This year you can see he took them off to avoid that.

    ertyhjertyhertyhjertyh8 måneder siden
    • Socks are slippery so it’s safer not to wear them

      Fabian DiazFabian Diaz7 måneder siden
    • brian6speed I don’t know what kinda half inch socks you’re wearing but no that’s not why.

      Reuben BellReuben Bell7 måneder siden
    • brian6speed Lmao socks are so damn thin stop lol

      BrandonBrandon8 måneder siden
    • he also said he goes barefoot because he wants to be as close to ground as possible. Shoes and socks make you have to bend down an extra inch which is a problem being so tall.

      brian6speedbrian6speed8 måneder siden
    • Would wrestling shoes help?

      Syahrul A JamaludinSyahrul A Jamaludin8 måneder siden

    Ronnie ColemanRonnie Coleman8 måneder siden
  • Why you didnt put Mikhail in this video, he was impressive and with sprained ankle he still finished as 3rd

    Amir MuharemovicAmir Muharemovic8 måneder siden
  • 3:10 Osama Bin laden still alive ... ?

    Sir Lance GoodthrustSir Lance Goodthrust8 måneder siden
    • Sir Lance Goodthrust ???

      Leg MonsterLeg Monster8 måneder siden
  • Hafthor made that lift look he could have gone heavier....

    William HarrellWilliam Harrell8 måneder siden
  • i just realized how weak myself is •_•

    Zulfi AdisZulfi Adis8 måneder siden
    • Zulfi Adis In strength, and education.

      The TruthThe Truth8 måneder siden
  • To ez for my man Thor

    Damien FauoloDamien Fauolo8 måneder siden
  • Licis looks like he might have covid19

    YourAverageGuyYourAverageGuy8 måneder siden
  • What about the 501KG attempt ?

    Harry NutsacHarry Nutsac8 måneder siden
    • Arma_Rectal ahh I see nice

      ZakapholiacZakapholiac8 måneder siden
    • @Zakapholiac WUS in Dubai

      Arma_RectalArma_Rectal8 måneder siden
    • Harry Nutsac not happening. We will have to wait till April. Can’t remember what comp it is. Deadlift champions probably

      ZakapholiacZakapholiac8 måneder siden
  • 1:14 se muerde el dedo:v

    bruh :vbruh :v8 måneder siden
  • 😮👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Collectible Hunter #1Collectible Hunter #18 måneder siden
  • Notice: Thor didn't just drop the weight...he set 1026 lb/465kg down...controlled. Dude is gonna break the record. He pulled (unofficially) over 1050 in his gym. He'll pull probably 503-505, unless he doesn't feel like he can do it without injuring himself. I respect that about Thor. He's very methodical. Not just a glory hound.

    john knousejohn knouse8 måneder siden
    • @Scottie B I think a lot of people are missing this point right here. That and the suit isn't going to magically add tons of weight to your lift, it's more there just for support. It's not like a bench shirt which adds insane amounts to your potential. Thor might get there if anyone can do it... But a conventional bar is a very different monster from the elephant bar.

      CaptainRedBeardCaptainRedBeard8 måneder siden
    • Y'all know Eddy's body was on the verge of total shutdown and that he passed out with the 500kg... I'm sure that Thor will likely get the 501 but 503 or 505, come one, you're talking about insane amounts of strain on the body

      Tom PaulTom Paul8 måneder siden
    • Spencer yep👍

      Bob SeaverBob Seaver8 måneder siden
    • @Spencer He set that record with a conventional deadlift bar not an elephant bar. There is likely no way Thor can pull 501 without a suit on a conventional bar.

      Scottie BScottie B8 måneder siden
  • 🦍 💪🏽

    Zuman1988Zuman19888 måneder siden
  • Crazy to think that four people pulled over 1000 lbs last year

    Chicken BigmacChicken Bigmac8 måneder siden
    • @JediNxf7 Yeah, he hit 940something kn his third pull. (New WR) Then he decided to beat his world record by pulling 971. So he was given a 4th attempt (as per the rules) It went up FAST. He also pulled over 1000 in the cage this weekend Was amazing.

      Adrien WatsonAdrien Watson8 måneder siden
    • Coz deadlift was the first event last year

      Kay YeliKay Yeli8 måneder siden
    • Martins pulled over 1000 last year tho

      Chicken BigmacChicken Bigmac8 måneder siden
    • @Adrien Watson maybe you're right and I'm thinking of the same (recent) meet, I thought I'd seen 990. it could have been 970. either way, other than benni Magnuson I don't know if any strongman can deadlift that raw. maybe Eddie Thor and Brian can (well, by "can" I mean could at some point in the last two years), but I'm not sure about any of them.

      JediNxf7JediNxf78 måneder siden
    • @JediNxf7 Didnt see that, I thought his PR was 971. yeah hes a monster. Outlifts Licis, Mateusz etc... at half their BW. He CRUSHES all strongmen lb for lb.

