Timber Carry Highlights | Arnold Strongman Classic 2020 - Event 5

7. mars. 2020
35 818 Ganger

Highlights from the Timber Carry at the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus, Ohio. Athletes will compete two at a time to carry the 881 pounds/400 kilos frame up a 35-foot (10.7 meters) ramp the fastest.
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  • I am a BIG fan of mateusz but the frame carry of the left track is unbalanced...all participants in this track had problems

    CAVCAV8 måneder siden
  • Thor is right , his Timber is unbalanced, It weights more on the right arm, no one with that timber completed the run

    Kevin FlaibaniKevin Flaibani8 måneder siden
  • I think Thor could be right, with most of the contestants on the left lane it seems that it's heavier on the right side, there was unbalanced weight.

    Don QuixoteDon Quixote8 måneder siden
  • єбать поляк втащив

  • Every athlete on the right side(from double picture) had a problem with balance. As Thor said- this frame carry was not weight balanced. The diferrence is huge. Athletes right hand always went down after start. On this level of competition is not acceptable.

    Milan OlišarMilan Olišar8 måneder siden
  • very obvious that the frame on the right is not evenly weighted

    YahwehYahweh8 måneder siden
  • That frame seems to be not well balanced on the side Thor was. Everyone was kinda leaning to the right with it

    Stefan DrugarinovicStefan Drugarinovic8 måneder siden
  • I couldn't run up that ramp in 7 seconds with a water bottle, MATEUSZ IS TERRIFYINGLY STRONG!!

    tipko 1tipko 18 måneder siden
  • Mateusz is the most dynamic strongman in the game. Fantastic athlete

    RsSlayRsSlay8 måneder siden
  • Wow. What ramp? It was like he went downhill with that thing!

    X3 AndyX3 Andy8 måneder siden
  • cant believe lost it there .-/

    IzomIzom8 måneder siden
  • Mateusz will win the Arnold very soon

    Vadim DonVadim Don9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz carrying those groceries like me back in the day when I helped my mother 😂

    thehiatusprtthehiatusprt9 måneder siden
  • The question is how can he improve his deadlift. Should he hire a specialist or take time off? I hope he takes the necessary steps.

    Rajeshwar SharmaRajeshwar Sharma9 måneder siden
  • It was like Mauteusz was lifting the groceries bag

  • Thought LIcis would have done better, had his grip been ok he would have been much closer to Mateusz

    Sean WhitehallSean Whitehall9 måneder siden
  • If Mateusz finally catches up in the deadlift, he is going to dominate Arnold's

    KruszakusKruszakus9 måneder siden
  • If only 2 athletes beat thor in frame carry where he had very poor score, Kieliszkowski would win the event. In first competition he was better but still thor got same amount of points.

    Nova WRNova WR9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz's weekly grocery haul is heavier than this carry. This was a walk in the park for him.

    Jeroen NouwensJeroen Nouwens9 måneder siden
  • Congrats to Thor. Honestly though I felt like Mateusz was the winner in a way. I hope he works on his deadlift then he'll dominate!

    NikNik9 måneder siden
  • my favorite thing is the diversity between performance among competitions. evens this thing out, imo

    Josh RauchJosh Rauch9 måneder siden
  • damn, thor's been so strong in everything lately that I just blindly believed he'd fare well here as well. hats off to kieliszkowski!

    miskee11miskee119 måneder siden
  • Polska górom haha cytując Pudziana 😀❤️

    pablo30012pablo300129 måneder siden
  • 🇨🇦 Ahem ☝️ .. I’m an incredible human being too, thank you. To whom it may concern. 😏

    Citizens RightsCitizens Rights9 måneder siden
  • Coach Jason Blaha would win all of the events with ease

    PigPenPigPen9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz said he trained with a slippery grip so this was easy

    La FrogLa Frog9 måneder siden
  • Idk why the commentators thought Thor would win, this is Mateusz's event. Kearney was disappointing - he's usually very good with carrying events and is world class on the yoke. His size caught up with him I guess.

    dogcatdogabledogcatdogable9 måneder siden
  • I think we're 20 minutes away from the last event now

    Chris SarinaChris Sarina9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz would have been a beast at football if he played. He has an unreal amount of dynamic strength, speed, and size. Halfthor, like Shaw, has better static strength. With his bulk, it is tough for him to develop the speed and momentum like Mateusz.

