Thor on his Win | Arnold Strongman Classic 2020

7. mars. 2020
40 115 Ganger

"This is the hardest show in the world to win. Winning it the third year in a row means a lot." Hafthor Bjornsson reflects on becoming just the second athlete to win three consecutive Arnold Strongman Classics, and sets out his goals for the future, including the completion of a 501 KG deadlift.
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  • Hafthor, son of Beer

    hellohello7 måneder siden
  • kieliskowski>bjornson

    lucky lukelucky luke8 måneder siden
  • Thor of Strongman 👊 Congratulations Thor 🎉👏

    Michael thapaMichael thapa8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz won

    love budlove bud8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz won

    love budlove bud8 måneder siden
  • What an absolutely humble man. Congratulations

    Richard JohnstoneRichard Johnstone9 måneder siden
  • Why did you fking spoil it????

    Kevin UusnaKevin Uusna9 måneder siden
  • Congrats to Thor but honestly Mateuszs performance was much more impressive. Take out deadlifting and Thor would not have won. I think Mateusz is the strongest as of now aside from the deadlift.

    NJK570NJK5709 måneder siden
    • Right! Mateusz kieliszkowski was a monster! World record

      SlavikSlavik9 måneder siden
  • Happy for Thor but the competition was terrible. I hope the Arnold changes how they let competitors enter!

    Nave FamilyNave Family9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz won 4 events and set 2 World Records in the process (Wheel of Pain, Timber Carry, 7 seconds!!). If Mateusz could improve his deadlift, he would beat Hafthor. It is the only thing holding him back, he wins explosive Strength/speed/strength endurance events every time, he reminds me of Mariusz Pudzianowski. He just need to get better in Squat and Deadlift, eliminate your weaknesses and you can win a lot of strongman contests.

    Korosh RostamiKorosh Rostami9 måneder siden
    • @Germanischer Krieger his deadlift increased in recent years and so did his speed. If your logic was correct this wouldn't be possible. You can train multi-level athleticism to a certain degree. He can't lift 1000 pounds without adding mass no but he can at least get to 950. That would be enough to place in the midfield. He is at 886 PB right now which is too low.

      Korosh RostamiKorosh Rostami9 måneder siden
    • Korosh Rostami Nobody understand Strongman of you... when he will get a better deadlift he must gain more wheight which mean that he lose speed you can’t be fast and strong

      Germanischer KriegerGermanischer Krieger9 måneder siden
  • grats to hafthor, in my book tho mateusz is real winner, he beat thor in 4 events, thor beat mateusz in 2 events. (no need to flame me)

    ChrontardChrontard9 måneder siden
    • Thor Could have easily tied for 1st in the dumbbell if it worked like that. Went for the insane record instead of the event win.

      David EldridgeDavid Eldridge9 måneder siden
  • Congrats big guy

    Ultimate RoryorUltimate Roryor9 måneder siden
  • stop putting the spoiler in the title please. I cannot go rogue's channel without seeing a preview of what happens lol

    Ronny ThaiRonny Thai9 måneder siden
    • same, so annoying

      Kevin UusnaKevin Uusna9 måneder siden
  • Thor was low key throwing shade there by saying it's hardest to qualify for there shade to shaww for this season

    MrJtin69MrJtin699 måneder siden
    • MrJtin69 lol. Shaw procrastinated it. Shouldn’t have waited until last moment. And what does Thor know. Been to less than Shaw and doesn’t have to qualify if he wins. He’s already qualified for 2021

      Blah BlahBlah Blah9 måneder siden
  • It's crazy that Kieliszkowski won 4 of the 6 events, yet lost the title 😅 That deadlift really did him dirty.

    VRMusicVRMusic9 måneder siden
  • Call it a different name man. You just ruined the ending for the whole competition... Congratz though Thor

    cody eklecody ekle9 måneder siden
  • Is Thor going to try beat his record bag over bar or the 56 for height?

    Michael GallagherMichael Gallagher9 måneder siden
  • He didn't deserve this. Mateusz won and he'll win wsm 2020

    m mem me9 måneder siden
    • Thomas Rosendahl yes Thor got robbed for 3 seconds but that doesn’t matter at all

      Germanischer KriegerGermanischer Krieger9 måneder siden
    • I noticed Hafthor got cheated a bit in the stone medley, the clock began while he looked down on the stone to focus and when he looked up again at the judge the time had already begun.

