Women's Elephant Bar Deadlift | Rogue Record Breakers 2020

7. mars. 2020
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Full live stream of the Women's Elephant Bar Deadlift at the 2020 Rogue Record Breakers in Columbus, Ohio.
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  • These women are amazing. Wish I could do that but I’m just not made for it Andrea is also soooo cute

    krystal louisekrystal louise9 dager siden
  • Nice Rogue! Watchin dudes lift gets old, all these lady’s pull more than 99% of us

    Jared ZJared Z12 dager siden
  • I hate how they sound unimpressed

    private Userprivate User13 dager siden
  • Damn.... Had to remember I had a Blink account. Incredible Ladies.

    SDS OverfiendSDS Overfiend15 dager siden
  • Damn! Love seeing these ladies ripping big weight like that! Also, how cute was her reaction after getting the WR!

    Miguel MoralesMiguel Morales16 dager siden
  • 🤮

    Anton SkripalevAnton Skripalev17 dager siden
  • Thrilling!!!!!!!!! HELL YES!!!!!

    misssusansrockacademymisssusansrockacademy28 dager siden
  • Dad was awesome congrats to both of them💪💪💪👏👏👏

    mohammad forouzanmohammad forouzanMåned siden
  • Man, Andrea Thompson is not human, she's a superwoman.

    Divo ZaniqueliDivo ZaniqueliMåned siden
  • How embarrassing it would be for a granny to smoke any average dude at the gym by lifting 600+ lbs😂

    rthelionheartrthelionheartMåned siden
  • So let us review.580 lbs. has PMS and can legally own a fire arm.. I can't run that fast!

    DwaynenTina BUNTDwaynenTina BUNTMåned siden
  • Good to see biologically female athletes

    BldgWha7BldgWha7Måned siden
  • If one off them women told me to take your pants off boy I would have to don't want to get beeten up by a girl

    Michael TyneMichael TyneMåned siden
  • Vittu mitä sonneja

    Kalevi PerseKalevi Perse2 måneder siden
  • Pre-op or post-op 🤔😫🤢🤮

    AHSAHS2 måneder siden
  • As our generation of women get stronger, our gender will continue to get stronger and stronger!! It's so exciting!! Bit why the hell didnt my mom weight lift? Certainly would've helped me.

    SpicyMochiSpicyMochi2 måneder siden
  • How do they do that with no shoes?

    Ricci 34821Ricci 348212 måneder siden
  • So proud of these girls and so inspired! 😍💪💪💪

    BelleAfricaineBelleAfricaine2 måneder siden
  • Whats the stuff they are smelling and why?

    Abbey IsabellaAbbey Isabella3 måneder siden
  • 8:13 Is it just me or does it look like she sways a bit to our right before righting herself

    TheMrrobustusTheMrrobustus3 måneder siden
  • If love if they can talk in kgs as well.

    PotatopeelingpartyPotatopeelingparty3 måneder siden
  • I can't do half of that .

    mad Rascalmad Rascal4 måneder siden
  • 5:26, (?) Help with some clarification on what this thing actually is. For we mortals, a 45 pound bar with 4 plates on a side is (without collars) 405, not 506. How heavy are the white plates, collars, and bar on this anyway? 8x45 = 360. 506-360 is 146. The 2 whites are (10?) So the rigging is 126?

    tgmforumtgmforum4 måneder siden
  • What are they smelling before they lift In that jar?

    Base NikonBase Nikon4 måneder siden
  • The Roids use is crazy strong

    Jim BeamJim Beam4 måneder siden
    • It's an untested competition?

      tgmforumtgmforum4 måneder siden
  • What do they sniff before lifting ????

    Waqas Ahmed RanaWaqas Ahmed Rana4 måneder siden
    • Probably bath salts to hype themselves up

      lil fowardlil foward4 måneder siden
  • at what weight do people use wraps? i deadlift and squat 450lbs without wraps or a belt. should i?

    DecyferDecyfer4 måneder siden
    • Absolutely, they're used to prevent injury. The sooner you use them the better

      lil fowardlil foward4 måneder siden
  • goddamn

    ahmed hindiahmed hindi4 måneder siden
  • Time for snu snu

    Thisisnotmyrealname8Thisisnotmyrealname84 måneder siden
  • "Women"

    DDP85DDP854 måneder siden
  • Love seeing strong women, but I really wish we had some competitors that looked a lot more feminine and yet could still do these great things. I know that's asking a lot since the oomph comes from testosterone primarily, even in these women, which is why so many of them don't look very feminine anymore. BUT, these ladies are rocking it and I only hope I can reach their heights some day.