    Andrew RoyAndrew Roy9 måneder siden
  • Thank god there is a fence there otherwise mateusz would go outside the arena

    Ahmad AburahmaAhmad Aburahma9 måneder siden
  • i know who im gonna ask to get all the groceries in one trip from the car to the house... mateusz

    kinda fat kinda strongkinda fat kinda strong9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz!!

    Herve TranHerve Tran9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz Kieliszkowski?. Najwiekszy koszmar Thora... :) rozjechał go jak walec !!! Samo naprowadzajaca sie rakieta supersoniczna z Polski ! Boom

    Łukasz ŁukaszŁukasz Łukasz9 måneder siden

    Josh RobertsJosh Roberts9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz will be so dominant in like 5 years when he has at peak strength.

    Tushar VTushar V9 måneder siden
    • All he needs to do is fix his deadlift really. That's what killed his chances here.

      LHLH9 måneder siden
  • That was a surprise from Matheusz, but an even bigger from Thor.

    AxelL No1AxelL No19 måneder siden
    • @Adrian Pap A lot less than Thor literally dropping the ball on this one. :) But a little bit, because he could've been tired from the deadlift, and still he did it almost running. Even Martins dropped it once and he has a good grip too.

      AxelL No1AxelL No19 måneder siden
    • Mateusz is literally the best of all time in every moving event in strongman. How did that surprise you?

      Adrian PapAdrian Pap9 måneder siden
  • Told ya hafthor practicing this event on flat ground would hurt him come the real deal! Little bit of a wake up call for him.

    BrandonBrandon9 måneder siden
    • Arthes Mendor yeah true but you are telling me martin made it up but thor couldnt? Yeah no way, thor was leaning hard to the right. Idc how strong you are if something is imbalanced at that weight it is damn near impossible to stabilize and carry. Surprised it isnt talked about, that is a huge competition they shouldnt have mess ups like that. A mistake like that can alter the whole outcome of the competition.

      ItsxMagiicGamingItsxMagiicGaming8 måneder siden
    • @ItsxMagiicGaming I didn't notice it until I saw Thor's latest video. I still think he over-trained and was exhausted though but the imbalance definitely makes a big difference.

      Arthes MendorArthes Mendor8 måneder siden
    • Yea Imbalanced frame. Look how much the right side of the frame drops on the people starting from the left side. Huge imbalance.

      ItsxMagiicGamingItsxMagiicGaming8 måneder siden
    • No Kelsey said on Instagram the frame was imbalanced, had nothing to do with flat ground

      hg_10smhg_10sm9 måneder siden
    • Based on his upload schedule and how tired he looked in the Atlas stones it looked more like he didn't have any rest between his insane training and the event. He was gassed from the beginning.

      Arthes MendorArthes Mendor9 måneder siden
  • Anyone know the current scoreboard?

    Son GokuSon Goku9 måneder siden
  • I feel bad for martins. He could do so much more but he needed to take a break so he'd be ready for wsm

    Jeppe KjærJeppe Kjær9 måneder siden
  • Great stuff, thanks.

    hifrom mikehifrom mike9 måneder siden
  • Watching this makes me wonder if the near side device is balanced better. Notice that everyone on the far side the right side was down. Only one to complete the the course were on the near side. Kinda like drag racing, lane choice sometimes matters!

    LazyBoyZR1LazyBoyZR19 måneder siden
    • LazyBoyZR1 That’s not how that works. They didn’t do as well because they suck at that event. Although halfthor is one of the best he trained on flat ground instead of how the event really is. I’m doing so he almost didn’t get 1st this year

      BigTex182BigTex1829 måneder siden
  • why was thor bad in this event?

    MrTrollsenMrTrollsen9 måneder siden
    • The far side frame was imbalanced, heavier on the right side. Notice every athlete on that ramp struggled, none of them completed the course and all of them tipped to the right and put it down almost immediately. Would have been interesting if Thor and Mateusz were on the opposite ramps

      Sam WarrilowSam Warrilow8 måneder siden
    • coz real champ is Mateusz .

      krystian wroblewskikrystian wroblewski9 måneder siden
    • He still got 4th 😂 a lot of guys struggled with their grip he needs 4th in dumbell event to win so I think he's good for the title

      JamesJames9 måneder siden
    • Plus I think last year there were allowed to use straps this year they're not

      Chris SarinaChris Sarina9 måneder siden
    • Somebody answered just in the regular comments the only trained for this on flat ground. He did not do it with an incline.

      Chris SarinaChris Sarina9 måneder siden
  • Wow, was not expecting that from the Polish no.1 Very impressive!

