The Rogue Legends Series - Chapter 5: Saxon / 8K

8. april. 2020
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While he never achieved the iconic status of fellow Strongman pioneers Eugene Sandow or Louis Apollon, the German weightlifter Arthur Saxon (born Arthur Hennig in 1878) often ranks above them all in the eyes of true Iron Game enthusiasts. Whether performing in a British concert hall or an American circus tent; as a solo act or alongside his brothers in the “Saxon Trio,” Arthur regularly achieved feats of true skill that few others would even attempt. His record-setting “Bent Press,” for example-which he once used to best Sandow himself- remains the gold standard nearly a century after his death.
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Name correction: Andreas Müllers

  • You need to do an episode on Zuver's Gym. The son of Bob Zuver helped create the famous plates, and he has a ton of first hand knowledge and private photos of the gym. You ought to get in touch with him because he would probably be on board.

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  • I always thought Eugene Sandow was not strong but just a showman. What a mens physique competitor. Just a dude with abs and smooth muscles. That Saxon guy and car those were true strongmen

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  • Его даже боб гофман меценат тяжолой атлетики сша,признавал как человека чудовищной силы,сандов не смог повторить его выкручивание.но рекорд в боковом жиме,или жим с отлонение корпуса за сандовым 122кг

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  • Thanks Jane and rogue

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  • Insane this is all done naturally

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  • So happy there’s more episodes of this

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  • these documentaries are amazing. Could you also do one on bobby pandour

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  • Hello Rogue Please do about the fighter and strongman Ivan Poddubny His life and history requires attention

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  • 💗💗💗💗 These are very special documentaries:) thank you

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  • A fantastic series and looking forward to the Terry Todd episode. I hope future episodes show Jan Todd, Louis Cyr and Donald Dinnie to name a few

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  • Anyone in Canada selling any home Home gym equipment? Preferably, Rogue bumper plates and or Oly bar(s) by chance.......?

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  • Fantastic! I am a Circus Strongman and it was these guys (saxon, cyr) that inspired me to what I am today!

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  • Marijan Matijevic

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  • I love this. Thank you so much for doing this. The end sent chills down my spine

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  • Thank you to whomever put this here! reminds me of my kinesiology college days studying the history of sport and training

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  • what a good series !!! thank you sooooo much !!! Make love my sons name even more lol Arthur and Edmond!!! isn't that cool !!

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  • Please do a review of Tylla-Berry, he is a strength athlet from that times too, together with saxon trio and stuff. His stunts were phenomenal. Big rocks were destroyed on his head or he pulls a truck with 40 people on it just with his mouth. Hope we can see it here in the future :O)

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  • Great video. I used to write articles on oldtime strongman. I got to know many new interesting things about The Saxons. Thanks

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    • Światło i kadr thank you so much🙏🏻

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    • @Smith's Fitness I wrote it in 2007-2009 in polish. There are no online resources, I wrote it to one of the polish fitness magazines. Gimme you email, I can send you PDFs so you can translate it using Google (of course if you are interested).

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    • Where are those articles, I would love to read them?

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  • Is there anyone who knows where the Grave of Arthur Saxon lies?

    CarlosBCarlosB7 måneder siden
    • He is buried in Duisburg, Germany, and there was a headstone placed on his grave by his admirers. However, the cemetery was bombed during WWII and the marker is now gone.

      Jan ToddJan Todd7 måneder siden
  • Damn he really pulled up at his home in Scotland and lifted it in front of him! Arthur Saxon is a formidable man. 16:00

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  • That was fantastic thank you

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  • Thank you Rogue. So, much not easily known about Saxon, my favourite strongman. Never thought this would be made!

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  • War f*cks up lives 😔

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  • Would you do one on Hermann Georner he went to the same club as Arthur Saxon and was crazy strong too although less talked about. At Dresden on 25 July 1920, Görner lifted the enormous weight of nearly 200 kg (440 lb) overhead in the Two Hands ‘Anyhow’ style, performing the feat with four kettleweights in the following manner. He first swung with the right hand to arms length, two kettleweights, one weighing 110 1⁄4 pounds (50.0 kg). and the other 99 1⁄4 pounds (45.0 kg). Still holding the bells overhead, he then bent down and picked up with the left hand a third kettleweight weighing 110 1⁄4 pounds (50.0 kg), which he then swung to arms length and transferred to the thumb of the right hand. Then, still holding the three kettleweights overhead in his right hand, he lowered his body carefully and with the left hand picked up the fourth kettleweight, which he slowly swung to arms length. The combined weight then held overhead for the referee’s court was, as has been stated, no less than 430 English pounds, or 195.5 kilograms. Still has the one hand deadlift to this day which is really impressive.