    Josh BJosh B4 måneder siden
  • Those four women are amazing, our #Haley #Randall super job Canada loves you

    Vita QuasusVita Quasus4 måneder siden
  • Have fun being 2nd to the MEN! hahahahahaha

    NickNick4 måneder siden
  • Representing the UK well!!

    zach wingfieldzach wingfield4 måneder siden
  • i just lovvvvvvve how so many women support women's sports. that place was packed! yay! hopefully we won't hear any more bullshit about how men don't support women's sports

    MGTOW-BalanceMGTOW-Balance4 måneder siden
  • 6:46 haha I love how that couple ( I guess) is showing something secretly and joking covering faces behind the paper lol

    KelvetiaKelvetia4 måneder siden
  • Listen, YT. I enjoy men strongmen but women's strength competition is pointless. It's like looking midget MMA.

    Chris KoortChris Koort4 måneder siden
    • Sexist much

      lil fowardlil foward4 måneder siden
  • #MaximumEffort #PR impressive Hard work/ dedication

    D UnderwoodD Underwood4 måneder siden
  • Outstanding effort ladies

    D UnderwoodD Underwood4 måneder siden
  • Something about a women deadlifting competition that screams sexy. Kind of like WNBA; so exciting and almost no mistakes.

    Brad WilliamsBrad Williams4 måneder siden
  • She can lift a 600 lb deadlift. Can she rebuild a 350? Or wire a 480v switch under an arc flash suit?

    Brad WilliamsBrad Williams4 måneder siden
  • I am lifting 10 kg while watching this 💪

    Sappan DevkotaSappan Devkota4 måneder siden
  • Even I can't move this

    Sappan DevkotaSappan Devkota4 måneder siden
  • When breaking the record only gets you a second place.

    TY ZTY Z4 måneder siden
    • Last place is still more than I can lift (for now. hopefully I can get to their level, working on it 6 days a week). Mad respect for these women! ❤️

      Roni ARoni A3 måneder siden
  • This is the dumbest sport

    Erock RomulanErock Romulan4 måneder siden
    • Who TF names their kid EROCK🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

      lil fowardlil foward4 måneder siden
    • this is the dumbest comment

      Mist RantsMist Rants4 måneder siden
  • what are they sniffing just before they lift?

    Mark ThorntonMark Thornton4 måneder siden
    • smelling salts, like in football and boxing

      MGTOW-BalanceMGTOW-Balance4 måneder siden
  • arrepiei aqui caralho!

    Only God Can Judge MeOnly God Can Judge Me4 måneder siden
  • I bet these woman can pick the whole couch up when they vacuuming 😂

    Lightning GamingLightning Gaming4 måneder siden
  • This is what monstrous strength looks like! Absolutely astounding!

    ThaProfetPRThaProfetPR4 måneder siden
  • floor tiles needs to be change.

    ברק אברק א4 måneder siden
  • Gross. Nothing feminine about this.

    dobbins2550dobbins25504 måneder siden
    • youre pathetic

      Mist RantsMist Rants4 måneder siden
  • amazing!

    Elijah YElijah Y4 måneder siden
  • Where is the women ????

    LibertinerLibertiner4 måneder siden

    Eze quielEze quiel4 måneder siden
  • friends arguing about.... my dad is stronger then your dad blah blah blah.... well.... these ladies kids can say...... my mom is stronger then both of your dads lol especially Andreas kids lol damn 621 dl? amazing

    Johnny MartinezJohnny Martinez4 måneder siden
  • *THICC*

    el_Principeel_Principe4 måneder siden
    • SSIMP

      MGTOW-BalanceMGTOW-Balance4 måneder siden
  • Holy Crap... #mymomisstrongethanyourmomdadunclenephew lol... This AWWWWWWWWESOME!! Way to go LADIES!!

    Earl HatcherEarl Hatcher4 måneder siden
  • Have something to work off of on her next cycle. I think I took that the wrong way lol.

    Doggo WillinkDoggo Willink4 måneder siden
  • Fine line between being a man and a woman lol

    Yesindeed126Yesindeed1264 måneder siden
  • competencia de tronchatoros

    KillerTapeworm TapewormKillerTapeworm Tapeworm4 måneder siden
  • Yanks and their pounds, man just make a universal metric system that olympic weightlifters use in Kilos !!!

    Martin FiayMartin Fiay4 måneder siden
  • That's half of what Eddie Hall lifted.

    RespectMy CrippingRespectMy Cripping4 måneder siden
  • That black lady looks like a female Ving Rhames.

    CommandoJenkinsCommandoJenkins4 måneder siden
  • wat are they sniffing ???

    GordyGordy4 måneder siden
    • another person asking this? i guess people nowadays don't know what smelling salts are

      MGTOW-BalanceMGTOW-Balance4 måneder siden
  • I mean it isnt as hard when you take steroids

    Ty TherienTy Therien4 måneder siden
    • You sound like a very tiny man 😂😂😂 I could probably bench you.

