Timber Carry - Full Live Stream | Arnold Strongman Classic 2020 - Event 5

7. mars. 2020
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Full live stream of the Timber Carry at the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus, Ohio. Athletes will compete two at a time to carry the 881 pounds/400 kilos frame up a 35-foot (10.7 meters) ramp the fastest.

Rogue’s complete coverage of the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic will be live on NOworld and the Rogue Index from March 6-7. 10 strongmen will compete in 6 events over 2 days for the title of Arnold Strongman Classic Champion. Rogue’s coverage will also include daily episodes of the Rogue Iron Game show featuring guests from the worlds of Strongman, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, and CrossFit. We will also be streaming the full 2020 Rogue Record Breakers competition and the IWF Rogue World Challenge.
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  • The deadlift is Thor's savior

    adumah calebadumah caleb8 dager siden
  • How odd to see a Middle Eastern as the personal assistant of Thor.

    rthelionheartrthelionheartMåned siden
  • How can Mateusz kieliszkowski manhandle this timber of 881 pounds and struggle so much just to lift 883 pound deadlift? What is the difference?

    Aditya ReddyAditya Reddy3 måneder siden
  • holy moly the Polish Mateusz guy at the end!!! Wow

    Z DaxZ Dax5 måneder siden
  • Mateusz is my favorite! Also I cannot stand Thor...He seems such an asshole

    Ionut Catalin MoraruIonut Catalin Moraru5 måneder siden
  • Thor good WAXED in that matchup. Wow

    Lextech LightingLextech Lighting5 måneder siden
  • I wonder why players such as Bobby Thompson, R. Kearney, J Pritchett, M ​​Belsak perform in such competitions! They were the background and weakness compared to other players!

    Wissarionowicz DżugaszwiliWissarionowicz Dżugaszwili5 måneder siden
  • Professional Carry the Groceries in One Trip

    Ransom MathisRansom Mathis6 måneder siden
  • 0:08 who is she

    DokkDokk6 måneder siden
  • 身長が低いと不利ですね、この種目は。

    アイコンの猫アイコンの猫6 måneder siden
  • 22:00 missbalanced as hell...

    Mikael NilssonMikael Nilsson6 måneder siden
  • snore the icelandic loser, arrogant pariah, snore the dung hill.

    KusnezoffKusnezoff6 måneder siden
  • On what their smelling ?

    MrWolfi2007MrWolfi20076 måneder siden
  • Shivylakov has such mental strength because he was in the russian special forces

    Cody MillerCody Miller6 måneder siden
  • The other frame was definitely unbalanced. All athletes tilted to the right attemting it. I think it should be done on one lane only.

    DTOsmanMDTOsmanM6 måneder siden
  • Increíble Kielikowskie!!! Enhorabuena!!

    santiago de andasantiago de anda7 måneder siden
  • Love Mateusz. I'm like a year older than him and I'm still getting stronger. Imagine him at his peak, wow.

    Disney PlusDisney Plus7 måneder siden
  • Can we get a better camera angle fir this event?

    Daniel KelleherDaniel Kelleher7 måneder siden
  • thor needs to bring Mateusz over to train in his gym

    LSgaming420LSgaming4208 måneder siden
  • Mateusz barely deadlifted the 886 yet he is able to walk carrying the 881 frame that's impressive

    craggy rockscraggy rocks8 måneder siden
  • Thor! Practice up-hill for this one in future.

    Just MeJust Me8 måneder siden
  • Thor was right , his Timber is unbalanced, It weights more on the right arm, no one with that timber completed the run

    Kevin FlaibaniKevin Flaibani8 måneder siden
  • Hafthors frame was poorly balanced!!!

    Mikael NilssonMikael Nilsson8 måneder siden
  • Reviewing the video after watching Thor's comments on the instability of the implement leaning on the right side his point seems valid. It does seem the competitors with farther implement from the camera view had the tendency to tip more to the right side when lifting or dropping it.

    StealthAssasin 1DayStealthAssasin 1Day8 måneder siden
    • Also, when they move the thing away, it seems like one guy is pushing the cart from the heavy side, while the other guy is pulling from the center to make it move straight forward, meaning it was not balanced.

      MittarimatoMittarimato8 måneder siden
  • It seems like the Timber Carry equipment on the right side of the screen (left side if you were to face the end line) was imbalanced to be exceptionally heavy on the competitor's right hand. Bjornsson mentioned this in a Q&A video he made and it does appear that Belsak, Novikov, Shivlyakov and even Caron (although it's harder to decipher) in addition to Bjornsson have the same issue where the equipment leans heavily on the right hand at the onset.