      Adrien WatsonAdrien Watson8 måneder siden
  • Thor is mighty and he will break the record and not be dehydrated 👀

    Bridgeforth SolutionsBridgeforth Solutions8 måneder siden
  • For everyone wondering why Hafthor didn’t go for 501kg is because this is a 2nd day of the competition and he is a bit tired and as he said he will try and beat the world deadlift record of 500kg set by Eddie Hall on calibrated bar (normal gym bar). He will do it at an event in Dubai Worlds strongest man ( he will obviously do it if he feels 100% good). One thing is I am concerned if he will have any injuries during this event which I dont want for him because that would mean he probably is not going for the world deadlift record. Good luck Hafthor son of Thor

    DanielDaniel8 måneder siden
    • Daniel Are you Thors girlfriend or something? How do you know so much about him? 😂😂😂

      OZ FLAVAOZ FLAVA8 måneder siden
    • When is the event in Dubai?

      lucamartiniwiedasgetraenklucamartiniwiedasgetraenk8 måneder siden
    • Thanks for clearing out doubts. I'm sure he will do it.

      ceylinecmapo1 CMAceylinecmapo1 CMA8 måneder siden
  • I’m not laughing at him -commentator. Saying that just in case

    bothetacomanbothetacoman8 måneder siden
    • ...and I mean no disrespect when I say that

      jamesnm21jamesnm218 måneder siden
    • He is just trying to get away from death sentence

      MrRushSkiesMrRushSkies8 måneder siden
  • Hafthor Beerson is back

    Dylan GrigasDylan Grigas8 måneder siden

      Feraldo RozanandyFeraldo Rozanandy7 måneder siden
    • Dylan Grigas 😂😂

      Bob SeaverBob Seaver8 måneder siden
  • I’m curious if Rob was able to get the 1,000lbs he was looking fir

    Justin SmithJustin Smith8 måneder siden
    • Justin Smith Thor was the only one over 1000

      Bob SeaverBob Seaver8 måneder siden
  • Excelente Thor

    Abdul RinconAbdul Rincon8 måneder siden
  • Esperando los 501Kg por thor el semidiós

    Manuel ChanManuel Chan8 måneder siden
    • Cuando los hace?

      Manuel YaxaldebehereTVManuel YaxaldebehereTV8 måneder siden
    • Manuel Chan X2 bro Ojala lo logre xd 501*

      Steam GusboySteam Gusboy8 måneder siden

    Siem aka NyxSiem aka Nyx8 måneder siden
    • 465,38 kg for thor

      Provocunt !Provocunt !8 måneder siden
  • Man i wanted to see 501, if it possibel to break

    Lets GoLets Go8 måneder siden
    • Geerladenlad there is an elephant bar record... owned by Thor

      Bob SeaverBob Seaver8 måneder siden
    • They get to do record lifts on 3ed day

      Brando BBrando B8 måneder siden
    • @Kasper Santos in 1 month at WUS Bahrain

      HesherHesher8 måneder siden
    • @shex9 makes sense

      Lets GoLets Go8 måneder siden
    • Lets Go they can’t do near their max in their 4th event and it wasn’t an elephant bar record anyways but just saying. If there’s anyone close it’s Thor but no way if he’s not fresh.

      shex9shex98 måneder siden
  • Hafthor did that so easy

    Darth Muad’DibDarth Muad’Dib8 måneder siden
    • Amrinder Singh how original.

      Akaakaaka akAkaakaaka ak8 måneder siden
    • Darth Muad’Dib he is just a half thor, guess if someone fullthor comes what he can do ???

      Amrinder SinghAmrinder Singh8 måneder siden
  • Passing 500kg still looks like a while of

    Sean NeedhamSean Needham8 måneder siden
    • @Gloin79 480kg seems to be the max for everyone so far no one is pulling 500 there's a massive difference with 480 and 500

      Sean NeedhamSean Needham8 måneder siden
    • look at his 480 kg attempt in training, was easier than this.

      Gloin79Gloin798 måneder siden
    • @Jonathan W I'll wait.

      Sean NeedhamSean Needham8 måneder siden
    • Lol, stupidest comment... it's very attainable by Thor. Wait and see in Dubai.

      Jonathan WJonathan W8 måneder siden
    • That's not a elephant bar deadlift record.

      GeerladenladGeerladenlad8 måneder siden
  • Amazing strength but I think they should ditch this elephant bar.

    TyT sucksTyT sucks8 måneder siden
    • @Shubham Dhyani masively ovdrstaded, it flexes as much as a deadlift bar

      megin namegin na8 måneder siden
    • @jlushefski exactly. Godly, regardless.