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  • I love that yall are taking the time to put this together!

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  • Hit like before it started. Thank you so much I was foaming at the mouth waiting for Saxon

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  • The most impressive thing is that these strongmen don't have outrageously big muscles (like current strongmen), very efficient muscle fibers I think...

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    • Superior Tendons, Ligaments & Bones Strength, my friends! 😎👊💪

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    • Florian Lorin they just lived before the advent of steroids. Those are what natural lifters actually look like.

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  • thanks for the effort

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  • Thank you so much for these videos.. love them all.. shows what is possible without the drugs and all the other modern BS.. the old time masters are the best, train like a greats of the past.. not like drug ridden joke that bodybuilding and weightlifting has become now days.

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  • Great job team Rogue! These old-time documentaries you make are totally amazing. It is so inspiring, historical, tribute-paying. Thank you. Keep it up. I would love to see a documentary about Doug Hepburn.

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  • Great work. Keep them coming.

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  • Thank you so much for this strength series.

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  • Amazing documentary!!! Keep doing this

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  • Herrlich dieser Dialekt

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  • These are important for all teens (which I am) to see, so they can understand you don’t need steroids to have amazing bodies and strength. in some cases, strength that has been unmatched with people who do steriods.

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  • Well done rogue.....saxon brothers r a great act... My late coach. Harold akrill... Got a signed book of there great feats.. Which I know own..... Arthur was unquie.. Along with the greatest of them all.. The great Herman gorner...... There were 100 years ahead of they time... The modern strong man.. Is not in there league... Not got the true strength.. Or flexible enough to do any of those lifts..... And that was the time when there were no rounds about

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    • Ment to say roids

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  • ROUGE with the epic content as always. Thank you!

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  • Please do Louis Cyr next I love this series thank you Rogue

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  • Arthur Saxon - A True legend! Bring the „Saxon Press“ back!

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  • Excellent film! Keep it up!

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  • What an inspiring piece of history.

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  • This was very interesting - Thanks for sharing this gem.

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  • Love these! Keep em comin 💪💪💪

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  • a true legend. thank you for giving Arthur the respect he deserves.

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  • a true legend. thank you for giving Arthur the respect he deserves.

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  • SAXON and SANDOW show down - 1900's = Brad Castleberry and Jake Johns (Big boy from Strength Cartel) - 2018. Bodybuilders always thinking they're better

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  • At long last. SAXON!

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  • I never heard of this man. He is amazing and I am greatly inspired as a woman. People in strength past and present are AMAZING!

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  • That was wonderful!

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  • Rogue you really put the strength in iron very informative !!!!!!!! Gut & sweat the men of yesterdays

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  • What a sad end to an amazing character. Beautifully presented - thank you 😊

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  • I can not stress enough my gratitude and respect to rogue for making these wonderful documentaries. Never stop.

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  • I love these documentaries. I like many people have no respect for these oldetime strength athletes.

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  • Anyone know when is rogue restocking? I want to buy some plates.

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  • I used to read about all these guys in the Hoffman mags back in the day. Great that they are being given their due...great history!

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  • This is awesome. Saxon/Hennig was an incredible strong person. Just crazy to see what they lifted even 100 years ago. Thanks for this documentary.

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  • Stellar production yet again. Love this series, particularly the one focused on Scotland.

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  • Looks like they skipped a few leg days even back in the day

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    • 10:57 don't think so

      SomeoneSomeone7 måneder siden
    • @DrewD too be fair some of these feats were exaggerated and or unconfirmed. The strongest people that every lived are alive and currently competing

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    • hypertrophy wise yeah but im sure they had tendons of be able to bend over sideways with 300 plus pounds 1 hand above your head is just don't do that with a weak lower body

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  • I wish someday you'll honor a real strongman from Australia, Don Athaldo!

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  • The GOAT of Bent Press ! The record stands to this day.

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    • @Gustav Tegner and GGOAT means Greatest Gustav of all time

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    • You mean the Saxon Press world record holder?

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    • Absolutely. Why he’s my fav!

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    • @Peter Nieman Thank You.

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    • @Gustav Tegner greatest of all time

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  • The best strongman of his time! This is going to be interesting, been waiting for a good video about Arthur Saxon

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