    NateNate8 måneder siden
  • Definitely something off with the balance of the frame on the far side, look at both Novakov and Thor's runs it is clearly heavier on the right hand...

    MikeMike8 måneder siden
  • there is something of with the right timber its unbalanced @rogue pls fix it looks like its heavier on the right side you can see it on every athlete who carried it

    Luca HeinrichLuca Heinrich8 måneder siden
  • No one of the one side finished the event - they all had problems on the right side of the implement. Thor and other strongman have said the implement on that side is out of balance (heavier on the right side). Way to go Rogue...

    Joe BotJoe Bot8 måneder siden
  • Brawo Mateusz a temu i owijki na nadgarstkach nie pomogły haha

    wieLki STachwieLki STach8 måneder siden
  • The right side timber frame looked off balance

    Greg McHughGreg McHugh8 måneder siden
  • Idk if yall notice but the right frame carry, it always seems heavier on the right hand of the competitors. Maybe it was off

    Cristopher PinoCristopher Pino8 måneder siden
  • iron loo wouldve dummied this

    cairnscairns8 måneder siden
  • That timber carry... All the best results in the right lane.... Look at Belsak and Novikov, who also got left lane like Hafthor. The frame is leaning hard to the right...

    cesterescesteres8 måneder siden
    • All three who finished was in the right lane. Almost as ridiculous as the truck pull in world's strongest man in Sweden back on 1984 or 1985.

      cesterescesteres8 måneder siden
  • why the hell has Belsak competed? No disrespect but he could have given his place to someone without injury.

    Ali NasseriAli Nasseri8 måneder siden
  • Man, I am proud of my east Europe and Asia neighbor players, Mateusz and Mikhail.

    Qidong John LiangQidong John Liang8 måneder siden
  • jerry pritchet haircut is awful, I just dont understand some people's taste ... great athlete otherwise :)

    robertoroberto8 måneder siden
  • Shivlykov shouldn't have competed. I feel like that was a bad idea, probably made his injury worse

    Phil MullerPhil Muller8 måneder siden
  • Brawo Mateusz! Polska górą!

    alechandroalechandro8 måneder siden
  • what happend russia strongman

    Marcin KowalskiMarcin Kowalski8 måneder siden
  • I know belsak is Injured so it’s not fair to knock him, but if they knew he was injured then why show or not replace him and he has barley impressed me over the last 3 years...

    HootMasterflexHootMasterflex8 måneder siden
  • Bobby thompson looks like young santa claus on roids. 😂😂

    Jason LiansingJason Liansing8 måneder siden
  • Licis is by bar the most naturally strong athlete. If he was injury free and his diet and training was on point like Thor's then he would dominate strongman.

    JuniorDevJuniorDev8 måneder siden
  • Imagine Mikail Shivliakov without injured angke. He would crush most opponents.

    dokterkareldokterkarel8 måneder siden
  • Seems to be an event every year where Mateusz blows away the competition.

    Adam CraigAdam Craig8 måneder siden
  • KIELISZKOWSKI POLISH PRIDE. Mateusz byku pozdrawiam z Leeds .

    Lucifer bLucifer b8 måneder siden
  • Rob should have never been there in the first place

    Z. BoxZ. Box8 måneder siden
  • Bellshauk testing Jerry's patience

    Sayan DebnathSayan Debnath8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz looks more burdened by talking to the reporters than the event... Dude is seriously powerful. I mean no disrespect to his english either :D

    jdigglezjdigglez8 måneder siden
  • Polska górą!Mariusz niedługo miszczu!

    Sarmata LechickiSarmata Lechicki8 måneder siden
  • I hope Mateusz will go to the comments and see how many ppl from all over the world are supporting him. Hope this will give him more power. Go for it Mateusz!

    Szuler SzulerSzuler Szuler8 måneder siden
  • Mateus is the real life colossus from XMEN

    MrInzombiaMrInzombia8 måneder siden
  • kieliskowski!he has no experience and has technical shortcomings! but it is the strongest now indisputably!

    lucky lukelucky luke9 måneder siden
    • @lucky luke HE is, greetings

      Kopeiro kopeiroKopeiro kopeiro8 måneder siden
    • @Kopeiro kopeiro she is 26 years old:)sorry

      lucky lukelucky luke8 måneder siden
    • @lucky luke what leater means?