    ChillChill9 måneder siden
  • Show the leaderboard after

    Ryan LiggettRyan Liggett9 måneder siden
    • docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17Ur-vZqjXTMGBpJz5qeQzevTSSsSP0RysauuupjTwF8/htmlview?sle=true#gid=0

      benallansmithbenallansmith9 måneder siden
  • Is there one more event for today?

    William SWilliam S9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz is the reason I watch the Arnold! He is an incredible human being!

    Jeremy AdamsJeremy Adams9 måneder siden
    • thor to

      MrTrollsenMrTrollsen9 måneder siden
  • Polish MACHINE 💪💪

    Qfel1983Qfel19839 måneder siden
  • If it wasn't for the dead this man right here could win it.

    TalkingMagicTacoTalkingMagicTaco9 måneder siden
  • Wow!!! What and ending i cant beleive thor missed

    joseph danaojoseph danao9 måneder siden
    • @FightWorldSlavery Im pretty sure he wasnt expecting to perform that bad, tho.

      Kimera 1992Kimera 19929 måneder siden
  • If only mateusz had a good deadlift...

    Gabriel GuerreroGabriel Guerrero9 måneder siden
    • If I am not mistaken Mateusz had problems with his back when he was younger and even needed surgery (I have heard something like that recently) and thats why he is limited in this event. It is much harded for him there to improve. Look how easily he lifts weight from the ground, he struggles at the end. Still he managed 420 last year with the suit, improved a little bit here comparing to last year. He injured his biceps not so long ago and I heard about some back problems right before Arnold, so I think that he might have been ready for more at this event If not for back problems.

      Kacper KurcKacper Kurc9 måneder siden
    • @liam gardiner нет...тяга плохая

      Леопард ЯгуаровичЛеопард Ягуарович9 måneder siden
    • His deadlift is still insanely good its just not quite on par with some of the other competitors but that will come with time. Its so easy to forget that even the lower weights that these dudes lifts are still crazy

      liam gardinerliam gardiner9 måneder siden
  • Anyone know the current standings?

    RenatusRenatus9 måneder siden
    • Thor 3 and 1/2 points ahead.

      Chris SarinaChris Sarina9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz world strongest man💪🏼😎

    Taqataq TaqataqTaqataq Taqataq9 måneder siden
  • Może i w dead lifcie szału nie robi, ale w całej reszcie rozkurwia. Brawo Kielich

    margareta magicalowskamargareta magicalowska9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz went for a stroll with that weight

    Natural HypertrophyNatural Hypertrophy9 måneder siden
    • Legend say he saw donuts with toffee in the crowd

      NinjaTyler FAN CHANNELNinjaTyler FAN CHANNEL9 måneder siden

    Rick HeroRick Hero9 måneder siden
    • @Pavel Čuda With one leg he is still beating other strong legends.

      Tushar VTushar V9 måneder siden
    • @Pavel Čuda His broken leg stronger than most other leg! SALUT SHIVLYAKOV!

      Rick HeroRick Hero9 måneder siden
    • More of a one leg army

      Pavel ČudaPavel Čuda9 måneder siden
  • Польские вперед !

    John DavidsonJohn Davidson9 måneder siden
  • How long from now is the final event?

    Michael CMichael C9 måneder siden
    • @Philipp Hastreiter yea in poland it is 3 am, i have to set alarm clock

      Roronoa ZoroRoronoa Zoro9 måneder siden
    • If you live in germany like I do its tomorrow^^ Its 9pm local time there

      Philipp HastreiterPhilipp Hastreiter9 måneder siden
    • @Philipp Hastreiter not Tomorrow?

      Kamil.Kamil.9 måneder siden
    • @Philipp Hastreiter thank you

      Michael CMichael C9 måneder siden
    • 4,5hrs

      Philipp HastreiterPhilipp Hastreiter9 måneder siden
  • Polish Power 💪💪💪💪

    Grzegorz KowaraGrzegorz Kowara9 måneder siden
  • Wow. Imagine being their size and going into a restaurant or being the chef who has to cook for them on their cheat day 😅

    Zacky MohmandZacky Mohmand9 måneder siden
    • Imagine being the plumber called out to unblock the toilet and Thor opens the door.....😨

      JayUppercaseJayUppercase9 måneder siden
  • Mateusz siła 💪👏🏻😎

    Gavrosz MadridGavrosz Madrid9 måneder siden
  • So much power in these men

    Ben le VoraceBen le Vorace9 måneder siden