      Thomas RosendahlThomas Rosendahl9 måneder siden
    • Are you referring to the timber carry? Because he still took it a lot further than other competitors.

      Liam MorgansLiam Morgans9 måneder siden
    • I guess I’ll ask again.. Mateusz got 8th in deadlift.. 8th. Did Thor get 8th in any event?

      Liam MorgansLiam Morgans9 måneder siden
    • Liam Morgans well mateusz finished all comps, thor didnt, sooooo?

      Patryk JasnowskiPatryk Jasnowski9 måneder siden
  • Why didn't he try the 501kg this weekend, and possibly win 101.000$ by doing so? He said he would for so long now! Eddies predictions were right again.

    apekatt2007apekatt20079 måneder siden
    • @Tomas D On day 2, after 18 hours of rest - Yes

      apekatt2007apekatt20079 måneder siden
    • @Magic Potato I have followed Thors NOworld since the start, and he said he was going to do it if he felt like he had it in him. That was after his 380 RAW. He also said it pre-deadlift on Arnolds day 2, to the lady-interviewer when she asked. So many were hyped about the attempt that never happened

      apekatt2007apekatt20079 måneder siden
    • @TNM001 it pays the same

      Tomas DTomas D9 måneder siden
    • on his channel he said he got invited (=paid) to attempt it in April in another event. thats about it. i guess they paid for the attempt, and possibly more for doing it then 100k, can't blame him.

      TNM001TNM0019 måneder siden
    • No one could have done 501kg after 3 events, not even your beloved eddie. Also he wanted to win the competition, he already won deadlift, there was no need to go any higher, would have only increase the potential of an injury and perfoming poorly in the later event. And he will do it in WUS with the same set up as eddie, why do it now when its the First event there?

      HesherHesher9 måneder siden
  • Good try by Mateusz but he will be strongest when Thor retires

    as asas as9 måneder siden
    • @Gore4ever FulciLives you literally have the IQ of a soap dish

      NJK570NJK5709 måneder siden
    • @Gore4ever FulciLives you honestly think Thor is stronger just because he can deadlift more even though mateusz out performs him in almost everything else?

      NJK570NJK5709 måneder siden
    • @Gore4ever FulciLives same argument again? Lmao

      as asas as9 måneder siden
    • @as as it still doesn't change my opinion of you. Yeah Thor won. But the fact is mateusz beat him in more than half of the events.

      NJK570NJK5709 måneder siden
    • @NJK570 resulting to insults when you know I'm right, pathetic

      as asas as9 måneder siden
  • If only Cersei and Qyburn were still alive, they would be really proud of you!

    Luis Gerard BaylonLuis Gerard Baylon9 måneder siden
  • Very smart winner. Such a decent modest guy. A true role model and low ego ambassador for the sport.

    Karl KennyKarl Kenny9 måneder siden
  • ⚡️THOR 💪🏻

    Ragnar LothbrokRagnar Lothbrok9 måneder siden
  • Iceland stand up 🇮🇸

    JasonTheWorldisYoursJasonTheWorldisYours9 måneder siden
  • I couldn't watch live because of work and was excited to start watching day 2. This was the first video that showed up on the Rogue channel, maybe use an other title next time so i don't get insta spoiled !! Otherwise great work guys

    stefan pauwelsstefan pauwels9 måneder siden
    • same here, so annoying

      Kevin UusnaKevin Uusna9 måneder siden
  • What a great win for a great guy , Love ya big man and the whole family , Congratulations , you deserve it all !!!

    Galloping TortoiseGalloping Tortoise9 måneder siden
  • mateusz was the winner not thor, it`s a shame.

    Hai FischHai Fisch9 måneder siden
  • how tall is this woman!!!

    aram34aram349 måneder siden
    • 6'2 with some heels probably

      SoSa BoiSoSa Boi9 måneder siden
  • True Champ ..

    Mr BicycleMr Bicycle9 måneder siden
  • Did he have a stroke?

    Bob NorthBob North9 måneder siden
    • bob north No, he has Bell’s palsy

      Czyste SerceCzyste Serce9 måneder siden
  • Congrats Thor. Great achievement, three times Arnold Classic Strongman champion in a row. That's something you can be proud of in years to come.