      Kopeiro kopeiroKopeiro kopeiro8 måneder siden
    • @Kopeiro kopeiro 26 years leater

      lucky lukelucky luke8 måneder siden
    • No experience? Cmon, he's in the pro Strongman since 2016...

      Kopeiro kopeiroKopeiro kopeiro8 måneder siden
  • kieliskowski!he has no experience and has technical shortcomings! but it is the strongest now indisputably!

    lucky lukelucky luke9 måneder siden
  • kieliskowski!he has no experience and has technical shortcomings! but it is the strongest now indisputably!

    lucky lukelucky luke9 måneder siden
  • How Thor wins this event? Thor wins only Bag over bar and Deadlift...........

    TornadoF60TornadoF609 måneder siden
    • By having more points than anyone else. That should be rather obvious

      Garviel LokenGarviel Loken8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz nie wiem co i jak ale mi kopara spadla. jak K! tys z tym lecial jak z zakupami z tesco. Brawo Panie Mateusz poprostu brawo.

    P KP K9 måneder siden
  • Kearny to short for this one

    IDrop76IDrop769 måneder siden
  • Action starts at 9:35

    Odd 1Odd 19 måneder siden
  • rubbish camera angles couldnt even see the event at first

    RichardRichard9 måneder siden
  • 21:45 insane,mateuz💪💪💪

    S KumarS Kumar9 måneder siden
  • What's your favourite guys

    Mr NobodyMr Nobody9 måneder siden
  • For me Kieliszkowski is the world strongest man. 4 competition win, Thor is only best in deadlift

    Ree vderRee vder9 måneder siden
  • How do you explain it, Bill? You can't explain it...BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT

    Justin PaulJustin Paul9 måneder siden
  • What the he'll is belsheck doing???

    Cory BoydCory Boyd9 måneder siden
  • I'm confident tom stoltman can beat that..hold me too it.

    Nocturum MortemNocturum Mortem9 måneder siden
    • @Kamil Szadkowski tom is an animal! And at only 25?!

      Nocturum MortemNocturum Mortem8 måneder siden
    • Last time when Mateusz and Tom faced each other in a farmer's walk Tom god obliterated. But who knows? He definitely can improve.

      Kamil SzadkowskiKamil Szadkowski8 måneder siden
  • This is looking like Arnold Disabled Classic. On a serious note Kieliszkowski came 100%

    4bangerlove4bangerlove9 måneder siden
  • Polish is really strong with shoulders and chest he need some more training

    Veer rajpurohitVeer rajpurohit9 måneder siden
  • Goddamn how does Mateusz move like that with a weight he didn't even deadlift..... Also the organisers of the event are begging for a snapped Achilles with a carry on a hill like that.....

    jawlineofprosperityjawlineofprosperity9 måneder siden
  • Even though thor won he doesn't strike fear in the hearts of his competitors this wasnt even a dominant win next year mataeus will get it right

    Kenroy PattersonKenroy Patterson9 måneder siden
  • Mateaus for the next year deadlift only and he will blow everyone else away at that size with that strenght

    Kenroy PattersonKenroy Patterson9 måneder siden
  • What's with all the standings being completely incorrect when the competitors names pop up in the bottom corner before they have their go? Mateusz was 8th according to that, Oleksi was 4th and pretty much everyone else was wrong too except for Hafthor

    Alex FrithAlex Frith9 måneder siden
  • for 15 years i wished for a new pudzian, a dominator from poland. and here he is. he is only 26, he truly is the future of strongman.

    Dennis GrießnerDennis Grießner9 måneder siden
  • Kieleszkowski poland power!!!

    En InetEn Inet9 måneder siden
  • The filming of this event is really bad

    Rijzige ReaguurderRijzige Reaguurder9 måneder siden
  • Brawa MATEUSZ

    tomasz falkowskitomasz falkowski9 måneder siden
  • Magnezy like water

    Artem PetefiArtem Petefi9 måneder siden
  • Dziękujemy Mateusz 🇵🇱✊🏻

    Tomasz TomaszTomasz Tomasz9 måneder siden
  • Mateaus is turning into Marious Putzianosky

    Tea of the GODSTea of the GODS9 måneder siden
  • Brian Shaw!!!??? Me va a decir que no clasificó? Y clasifican estos tipos

