Rogue Iron Game Show - Day 2, Episode 1 | Live At The 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games

24. okt.. 2020
54 130 Ganger

The Rogue Iron Game show, live from Day Two of the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games in California. Hosts Sam Farber, Annie Sakamoto, and Pat Sherwood preview the three events on the schedule following a brutal Friday. This episode also includes a profiles of rising CrossFit phenom Haley Adams, an interview with Strongman legend Brian Shaw on his new "Shaw Classic" event, and a catch-up with one another elite competitor from the Strongman ranks, Rob Kearney, who was recently crowned the "pound-for-pound" Strongest Man in the World.
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  • So hafthor isn't competing at WSM? I guess he's worried about Eddie huh?

    nesseiht gnaynesseiht gnayMåned siden
    • He has retired from Strongman sport

      MaximilianMaximilianMåned siden
  • Brian is my favorite strong man and he is turning into the Dana White of strong man. I really think he’s going to get his fifth title this year. He pretty much has the best strongman gym in the world just in his backyard and he’s going into the competition healthy. Also more determined than ever before. Should be fun

    YouTube Connolly familyYouTube Connolly familyMåned siden
  • Rouge Please tell me you will be doing a live stream for WSM🙏🙏🙏

    YouTube Connolly familyYouTube Connolly familyMåned siden
    • Unfortunately that won't happen.

      Emil JohnssonEmil JohnssonMåned siden
  • Brian Shaw comes on at 19:25

    Kris VilligerKris VilligerMåned siden
    • thanks, only reason I clicked it

      Karl AndersonKarl AndersonMåned siden
    • Thanks, hombre.

      probozprobozMåned siden
  • 0:16

    Marina FisenkoMarina FisenkoMåned siden
  • Music? : 5:33

    كابتن عليكابتن عليMåned siden
    • Darude Sandstorm

      Richard BurtRichard BurtMåned siden
  • CrossFit games 2020 6

    Sue MaioranaSue MaioranaMåned siden
  • Rogue you should help me out with a home gym 👉👈

    Airik RiveraAirik RiveraMåned siden
  • Only came here because I saw big Brian in the thumbnail

    Hugh JanusHugh JanusMåned siden
    • Same

      Xtrong TentaXion-XXtrong TentaXion-XMåned siden
    • I looked for this comment as soon as I clicked

      PoncholayPoncholayMåned siden
  • 0:38

    Anthony AllenAnthony AllenMåned siden
  • Jeeze louise, that was 30 minutes listening to commentators and 4 minutes watching the athletes.

    AndyAndyMåned siden
    • Yup to quote a racist a little less conversation a little more action please

      guru kevguru kevMåned siden