    Pétur StefánssonPétur Stefánsson9 måneder siden
  • That lady tall

    TheAlmightyOragutanTheAlmightyOragutan9 måneder siden
  • look at his shoulder to shoulder compared to hers lol that's insane

    anderander9 måneder siden
  • Skítlétt!

    MythagorasMythagoras9 måneder siden
  • Thor is a champion

  • What an incredible performance by the humble champion!

    CharlesCharles9 måneder siden
  • Thor was so smart. Just doing what it took to win, but not over doing it and risking injury. WSM will be awesome this year if both Brian and Thor go in healthy. Thor is looking as good now as I have ever seen him.

    Greg GGreg G9 måneder siden
  • If I was Eddie Hall I would be a little annoyed that Thor is planning to break his record by just 1kg... Since Eddie increased the world record by a significant amount. But I'm sure Eddie doesn't care, he has more important things to worry about, like trying overcome his terrible dehydration.

    Kev MaxflyKev Maxfly9 måneder siden
    • @Kev Maxfly nah I totally get what you mean it must be annoying because it isnt that someone is necessarily better but more on the same level. Eddie wanted the record to be broken by more than 1 but ofc you would so you no one beats it for longer.

      Ben Extinction__14Ben Extinction__149 måneder siden
    • Sorry, was not trying to make it look like no one else beats records by 1kg or that it should be frowned upon that Thor is about to do it. Was just commenting on how I suspect a current record holder may feel after crushing the previous record himself, but like people have pointed out here, I am probably incorrect, and Eddie should not be bothered since what Thor is doing is the norm - and I would imagine since Eddie knows what it took to get to 500 he will have a ton of respect for anyone who gets there.

      Kev MaxflyKev Maxfly9 måneder siden
    • What's up with the Eddie fanboys constantly bitching about the 1kg increase?.... A record is a record.

      McBaronMcBaron9 måneder siden
    • Dont make this look like it is just thor doing this. Eddie tried to break two records (axle and log I think) by 1kg himself. Luke stoltman broke the stone lift record by 2lbs here on Friday and mark felix broke the donny stone lift record by 0.04ish seconds on friday too.

      Ben Extinction__14Ben Extinction__149 måneder siden
    • Hidden de Roos, that is true, I guess he shouldn't be bothered by it then.

      Kev MaxflyKev Maxfly9 måneder siden
  • Love how he’s paying respect to Big Z.

    Massage AdventuristMassage Adventurist9 måneder siden
  • Congratulations to Thor and His whole team

    Ronin_AJ_Ronin_AJ_9 måneder siden
  • Well done Thor 👍

    ShaunShaun9 måneder siden
  • No 501kg deadlift this time but am waiting to see you lift it. Congrats on the win hafthor.

    pmcgaw36pmcgaw369 måneder siden
    • He's gotta do it with a straight bar...

      NJK570NJK5709 måneder siden
    • @V4 Enthusiast yes that's what i said it nearly killed Eddie hall and thor would have to drop out of the Arnold

      jac Hjac H9 måneder siden
    • Jacques howard- Nah, it’s because he saving it for the Saudi event where they’ll pay out big for it+he needed to conserve energy for next 2 events in order to guarantee his title.

      V4 EnthusiastV4 Enthusiast9 måneder siden
    • Its obvious he can do it i bet he has done it in the gym but the reason he didn't do it in a competition with more events afterwards is clear what happened to Eddie hall after

      jac Hjac H9 måneder siden
  • Steroids. Fur sure! Rice don’t do dat. Cheater!

    Isadore WillisIsadore Willis9 måneder siden
    • OMG literally ALL OF THEM use steroids. Even strongmen not even NEAR their level are on steroids. It's called competing at a high level lol

      Loose GooseLoose Goose9 måneder siden
  • This man is awesome and appears genuinely sweet

    Joey JonesJoey Jones9 måneder siden
  • How can Mateus win 4 events and still lose that sucks ☹️

    Tyler ProcterTyler Procter9 måneder siden
    • @NJK570 yes, maybe. I have seen Mateusz losing with Thor many events, grip, axle press... It's not easy to admit Mateusz has still to grow and the the homework. Fierce athlete, but you use too many would and if and when

      pozzu75pozzu758 måneder siden
    • @pozzu75 if you take deadlifting out Thor would have lost... period.

