TRAILER: The Rogue Legends Series - Chapter 5: Saxon / 8K

31. mars. 2020
8 556 Ganger

The fifth chapter of the Rogue Legends Documentary Series travels to Leipzig, Germany, to shine a new light on one of the great strength athletes of the early 20th century, Arthur Saxon (1878-1921). Though he never achieved the iconic status of fellow Strongman and personal rival Eugene Sandow, Saxon often ranks above him in the eyes of true Iron Game enthusiasts; remembered for his technical prowess and specialized lifts like the “Two Hands Anyhow” and the “Bent Press”- a lift he once used to outduel Sandow himself.
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  • @roguefitness Excellent Series!

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  • Arthur Saxon the Greatest....

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  • Keep these coming Rogue - they are fantastic! I would love to see one on Louis Cyr 💪🏻

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  • These guys keep hitting it out of the park.

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  • Shame ...those guys never visited India

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  • Awesome can’t wait,this series is amazing very well done,Thanks.

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  • Евгений Сандов г. Коломна московская область.

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  • Looking forward to this one.

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