    Eddy GONZALEZEddy GONZALEZ9 måneder siden
  • If the point of the event is to see who gets the fastest time, it would help the athletes if the apparatus had a set handle right on the perfect point for balance instead of having them guess where to place their hands

    Gabriel GuerreroGabriel Guerrero9 måneder siden
  • 9:36- Jerry Pritchett and Matjaž Belšak 12:23- Bobby Thompson and Oleksii Novikov 15:06- Rob Kearney and Mikhail Shivlyakov 17:50- Martins Licis and Jean-François Caron 21:36- Mateusz Kieliszkowski and Hafþór Björnsson

    Mister008GamingMister008Gaming9 måneder siden
  • Am team Thor

    Lusiba BradsLusiba Brads9 måneder siden
  • Wanted this win so bad for mateusz.....if only his deadlift was top 3 he would win more competitions. As long as Thor is competing he'll come 2nd to him.

    esellantaesellanta9 måneder siden
  • I am very proud of him

    Lucky LuckLucky Luck9 måneder siden
  • A mMasteuz who can deadlift is a threat to everyone. They better hope he doesnt get his deadlift right because he is dominant in every other event by a massive margin. Cant wait to see thor vs mastuez more.

    Richard BeckleyRichard Beckley9 måneder siden
  • Rogue.... fire your production team.

    Kang TuckKang Tuck9 måneder siden
  • prze chuj

    GlezerGlezer9 måneder siden
  • I have some groceries that need to be carried in. You guys think you can handle it?

    retam1retam19 måneder siden
  • Mateusz is a monster, give him a few years. So hunble, even when he doesn't need to be at all, and strong.

    los1wochoslos1wochos9 måneder siden
  • 22:00 This means deadlifting with straps. Make deadlift without straps. It is a WHOLE BODY strength contest, damn it.

    best opinionbest opinion9 måneder siden
    • @Sealed Chamber Deleted what?

      best opinionbest opinion8 måneder siden
    • @best opinion I demand to know why it is that you deleted your transcendental comment.

      Sealed ChamberSealed Chamber8 måneder siden
    • @best opinion Human tissue can only take so much, regardless of strength, and 900+ pound pulls are going to have an inherent risk of danger. It's wisest to make them as safe as possible in the interest of all involved parties. Strapless 400kg frame carries test grip quite well on their own, as we saw in the contest.

      Sealed ChamberSealed Chamber8 måneder siden
    • Exactly. It's for spectacle. But this way is the opposite of what such of a contest should be. A strongman should be strong in all departments. If your biceps tears, well, you do not have a strong biceps. Lower the weight because you or your biceps sucks. Again, you want to be strongman then be damn strong. Not just big butt (deadlift much but using straps).

      best opinionbest opinion8 måneder siden
    • @best opinion You're right, but the heavier weights are more of a spectacle and they test grip through other means. Plus they reduce the risk of bicep tears which are already common enough.

      Sealed ChamberSealed Chamber8 måneder siden
  • Thor said in the past that he had an issue with a nerve in his forearm because of the fact that he put on tremendous mass in a short period of time when he was becoming a strongman, since then he has problems with his grip. Mateusz is a beast!

    IceforgedstormbornIceforgedstormborn9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz you are great

    MikolajMikolaj9 måneder siden
  • 21:33 dann this is so f*in awesome!!!!

    Striker McGurkStriker McGurk9 måneder siden
  • So many ways to pronounce the name Licis wrong. This is really awesome! Murricans are just great!

    Striker McGurkStriker McGurk9 måneder siden
  • Arnold was known for his great strength in his films, lifting cars, trucks, with his bare hands. This event is not in Arnold style.

    Power MachinePower Machine9 måneder siden
  • 22:50 Kondrat Karwat

    Ezriel sideEzriel side9 måneder siden
  • Nawet kamerzysta nie nadążył za Mateuszem a on zasował pod górę z takim obciazeniem, bardzo dobre zawody Mateusz najwięcej tam emocji wszystkim zaserwował. Duma i Chwała

    Ezriel sideEzriel side9 måneder siden
  • Nasza Duma! #legendarypolishpower

    Red devilRed devil9 måneder siden
  • How does Mateusz barely deadlift 880 pounds, but races it as a frame carry??? How the HELL does Thor just NOT manage??? Deadlifts extra 150 pounds easily...

    Harmen WesterhofHarmen Westerhof9 måneder siden
  • Can we petition to get the crosshit out next year

    The SinetistThe Sinetist9 måneder siden