      NJK570NJK5709 måneder siden
    • @Xplicit V1ruZ yes, that is how it's done in many other sports to make winning meaningful. and it would have changed the game here. not saying Thor wouldn't still be able to win, but he would have had to go harder.

      TNM001TNM0019 måneder siden
    • Maybe a bonus point for World records🤔just a thought

      Xplicit V1ruZXplicit V1ruZ9 måneder siden
    • @Zippytvx would make more sense imo if it was scored. 1st.) 10Pts 2nd.) 8Pts 3rd.) 7Pts 4th.) 6Pts 5th.) 5pts 6th.) 4pts 7th.) 3pts 8th.) 2pts 9th.) 1pts 10th.)0pts

      Xplicit V1ruZXplicit V1ruZ9 måneder siden
  • Thor is already going down in strongman as a very well known person, but if he breaks that 501kg he’ll go down in history as a legend in this sport.

    pickle_tickle_23 !pickle_tickle_23 !9 måneder siden
    • @Chrontard thor as proved he cna deadlift rly close to that, before eddie no1 was even close, not even eddie himself

      wolololerwolololer8 måneder siden
    • Chrontard not only guarantee that he will but that it’ll make him a legend. Eddie the legend for breaking 500. Thor doing 501 is great but seriously? Goat status for doing what’s been done

      Blah BlahBlah Blah9 måneder siden
    • @Chrontard yeah cause the jump was so crazy and absurd, and Eddie hadnt pulled anything close to it. Thats why its such an impactful and one of a kind lift. If thor said he was gonna pull 535kg, we'd probably have the same reaction

      EvsEvs9 måneder siden
    • @Evs its funny cuz when eddie said hes gonna lift 500 kg everybody said its not possible.. now that some one is going for 501 everybody guarantee that he will.... -.-

      ChrontardChrontard9 måneder siden
    • thor doesn't go down he only goes up

      2Dbeats3D2Dbeats3D9 måneder siden
  • He needs to find a new barber

    Josh NichterJosh Nichter9 måneder siden
  • Damn mateusz win 4 event😩 anyway congrats to thor

    Taqataq TaqataqTaqataq Taqataq9 måneder siden
    • @McBaron which also shows how good Mateusz is, because he needed 3 attempts in deadlift and in 2nd and 3rd he used all the power he had fighting with the bounce and weight for quite a long time. Thor on the other hand barely broke a sweat. Still Mateusz recovered so well to use his legs and back again in frame carry and beat the record.

      BartekSWTBartekSWT9 måneder siden
    • @BartekSWT Maybe because it's a really tough event. Especially when it's the 5th event. Similar to how nobody was pulling deadlifts like they did last year when the deadlift was the first event.

      McBaronMcBaron9 måneder siden
    • @McBaron I understand 66kg in deadlift is a lot, but it's the same or even more for doing timber carry in 7 sec and not being able to do it at all in 36 sec. Thor was just lucky, that there was more competitors weak in timber carry.

      BartekSWTBartekSWT9 måneder siden
    • @BartekSWT Thor beat Mateusz by 66 kg's in the deadlift. That's a monstrous amount. That's why there were so many competitors between the two of them.

      McBaronMcBaron9 måneder siden
    • @Patryk Jasnowski Thor was right behind Licis in wheel of pain... Barely got third... Get out of here with that bullshit.

      McBaronMcBaron9 måneder siden
  • I love Thor. He’s a genuine person and even though he’s incredible in many ways he’s still humble. A true Champion!

    BatmanBatman9 måneder siden
    • @Andrew Yeah why ? 🤨

      Nikhil SNikhil S9 måneder siden
    • Sir Gregor 😁

      otakar davodovotakar davodov9 måneder siden
    • humble?

      AndrewAndrew9 måneder siden
  • He's an amazing athlete A healthy Thor is unbeatable He will break the 501 deadlift too i'm sure of it

    Mike MikeMike Mike9 måneder siden
    • @Patryk Jasnowski i understand what u trying to say, but in this way the competition show each ones weakness and therefore the strongest overall. if it was about specific events only the winner would be decided by the events like picking the best events for 1 competitor or so

      wolololerwolololer8 måneder siden
    • @Patryk Jasnowski What joke? System is fair and clear, if Mateusz improves deadlift he will win in the future. Thor won 2 events, placed 2nd in 3 and 4th in one.