      Shubham DhyaniShubham Dhyani8 måneder siden
    • @jlushefski I never said anything about the feel of the lift. Just that the bar flex is about the same, which isn't a very adamant statement. Of course different bars feel different and different plates feel different. Which is why I pointed out that the plates used here were thicker. People were commenting about the flex of the elephant bar and I was just pointing out that the deadlift bar that Eddie used had similar flex

      Tony HersonTony Herson8 måneder siden
    • Eddie used a suit also, dont forget to point that out, not a fanboy or anything, just saying though.

      Vergonio SinclairVergonio Sinclair8 måneder siden
    • @Tony Herson Dude, the elephant bar is a lot different. There are plenty of sources. You're watching a video of people of varying sizes lifting varying weights and then coming to an adamant conclusion about the bar flex and overall feel of the lifts. There's a noticeable difference even between different powerlifting (squat/deadlift) bars and also between competition plates and standard gym plates.

      jlushefskijlushefski8 måneder siden
  • Doesn't look like ge gas the 501 in him. :( at this event.

    Jay TrockJay Trock8 måneder siden
    • Jay Trock He is going to do it at an event in dubai Worlds strongest man on calibrated bar to officialy try and beat the world deadlift record. Deadlift is on the 1st day at that event

      DanielDaniel8 måneder siden
    • Looked easy

      Getting JackedGetting Jacked8 måneder siden
    • @Jonathan I was watching lived. I know in the beginning he said he didn't know if he would. Guess I missed the part later where he said another time. My understanding is he could do at anytime during this event or was it only at event 4?

      Jay TrockJay Trock8 måneder siden
    • He said he will be trying it in a future event

      JonathanJonathan8 måneder siden
    • Also is the Event 4 which doesn't help much, if it was first i think he coule've done 480+ KG

      Ivo MartinsIvo Martins8 måneder siden
  • Thor looking down from the sky at hafthor like ”That’s my boy!”

    AxDAxD8 måneder siden
    • Zakapholiac I mean he pretty much did, eddie had a deadlift shirt on and any possible thing to help him, Thor didn’t, and if that’s not enough then he’ll be going for it next comp

      Dopey neptuneDopey neptune8 måneder siden
    • He prefered to wait Intil Next Competition (11April) To Gain 100000$

      Yahya chafiqYahya chafiq8 måneder siden
    • @Tomáš Randuška Its texas deadlift bar. Same equipment and same bar as Eddie did. 11th of April at the WUS.

      UvuvwevwevweonyetenyevweugwemubwemossasUvuvwevwevweonyetenyevweugwemubwemossas8 måneder siden
    • @Tomáš Randuška I think its elephant but Im not sure

      Tomás FigueiredoTomás Figueiredo8 måneder siden
    • @Tomás Figueiredo will he try it with regular bar or elephant?

      Tomáš RanduškaTomáš Randuška8 måneder siden
  • What happened to the 501kg deadlift claimed by thor?

    FältbasseFältbasse8 måneder siden
    • @Fältbasse oh but he will deliver. I like both Eddie and Thor but I think Thor can do it if anyone can.

      andrew aandrew a8 måneder siden
    • @Fältbasse he can lift more than Eddie with the elephant bar then im sure he can lift more than Eddie with a normal bar

      billy McAllsonbilly McAllson8 måneder siden
    • @Fältbasse Why would he try to beat 501kg if it's just going to be a detriment to him in this competition? He's registered for WUS Bahrain to compete at the same competition where Eddie beat the 501kg, because it's the 1st event there and also if he were to take the record at the Arnold there would be no recognition as it would on an Elephant bar. I don't understand the Thor haters as they obviously haven't watched any of his videos where he's an extremely nice and humble guy. Show some respect and stop acting like a biased futbol fan.

      Wolff BroWolff Bro8 måneder siden
    • @John S the prize for winning WUS Bahrain in april is 350k . I assume thor is saving his most powerful deadlift for that. he did not want risk tiring himself out with a 500kg deadlift attempt and do worse in the frame carry and the cyr dumbells. winning first place he still gets 70k which is a lot and an automatic spot in next years strongman classic.

      micky richardsmicky richards8 måneder siden
    • @Oh Brother doesnt change the fact that they offered money to anyone who could do it and Thor himself was hinting he would do it here

      John SJohn S8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz is a god, he just needs that deadlift man, it’ll come over time.

    Karter KoziolekKarter Koziolek8 måneder siden
    • @Karter Koziolek yeah. He need a lot deadlift training.

      marcus chenmarcus chen8 måneder siden
    • marcus chen like I said, it’ll come over time, probably not just a year or two, maybe 4 or 5 years or more to get at the level of someone great like Hafthor.

      Karter KoziolekKarter Koziolek8 måneder siden
    • It take a lot of time to improve deadlift. His strength and position are not good at all.

      marcus chenmarcus chen8 måneder siden
    • He had bad deadlift form, he needs a coach

      aldo baffoaldo baffo8 måneder siden
    • He's so young still.

      matthew pollardmatthew pollard8 måneder siden