      Queen BasseyQueen Bassey4 måneder siden
  • Damn they make it look light

    Aboubacar FallAboubacar Fall4 måneder siden
  • These are wowmans

    J ConstantJ Constant4 måneder siden
  • She's big, strong and sexy.❤❤❤

    Bianca MathiesBianca Mathies4 måneder siden
  • Ew women’s lifting is a thing. Why would anyone watch this. Why is this in my recommended 🤮

    brandon gatesbrandon gates4 måneder siden
  • alex jones is strong AF

    oku_jumuoku_jumu4 måneder siden
  • A woman elephant is called a cow!

    KyussKyuss4 måneder siden
  • packet of crisps, nice

    Ryan BonnerRyan Bonner4 måneder siden
  • Andrea Thompson is so cute with her lil hops of joy

    Krista NelsonKrista Nelson4 måneder siden
  • Andrea is so freaking cute. What an amazing athlete. Strong as a damn ox.

    Zippitty22Zippitty224 måneder siden
  • All of these women are beautiful and strong all are champions 💪💪💪💪❤️

    daniel haynesdaniel haynes4 måneder siden
  • No straps @ 550 lbs. Beast mode!

    johnny oostjohnny oost5 måneder siden
  • These women are extremely impressive. We need to preserve these bio women's records. So massively impressed by them. My jaw literally dropped at 26:18

    TexasGTOTexasGTO5 måneder siden
    • @El'amin mochichi you will never be a monolith overgrown giant. Hardwork is bs, If you not tall you cant be a good basketball player. If your not massive, i.e. tall enough to put on weight you cant never put the weight up a 7ft man could put up.

      QuickemsQuickems4 måneder siden
    • Training and hardwork beats genetics everyday

      El'amin mochichiEl'amin mochichi4 måneder siden
  • Is smelling salt good or bad ?

    b kb k5 måneder siden
  • Porque no tienen nalgas si se la pasan levantando ese peso

    Gmo AgGmo Ag5 måneder siden
    • porque ellas no levantan corectamente. usan la espalda demasiado en vez de usar las piernas y gluteos

      MGTOW-BalanceMGTOW-Balance4 måneder siden
  • They kept saying 500lbs but the zoom in on the plates show them only being 45lbs each? Wouldn't that make the first lift 360lbs?

    Chippy PippyChippy Pippy5 måneder siden
  • womens ? no i dont see any women here

    crissy pcrissy p5 måneder siden
  • Im voting for Kristin Rhodes.

    Shaw MeckShaw Meck5 måneder siden
  • Yeah Buddy! Light weight!

    jokaleejokalee5 måneder siden
  • I know it's off topic, but I'm genuinely curious are there men who would be attracted to women with this body type?

    Alt AlternateAlt Alternate5 måneder siden
    • research the word "schmoes" in bodybuilding circles. that will answer your question

      MGTOW-BalanceMGTOW-Balance4 måneder siden
  • 5:13

    paddyyoupaddyyou5 måneder siden
  • Daaaaaaaaaang, they make 500 look easy

    Paul LeePaul Lee5 måneder siden
  • Isnt it bad to hold your breath when you lift that weight? they all hold their breath

    PepperjuicePepperjuice5 måneder siden
  • These women ARE elephants

    swansmeisterswansmeister5 måneder siden
  • I bet their kids are well behaved..

    Joe AJoe A5 måneder siden
  • Good.FREAKING.JOB!!!

    Airel RogersAirel Rogers5 måneder siden
  • thats a nice deadlift bar just orded mine black zinc

    Kevin DangKevin Dang5 måneder siden
  • What is amazing about both record breakers in dead lift is they are both over half way of the men's already.

    Jonathan VinceJonathan Vince5 måneder siden
  • It's nice to see Stronwomen getting more support. Always like to see more competitors out there pushing the sport to be the best it can be

    TheSurgePhoenixTheSurgePhoenix5 måneder siden
  • I don't understand what they're talking about first woman over 600.. There's 3 women's powerlifting records over 600 and they don't use straps, an easy bar or have bad form lol

    Jenova ImprovedJenova Improved5 måneder siden
  • The amount of hormones and anabolic consumed by there girls is unbelievably obvious

    hossam fahmyhossam fahmy5 måneder siden
  • Im In Love!!!!!! 💘💘💘 Andrea Thompson 💘💘💘 😋

    Nazir BeyNazir Bey5 måneder siden
  • Wonder what will happen when a *MAAM* tries to compete.

    Mecha-ArtMecha-Art5 måneder siden
  • 12:35 so much for that diet

    Glen AtchisonGlen Atchison5 måneder siden
  • Well the only reason i would thought this is a women contest is probably their long hair.Shave those heads and no one could tell LOL

    Stefan FilipovStefan Filipov5 måneder siden
  • I didn't see any woman in the video...

    Mounir BMounir B5 måneder siden