"This Competition is Now Mine to Lose" - Hafthor Bjornsson | Arnold Strongman Classic 2020

7. mars. 2020
16 800 Ganger

Following a convincing win in the Elephant Bar Deadlift and a return to the top of the leaderboard, Hafthor Bjornsson discusses his methodical approach, his current health, and what he needs to do to wrap up a third straight Arnold Strongman Classic title.
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  • hafTHOR big guy !!

    IzomIzom8 måneder siden

    kale simskale sims8 måneder siden
    • sadly didnt qualify in Santa Monica

      Joshua AshishJoshua Ashish8 måneder siden
  • Great job at the Arnold Thor. U are definitely a favorite in strong man. Hope to see u win the Arnold's

    Making 2 Mark'sMaking 2 Mark's8 måneder siden
  • he trained so hard for timber carry but did so bad :(( what just happened

    Justsomebiggerman2Justsomebiggerman28 måneder siden
    • His right Hand is much weaker than the left. Once he told he grow so fast in a year that the Nervs in the right Hand get damaged. You can See that his right Hand slipped.

      M FM F8 måneder siden
  • El mejor en este 2020 Thor

    Abdul RinconAbdul Rincon8 måneder siden
  • Damn she is hot...

    Piu forte RagazziPiu forte Ragazzi8 måneder siden
    • She is tallest women ever I saw

      Aliali LacasaAliali Lacasa8 måneder siden
  • The lady its 6'3 tall Minimum

    zalán ocskózalán ocskó8 måneder siden
    • ever hear of a litte thing called "high heel shoes"?

      Kevin P CareyKevin P Carey8 måneder siden
    • Nevermind .... Tall

      zalán ocskózalán ocskó8 måneder siden
    • Probably 6'1 to 6'2 on high heels

      Jaumaster 69Jaumaster 698 måneder siden
    • No. Probably 6'5

      WoffeWoffe8 måneder siden
  • Brain and Muscle = THOR

    ThomasThomas8 måneder siden
  • That lady is tall

    Dominick CDominick C8 måneder siden
    • She’s a beast. Not only is she tall, even her head and shoulders hold their own against him. They’d have monster kids.

      L8erdayzL8erdayz8 måneder siden
    • you never hear of high heel shoes? these days some of them are 6 inch heels

      Kevin P CareyKevin P Carey8 måneder siden
    • With 5 inches heels

      uncle vladuncle vlad8 måneder siden
    • Looks about 6'0'' next to Thor, probably has heels so maybe is 5'10'' ish, not that tall

      Akaakaaka akAkaakaaka ak8 måneder siden
  • What did he pull?

    Daniel CraigDaniel Craig8 måneder siden
    • 465 kg

      Stefan van der WerkStefan van der Werk8 måneder siden
    • Hugo Rosvall oh my bad, thank you dude!

      Antony MartinezAntony Martinez8 måneder siden
    • NO 1026

      Hugo RosvallHugo Rosvall8 måneder siden
    • He didn’t go for the third attempt, he had already won

      Antony MartinezAntony Martinez8 måneder siden
    • Daniel Craig sorry, Hugo confirmed it at 1026

      Antony MartinezAntony Martinez8 måneder siden
  • That's not an incredible amount of weight, Bjornsson lifts heavier than that for breakfast, this is very sad to see that the second is Caron, and Licis only lifted 410 kg, these guys are jokes.

    CommeLePhénixCommeLePhénix8 måneder siden
    • Jokes? What? Do you have any ideas how goos this numbers are? In a sport with so much more than the DL too?

      Davide C.Davide C.8 måneder siden
    • @METALSCAVENGER78 idk man. I do See him on the top but at the moment not because He is that good but because others faul to deliver - like Thor today. He will be extraordinary and 100 % wsm if He continues like This for another 3-4 years and on the meantime He will Win a lot of Events eg europes strongest (will be Close but i feel He is ahead of stoltman bros)

      JoshVon GJoshVon G8 måneder siden
    • @Tim Morrison moron

      CommeLePhénixCommeLePhénix8 måneder siden
    • Nobody feed this troll

      Tim MorrisonTim Morrison8 måneder siden
    • @JoshVon G Mateusz is thr world record holder in overhead dumbell press, he killed the competition in natural stone lifting,static events, last year,his only true big weakness is deadlift, if he improves that he will be no1,ahead of thor

  • thor the world strongstman

    Amir Timur امير تيمور گورگانAmir Timur امير تيمور گورگان8 måneder siden
  • !

    Tony DiabloTony Diablo8 måneder siden
  • He's got this one the bag 👆

    deanoli4deanoli48 måneder siden
    • He’s only up by a few points now

      D MoneyD Money8 måneder siden
    • He didn’t finish timber walk

      D MoneyD Money8 måneder siden