      CieciowskiCieciowski9 måneder siden
    • Mike Mike so why he got beat in 4/6 events? Joke of a score

      Patryk JasnowskiPatryk Jasnowski9 måneder siden
    • FActs Eddie is shitting his pants 😂

      H2144 HH2144 H9 måneder siden
    • Been saying that for a year. Still not done it.

      A JA J9 måneder siden
  • 2020 results spoiled by a title and thumbnail. Damn

    Ryan LagrandRyan Lagrand9 måneder siden
    • same

      Kevin UusnaKevin Uusna9 måneder siden
  • Uh how y’all is that woman lol

    vicktooslickvicktooslick9 måneder siden
  • All he needs to do now is deadlift 501KG. If he does that, he'll for sure be on top

    Jesús MendozaJesús Mendoza9 måneder siden
    • I agree Thor is already on top. Martins won world strongest man last year with an injured Thor and Brian Shaw. This year all three will be there. Plus mateuz it should be awesome.

      Chris SarinaChris Sarina9 måneder siden
    • He's already on top 🙄

      VicariousVicarious9 måneder siden
  • what a MAN

    João chengJoão cheng9 måneder siden
  • Congrats Thor. Your awesome

    Bill KuhlBill Kuhl9 måneder siden
  • Congratulations GOT mountain🔥💪💪

    Kwaku AgyemangKwaku Agyemang9 måneder siden
  • Congratulations to Thor. But this competition highlights the inconsistencies with the strongman points system and some changes are needed for next year

    YahwehYahweh9 måneder siden
    • There should be predetermined points for hitting targets in each event, like they did in the trial by stone, that get added together over the whole competition. This would still take into account a weak performance in one event but in a fairer way. The current system is completely dependent on the performance of other competitors. For example, if Maxime Boudreault had competed today instead of Rob Kearney, Mateusz probably would have won despite there being no difference in his and Thor's performance.

      YahwehYahweh9 måneder siden
    • Yahweh how can points get any fairer? Finish 1st out of 10 men you get 10 points. Finish 10th out of 10 men you get 1 point. 1 point for every spot you finish better in. How can it be fairer than that? yes mateusz did great and win 4 events but his deadlift was not up to par with the likes of Thor and others. Also his bag over bar wasn’t the greatest so he lost HUGE points in these two whilst Thor kept in the top few every single evemt

      Uncle EggnogUncle Eggnog9 måneder siden
    • Cant finish in 8th in deadlift and win, the points system works and has worked for a while. Mateusz is a beast and could win worlds this year and most likely arnolds next year

      Marcus TMarcus T9 måneder siden
    • Yahweh What changes would you make?

      Bob SeaverBob Seaver9 måneder siden
  • Threw Brian Shaw under the bus though. 😂

    Lawrence MouaLawrence Moua9 måneder siden
  • Well done Thor! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    OzzyOzzy9 måneder siden
  • I hope his daughter got to watch some of it, she deserves to see her dad doing what he does best, what he does to support her. The arnold pays much more than WSM, so much grind to get three years in a row.

    Co_DurhamCo_Durham9 måneder siden
    • AETHLETE_SAM thought his daughter is at his gym a lot lol

      BrandonBrandon8 måneder siden
    • @SPEEDMASTERY11 really?, Is it one of them cases where women win 90% of child custodiy

      Ema nuilEma nuil9 måneder siden
    • @Chrontard Thor hasn't seen his daughter in years.

      SPEEDMASTERY11SPEEDMASTERY119 måneder siden
    • i mean why she would not watch whats her dad is doing ?

      ChrontardChrontard9 måneder siden
  • Congrats big bro. I knew you'd get another one. Niceeee!!!!

    Timothy EstesTimothy Estes9 måneder siden
  • Hell yeah!

    J RJ R9 måneder siden
  • Zero spoiler alert 🚨

    Party on WayneParty on Wayne9 måneder siden
    • Alegherix same here

      Party on WayneParty on Wayne9 måneder siden
    • I woke up, went on youtube, and searched rogue fitness wanting to watch last event to see who will win, and first video i see is the title to this...

      AlegherixAlegherix9 måneder siden
  • The ⛰

    Elite JordanElite Jordan9 måneder siden